One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 27 - Ma no Candle! Munen no Namida to Ikari no Namida - full transcript

Mr. 3 manages to capture Broggy with his wax. He also captures Vivi, Nami and Zoro, and tries to turn them into wax figures.

''Upper Yard'' ''Angel Island''


Burn Blade!

Did you think you could
move faster than lightning?

Run! Wyper!


Their voices... are disappearing!

Whoops. It seems the electricity
traveled along the Milky Road.


''A Mystical City!
The Grand Ruins of Shandora!!''

--You're incredible, Nami-san!

It's all yours now!

Yes, thanks!

I love it! It's so much faster!

Yes. Jet Dials went extinct
hundreds of years ago,

so I was shocked that the waver
you left with me had one onboard!

But, what do we do now?

We planned to lead you all
to the end of Skypiea, but...


For now, we need to get the ship
to the coast we agreed to meet at.

I really think they're all right...

Though, with those four together,
no one can stop them!

There's no four-person group on the island.


At most, there's a two-person group.

If there were four people
moving together, I'd know!

It's Mantra... The thing
God and those priests use?

I was born able to use it!

That's why I'm afraid...

You have no idea how scary
it is hearing voices disappear!

Are you gonna cry again?

I am not crying, you stupid Blue Sea person!

Her waver broke down, and we passed by

just as a skyshark was about to attack her...

What were you planning to do?!

I don't know! But I can't just
sit around doing nothing!

Laki... Everyone...

I hope everyone's alright...

Man, this is no good...

My bag's on the outside, and the
trees are all rotted and fruitless...

I was so looking forward to
that boxed meal for breakfast...

What a weird cave I wound up in.
I can't find the exit anywhere...

I wonder if everyone's
at the city of gold by now.

I bet it's pretty, all made out of gold...

That reminds me, I once heard at
a bar that gold stew tastes great...

I've walked a long way.
Guess I'll have that lunch...

Not too shabby!

Who's there?!

What's that supposed to mean?
Don't tell me you're after my food?!

Well, forget it!

Quit lookin' this way!

Quit following me!

Listen! I just ate all my food!
I don't got any more!

I wouldn't give you any, anyway!
Got it?! Now get lost!

Walkin' all weird-like...
Which way are you even facing?!

You wanna take me on?! Huh?!

In three hours, only five of the 81
people on this island will be standing.

Only one hour left until
the time I proclaimed is up...

Current number of survivors... 25.

This can't be! What is God Eneru doing here?!

He's going down!

Twenty-four left.

Oh, my. You're nothing but talk, Missy...

Stomach Mountain!

A runic statue!

Veinte Fleurs! Calendula!

How long are you going to keep
protecting this withered old city?

You don't seem to have any respect
for the vestiges of our ancestors.

I have no care for the past!

Fools always say that.

Who do you take me for?!

Punch Mountain!

I need to move away from the ruins

before this simpleton destroys it all!

Back then, I thought my goal had been lost

with the underground temple of Alubarna...

Having lost everything,
I decided to travel with Luffy.

But these ruins could hold clues
about the unspoken history

that's been lost to the world below!

How far are you going to run?

Is this as far as you run?


It's too late now.

Too late?

Even if you repent, I won't forgive you!

You won't forgive me? You certainly
do adore those shabby ruins.

Especially when they
don't even belong to you...

That's right. The ruins belong to no one.

I don't feel like talking with you anymore.

Don't worry. You won't have to anymore...

...because you're going to
be crushed to death now!

Drop Mountain!

I can go all out here!

Treinta Fleurs!

All you can do is rush forward like a bull...

Realize the weight of
the history you destroyed!


He weighs so much!

Take this! 10-Axe Combo!

Axe Mountain!

My eyes!

What are you-- Huh?!

Wait! The dials... they're backwards!

Wait! The dials--!

What you went around destroying
were great, priceless treasures.

Relics so rare it's impossible
to measure their worth.

History may repeat itself,
but people can't go back in time.

You don't understand that.

I... I understand...

I won't ever... do it again...

--Please forgive...
--I will not.

In that case... I just need to kill you!

My fingers! My fingers!

Cien Fleurs!


What the...?! Stop!

Wait! Where are you--


It's too late for that now...

Can't breathe...


Just awful...

This should be the center of the city,

but it doesn't match up with
the map on the monument at all.

Did everything get broken up in
the shock of coming into the sky?

I don't get it... Then why did you come here?

What one expects and what
one hopes are different things.

What I was seeking was the Rio Poneglyph.

The only ''stone that tells the
real history'' among the Poneglyphs

that are scattered throughout the world.

That's the Rio Poneglyph...

What do you mean by the ''real history''?

I give up... I've searched for it
for 20 years and I'm out of clues...

This place was my last hope... and a failure...

Dying here like this would
be a fitting end for me...

Living like this has exhausted me...

All I want is to learn the history...

But there're too many enemies...
to achieve my dream...

That's strange...

This is the city of gold?!

The size and topography
are all completely different.

And what's most unnatural of all...

The only entrance is at the top...

Could it be?!

I can go below!

It's so vast... These ruins
really do go much deeper!

I thought it was strange how Blue Sea ruins

had Island Clouds for ground...

The ruins above are nothing more
than the upper parts of the city,

eaten up by Island Clouds...

There's still more below!


800 years ago, the city
of Shandora suddenly fell.

It hardly seems that way.
It's still so majestic and grand!

This is Shandora, the city of gold!

Could it be?!

Let me ask you a question...

By any chance... can the
untold history be uncovered?

Are you saying that the
Poneglyphs hold that record?

They wrote with the ancient
Poneglyph symbols so easily!

But only the ones who made the
Poneglyphs could use these symbols!

''Hold our true motive in your
hearts and speak not of it.

We are the ones who weave history...

With the sounding of the grand belfry...''

That's right! Noland's logbook did
mention a giant gold bell here...

All of the city's writings were burned...

The city's history was eradicated!

They'll manage somehow, right?

Quit following me!

Now it goes down?

A Poneglyph was carried into the city!

There's no question about it!
This city fought against hostility!

Shandora, the city of gold, fought and fell

trying to protect that Poneglyph!

In which case, the grand belfry
located in the center of the four altars

might contain the ''text of real history''...

The Rio Poneglyph!