One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 1, Episode 20 - What Is and What Should Never Be - full transcript

Keith has a solicitation as auto-shop teacher in a Charleston school; Lucas is heartbroken his surrogate father may move that far away. Haley and Nathan finally feel cozy living together, but when Dan finds out he sold the car he gave his poor son, he demands the money it fetched unless he moves in with him again- so the kid chooses to stay poor and takes a lousy job serving food in the mall, where a kid he never even noticed in his history class is now the sports heroes' vindictive boss- one visit by Dan convinces even him to go easy on the long-envied golden boy whose silver spoon came at such a price, so he won't miss his own housewarming party. When he gets there, Mouths music and Nikki literally fighting with Peyton have alerted the police, so Dan -who just got in bed with Deb- gets a call from the sheriff to bail him out.

I had the weirdest dream,

that there was this rapping at my window at 4 o’clock in the morning

followed by my boyfriend, who has his own apartment by the way,

asking if he can crash in my room.

Wait a second.

I had to get out of there.

Did I mention this is a recurring dream? This is, what? Like the fourth time in two weeks?

Not that I’m complaining but it does defeat the purpose of having your own place.

Tim keeps bringing over all these hot chicks.

Which is a problem because none of them are you.

That place is like party central. It’s not even my party.

Well maybe it should be. Oh we should throw our own party,

like a take-back-the-party party.

Alright. Let’s do it. How about this Saturday?

Sounds good! I’m free.

Done. You’ve got to plan it though.

And make sure it’s kind of low-key. Just a few friends, you know.

Okay. So much fun!

Now crawl back out the window before my parents wake up and hear you.

Hear what? This?

Oh shoot! Just don’t tickle me!

Hey, Peyton.

What’s up?

Nathan and I are having a little thing at his place on Saturday.

Haley James, party girl.

Yeah it’s not going to be that big of a deal but he said that I could invite who ever I want,

- so do you want to come?
- Hell yeah!

- Alright, I’ll see you there.
- Later.

Hey, Keith.

That’s Mr. Scott.

What I can’t call you Keith anymore?

No, I’m just trying it out.

What do you think of me as a teacher? High School auto shop.

Well, I think you’d be great. Why?

Because I have an interview tomorrow at a school in Charleston.


When you said you planned on leaving, I didn’t realize it would be this fast.

Well, no reason to wait. Right?

Hey, Keith.

Hey, Luke. Tell me you’re going to practice.

Therapist says I’m ready to go.

Now that’s what I’m talking about.

You didn’t tell him about my proposal, did you?

I was kind of wrestling with that.

Should I tell him you plan on leaving town?

No, I’ll do it.

He’s going to miss you.


Knock it down, Lucas.

Keep shooting, man. It will come.

See you guys later.

Well, the good news is I’m back.

Bad news is, I suck.

- You okay?
- Yeah, it’s just a little tight.


You’re just rusty. Pretty soon you’ll really suck. Just like before.


You know I’d tell you two to get a room, but then you’ve already done that.


Brooke, we got to stop doing this.

Fine, I’ll stop talking to you and you can definitely stop talking to me.


I mean we’re not really friends anymore, are we?

You know, for a fake blonde you catch on slow.

Alright, I tried apologizing to you and I’m done trying now.

Good. I mean it’s really pretty pathetic.

Fine, if that’s what you want. Fine.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I got everything but the drinks.

Make it BYOB. Or BYOT. Get it? Tim? “T”.

You know, if you need some cash I’ve got some from selling the car.

No, this party’s totally on me. But listen, I ran into some extra people

and I didn’t want to say no. But it’s going to be low-key, I promise.

- Okay.
- Okay.


You’re just lucky Tim’s here.

Cause I’ve got a thing for girls named Haley James.

Really? Well you’re lucky Tim’s here too.

- Tim, go home.
- Tim, go home.


Um, I’ve got more stuff in the car, so go play. I’ll kiss you later.


Damn, she sure was a surprise.

It’s like everything you touch turns cool. You’re like King Midol, or something.

Were you playing this whole time!

Yeah. Your team sucks.

Hey, Mr. Scott.

I win. See ya.

How’s my wife?

You want to tell me why some guy I’ve never seen before

came in to put a security system in a new mustang?

A mustang I thought I had given to you as a gift!

Cause I sold it.

You had no right to do that.

Dad look, I’ve got expenses now. Like rent.

Uh uh, no, you don’t get that as an out. I’m offering you a home.

You turn me down, you’re on your own.

