One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - The Holy Beast! Apis' Secret and the Legendary Island - full transcript

The Staw Hat Pirates find themselves stranded in the Calm Belt. A place where ships never come out alive. They all don't find it to be dangerous, but Nami had to explain to them on why it is an issue. The Calm Belt is a current of calm water that guards the entrance to the Grand Line. Wind and waves never occur in the Calm Belt, which makes the sails on a ship useless. Not only that but it's also home to many sea beasts. Then a huge sea monster comes out from below lifting the Going Merry. As well as a whole bunch of sea beasts came out of the water. Apis fell out of the ship and was about to get eaten by a giant frog. Luffy had to use his stretching arm to save her. Apis learned that Luffy ate a Devil's Fruit. She spotted the nostrils of the sea monster that's under the Going Merry. And told Luffy to take her down there. No one knew what she was up to till, she pulled out a nose hair, which made the sea monster give out a big sneeze. Then the Going Merry flew into the air and made it out of the Calm Belt. Now they continue their journey to Gunkan Island. It was foggy as they proceeded to their destination. Apis wasn't sure if they're anywhere near her island. Right until Luffy saw what appeared to be a battleship, but was actually Gunkan Island. As Apis mentioned earlier, the island is the shape of a battle ship. A local spotted the Going Merry coming to shore, and alarmed the island that pirates are coming. They all got out their spears, thinking the Straw Hat Pirates are here to raid them. But Apis came off the ship first and was glad to be back home. Everyone was surprised to see her back safe and sound. But they were confused on why a group of pirates would help save a girl like Apis. Apis had to explain to them that the Straw Hat Pirates are good souls. Then an elderly man came who Apis was happy to see it. It was her grandfather, Bokuden. He thanked Luffy and the others for saving his granddaughter, and for the thanks he'll treat them to Butaman pork filled buns. A marine ship, spotted the Going Merry on the of Gunkan Island. Admiral Nelson, got the news and told Erik to recapture Apis there. Bokuden finished preparing the Butaman and set it off to cook. Usopp and Luffy were looking forward in having some, only to find out that it takes 4-5 hours to cook. While they're waiting they asked Bokuden why the Marines kidnapped Apis. Bokuden didn't know the answer to himself, but explained that their island was a decedent to a lost island from a millennium ago. It was home to the Sennenryuu Millennium Dragons. Who have the Ryuukotsu, the elixir of eternal life. The marines believe in this legend to obtain a way in getting eternal youth. Then Bokuden went on about the ancestry of the island. Apis already knows how long these stories go so she sneaked out. Luffy was getting hungry and couldn't take any of more of this story as it is. So he snug out to go eat some Butaman. But he past out before finding Apis with a bag of all the Butaman. She left Luffy a piece and dragged the bag on her way out. The story on the generations of Gunkan were still going. So Nami snug out as well to see about getting a Butaman. She found Luffy and think-ed he ate it all. But discovered a trail made by the bag. They followed it to the mountain side of the island. And found a cave which Apis entered. She was talking to someone, but didn't know who or what till they approached to her. Luffy and Nami discovered that Apis's friend is a live dragon, Ryuuji. Luffy found it cool to be looking at a real dragon. But then noticed that Ryuuji has a sad look in it's eye. And understands that it misses being with it's kind. Apis was surprised that Luffy was able to guess that correctly. And revealed to them that she ate the Whispering Fruit, which gives her the ability to hear Animals. Which explained to Nami on why Apis knew that gust of wind was coming, because of the seagulls. One day Apis heard Ryuuji's voice, and found it in this cave their standing in. And since then she's been keeping it a secret from the locals. And would do anything to get it back home to Dragon's Nest, Lost Island. The island said to be gone from the face of the map. Ryuuji knows that his island will rise again, but doesn't know when. Apis would like to help find the island but couldn't help there. She asked the Marines about the possible location of the island. But they noticed the dragon claw she had in her possession and presumed that she knows where the island is, and kidnapped her. And no matter what, she'll find a way to return Ryuuji to it's home island. Luffy & Nami agreed to help Apis out, even though they don't even know where the island is either. Meanwhile Erik and the Marines are heading towards the island, still presuming that Apis knows where Lost Island is. And he looks forward to capturing her, in his own way.

It's not an exit... It's an entrance!!

It's a sky island!


I'm sorry, I'm coming to a stop!

Is everyone all right?

You're the one who crashed!

It sure does require you to get the hang of it!

Nami-san!! You're the coolest!!

