One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 20 - Deliver Princess Vivi! Luffy Pirates Depart - full transcript

Luffy and Zoro defeated Miss Valentine and Mr. 5 while they fight their pointless battle. Nami came by and put an end to it. Luffy soon learned what really happened and forgive Zoro for ...

''Upper Yard'' ''Angel Island''


What are you doing?

Though I guess there's nothing
you can do, hanging there like that...

This is that important to you, huh?



Yeah, just thought I'd start hauling
the wood for the ship's repairs...

--You planning to swim across?
--Huh? Yeah.

Those big sharks are in there.

See! This is how Jaya looked 400 years ago!

--Whoa! It's a skull!
--It looks like a skull!


Kamakiri... Your wounds...

I can still fight!

I can still fight.

You're right-- now is the time
to take down Upper Yard.

With Satori gone, we put up a
good fight during today's battle...

So let's attack again tomorrow, Wyper!

''Enter God Eneru!! Farewell to the Survivors''

C'mon, Zoro! Just for a second...!

I'm not goin' with you!

You're such a whiner! If you're scared,
then hold it until morning!

I would if I could!

Just go pee by yourself.

You're so cold-hearted, Zoro...!


What's that sound?!

There shouldn't be anyone with the ship...

It's hard to see through all this fog...

What's his deal?

He goes to take a piss, then falls
asleep out here. He's hopeless...

G-Ghost... G-G-Ghost...

Quit dreamin'!

Ghost! A ghost...!

We are...


Must be hard to talk while
you're biting your lower lip!

How careless of me.

I'm telling you, Eneru-sama summoned
us because you let Wyper go!

There's no need to get worked up.

However much they struggle,
mere Shandians cannot escape us.

Such is their fate!

That's nothing but an excuse!

Had Eneru-sama left it all
to me from the very start,

everything would have
been taken care of today,

and his mood wouldn't have been spoiled!

Gedatsu. It would be
impossible for a fool like you.


I'll warn you two now.

Know your place,

or else you'll lose control of your
Mantra and end up just like Satori.

You're the one who needs
to know his place, Ohm!

Don't start acting haughty just
'cause you beat ol' Gan Fall, Shura!


God. The priests have arrived.

Open the door.

Not again...

What are you doing?! You're so hopeless...

Quiet! It's only because
these guys drag me down

that I can't use my powers to their fullest!

I would fare much better if you let
me handle the entire island alone!

That's some mighty big talk there!

I'll show you just how ''skilled'' you really are!

On the sorrowful path of
enlightenment... The Iron Ordeal!

Your worthless ordeal is nothing but pathetic!

My swamp is the supreme ordeal!
Want to give it a try?

Gedatsu-sama. That must be tiring.

To cross your arms, you need to
put your hands under your elbows.

--How careless of me!
--Come! That is enough!

You are in God's presence!

Presence? I don't see him anywhere!

I thought he called us here?!

Where is Eneru-sama?!

Got you!

I am God.

See, I'm right here.

Train some more. You're all too weak.

Surely you don't wish to wind
up as pathetic as Satori did?

What is this?!

What a horrible prank!

You called us here just to tell us that?!

I was bored.

Have a seat.

You don't seem to have taken much
notice of those Blue Sea people...

Eneru-sama. If you're referring to Satori...

He was simply too inexperienced.

With his lousy ''Ball Ordeal'' and all...

As I said, you're weak, Shura.

Gan Fall is still alive.

Impossible! I finished him off myself!

He's not in tip-top shape...

But he seems to be friends with the
Blue Sea people for some reason...

He's such a stubborn old man!

What exactly are the Blue Sea people after?

Their aim is gold.


How do they know about that?

This island was originally part of the Blue Sea.

It's not strange for Blue Sea
people to know about it.

Naturally, they will make their move tomorrow.

And the Shandians will attack again.

The rules are that you each
run an area of Upper Yard,

but you're not allowed to
interfere with one another.

Tomorrow, I will let you enter all areas.

You can set up your ordeals wherever you like.

You can also ignore the rules
and go as wild as you want.

Why this, all of a sudden?

Actually, I've almost completed the Maxim.

So let's put an end to this island
and set forth for the world of dreams!

To think that these people defeated Satori...

They've made themselves
complete enemies of Eneru...

And the Shandians won't
overlook this chance, either...

Damn you, Eneru... Just what is it you desire?!

We did put up a good fight...

Today, we will break into God's shrine!

And then, Eneru will be--

See! It's just like I said! Someone was here!

The Going Merry's been repaired!

I saw it! It wasn't a dream, after all!

The mast was completely
snapped off, but now it's all fixed!

Yes. Just standing this heavy thing
up must be hard work by itself!

Still, I hate to say it, but... sucks.

There sure are nice people out there!

There was someone here! I saw him!

But who'd fix our ship for us out here?

The only people besides us in
Upper Yard are our enemies...

But it's not the flying model anymore, Usopp.

Yeah. That's got me wondering...

How did the person know what
the Merry originally looked like?

How'd they know it didn't have
a crest or wings or a tail?

Who did you see, Usopp?

It really sounds like it could
only happen in a dream...

What're you loafing around for?!

We have lots to do, you know!

You're not curious, Nami?

About what?

About who fixed the Going Merry...

Maybe if someone wrecked it, but
since it's fixed, what does it matter?

Or do you wanna find the
person and thank them?

No, but...

How did they know?

Tell me, Merry. Who was that?

Okay! Watch as I, President of
the Lowering-the-Merry Company,

use my greatness to get the ship off the altar!

I'm Vice President of the
Lowering-the-Merry Company!

I'm being relied on!

What're you planning to do, Usopp?





Yes! Alright!

Chopper! Full speed!

Awesome! You're awesome, Usopp!

That didn't really work, Usopp...

Don't worry, Chopper!

I figured this might happen,
so I devised a secret backup plan!

Really?! What is it?!

There are huge skysharks here, right?

There sure are! Swarms of them!

There is a way we can utilize their power...

The skysharks' power?

Yeah! They got lots of power!
I can guarantee that!

So, Chopper... I got a little job for you...

Anything you say! I'm being relied on!
I'll do anything at all!


Well said!

U-Usopp! Don't tell me I'm being used as...

Hungry skysharks are gonna try to bite you!

I'm bait?!

No! No! No bait! I don't wanna be eaten!

Now, Sanji!


Come on, skyshark!


Don't move!


All right!

--Hurray! We did it!
--Way to go, Usopp!

Piece o' cake!


Now, then. Here's the map.

The search team will go
this way, straight south...

This ''right eye'' should
have some sort of ruins,

so watch out for enemies
and bring some gold back!

You make it sound so simple...

I'd love to investigate the ruins!

Huh? You keep talking about
the gold, but you're not coming?

No way! It's scary!

You want the gold, but without any danger!

You're so weird, Nami! Weirdo!

You saying something?

Meanwhile, we'll leave the island in the Merry.

We'll be in danger, too, you know.

We'll head for the beach ruins
area as fast as possible.

Let's meet up there, and then
escape from this sky island!

Then we'll be super-rich pirates!
We can buy whatever we want!

Hurray! I can eat all the meat I want!

Escape, huh? Sounds good to me!

No bait!

Look! It's nice weather today!

We are above the clouds.

Okay! Let's meet safely on the eastern shore!

--Let's get going!


Will it be the Shandians who are
welcomed by my Rope Ordeal,

or the Blue Sea people?

This is perfect weather for
the festival about to begin...