One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Erik's Raid! Great Escape from Gunkan Island! - full transcript

Nami and Luffy went to tell Usopp, Zoro, and Sanji on what they've witnessed. Only to find them all asleep, while the half asleep Bokuden is still talking about Gunkan Island's ancestry. They woke, and heard from a village local that a group of marine ships are coming ashore. Nami told the him that if Bokuden wakes up, just tell him that they'll protect Apis at all costs. When they got back to the cave, both Usopp, Sanji, and Zoro couldn't believe it for their own eyes. Apis explained to them that Ryuuji is a Ryuukotsu Dragon. Who has lost of his strength, and believes he'll regain it back at Lost Island. Usopp start acting enthusiastic that there's no way they could find an island that doesn't exist on the map. Sanji and Zoro however agreed to help Ryuuji get back home. In order to do this they'll need to make a cart big enough for the dragon. Usopp finds this all to be pointless. Sanji, Luffy, and Zoro used their skills to cut down the trees for lumber. Usopp was impress at all this effort. That made him convince to help built it. And soon they were finished. Since the marines are heading towards the harbor, the Straw Hat Pirates can't risk to put Ryuuji in any danger. So they'll escort the dragon to the back side of the island(which has a cape the size of Usopp's nose) while Usopp and Zoro go get the Going Merry. A group of Marines entered Bokuden's home and was questioned by Major. But Bokuden was still half asleep with his story. Outside, Erik discovered the trail left by Apis's bag, and tells the marines that Apis is somewhere in the mountain range. Zoro and Usopp made it to the harbor, only to discover that the Going Merry is heavily guarded by the Marines. Usopp suggested that they'd do this at nightfall, but Zoro has an idea & made a breathing tube for Usopp and Zoro. They snuck into the ship by swimming underwater. Usopp had trouble getting his tube out of his mouth, and drew attention to the guards, who open fired at him. Zoro got the sails down and cast off. They were about to ram into a marine ship, but nearly avoided a fatal accident. And now the Going Merry has the Marine fleet on it's tail. Luffy, Nami, Apis, Sanji, and Ryuuji wait for the Going Merry to show up at the cape. A seagull flew by and told Apis that the marines are coming. Erik, Major, and several Marines found them and were surprised to see them accompanied by a millennium dragon. Erik was more pleased to come across with the very thing they were looking for. Which made Apis no longer a value to them. Now it's Ryuuji they're after now. The Marines used their rifles on the dragon, but Luffy used his rubber body to deploy them. And reveals to them that he's a rubber man who ate the devil's fruit. Erik ordered the Marines to use their swords instead. But Sanji came in to kick them out, while Luffy used his Gomu Gomu Grappling Punch. Soon they were all defeated on the ground. So Erik steps in and tells them that he's "Erik the Whirlwind" a mercenary hired by Admiral Nelson Royale. He has no time to toil with them, and is only interested in the dragon behind them. And reveals that he too has ate a devil's fruit and has the ability of a scythe weasel. Luffy made fun of his nickname which made Erik angry. He gave out his scythe whirlwind attack, which is a whirlwind sharp as a katana. Nami saw the Going Merry coming to the cape, which is their cue to escape. Sanji and Luffy joined Nami, Apis, and Ryuuji on the wooden cart, and went down the mountain till they went over a slope which knocked out the marine ship's main sail and land afloat on the water. Usopp and Zoro were surprised on how well the plan went. They tied the wooden cart to the Going Merry and set sail to Lost Island. Even though they don't know exactly where it is.

Another group of illegal entrants
has already infiltrated this land.

Old lady Amazon informed us that it's a
ship with seven Blue Sea people on board.

Seven Blue Sea people... Could he mean us?!

Everyone, halt!


Why, heso!

H-Hey, what're you guys saying?

So you're the seven illegal entrants
who came from the Blue Sea?!

I'll humbly bring Heaven's Judgment upon you!

Illegal entrants?!

''Already Criminals?!
Skypiea's Upholders of the Law''

Hm? Illegal entry? What's that?

I-Is that right?

There's no use making excuses,

since Amazon, the inspector at Heaven's Gate,
sent us pictures taken by a Vision Dial.