Whoa! This is incredible! I can't believe it!

Why is she able to ride that thing?!

Hey, where did Nami-san go?

Father, I wonder if she's all right.

Yes, Conis-san, I'm a bit concerned myself.

Why? What's the matter?

Here in Skypiea, there's a place that we're
never to step foot in no matter what.

Never to step foot in?

Why's that?

--It's sacred ground.
--Sacred ground?

We call that place...

...Upper Yard, the land where God lives.

''The Forbidden Sacred Ground! The Island
Where God Lives and Heaven's Judgment!''

There's a God?!

In a place where we're never to set foot in?!

--God... you mean that God?

God lives on the sky island?!

Yes. Since Skypiea is God's Land,

it's ruled by the Almighty God Eneru.

The Almighty God?

God Eneru knows everything in this world.


He's also watching us all the time.

--All the time?!
--Now, too?

Of course.

What?! He's watching us now?!

Humph. God, huh?

You don't believe in God?

I don't know. Whether or not
God exists doesn't matter to me.

I couldn't care less from the beginning.

But I don't intend to deny
those who want to believe.

So, have you seen that God who
lives in Upper Yard, Conis-chan?

No! God forbid!

We cannot step foot in Upper Yard. Never...

The sacred ground, Upper Yard, is forbidden.

So, the sky island has ground, too...

I see. A place that we're not
allowed to go no matter what, huh?

Ah! Your eyes...!

What're you thinking about right now?!

Listen good! ''Never step foot in'' means

you're absolutely not
supposed to go there, Luffy!

Oh, I see... So there's a place
that we're not supposed to go.

I see. A place that we're absolutely
not supposed to go, huh?

He's definitely planning to go there.

Hm? But if he's God, wouldn't he forgive you

even if you go someplace you're
not supposed to? He's nice, right?

Well... But breaking God's
rules is blasphemous, so...

I see. Well, I guess it doesn't matter either way.

That's because he intends to go
even if he won't be forgiven!

So, what happens if someone goes
into that forbidden Upper Yard?



The person cannot come back alive.
Everyone believes so.

Cannot come back alive?!

I-I'm worried about Nami-san.

I hope she isn't near Upper Yard.

--Nami-san!! Stay where you are
--In any case, let's go there, to find Nami!

--and don't go anywhere!!
--Is your reason for going really to find Nami?!

--Isn't it really so you can
go to the forbidden land?!


What's with the huge trees?

I've never seen something this big before.

How old are these trees?
Several hundred years?

All these trees...

I can't see the top of them!

There's no doubt about it!

The treasure should definitely be here!

An extraordinary treasure is here.

We're very close, it's almost within our grasp!

There's someone there.

The treasure is close by! Hurry up!

The voice came from over here.

Hey, Luffy! Let's go!

Hm... Hold on a second.
We'll go after I finish these.

What're you gonna do if
something happens to Nami-san

while you're sitting around like it's nothing?!

Just leave them there,
since we're coming right back!

Hmmm... Hold on! This one, too.

Conis-chan, it'll be night if I wait for him!

Take me to that Upper Yard place!

What? B-But...


...we don't know if she was really headed there.


...if we incur God Eneru's wrath,
we'll really be in big trouble.

God Eneru seems to be pretty scary.

God Eneru... God, huh?

No one...

...seems to be on that boat.

Claw marks...! I wonder if it
was attacked by something.

There's no doubt about it!

The treasure should definitely be here!

An extraordinary treasure is here!

We're very close...

--Th-The seashell is talking!
--It's almost within our grasp!

--Th-The seashell is talking!
--The treasure is close by!

Hurry up!

This is a seashell, right? There's no
way there's a human's in here, right?

Listen! If we keep a record like this,
it may become useful later!

So this seashell can record voices!

I-I don't want to! I'm going back.

I-I'm scared! I can feel it!
I can feel God's anger!

What's that noise?!

C-Can't be...!

It's God!

They were killed?

By God?

I'm going back. It's creepy.

It seems better to leave this area.



Now, we're off!!

To the place we're not allowed to go!!

Ah! I'm sorry! There's a headwind right now.

With this wind, going to Upper Yard
will take quite long! I'm sorry!

--Quite long?

If this ship moved using dial energy,
it wouldn't take that long.

I'm sorry.

How long do you mean by ''quite long''?

I don't know. Only the wind knows.

--I see... Quite long, huh?
--Old guy! Isn't there any other way

--I'd very much like to go,
since I'm worried about Nami.
--Old guy! Isn't there any other way

--I'd very much like to go,
since I'm worried about Nami.
--to get there quicker?

