One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 31 - Nami Is Sick? Beyond the Snow That Falls on the Ocean! - full transcript

''Upper Yard'' ''Angel Island''
God's Island, Upper Yard...

God's Island, Upper Yard...

In the ruins that spread around Giant Jack,

men clashed against one another.

Eisen Whip!

As this fierce battle for survival rages on,

Laki, a female Shandian warrior,
falls at the hands of God Eneru.


Meanwhile, Nami, Gan Fall and Aisa,
who were swallowed by the giant snake,

met someone they never
expected to see in its stomach.

''Bursting Slash! Zoro vs. Ohm!!''

Dammit! The one I have to beat first is...!

Did it work?!

Seems like it wasn't enough!
Then I'll just keep trying!

Damn! That extendable sword
this priest uses is a pain!

When that snake is the one I have to beat first!

I have to get Nami and the
weird knight out right away.

Well, they were swallowed whole,
so they probably didn't die outright.

But it's just a matter of time before they do.

Eisen Whip!

Another one!

That bastard... Where is he?!

Eisen Whip!

You can't escape my attacks...

...just as no one can ever
escape the reality of death.

Just accept your destiny.

But I guess I'm just wasting my breath,

since you probably don't have enough
sense to realize you're about to die.

Realize your foolishness!

You're a small being who is very anxious
about the gold before your eyes,

and cannot see your inalterable fate.

How sad...

Where is he? Where the heck is he?

Where will he attack from next?

Eisen Whip!

What's going on?!
Why does he know where I am?!

It's as if he can see me from behind the wall!

Just what is that horn-shaped
sunglass-wearing freak?!

Die, Blue Sea person!

I have no business with you!

Another voice has disappeared.

The survivors in the Upper Ruins are now...

...five people... and two animals.


Eisen Whip!

Prepare yourself, Ohm!

It's four people and two animals.

Two-Sword Style...


Eisen Back!


Wh-What?! An iron wall!

This sword is Iron Clouds!

You think clouds have a set shape?

You son of a...!

Eisen Fan!

Eisen Fork!

Eisen Fleuret!

This isn't good! I can't avoid it! Why is that?!

He's reading my movements!

What's the matter?!

You depend on your swords,
so keeping a distance does you no good.

Not quite!

Thirty-six Caliber Phoenix!

Eisen Whip!

It's gonna be repelled!


That's quite an interesting
technique, Blue Sea person!

But are you going to try that again?

Even if you lose sight of me,
I can know exactly where you are... using Mantra.

Sh-Shandian warriors aren't
intimidated by a mere dog!

Another one disappeared...

Now there're three people
and two animals left...

...although it'll soon be
two people and two animals.

It seems that you're the axis
of the Blue Sea people group.

You and your comrades all fought well.

However, I've already taken aim at your heart.

Pray to God, swordsman from the Blue Sea!

You fool! I'll never pray to God!

How sad...

The difference among people
is if they die sooner or later.

Just do want you want.

I've had enough of your arrogant lecture!

Although I can't see you,

that extendable sword of yours
will tell me where you are!

Hmph! The moment you find out
will be the moment you die!

The past held 36 worldly desires.

The present holds 72 worldly desires.

The future will hold 108 worldly desires!

Three-Sword Style!
One-hundred-eight Caliber Phoenix!

The iron clouds were repelled!

Eww! Eww! Eww! Eww!

A dead end!!

Gum-Gum... Balloon!!

Man... This mystery cave is a horrible cave!

Like I said, this isn't a cave!
We're inside the snake's stomach!

Oh, Nami, you're okay...


Hey, Nami! Hang in there! Nami!

I'm over here!

Let me go! Are you gonna
squeeze me to death?!

So you're okay...

Wh-What're you doing, Aisa?!

He's our enemy! An enemy who
took away the Shandians' homeland!

I'll take his head!

What's the point of taking the
head of the weird knight here?!

Before Eneru showed up, he was
the leader of the Skypieans!

The Skypieans, who drove us
Shandians out of our homeland!

That was 400 long years ago, right?

It wasn't him who did it.

If your people would be satisfied by
taking my head, I'd gladly give it to you.

But the way things are now, taking my
head alone wouldn't settle things,

as the hostility between the Shandians
and Skypieans does not change at all.