I want the rest of the money from the sale. I’ll take cash or a check.

Or you can keep the money, and come home with me now.

Thanks for stopping by, Dad.

We should do this more often.

We’re just trying to keep it small, so don’t advertise.

Oh hey, our lips are sealed. Thanks for the invite, Haley. You rock.


Hi, friend.

- Hey, Brooke.
- So when’s the party?

Well, it’s Saturday night, but...

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tip off the paparazzi.

Oh no, I’m not worried, we’re just trying to keep it small. So.

Peyton said not to invite me.

No, she didn’t. Not exactly.

Alright. You know, have your little party, and play your naked twister, and...

Brooke, it’s really just going to be couple of friends.

Right, but I’m not one of them.


What kind of experience do you have to have to work at a mall?

I don’t know. Some.

Okay, you want a smoothie? On me?

What do you want? A fruit frolic with protein?

How about something with cash in it.


Food service?


Nathan Scott.

Can you start now?


Well, that was easy.

Hey. I got your Blackout CD.

I forgot I had it.

Thank you.

So you smell that?


That scent in the air.

I think it’s called guilt.

Brooke and I called it quits today.

That sucks.

Yeah. Usually girls don’t break up,

we kind of just bitch and bicker until we can work it out.

I’m sorry, Peyton.

Yeah, me too. I’m going to miss her.

Anyway I’m glad you came by, I was actually going to call you.

Why, what’s up?

Haley’s party. Are you going?

Yeah. How great is that, huh? I don’t think Haley’s ever thrown a party.

Do you want to go together?

Not like a date or anything.

Okay, how exactly does that work?

Let’s see, um, we don’t make out. But we don’t argue.

I think we kind of just have fun.

Look we’re friends, okay? And it would really be great if we could just be friends.

What about Brooke?

Hang out with her, date her, whatever.

You know, but you and I shouldn’t have to avoid each other.


- Haley’s party.
- Great.

So, what are you listening to, huh?

Actually, I’m on this big 80’s metal kick. I just picked up this rat album.

It’s outstanding. Check it out.

Excuse me, can I get a napkin, here?

Yeah, just hang on a second.

Here you go, sir, I’m sorry about that.

Thank you.

Customers first, Scott. Pulp.


P.U.L.P. Performance Understanding Leadership People.

Pulp. The Hot and Twisted way.

Isn’t that what they used to call your mom? Hot and Twisted.

You might be a big star at school but here I’m your boss.

Wait, you got to Tree Hill?

I’m in your history class.

Okay here’s some more recent history. Homecoming last year.

You and a few of your Ravens buddies kicked my ass just for fun. Ring a bell?

Kind of.


Who’s the tie for?

It’s for Keith. He’s got a job interview coming up.

He’s thinking of moving, Luke.


He can’t get a job here?

I don’t think he wants a job here.


Keith proposed to me and I said no.

I got to go see him.

Hey, Luke, what’s up?


I’m sorry, man.

That’s okay.

Mom told me what happened.

Said you're leaving.

We’ll see.

Why didn’t you tell me?

Well as hard as it was that your mom turned me down,

the thought of leaving you is even harder.

I don’t want to be the second Scott brother to do this to you.

Yeah but you know that I don’t see you that way.

Look, I know that Mom said no.

But does that mean that you have to go?

It’s time for me to move on, Luke.

It’s just something I’ve got to do. Whether I get this job or not.

But look, where ever I end up, you can always call or visit.

I’ll always be a guy you can turn to.

I know.

And I want you to have what you want, you know?

But, I wanted you to be my dad, too.

They were so much simpler then.

You nostalgic for sleepless nights?

Well let’s see, my husband won’t divorce me, but my son didn’t have to think twice about it.

Oh, Deb, I’m sorry.

You know, I was sitting alone in that big empty house

and it occurred to me, that on my long list of dumb decisions,

turning down your partnership offers was one of the dumbest.

Any chance it still stands?

Of course it does.

Good. Then let’s do it.


Well, I’m off to tell Dan that he’s got 24 hours to clear out his things or they go to Good Will.

Or else I could help you burn them.

You look nice.

Thank you.

Bye Deb.


I wanted to give this to you before your interview.

Oh thanks.

But employee daycare called.

Oh, that’s great.

It’s for good luck.

I’ll get this off.

I already tied it up for you.

You know, Lucas came by to see me last night.

Yeah, he said he was going to.

It really meant a lot to me. And I think he’s going to be okay.