Oh, no! That can't be true!

Isn't that some sort of a mistake,
Captain McKinley?!

They're not bad people like you say.

What do you mean by illegal entry?

Was the entrance fee
1 billion Extol per person?

It's true that we didn't pay that.

But that old lady said we could still
pass without paying, didn't she?

Yes, she did!

It's no use. Please stop
making excuses and admit it.

However, there's no need to get panicked yet.

''Illegal entry'' is only an 1 1th degree
crime according to ''Heaven's Judgment.''

Once you accept your punishment,

you can become legal tourists on the spot.

Oh, you should've said so sooner.

I still don't like it, but just
what is this punishment?

It's simple. Please pay
ten times the entrance fee.

If you pay right now,
we'll humbly write off your crime.

10 billion Extol per person, in other words,
70 billion Extol for all seven of you.

S-Seventy billion Extol?!

S-So how much is one Extol in Berries?

Berry... That's the currency
in the Blue Sea, right?

Ten thousand Extol is one Berry.

Ten thousand Extol is one Berry...

One, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand,
a hundred thousand, million...

Ahh! How much would that be?

Then, 70 billion Extol is 7 million Berries.

That's expensive!! Do you realize how
much rice we could buy with that?! Hey!!

After risking our lives coming up into the sky,

why do we have to pay that much just to enter?!

We can't agree to that!

What are you saying? If that was the case,

all you had to do was pay
700,000 Berries when you entered.

I'm telling you that's still expensive!

Consider this a forewarning,

but we, the White Berets, are the
unit directly under God's priests.

Please be careful, as arguing
raises the degree of your crime.

Oh, whatever. Let's just forget this guy.

More importantly, we'd better
go find Nami-san. I'm worried.

She may be crying somewhere right now.

Those guys earlier knew that
we came to the sky island,

which means something may be
happening to Luffy and the others, too.

I have to hurry!

Okay, then! As soon as
the wind direction changes,

we'll go out for an adventure...
no, to look for Nami!

H-Hey, Luffy!

W-Well, Usopp, what's wrong?

No, no... I should calm down now
and somehow talk him out of it.

Hmmm, you know, if Nami is just
taking a little ride around here,

she may come back soon.

If she does, you'll miss her.

--Taking a little ride?
--But she's taking too long for that.

Listen! Luffy's purpose
is to go on an adventure

to the so-called ''place where God
lives,'' rather than finding Nami!

--That's right.
--He's planning to go there.

Right? If we go to that place,

we'll incur God's wrath
and really be in big trouble.

That girl told us that, remember?

Then, what're we gonna do?

We should just wait quietly for Nami
to come back without making a fuss.

It's Nami we're talking about.

She must have a secret stash with some
small amount like 7 million Berries or so.

Actually, there's no way she doesn't.

What have you been blabbering about?

Come to think of it,
it seems one person is missing.

In addition to the illegal entry,

--now there's suspicion of fleeing.
--Ahhh, h-hold on a second.

She'll be back soon. Then,
we'll pay the entire amount.

So, please relax and wait calmly.

Luffy, you too! If you do something
stupid and make Nami angry,

you know what's gonna happen,
right?! Got that?! Just wait!

Hmm. Just a little bit, okay?

--Sanji, you, too.

Then, guys, we break up for now!

Now, Robin-chan, shall we
have some tea over there?


Phew... I somehow managed
things for the time being.

--Hey, Chopper!

Do you wanna go fishing or something?

That sounds good! Let's do it!

Conis! Is there any place
around here we can go fishing?

Yes, there's one nearby. I'll take you there.

I can't wait to ride it!

I hope it can be fixed.


That waver looks broken.
If you're the ones who broke it,

that'd be a 10th degree crime, the destruction
of sky island property by Blue Sea people.

No, no! I'm sorry. They had
this one from the beginning.

He's right! This is mine!

From the beginning? That's suspicious.

Wavers shouldn't exist in the Blue Sea.

If this was something stolen on the sky island,

the degree of your crime will further increase.

Shut up! I'll beat you up!

--Beat me up?

H-He didn't say anything!