Our ancestors took your homeland
away from you, Shandians.

I cannot find a way to
apologize for that action.

Time passes by while I
continue to remain helpless.

I am powerless.

If possible, I would like
to apologize one by one

If possible, I would like
to apologize one by one

to all Shandians who died in seeking
their homeland in the past 400 years.

to all Shandians who died in seeking
their homeland in the past 400 years.

I am sincerely sorry.

The weird knight has been trying very hard
so that everyone that lives in the sky

can get along and live peacefully.

And yet, if you...

We can't get along and live peacefully!

With bad guys!

They're not bad guys!

What's bad is when one race
refuses to coexist with another!

Am I wrong?!


Wh-Why did you stop me?! You idiot!

He's apologizing, so there's no
need to take his life, is there?

The city of gold, Shandora...

The golden bell that must've been in the
center of the city isn't here any longer...

The belfry for that bell might've
had Poneglyphs engraved on it.

If this city fell in order to protect
the Poneglyphs, as I suspect,

it should still be hidden
somewhere even now...

The belfry with the
Poneglyphs engraved on it...

If that's the case, where could it be?

Oh? This is... a rail for lorries.

Something was taken out from here.

It's still new... I wonder what was taken out.

Isn't it amazing? Even after
being shot up to the sky,

this city, Shandora,
still majestically exists like this.

Even if it's a legendary city,
if it's covered by clouds,

it can't even show off its figure.

I'm the one who found it.

Those stupid former Gods
didn't even notice this city.

Who're you?


You're pretty good.

It seems like you're an
archaeologist from the Blue Sea.

It took even us several
months to find these ruins.

If you can read the letters on the ruins,
you can find this place that easily?

However, the gold you're
looking for isn't here any longer.

You're a few years late.


Come to think of it, I can't find any.
It must be you who took it out from here.

Gold is a nice thing.

That glittering metal suits me well.

Then, you took the golden bell
that used to be here, too?

Golden bell?

He doesn't know?!

That's interesting. What did you
learn by reading the letters?

No... Unfortunately, if it wasn't
here when you first came here,

it didn't come to the sky after all.

The huge golden bell that
Shandora took pride in,

and the large belfry for that bell...

I needed to see the belfry.

No, wait... Yes! It's here. It's here in the sky!

When this island was blown
into the sky 400 years ago...

in other words, on the day that
God's Island, Upper Yard, was born,

it's said that the loud chimes of a bell
rang throughout the entire nation...

...although old people in this nation
call it the island's singing voice.

I see! That bell was made of gold! Wonderful!

Soon the game will be over.
Eight more minutes to go.

While I'm at it, why don't I
look for... the golden bell?

The golden bell is in the sky?
Then... Poneglyphs, too?

Looks like there's a maggot
at the edge of the island.


Please hang in there, Usopp-san, Sanji-san.

They still haven't awoken yet?

But... But they'll definitely get well, Father.

They sure will. There's no way that
such kind people won't get better.


My wish is that,
when the sky becomes peaceful,

I'd like to once again show everyone
hospitality to my heart's content...

...including you.


What's the matter, Suu?!
Is it time for your meal?

Suu, what's wrong? Are you in pain?

C-Could it be that you're...?

I'm one of those who fought
with Gan Fall-sama six years ago.

Then, as I thought, you're a
member of the Divine Squad!

In a closed-off area, we were...

What on earth happened?

Conis-san, attend to him right away!

--Yes, Father!

My wife and children are on Angel Island!

Yes, everyone's worried about you all.

Please let everyone know!
Eneru is planning to return everything!


Skypiea will be dropped to the Blue Sea!

This nation will disappear!!

Th-That can't be...

There's no time to lose!
Tell them right away! Eneru is...

...planning to eliminate
everyone living in the sky!!

Eliminate everyone from the sky?

W-Wait a second, please!
If he does such a thing,

there won't be a place
even for God Eneru himself.

He's got an ark! ''Ark Maxim''!

Ark... Maxim?

What're you...?!


We were forced to spend the last
six years building that flying ship!

My wish is that,
when the sky becomes peaceful,

I'd like to once again show everyone
hospitality to my heart's content...

...including you.