Even if I do get the job, I’m less than three hours away, so he can always visit me.

Here, let me help you with that collar.

There you go. Aren’t you cute.

There, that’s better.


Well, I guess I should be going.

You’re going to do great.

Thanks again.

Good luck.


Hey. So how goes day two?

Well, I’m mopping, Hales. And I look cool doing it.

I’m sure you do.

I said no cell phones, you’ve got customers, Scott.

Alright, I got to go. Duty calls.

Did you clean the blenders yet?

No, but...

I told you to do that half an hour ago.

Okay relax.

I can’t relax. Unlike you, I actually need this job.

What does that mean?

It means some of us don’t have a rich daddy waiting for them when things get tough.

You know, if I want to go to college I’m going to have to pay for it,

so if you’re just going to waste my time you might as well quit now.

That’s not what I’m doing.

Good. Cause Jerry called in sick. I’m going to need you to cover till 10 o’clock

- then we clean up and do inventory.
- Look, I have plans tonight,

Alright, then you’re fired. Take your pick.

Well, selling the shop really couldn’t be avoided.

I’m curious why you quit so soon after they hired you on.

Well, the new management was taking things in a different direction.

And you had a problem with that?

The new management was my brother. And he’s an ass.

I see.

Mr. Scott, you may be qualified from a technical standpoint,

but teaching teenagers is a whole other thing.

Why do you want this job?

To me, it’s not about teaching them to change a spark plug.

It’s about giving them the confidence to do something that maybe they think they couldn’t do before.

And once you do that, you’ve earned their trust.

And when you have that, you can really have an effect.

My brother’s an ass too.

Somebody’s early.

Hi, you know, Nathan’s not even back from work yet so if you want to come back later.

Somebody’s got to kick this mother off.

What up, Nose?

It’s mouth.

Wow. You’re kind of hot.


So look, I know we’re just hanging out, but I got you a gift.

Dude, you shouldn’t have.

I know, but I did.

Alright, well good. Give it to me, I love gifts.

Well I know how you’re into this whole 80’s metal thing.

So I got you the first test of the record.

Oh! This is sweet.

Um, I got you a high five. Do you want it now or later?

- Now is good.
- Okay.

No one’s coming, I’m sure of it.

Most people don’t want to be first at a party.

Nathan’s late too.

Oh finally!

What’s up! Party in the House.

Um, Tim?

Do you know any of these people?

Not really, but it’s a party, Haley. You wanted people to show up, right?

Yeah, sure. Yeah, cool.

Cool, okay.

Buy you a drink?

Okay, guy in need of a clue. Here’s one.

Women send signals. That was a brush off.

Before you dip into your shallow pool of wit let me paint us a picture and save us both the trouble.

Here’s your evening. You are going to slink back off to your buddies,

laugh this off, get wasted, go home, and make nice with yourself.

But don’t be thinking of me, because even your fantasy of me, isn’t interested in you.

Nice work. Extra points for style.

I’ve seen you around. You’re Jake’s ex, right?

No, he’s mine. You go to Tree Hill?

So what brings you out into the big, bad, real world?

Anger, alcohol and a fake ID.

Nice combo. Men?

Dogs. Two of them.

Ex boyfriend and backstabbing ex girly best friend.

Typical. If you have a strand of hair and five minutes I can show you a great curse you can put on them.


Bring it on, witch.

Okay. What are their names?

Lucas, and Peyton.

And where are they tonight?

They are at a party that I was not invited to. Can you believe that?

They sneak around like little mongrels and I get removed from the A list.

Can I get you ladies anything?

Yeah, two vodkas. And two for my new friend here.

Now you’re talking, witchiepoo.

Nice move, all-star.

You know, it’s a shame.

I have pictures of you in your first bath, your first hair cut.

The first time you walked. Here it is, your first job, and me without a camera.

Of course if I did have a picture of you mom would most likely take it in the divorce.

But that probably sounds bitter.

Dad, I’m trying to work here, okay?

I can see that. But come on, Nate.

How long are you going to keep this job? A month? A week?

Come home with me, this is embarrassing.

No, dad, watching you and mom fight is embarrassing.

This might be the ground floor but at least I’m doing it on my own.

Unlike some.

Meaning what?

I could just live off mom's money like you did.

Okay. Alright you’ve got a lot to learn, kid but go ahead.

Impress me.


Have a pretzel.

It’s on me.

Nathan Scott and your own apartment. You have, like, the best life ever.

Well, thanks, I mean it’s not my apartment, but...


