One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 28 - Luffy Attacked by Magic! Colors Trap - full transcript

''Upper Yard'' ''Angel Island''

With one hour left until
God Eneru's declared time limit,

there currently remain 25 survivors.

Cien Fleurs!


It's too late for that now...

Can't breathe...

After defeating Yama and
discovering Shandora, the city of gold,

Robin found something even more surprising.

Could it be?!

The Poneglyph I searched the
world for, but could never find...!

In which case, the grand belfry
located in the center of the four altars

might contain the ''text of real history''...

The Rio Poneglyph!

''0% Survival Rate! Chopper vs. Ohm,
the Sword Wielding Priest''

Just a little more...

Everyone will be so surprised
if I find the gold first!

Ruins up here, too...


What's with this place?!
The ground's all crooked...

I'll go around that way.

Gold! Gold!

Wait. Wait, Holy.

Holy! Wait!

I got too carried away! I should've
just gone back! I'm going to die!

You're the third one to make it here today...

Eh?! Who're you?!

That spider-head is so careless!

You killed Gedatsu, didn't you?

He means that guy from earlier!

No, it's all right. Being rid of a
fool like him is best for the world.

Wouldn't you agree?

Huh? I tripped over--

Don't be so afraid. That's my
pet dog Holy. He won't bite.

B-But this guy is lying here, all torn up...!

Holy is well-trained, so he
won't bite anyone recklessly.

I cut that man up.

That's even scarier! Who are you?!

--Who are you?
--My name is Ohm.

--You're scary!
--Just be silent!

--He's too scary! I don't like him!
--I am saddened by the frailty of man.


Why do people fight and rot,
despite knowing the transience of life?!

What, now?

They're born to be happy, and
they desire happiness in life,

only to die in battle!

In which case, it would've been
best to do nothing from the start...

Such is the dilemma of
man's nature... It's so sad...

But, there is one path to salvation!

Everyone just needs to die!

What scary stuff is this
guy saying?! Unbelievable!

What have you come here for?

Oh, I'm just looking for gold--

Greed begets strife.


Allow me to save you.

You'll save me?

Once dead, you will do-- and desire-- nothing.

He doesn't plan to save me at all!


Why is everyone charred black?!

It's almost as if they've been hit by lightning...





Go... Go, Laki...

But, Kamakiri!

Wyper... is headed... for God's Shrine...

But... Eneru isn't there!

You can still stop him...

Stop Wyper...

All right! I understand! Save your breath!

No one... can beat him...!

I am lightning.

He's... invincible...

He's lightning... which people have
feared as God... since long ago...

I'll stop Wyper! Wait here!

I'm going to leave Aisa's bag with you!

No one... can beat him...!

He's... invincible...

Kamakiri is so strong...
yet his will has been broken!

The Rumble-Rumble Fruit!

To think that Eneru has the
powers of a Logia-type Devil Fruit,

the most powerful kind of all...!

I have to stop him quickly!

I think I recognize this place...
Or not... No, I do...

Or not...

No, I do.

Does it just look similar?

Did you laugh just now?!

What? You're the one who
came along just to get food!

This is what you get when you're
with me! Got a problem with that?!

You idiot! Hey!

Hey...! Wait! There's no more food in there!

Let go! Hey!

Where are you flying off to?!

This is a crazy place I wound up in!

Exit, exit, where is the exit? The exit! Hey!

A dead-end?!

You can't be serious, I walked all this way!


Could it be a trick door?

Ah! I might be able to go
forward if I bust through it!

Gum-Gum Bazooka!

Huh? It didn't even budge...

What's going on?!

He's not following me...! Whew!

Is he a priest too?

There are lots of places to hide here.

I just need to escape and meet up
with Luffy and the others!

He seemed like a swordfighter,

so if I stay hidden and get
further away, I can escape!

He's run quite a long way.

How foolish, running from salvation...

That itself is an attachment
to life, and an earthly desire...


There are no means to survive on
the sad path to attaining peace...

This is the Iron Ordeal,
with a survival rate of 0%!

Another voice disappeared!

--I can't just sit here! I'm going to find Laki!

Hold it!

Stop! Don't!


I said stop!

What's your problem?!
Let go! Let go of me! Let go!

This is none of your business!

Maybe not, but I can't just
leave a kid like you to die!

I'm a warrior!

Yes, yes, okay. Kid warrior.

Your glares don't scare me.

Umm, are you all right?

Just fine!

Here! There's no use struggling! Get on!

Urgh! No! Let go! I'm gonna
save everyone! Let go!

Knock it off or I'll slug you!

And no crying!

Even two of our crew
have already been done in!

I can't leave you alone!

Now hurry and get on.

No way!

Whoa, that scared me! What's with this cave?!

First there's an earthquake,
then a flood of sea clouds...

I almost drowned there!

Stupid thing! Open up!

Why is it so huge?!

Darn you! Where's the exit?!

Gum-Gum Gatling!

Nami-san! That leads into the forest!


What do we do? They went into the forest...

Damn it!

You're tough!

What's that?!

--Who's that?!
--S-Something's coming!

Shoo! Go that way!

It's the Lord of the Sky!

Was that... Aisa?!

We're... inside the forest...!

Hey! Let me down! Are you listening to me?!

You stupid bird! I oughta chop you up!


T-The giant snake! Hey!
Fly higher! Or we'll get eaten!

Hurry it up! Hey!

It's still coming after us!
It seems irritable for some reason...!

Why, you little...!

God's Shrine is at the top of this Giant Jack!

And Eneru is there!

I'm going to bring an end to the
past 400 years of terrible history!

Here he comes.

Wyper... Climb that vine any further
and you'll reach God's Shrine.

Who gave you permission to pass?


There is no longer any point
in heading for God's Shrine.

Gan Fall!

What are you doing here?!

Still attached to the position of God?!

No, but I've yet to finish taking responsibility.

I've just come from God's Shrine up above.

A tragedy... It was utterly destroyed...

Naturally, Eneru was nowhere to be found.

Perhaps it means he no
longer has any need for it...

It appears that their six years
of hard labor is nearing its end.

I thought I would come to bid you farewell.

Just what is it you people seek, Ohm?!

Eneru isn't in God's Shrine, you say?!

One of Straw Hat's friends?!

That took its toll...! That bird's gonna pay!

It's you!

What is this place?


Looks like we got us some
ferocious ones here...

Hey, hand over the gold!

Oh, my. How sad...

...given that none can
escape from my Iron Ordeal...

If you're going to get in my way,
I'll eliminate you all!

Tell me where Eneru and the Divine Squad are!

What's going on with this cave?!

Well, I'm sure you gentlemen
have all sorts of things to say,

but if you want to make yourselves heard...'ll need to survive here first!