One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 25 - Luffy's Anger! A Dirty Trick in a Sacred Battle - full transcript

''Upper Yard'' ''Angel Island''

Nami's group was planning
to escape from Upper Yard

when God Eneru appeared
and demonstrated his might.

Meanwhile, the four search team
members wound up separated,

and Luffy was confronted by
the Shandian warrior Wyper.




Nami's group then encountered a new enemy...

Don't play dumb! My name is Hotori!

My name is Kotori!

You guys killed our brother!

And Chopper, after losing his way,
encountered Priest Gedatsu.

Where did you go?!


''The Ordeal of the Swamp!
Chopper vs. Sky Punk Gedatsu!!''

A memorial for the very city itself...

Descendants built this after the city fell...

Shandora... That was this ancient city's name...

402 S.E.

The city flourished over 1,100 years ago,

and it was 800 years ago when it fell.

That matches the ''Blank Century''
that's missing throughout the world.

This island might know
about the ''unspoken history''

that's gone from the world below.

This is a complete map of Shandora...

Perhaps I'll find more clues
about the ''unspeakable history''

in the center of the city...

Who's there?!

Why, hello there, cutie-pie.

Are you another of God's henchmen?!


Watch your mouth.

I am Yama, Divine Commander for God Eneru!

So, what brings you here, Divine Commander?

Enough talk!

Where did you disappear to?!


A concealment technique?!

Oh! His eyes are rolled back in his head!

That's so scary!

Gedatsu-sama! You cannot see the
enemy with your eyes rolled back!

How careless of me!

Is this guy an idiot?!

An enemy?! I guess so, huh?!
Are you... a priest?!

Indeed, I am! Heso!
My name is Sky Punk Gedatsu!

Priest of the almighty God Eneru!

I am in charge of Upper Yard's ''Swamp Ordeal''!

Say something, you jerk!

Gedatsu-sama! He cannot hear you
unless you speak out loud!

How careless of me!

Is that something you normally forget?!

You had best watch your step!
This area is already my territory!

We are surrounded by Swamp Clouds!

Once you're caught by one,
there is no way to escape on your own!

The survival rate here is 50%

How careless of me!


The ''Swamp Ordeal''!

You're sinking?!

Fool! It has no effect on me!

Swamp Cloud...

...Milky Dials!

Wow! Awesome!

He's shooting stuff out of his feet to fly!

So cool!

Something came out of his hands, too...

A single raccoon dog will be no trouble at all.

Take this!

Swamp Cloud Burger!

With the weight of a cloud,
and the properties of a swamp!

Once you touch it,
there is no hope for survival!

Gedatsu-sama! No! I'm not the one you're--!

He can't get it off!

I see! It is a cloud! If you try to lift it,
your hands will just go through!

The more you struggle to get it off,
the deeper you're dragged inside...

--I have to help him!
--There you are, raccoon dog!

Swamp Cloud Burger!

Yikes! If one of those hits me, I'm dead!

Hey! Are you all right?! Hang in there!



Don't die!

Thank goodness! You're alive!

I owe you my life...

Being saved by an enemy... Pathetic!

Uh oh!

And you call yourself one of the 50
Skypiean Divine Soldiers who serve God?!

How dare you speak that way?!
You'll pay! I'll never serve you again!

I'll make you prey for my Axe Dial!

Alright! We can do it! Let's fight together!

Hey, you! You don't scare us!

Very well. Jet Punch!

The destructive Jet Dial!

If you accelerate your punch with it,

your opponent doesn't even
have time to feel his own defeat.

Though the fact that it
rips clothing is a problem...

This is a priest?!

I have to run with
everything I've got... or I'll die!

No, stay off the clouds!
There are Swamp Cloud traps!

I gotta go on top of the ruins
and into the forest!

Where do you think you're going, raccoon dog?

Jet Punch!

Rumble! Jumping Point!

Rumble Balls last for three minutes!

If I don't escape within
three minutes, I will be killed!

So you have Zoan-type powers!

It's no use! Jet Punch!

Heavy Point!

Swamp Cloud Burger!

It's that!

Guard Point!

You insolent little...!

Brain Point!


A weak point! Some sort of weak point!

Anything at all! I gotta find
an opening and escape!

Jet Punch!

I even had my guard up...

What do you think this place is?!
Don't destroy the ruins!

Why don't you worry about yourself
instead of some ruins, Missy?

Punch Mountain!

Oh, no!

You simpleton...

How far does this cave go?

I can't find any exits,
no matter how much I walk...

Man, I'm hungry...

But I don't see anything edible at all...

I wonder what Chopper and
the rest are up to right now...

Are they actually heading for the city of gold?

His feet...

I see... a weak spot...

Walk Point!

Can I escape? I can't see straight...

You can still move?

My legs are unsteady... And the
Rumble Ball is about to wear off...

Yes. It's time to stop running...

You can beat him!

You little...! What do you think you're doing?!

Swamp Cloud Burger!

Everyone protects me
because I always run away!

That's why they don't rely on me!

I'm going to raise a pirate flag right here!

Sore loser. Even the air is my realm!
Do you still not get it?!


Oh! He removed my shoe just now!

Damn you and your insolence, raccoon dog!

I'm a monster! I'm strong!

The weakest beasts howl the most!

Jet Punch!

I lost my composure and control of my Mantra!

He grazed me! That was close!

Arm Point!

I'm alive!



Now I'm a pirate, too!

It looks like he fell right into
a swamp! Thank goodness!

Don't come back up! Please, just keep sinking!

He's moving!

He's still alive...!

H-How stupid of me! I can't believe
that raccoon dog overpowered me!

How careless of me! I'm sinking
into a swamp! I must escape!

Don't come back up!

Sink! Sink!

Escape! Milky Dial!

He really sank!

How careless of me!

Y-Yes! I beat him!

How careless of me!

Another of the priests' voices disappeared...

This is bad! I have to hurry to the others!

Huh? What's going on?!
A breakdown at a time like this?!

Come on, work! Work, you!

I can barely even ride it, much less fix it...


Please! Stay away from me!

Father! Hurry!

I know! Hold on tight, Conis-san! Here we go!


--Now, Conis-san!

Here! Grab my hand!

That was close...

You're safe now. You're a Shandian child, right?

Don't be afraid. We're...

I'm not afraid!

I'm a warrior of Shandora!
I'm not afraid of you Skypieans!

Her name is Suu! I think she likes you!


My name is Conis.

Hello, my name is Pagaya. I'm sorry.

What's your name?

I'm Aisa...

I know you just saved me, but I
want you to take me to Upper Yard.


Even as we speak, everyone's
voices disappear more and more...

It's the truth! I can hear voices,
even from far away...

All kinds of voices...

Actually, we're headed for Upper Yard, too.

--We want to lead the Blue Sea people
in Upper Yard to the end of Skypiea.

You mean the guys on the ship?

Eh? Yes...

I think they're trying to
escape from the forest...

Do you know where their ship is?!



Yes. I'm sorry. Please lead us there.


I'm finally a pirate! I think I'll look
for the gold instead of the others!

I'm going to surprise them all!

That seems suspicious to me...

Who knows? Maybe everyone
is already up there...