- Haley, who are all these people?
- Who cares? It’s a party.

Sorry I’m late.

Hope nobody minds, but I brought a friend.

Let the games begin.

Maybe if we just invited her.

It’s not your fault, Hales.

Who is this Nikki person anyway?

It’s Jake’s baby’s mom. Yeah. She’s a train wreck.

That did not sound good.

Excuse me. Coming through. Excuse me.

I like a guy who can keep a secret.

You asked me not to say anything.

- So where’s Jake?
- Working tonight.

Really? Then we’ll just have to have all fun.

Know if they have a carousel in this place?

Look, Nikki, you asked me to do you a favor, and I did it. Okay?

I didn’t tell Jake what happened. Now it’s your turn to do me a favor, okay?

Take Brooke and get her out of here before she starts something. Alright?

My friend, Haley, she doesn’t need this tonight, alright?

Need what? Just having a little fun.

I thought I smelled something.

Oh that’s skank. And I think it’s coming from you.

Come on, Lucas.


You don’t remember it, do you?


I remember it. I told you I’m sorry.

What do you need this job so bad for anyway?

You saw my dad, right?

If I can't show a judge that I can support myself, I’ve got to live with that guy.

Wow, then you better hope that I don’t fire you.

Alright, here’s the deal, man.

I’m going to work hard because I need this job. Not because you’re gunning for me.

So you can either let it go and accept my apology,

or you can just fire me right now.

Alright, I’ll let it go, but you’ve got to do better, man.

I will. Pulp, all the way, man.

Okay, you can take off. You’re having a party tonight, right?

Well everyone at school knows about it.

- You can stop by if you want.
- Right, right.

Pry your lips off my ass and get out of here. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Thanks, Gary.


It’s not gonna fill itself.

So, you’re hanging out with Nikki.

Sorry, do I know you?

Look, Brooke, just don’t cause any trouble tonight, okay?

Wait a minute, you’re that tallish lying person I used to be friends with.

Why don’t you go crawling back to the boyfriend formally known as mine.

Okay, this whole not being friends with you thing, is getting so much easier every time I see you.

Hey, you’ve reached Haley James, congratulations.

You’re late.

Are you going to divide those up too?

And deprive you of your glory days?

Wouldn’t think of it.

Oh, may I? Or should I pour half back?

Why are we going through this charade, Deb?

You’re just going to have to unpack that stuff later.

Time to move out of denial, Dan.

Me in denial?

You’re the one sitting here creating busy work for yourself while our son gets a job at the mall.

A direct result of your irrational need to rip the three of us apart.

I ripped us apart?

You know, Dan if I wasn’t half drunk I’d tell you to go screw yourself.

Here they are.

Your trophies.


So this is what we’ve come to. Huh?

Boxing up our lives, trading insults, drinking cheap wine.

Oh no, the wine’s not cheap.

This is our wedding crystal.

No that’s yours. I broke mine.

I don’t want to do this, Deb. I don’t want to divide up our lives.

Dan you already did. You divided this family a long time ago.

How? What did I do? What? By working hard? By building up the business?

Giving you a nice life, a car in the driveway, clothes on your back.

You know what, Dan? You know, keep it all. Here.

You want the car?

Here. Keep the keys.

- You want the house? Take the house.
- Deb, stop.

Here you want the clothes off my back? Here, take the clothes off my back.

Deb, stop. Will you stop!?

What? What else do you want, Dan?

You. I want you.

Don’t say that.

Be careful, please. Be careful. Mouth.

- Little help.
- I cannot stop the madness.

Okay, you know what? Drink this, you look like you could use it.


So you two are playing games. Watch out for them, they look like they might cheat.

Oh you’re still here. I thought that you’d be running off to tuck in my kid.

Someone’s got to.

Yeah well hopefully it’s not some slutty boyfriend thief.

I’ll drink to that.

Look, why don’t you do what you’re really good at and disappear.

You have a problem?

- Wow, Nikki, she’s not worth it.
- Get off me.

- I asked you if you had a problem.
- Yeah, I do. It’s called you, bitch.

Haley, help me out here.

Come on! Stop!

- What the hell are you doing?
- Isn’t this what you wanted?

Stop! You need to go!

Well isn’t this sweet?

Lucas Scott coming to the defense of his women.

Oh, but wait. Shouldn’t that include someone else?

Don’t worry, I can keep a secret too.

You sure you’re okay?

What did she mean by that? Someone else?

She’s the girl I met in the bar.

