One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 26 - Brogy Wails in Victory! Elbaf's Judgement - full transcript

The salvage of a hundred year duel.

''Upper Yard'' ''Angel Island''

God only knows.

Nami's group headed for the
eastern shore to escape Upper Yard,

but Eneru appeared, charred Sanji
and Usopp, and then vanished.

My name is Hotori!

My name is Kotori!

As if taking his place,

Satori's twin brothers Kotori and
Hotori showed up, bent on revenge.

I have to protect them!

Meanwhile, the four who headed
south for the ancient ruins

ran into a giant snake and wound up separated.

Descendants built this after the city fell...

Shandora... That was this ancient city's name...

Who's there?!

Where am I?!

Nothing personal.

I accept this survival challenge!

How careless of me!

Is this guy an idiot?!

They each encounter enemies
and are drawn into battle.

Among them, Chopper fought
and defeated Priest Gedatsu.



''Unbeatable Powers!
Eneru's True Form is Revealed''

You alright, Kamakiri?!

Don't worry about me!
Pay attention to your surroundings!


I can see the cloud-covered Giant Jack!

The ruins of Shandora are near!

Eneru is at the top!

You called?

I'm right here.

Do you want something?

Warrior of Shandora, Kamakiri...

Eneru! Damn you!

Who do you think you're talking to?

I am God, you know.

You seem absolutely baffled
as to why I've appeared here.


I don't need that to see what's
written all over your face!

Though, I don't blame you.

Normally, I wouldn't need to
bother doing anything personally,

but I happen to be a player in
this survival game, too, you see...

Plus, I will soon be leaving this land.

In fact, I just finished
saying goodbye to Gan Fall.

You think this is a game?! Like hell it is!

You look like you really want to get rid of me...


I will reward you for all
your hard work as a warrior,

as an act of God's charity.

Hmm... how does five minutes sound?

I will sit right here for five minutes' time.


I will neither dodge your
attacks nor strike back.

Go ahead and do your worst.

Why, you...!

But, once those five minutes are up... will come to learn what God is
from the bottom of your heart.

Damn you!

Time to die, Eneru!

Damn you!

You missed!


I said stop!


I said stop it!

They're unconscious!

--So what?!
--So what?!

--These guys killed our brother Satori!

They must pay!

Why, you...!

Got an Impact!


Peeyew! What is this...?!

I stored farts in a Flavor Dial!

I see. So they have four types of dials...

That's right!

Axe! Flame!

Impact! Flavor!

Got those memorized?!

There's no way to distinguish us!

Which is Hotori, and which is Kotori?!

Which hand has what? It'll be fun to find out!

Surprise Dial Illusion!

We know what they have!
We cannot waste time!

I don't give a damn who's who!

Here comes a typhoon!

--You missed!
--You missed!

Now, what dial is on my right hand?!

Yet another fart! Dummies!

Did you expect flames?!
Those are from my right hand!

He's going to ignite the gas!

Weird knight!

Fool! He got sent flying!


That sounds like something a fool would think.

You underestimated me...


Come back!

Cyclone Tempo.

You... Girl...

Finish him off with my gauntlet down below!

Weird knight! Did your wounds open?!

Never mind me! He'll be back soon!


Gauntlet... Gauntlet... Gauntlet?!

Hey, what's a gauntlet?!

Whoa, it's heavy!

It is made of Blue Sea iron.

There is an Impact Dial inside it.
Use it just as I explained.

I think I understand, but I can't
use this thing, it's too heavy...

You'll pay!

Guess this is no time to be worried about that!

First big brother Satori,
then little brother Kotori...!

Not even praying will save you now!

He's the flame guy, right?

He's sopping wet, plus the air is full of moisture!

Cool Ball!

Huh? That's just cold. Is that it?!

Yep, that's it! You use fire, right?

You're mocking me! Are you trying
to use this against my Flame Dial?!

I'll burn you up!

Hot air flowing above collected
cool air causes moisture to condense!

Yes... It becomes fog!

Fog Tempo!

What the...?! Fog!

I can't see! What is this?!

What... the...?!

You! What are you--?!

Pardon me a sec!