--Even I, Usopp-sama, the hero...
--to get there quicker?

--Even I, Usopp-sama, the hero...
--We'd better hurry, or Nami will be back!

...can't control the wind.

Hey, Luffy! So that was why, after all!!

--''That''? Which ''that''?
--You liar.

Tsk! That son of a bitch! He took my prey.

What's going on? I can hear noises.

What on earth...?

Just give up!

You should, too. He's mine.

Stay out of my way!

Hoho! Same to you!


Wh-What on earth...?

What's going on... in this forest?!

There's finally a dangerous place we can go!

I can't sit around and wait
till the wind changes!

Hey Luffy! Could that be...

...the old broken waver?!

Here I come!!

That idiot!

It's obvious this was going to happen!

Help... me...

What're we gonna do? He sank again.

Just leave him!

Geez, you're such a pain!

So, this is your old waver.

This is really old.

We found it in the sea in the world below.

Would you like me to take a look?
If it can be fixed, I'll fix it for you.

You can fix it, old guy?

I'm a dial ship engineer.

Really?! Then, please fix it! Please... it quickly!


He's my prey!

Oh? So you want to compete, huh?

I don't mind fighting with you... kill my boredom!

Ha! That's a joke.

Do you want me to put your
body in this guy's stomach?!

Hohoho! Small fries crushing each other?

That'll be a sight! Hoho!

You're the small fry!

Wh-What?! What?!

Hey! Help me!

Let me ride with you!

Err... Ride with me? But this
is a one-person boat, so...

I came here from another sky
island in search of treasure!

But I don't care about it any more.


Can another person ride on this? I don't know!

E-Even if I had to kill you...



Son of a bitch! Is this Eneru's doing?!

How dare you harm Vearth?!

Get some Water Dials now!

Put out the fire!

''Angel Island
Lovely Street''

''Angel Island
Lovely Street''
Together now, salute!

Together now, salute!


''Captain McKinley
White Berets, Skypiea Police''

''Captain McKinley
White Berets, Skypiea Police''
Heso, everyone!

Heso, everyone!

That's the White Berets!

I wonder if something happened.

Everyone, please be careful!

Illegal entrants have infiltrated
Skypiea through Angel Beach today!


It was reported that there are
a total of seven infiltrators!

We, the White Berets,

are currently conducting a
full-scale search for these criminals!

Please watch out for suspicious individuals!

Please watch out!

It looked like that man
was talking to someone.

It was a guerrilla. He's just run away.

Hey, shut that dog up.

He was probably begging for his life.

But what is Eneru-sama thinking,
taking care of that man by himself?

Why were we...?

We probably ran out of time.

Ran out of time?

Another group of illegal entrants
has already infiltrated this land.

Hm? Again?

Old lady Amazon informed us that it's a
ship with seven Blue Sea people on board.

Seven Blue Sea people... Could he mean us?!

He said illegal entrants...

If you're going to the upper area,

pay the entrance fee of
one billion Extol per person.

That is the law.

Could it be because we
didn't pay the entrance fee?

No way!

The people who were riding that boat...

...and, that man, too...

Because they entered illegally, they were...

Then, will the same thing that
happened to that man happen to us?!

There's no challenge in taking
care of only seven people.

Seven heads... We can't divide them by four.

What just happened?

Who the hell are they?!

And what is this place?!

I have to tell everyone immediately!
This place is crazy!

Well? Usopp, look at this!

Mine's finished, too!

Check out that art!
Don't they look just like us?

That's amazing!

Just how does that look like us?!

This is what I think... of your art!

--While Nami-san could be in danger,
you're fooling around!!
--Stop it! How dare you?!

--Take this! And this!
--Stop it! How dare you?!

--Take this! And this!
--Don't take it out on my art!

--Can it be fixed?
--I've never seen these parts.

Please fix it one way or another.

I'm sorry, but I can't say much
until I investigate it more.

Anyhow, please try.

I'll try disassembling it.

Old guy, what's that?

You, suspicious ship over there, hold it!

Who're they?

Why the heck are they crawling?

I don't know.

They're probably... weirdoes!

What?! So those are weirdoes...

Everyone, halt!


Why, heso!

H-Hey, what're you guys saying?

Who're they?

Usopp said they're weirdoes.

So you're the seven illegal entrants
who came from the Blue Sea?!


I'll humbly bring Heaven's Judgment upon you!