One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 29 - Critical Counterattack! Usopp's Quick Wit and Kaenboshi! - full transcript

''Upper Yard'' ''Angel Island''

God's Land, Upper Yard...

The nightmarish survival game
continued to rule over this land.

Around the time that Nico Robin
finally found the city of gold, Shandora,

Chopper encountered
Priest Ohm in the Upper Ruins...

...and sadly fell by his hand.

There are no means to survive on
the sad path to attaining peace.

This is the Iron Ordeal,
with a survival rate of 0%!


Where's the exit?!

Meanwhile, at Giant Jack's Upper Ruins,

four of the survivors were about
to engage in a fierce new fight.

What is this place? Ruins?

Looks like we got us
some ferocious ones here.

Hey! Hand over the gold!

Oh, my. How sad...

...given that none can
escape from my Iron Ordeal...

If you're going to get in my way,
I'll eliminate you all!

Tell me where Eneru and the Divine Squad are!

What's going on with this cave?!

Well, I'm sure you gentlemen
have all sorts of things to say,

but if you want to make yourselves heard...'ll need to survive here first!

''Climb Giant Jack!!
Deadly Combat in the Upper Ruins''

That said, the time prophesied
by God is fast approaching.

So you can't possibly survive.


If you did not want anything,
you could have lived longer.

You might as well repent your
sinful life with all your heart.

Ha! So I take it you're one of those
priests or whatever that serves God?

Things like God or
prophecies don't interest me.

Right now, my only business
here is taking the gold.

I'll forgive that, too.


Your only salvation lies in the fact

that no one can escape from my Iron Ordeal.

I'll save you all.

Hmph! You sure like to talk high and mighty.

Let's go, Holy. You can get as wild as you want.

He is our target, Pierre.

We have to stop Eneru's priest first!

But to think that giant snake

ended up all the way up here...


This place doesn't break.
It just goes horizontal and vertical.

This cave is messed up!!

You can all...


...die together!!

That's one pesky weapon you've got there!

You Blue Sea people don't know anything!

There's nothing here for you,
who just came to the sky!

I'm not about to figure out
every one of your problems!

The situation in the sky is not our concern!

That figures!

I was going to eliminate you
from the start! No skin off my back!


This guy's tougher than I thought.


That's right... He's got poisonous fangs!

This one's got fangs, too!

What's with this dog's moves?!

His name is Holy.

I'm warning you. I'm a stockbreeder in
the sky, in other words, a Sky Breeder!

My animal training goes
beyond ordinary training.

I hammered bipedal walking
and then even boxing into him.

Savor his attacks thoroughly!

There's such a thing as going too far.

Gan Fall...

You were beaten by someone like Shura.
Haven't you learned a lesson?

You probably can't even wield
your spear any longer, can you?!

You old fool!!

Yet I can't withdraw!

Because I don't know what you
and the others are going to do!

Hmph! Don't be conceited!

Even if you knew, someone
like you wouldn't be able

to understand God's noble thoughts!

After them! After the Shandians!

What, what? What was that?!

I heard, ''Meh.'' Goats?

They're Divine Soldiers!
If we get caught, we'll be killed!

What're Divine Soldiers?!

They're Eneru's underlings!
Hurry up and get out of here!

W-Wait! But where're we headed?!

What's that?!

That's Giant Jack!
Eneru's shrine is probably above there!

Eneru's shrine?!


I sense Wyper over there!

He's alive!

We can see Giant Jack!

Don't let them go to God's Shrine!

Quit pestering us!!

That damn snake! It keeps gettin' in my way!

Hey, Chopper?!

Hey! Why're you...?!

I see... He was part of the
group from the Blue Sea.

Hey, be careful going over there.

What was that?!

Barbed wire?!

So that's the ordeal...

Chopper! Hey, Chopper!

Say something! Why did you come
to a place like this alone?! Hey!

Such a shame...

They're ''Iron Clouds.''

They're light as clouds and hard as iron.

They're blown into shape by a milky dial.

Each one is connected to
some part of the ground.

When you step on it, it gets discharged.

On this field, you never know when and
where they'll be activated to strike you.

That animal was partially defeated by me,

but he also became a victim
of the ordeal on his own.

So do you want to get
revenge now or something?


I don't really like fighting
for that sort of reason.

Oh? Isn't that something?


I'm getting a little fired up.

I'm sorry. This is the
right place, right, Conis-san?

The seashore where they're
planning to meet up...

Yes, Father. Nami-san told me so.

But what should we do?

I didn't expect that we'd
have to look after the ship.

We have to protect it at any
cost until they come back!

Shall we sound the horns
to scare off the enemy?!

Yes, Father! It'll be reassuring!

This will do.

Would you stand watch over there, Suu?

Nami-san, you said a promise...?

Luffy and the others went into
the forest for some little thing.

We're meeting up at the seashore in
the northwest, so I have to go there...

Do you think they're okay?
Things are terrible in the forest right now.

I hope they're okay.

Don't worry.

Our crew will be fine!

Okay! I'll do my best to take care of you!
Please hang on, both of you!

Please everyone... be safe...

I'm sorry that the sky island is like this.

Head to God's Shrine!

Now's the time to get Eneru's head!

Don't let them go to God's Shrine!

Climb up Giant Jack!

Wyper! Don't use Reject anymore!

Divine Soldiers! Come back!
Stop the Shandians!

Don't challenge Eneru, Wyper!

We can't... We can't defeat Eneru! Never!

That's right.

Everyone... climb up to the Upper Ruins...

...and kill each other.

There will be five survivors.

God's prophecy is absolute.

Stop it, Wyper! I am...

''I am'' what?! You want to say
that you're not my enemy?!

To us, you and Eneru are the same, Gan Fall!

So you won't listen, huh?!

You son of a bitch!

Burn Bazooka doesn't work...
What kind of scales does it have?!

I... I can't take this cave anymore!!

Ha! It is a dog, after all. As we
move around, I'll find an opportunity.

What did you just...?

Hmph! This is why Blue Sea
people get on my nerves.

This sword is also made of Iron Clouds.

In other words,

Iron Clouds are added to the
blade by a dial built in the haft,

so it chases the enemy
to the ends of the earth!

Were you able to understand that,
swordsman from the Blue Sea?

It's just like a whip. Yeah, I get it

that the White-White Sea has
a bunch of circus warriors!


Let's fight separately.

It seems that it's getting a
little busy in the Upper Ruins.

I didn't expect that even the
Lord of the Sky would be here...

We'll assist you, Ohm-sama!

You guys...!

Looks like...

Yeah... we're the only ones left.

We'll help you reach Eneru, Wyper!

Oh, yeah! I'll dig a hole to the outside!

That giant snake...

It's laughing!

Hold it!

Quit pestering us!!


--Young lady!

Kill them!

Aisa! What're you doing here?!

Nami! Why're you here?!

Ah! Zoro! Where's everyone?!


What're you plotting, Blue Sea person?!

Aisa! Get away from that woman!

That was close!

Demon! You're a demon, Wyper!!

Why did you two come to a place like this?!


Because a huge...


Ahhhh... That idiot...!



You're idiots who can't
even protect yourselves.

Quit worrying about others!

At any rate, no one will survive!