My arm's coming off!

How could you make me
use this, you weird knight?!

It won't hurt for long.
But you did wonderfully, girl!


But... Yes! We protected the ship and crew!

Uhh, do you mind if I call you Aisa-san?

Can you really tell where the
Blue Sea folks' ship is headed?

--What a mysterious power...

Being able to hear people in
the forest from this far away...

But are you all right?
You've been shaking for a while now!

It's just...

It's just, I've never felt this afraid before.

Everyone's voices...

Everyone's voices are
disappearing more and more...

Yes, I'm sorry. Let's just hurry, Conis-san.

Yes, Father.

Hold on! Where are you going, weird knight?!

Sorry, but I must follow Eneru.

What?! You're just gonna
leave a lady all by herself?!

Again, I am sorry.

I am curious as to why Eneru has
sprung into action at this point.

Could it be...?

Could it be what?

When Eneru appeared, he captured
650 of my Divine Squad members.

There is no time to give the details,
but my men's lives are in danger.

No, this entire land may be in danger...

Can you fly, Pierre?


I will leave behind the Impact gauntlet.

Make do with that.

You can't be serious...

Hey, I said wait! You ingrate!

And you call yourself God?!

Come back! Reconsider!

I'll cry if you don't!

For now, I need to give these guys first aid...

You're both alive, right?!

Hurry back, Chopper!

What?! What?! What?!

Nami-san! Heso!



What are you doing here?

Shut that horn up already!

Let go!

--Wait... No! You can't get off!
--Let go!

If you go any further in,
you'll never leave alive!

We agreed to leave right away!

--Let go!
--Who's she?

Oh, this is Aisa...

Stay away, Blue Sea scum! I'll eliminate you!

I'm a warrior of Shandora!

So? You gonna fight me?
Don't make me Impact you.

How terrible! They're both charred black!
They need first aid, quick!

In any case, I'm sorry. Set sail
along the new path we came on!

We used a Milky Dial to create a new river.

If you follow it, you can go
straight to the White-White Sea.

Hurry, before the enemy spots us...

Then couldn't you have come more quietly?!

Oh, yes. I also have something for you.

For me?

A waver!

I repaired the one you
brought from the Blue Sea.

Here. It belongs to you.

Wow! Really?!


Still, this waver turned out
to be really something.

--Its power is beyond comparison. Sorry.

Oh, you're still at it?

Sorry. I must've dozed off there...

What's wrong? You seem to
be in pain, Kamakiri-kun...

As I promised, I haven't done anything...

I... can't... beat you...?

Yes, that's right.

Now do you understand?

I am lightning.

How can a struggling man defeat lightning?

As a native of the sky, you've surely
seen distant lightning before.

Since ancient times, man has replaced
all his fear of nature with God

to flee from the terror
he could not comprehend,

with the belief that all supernatural
phenomena are acts of God

beyond human understanding...

The disasters from the heavens,

which all of mankind
accepted as being unbeatable...

They are me.

Now do you understand what God is?

Oh? A Breath Dial, huh?

Burn Blade!

I must tell Wyper!
There's no point in fighting him!

He'd only die in vain!

Even if he risks his life,
a Reject will have no effect!

So now you choose to run?

I gotta retreat and think! As things
are now... As things are now...!

Did you think you could
move faster than lightning?

Your five minutes are up.

Now it's my turn.

1 Million Volts... Vaari!

Run! Wyper!

What was that?


What?! What?!

What's going on, all of a sudden?!
What happened?!

Their voices... are disappearing...!

Whoops. It seems the electricity
traveled along the Milky Road.

Twenty voices disappeared
after that discharge. Fools...

The 81-man Upper Yard survival game...

Two hours have passed.

56 have dropped out.

Thirteen of God's army remain.

Five of the Straw Hats remain.

Seven of the Shandians remain.

That makes for a total of twenty-five left...

Hmm. There are more left than I expected.

No matter. I'll corner
them all slowly but surely.

Who will get to accompany me in the end?

This necklace is made of gold!

Is the gold we're looking for inside this cave?!

I'd rather be inside a yakiniku shop right now...


Where am I?!