Come with us, Luffy!

They're only Blue Sea people, and yet
they insult even the White Berets...

How foolish they are!

This is nice! This puffy chair sure feels good.

What a strong pull!

Don't let it get away, Usopp!

Ahhhhh! It's trying to pull my rod away!

--Luffy! Hurry!
--Hm? Oh! Leave it to me!

--We got it!
--It's a big one!


Ow, ow, ow... What the heck is this?

What a weird fish!

It tried to eat Conis!

Is this another one of the skyfish?

Uhm... I'm sorry.


Thank you very much for saving Conis-san.

Father, look...

Hmm... We're in trouble.

Well, well, well...

This skyfish is so rare that
it's forbidden to capture it.

Your action was a violation
of the protection law,

and it's a 9th degree crime.

Why is it a crime?! Zoro saved Conis!

Zoro, did you kill it?

I just smacked it.

I see. Then if we release it, there
shouldn't be any problem, right?

All right! It's very much alive!

Oh! It looks yummy!

Hey, wait Luffy! Don't eat it!

Ahh! Spin, spin, spin...!

If you eat it, you can't even give an excuse.

That's theft, an 8th degree crime.

--This is hard. It's too hard to eat!
--Ahhh! Never mind that
and come over here, Luffy!

Hey, skyfish! Go back to the sea now!
Don't get caught again!

I kept quiet and listened to all your
nonsense about crimes and such, but...

--...if you don't cut it out, I'll...
--Wait! Wait, Zoro! Don't be hasty!

This is now far beyond arguing.

His speech and behavior just now
are unmistakably extortion.

So, that's a 7th degree crime!

Zoro wasn't extorting! He was about to say,

''if you don't cut it out, I'll laugh!'' That's all!

That's his signature gag! A gag, you know!

That's not right! Isn't he twisting
what we do into crimes on purpose?!

Chopper! Don't you go
making things worse, too!

But we can't do anything like this!

Can't do anything? Oh, yeah!

All we have to do is do nothing.
Let's take a nap.

Now, take a nap! Take a nap now!

They're producing tremendous
noises at divine Angel Beach.

You all... if your action falls under
destruction of the environment,

a 6th degree crime will be added as well.

Hey, we can't even snore?

Ahhh! How annoying! I'm gonna
beat up this beret-wearing old guy!

--Shall we do it?
--W-Wait! Hey, stop it!

Oh, no... There's already someone there!

I wonder if they're with
those guys from earlier.

Please don't do anything stupid, everyone!

Don't be so hasty, Luffy, Zoro!

--Listen. You know snails, right? They're...
--Hold on a second!

Ah! Nami-san, you're all right!!

Luffy! Don't give them any trouble!

But they...

Nami! Go ahead and pay
them the 7 million-Berry fee

for our illegal entry using your secret stash!

Good! We can still get by with a fine, then?!

7 million Berries, he said...?


That's too expensive!!

Oh, shoot! Because they demanded such an
unreasonably high fee, I unintentionally...



Hey, mister, thanks for letting
me use your waver. It was fun.

No, no. I'm sorry.

More importantly, you all are in big trouble!

--Captain! Please hang in there!
--Everyone, let's get out of here!

--Your wound isn't deep!
--How did this happen?! Captain!!
--Why? I thought you started a fight.

It's dangerous to have anything to
do with this God thing. Seriously!

By the way, what crime would that be?

I think it's probably a 5th degree
crime for obstructing official duties.

Good! That's still only a 5th degree crime!

That's not good!

When it's determined to be a 5th degree crime,

in the name of God Eneru,
you'll be banished to the clouds.

Banished to the clouds?

What's that? Being banished
to the clouds sounds kinda nice.

No, it doesn't! It's the death penalty!

D-Death penalty?!

He's completely out of it.

But the death penalty in
God's Land? That's harsh.

But it's the truth. It really exists!

It's a punishment where you,
together with your ship,

are put on a cloud that you can't escape from,

and you keep wandering
until you become bones.

It's the death penalty!

I see. That's why that ship fell from the sky.

What?! What're you talking about, Robin?