Lucas Scott betrayal train, all aboard.


And you called me easy.

- Haley? What?
- Nathan! Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.

Whose apartment is this?

It’s not going to be that hard to figure out so why don’t you just save us some time.

Alright, it’s mine.

Everyone else, get out of here before we start checking ID’s.

- Wait, what are you doing?
- Writing you a citation.

Me? I didn’t do anything!

Underage drinking. Disturbing the peace.

Look, sir, he had nothing to do with this. He just got here.

It’s his apartment, it’s his responsibility.

Great, I’m impressed. You learn that in detective school?

So, you want to smart off. Fine.

- You can do that from a cell.
- Come on!

You want to join him? I didn’t think so.

Come on, let’s go.

Do you remember Christmas break, first semester?

Yeah, we stayed on campus because I was afraid to tell my parents I was pregnant.

We were in that dorm room for days. Everyone was gone. It was quiet.

I remember thinking that maybe the world wasn’t out there anymore.

Maybe it’s just the two of us.

And all the trouble outside has just gone away.



- Mr. Scott, this is the sheriffs department.
- What?

- You’re son’s been arrested.
- Where?

He's down at the station.


Who was that?

That was the real world. It’s still out there. I got to go.

Bang up job, Nathan. Every time I blink you seem to sink to a new low.

Part of me thinks I should have left you in there.

Maybe you should have.

This experiment of yours is over. You’re coming home.

Forget it!

- Now!
- No way.

Hey, I brought you into this world, I promise I can take you out.

Let him go.

And the disappointments just keep on coming. You stay out of this.

Haley, go get an officer.

Let me get this straight. Your mom runs off and has a fling,

I get the cops to drop the charges and now I’m the bad guy here?


You might want to think before you start trying to make a case for what a great father you’ve been.

What do you know about me being a father?


You know what? Why don’t you shut up and go talk to your mom.

Tell her you want to know what really happened between us back then.

And you. You want to ruin your life, go ahead. I’m done here.

Come on, it’s late. We’ll take you home.

Hey, what are you doing up?

You know I can’t sleep until you’re home.

You know, it meant a lot to Keith that you went to go see him.

- Are we going to talk about that?
- It’s not really my place, is it?

You deserve to be happy, mom. I mean, no body deserves it more.

But so does Keith.

I just thought that you could be happy together.

You know, I love Keith very much.

I’m just not in love with him.

Were you ever?

I guess I never really let my heart completely go there.

In part because he has been a very good friend.

And sometimes romance confuses a friendship.


Well I can’t tell you how to feel in your heart.

It just sucks for Keith, that’s all.

Goodnight, mom.

Don’t worry about it.

I never thought this many people would actually show up.


Because why would they? I mean, it’s just me.

It kind of comes with the territory, you know?

What territory?


This was just your coming out party.

Who knew tutor girl could throw such a rager!

Who knew.

So thanks for sticking up for me.

Nikki was kind of my responsibility, it was probably a mistake to bring her.

You think?

Judgment impaired by rage and cocktails, I admit it.

I’m sorry.

I want to call truce.

A real one.

Friends again?

Just not enemies anymore.

I was thinking about Lucas.

You know, he’s just a guy, he makes mistakes like all the rest of them.


It just feels so much worse when you expect more from somebody.

Yeah, I know.

So that Nikki bitch is crazy.

You think it’s possible you and me will ever get back to the way we were?

It doesn’t feel like it sometimes.


I’m so tired.

Me too.


I got the job.

That’s great. I knew you would.

Yeah, I actually think it was the tie.

I’m pretty sure it was you.

Oh man, I’ll tell ya, I have felt for too long like everyone else is out there living their lives

and when they said they wanted me... I felt good.

So when do you start?

A couple of weeks.

Wow, that soon.

Yeah, that soon.

Weird night.

You can say that.

You know, I was thinking this morning that you should have this divorce.

What changed your mind?

I just realized the same thing I realized in the dorm room.

The real world’s always going to be out there.

And there’s no going back.

Welcome to Hot and Twisted, how can I help you?

- Hey.
- Hey.

Look, I didn’t know about Nikki and Jake until I met her.

So she was just some stranger in a bar you slept with?

Lucas, you don’t need to apologize. Okay?

It’s just that, after all the stuff that you and I had been through,

where my head and my heart were at I couldn’t have gone and just slept with some stranger.

You know when you and I first met? I was with Nathan.

And he was a pretty bad guy, if you remember.


I’m not doing that again.

Who knew that you two would switch places?