One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 43 - Hiruluk's Cherry Blossoms! Miracle of the Drum Rockies - full transcript

Chopper is finally convinced to join Luffy's crew, and though Dr. Kureha is not too happy with the idea of Chopper being a pirate, she gives him a very remarkable farewell gift.

Eneru's attacks mercilessly
rained down on all of Skypiea.

Everything is an eyesore!

The people, the trees, the land!
Return to where you belong!

Let everything rain into the Blue Sea!


Angel Island won't last much longer!

There are no safe havens left on this island!

Meanwhile, Robin and Usopp's
group was still beneath Giant Jack.

He's far above now.

It's only a matter of time until
his ship reaches the top of the vine.

What is it Eneru wants there?

A gold bell at the top.

A bell...

I have no need for good
old God's Shrine either!

Nor for the city of Shandora below it!

There is but one thing left
in this land that I want!

The golden grand belfry!

And Luffy, in an attempt to
catch Eneru, rushed up Giant Jack.

Nami! Be all right!

And I won't let you have
the golden bell, Eneru!

''Angel Island Obliterated!
The Horror of the Raigo's Advent!!''

A gold bell?

Is that what you said?!


W-What're you guys talking about?!

You also spoke of the bell before
being hit by Eneru's electric attack.

So he's going after it?

Where exactly is it?!

Hey! Wait! This is no time for that!
You saw that thunderbolt!

We're gonna die if we don't get outta here!

Somewhere near the top of this giant vine...

How?! How do you know that?!

Hey! We promised we'd wait
for Nami back on our ship!

She's gonna be back with Luffy any time now!

He's right, Wyper!

The ruins of Shandora in the layer below us...

This vine pierces right through
the very center of the city.

Oh, geez! Look!

I dunno if it's ruins or what,
but it's been blasted to pieces!

We could be next, you know!

A map I found in the ruins
indicated that the grand belfry

that held the golden bell was
located in the city's center.

A-Are you completely ignoring me?

In other words, the shock from
being thrust upward by the vine

might have thrown the bell
even further skyward.

It's directly above here?!

The singing voice of the island...


The city of gold has a huge bell, right?

Now, then. I'm above Giant Jack.

I doubt anyone would come
searching for something

in these skies above God's Shrine.

Even after 400 years...

Now, then. Where is the golden bell...?

What is this place?!


I'm astonished he made it here
with that weight attached.

There you are!

Wait right there! Eneru!

Such a pest.

Wyper! What are you planning to do?!

Don't tell me you're gonna climb the vine?!

Everyone! Get away from the vine!

Something's falling!

The tip of the vine?! What happened above?!

Hey, now! Don't tell me
Luffy and Nami fell with it?!


No! You can't in your condition!
You're all beat up!

And even if you do climb up, there's
no way to reach Eneru in the sky!


It's directly above!

The bell that Great Warrior Calgara sought!



That's what our true goal is!

Eneru! I refuse to let you have it!

How do you intend to
climb up here in that state?

D-Damn you!

Stay there for a while. I'll show
you something interesting.


Oh, right! I gotta figure
something out while he's gone!

That's my only choice!



What is he doing?!

All right! I'm back on track!

Now's my chance to get on board!

Luffy! I finally caught up to you!

Eh? Nami! What're you doing here?!

I came to get you!

Sanji-kun and Usopp saved me,
so I was down below!

Really?! You were?! That's great!

But more importantly...


What's that?!

The thunderclouds... are changing shape!

--The sky!

--This is bad! Save us!
--The sky's pitch dark!

--What's happening?!

Into the ocean! Quickly!

There's a giant ball floating in the sky!

That thing's bad news...

That's a thundercloud
wrapped in a spherical shroud...

...and it's packed with intense currents
and internal electric discharges!

It's directly above Angel Island!

The thunderclouds turned spherical...

T-This is a nightmare! This isn't
something you see in real life!

What more is he planning to unleash?!

--Hurry! Into the ocean!

Now you will learn that the heavens are mine!

With the Maxim and my power,
I can accomplish such acts of God!

--Look at that!
--It's falling onto Angel Island!

--It's too late!
--We're not going to make it!

--Run! Hurry!
--I'm scared!


No, this can't be!

Did the White Berets manage to escape?

The White Berets saved us...

The island we were born on and our
hometown are completely gone!

Even the Sea Clouds were obliterated!

What a wonderful sight!

This is how the sky should be!

W-What was that explosion?!

And the thunderbolts are still raining down?!

I don't get the feeling
I'll be leaving alive now!

He eradicated Angel Island...

How can you be so ruthless, Eneru?!

What loud rumbling...

We have to wait. We have to
take them back to the Blue Sea!

Luffy! Get on, so we can go back down!

Everyone's headed for our ship!
We gotta get going, too!

I can't.

You can't? Why not?!
What're you talking about?!

Even if I don't have to save you now...

...I still have unfinished business here!

Unfinished business? What could
you possibly have left to do here?!

Are you trying to get back
at Eneru or something?!

There's a gold bell up above!

Gold? Your life is more important,
you know! Just look!

Even if lightning doesn't hurt you,

he has the power to destroy
everything in other ways!

If it's gold you want, then look!
You have some on your arm!

Forget about some gold bell! You'll be killed!

I won't die...

Will you quit it, already?! You--

You saw it yourself!

Saw what?

The city of gold... it existed!

It wasn't a lie.

Old diamond-head's ancestor...

If it exists, that's fine. If not, that's fine, too.

I'm not really out to prove
his innocence or anything.

This is a duel with the man
who screwed up my life.

He wasn't lying.

So I have to let the old guy
and the others below know...

...that the city of gold was in the sky!

If I ring the bell...
they should be able to hear it!

Otherwise, they'll keep on searching
the ocean floor until they die!


I can't let Eneru take it!

I'm sure the huge bell can
be heard from anywhere... that's why I'm going to ring the gold bell!

Hey! The City of Gold has a huge bell, right?

Yes, Noland's logbook did mention it had one.

--Why do you ask?
--Why do you ask?

I thought up a good idea!

What? What is it?!

If we rang that huge bell,

do you think old diamond-head
and the monkeys below would hear it?

They'd hear it, right?

When he says he's gonna
do something, he means it.

Then, he's...

He did say that. But given the situation...

He's going to ring the bell, you say?!

Yeah. Even if Nami tries to
bring him back, he won't come.

Because he's after the same thing Eneru is.

I did it!

Who gave you permission to board this ship?



See! I told you it was a bad idea!

Damn him!

Well? Did you see the silly
little island vanish from the sky?!

Girl. I assume you're not
going to try and sweet-talk me

by asking me to take you
to Endless Vearth again...

Hell, no!

Once I have what I want,

I will destroy all of Skypiea
with this next Raigo!

No one can be allowed to escape now!

Including the several unmoving
voices directly below you!

Directly below?!

I'm going to eradicate this land
that is out of place in the sky

and change everything
back to how it should be!

That is my duty as God!

I won't let you...

...have your way!

Farewell, rubber man!

Look on wistfully and
wait until the end arrives!



No one can stop me now.

Damn it!

Listen! We will send you
into the sky, without fail!



...will ring that bell!