Remember that galleon that fell
from the sky? The St. Briss, was it?

They might have received that
punishment 200 years ago.

Hey, you!!

Do you realize what you've
done to the Captain?!

--What did you say?
--Ahh! Sanji-kun, hold on!

Why, sure, Nami-san!

Don't be upset like that. That was by chance.

By chance?!

W-Well, how should I put it, I unintentionally...


Uhm, you know... it was like an accident.

An accident?! An accident, you say?!

That's right! It was an accident! An accident!

'Cause it's hard to control
and ride a waver, right?!

On top of that, I rode it today for the first time,

so I made a little mistake
while turning the handles.

I'm clumsy, aren't I? I guess beginners
shouldn't push too hard, after all,

should they?

She wasn't having troubles riding it,
she looked like she was having lots of fun!

Hey, Luffy!

--Oh, no, Luffy!
--Nami's trying to fool them into
thinking that it was an accident.

--That's impossible!
--Don't say anything unnecessary.

Oh, really?

Uhm, I'm sorry, but I thought it'd be
better to treat Captain McKinley first.

I'm sorry.

Th-That's right!!

--Captain McKinley!!
--Then, let's carry him over to my house.

We appreciate your assistance!


All seven of you, don't go
anywhere! Understood?!


They're crawling again?

Why can't they just carry him normally?

I know you're not bad people.

So, please use this chance
to get away from here!


Let's do as she said.

I saw it with my own eyes.
An island with these scary guys on it!

So you did go to the place they
call forbidden sacred ground.

''The place you're never to step foot in.''

''Scary guys''...

Ah! Don't listen! Don't look! Don't talk!

God... guerrilla...
That place is no good for sure!

In any case, we're leaving! We're leaving!

Ahh... It's heartbreaking to
be apart from Conis-chan,

but if that's what Nami-san says...

If we stick around, those two
may also get in trouble.

That's right! Those guys will just
make them out to be our accomplices!

So, if we make it so that
we run away on our own,

it shouldn't cause any trouble for them.

Right?! Okay, that settles it! Let's go!

What're you doing, Luffy?!

Why are we running away?

Because we'll be in big trouble!

We're always in big trouble.

Like I said, it's not just us, but those
two may get arrested, too, you know!

Those two have done nothing wrong.

The one who arrests them is wrong.

I know that's true, but...

Please... hurry up...

There's no place for them to escape to.

How long will you two be
arguing? Come up already!

How many times do I have to tell you?!

If we stay here, we'll be in big trouble,
and so will those two!

Either way, we're in big trouble.

Please run!

--Oh, darn!

You shouldn't, Miss.

If you say something that defends criminals,

you two are also going to pay.

As you know, those people are felons

who should be sentenced to be
banished to the clouds as punishment

for their 5th degree crime, caused by
all their abusive language towards us

along with their obstruction
of our official duties.

Like I said, it was an accident!

--C'mon, already!
--Arrest them!

Please get out of here!
They're beyond your power!

Fire! Milky arrows!

--You go ahead, Nami!


What're these?! Clouds?!

Go, White Berets!

What?! What's going on?!

Let's go!

It's so fluffy that it's hard to run!

Watch out!

How foolish... to think you
could get away from us!

I see... Those're the skating type.

That's neat!

You guys have fun stuff!

--What is he?!

What?! His arm... His arm stretched!

Oh, my...


Can't be...! Devil fruit?!


By the way, Nami!

What's our financial situation?

We have 50,000 Berries left.

50,000? We're that poor?

Normally, that'll last a day or two at most.

Why are we so poor?

As your captain, I gotta say this.

You should think more about
how you use money and...

It's because you eat so much!!

Alright! In any case, the ''Formation B''
that I instructed them to use

during the fight was successful!


They defeated...

...the White Berets!

Normally, up here the athletic abilities
of Blue Sea people decrease.

You fools!

You can't go back now!

--You should've just behaved
and done what I told you to...

We, the White Berets, are the gentlest
upholders of the law in God's Land.

However, they are not as nice as we are!

You are now 2nd degree criminals!

No matter if you cry or scream...'ll be judged... the priests of Upper Yard!!