One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Sandai Kitetsu and Yubashiri! Zoro's New Swords, and the Female Sergeant Major - full transcript

While searching for a pair of new swords to replace the ones shattered by Mihawk, Zoro meets a woman named Tashigi. At first site, she looks exactly like Kuina.

''Steer for the Clouds! Capture the South Bird!''

What do you need to tell us, old guy?

Here. I'll start by telling you
everything I know about the sky island.

None of it's certain, but it's up to you
if you wanna believe it or not!

--Yeah! We believe you!
--Geez, you're fast!

There's a strange phenomenon
that occurs in these waters--

sometimes it'll turn to night,
even though it's the middle of the day.

Yeah! We saw that! Right?!

Yeah! Night came, and then
some monsters appeared!

The giants?

There's a story about where they
come from, but forget 'em for now.

This sudden nightfall...

It's caused by the shadows
of extremely compact clouds...

You mean cumulonimbus clouds?
But it was too dark to be clouds...

Wow! You're so dumb, old guy!

It gets cloudy on days
when there's lots of clouds!

--Yeah! Cloudy!

Shut up and listen!

There are clouds known as
''cumuloregalis clouds.''

They pile high into the sky but
produce no air currents or rain.

When they appear high in the sky,
even sunlight is blocked out,

bringing afternoon ''nighttime'' to the ground.

One theory has it that cumuloregalis
clouds are fossilized clouds

that have floated in the sky for
thousands and thousands of years.

That's ridiculous! Clouds with no
air currents even after building up?!

You're free to believe they can't exist.

I'm not asking you to believe me!

They're mystery clouds, then?

Pretty much. There's still
no explanation for them.

You're awesome, Luffy!

Listen. If a sky island really does exist...

...that'd be the only possible place!

Okay! Gotcha! Let's go above those clouds!

--Get up, Zoro!
--Huh? Is it morning?

Get ready, everyone! Cloud rudder full!

Thanks for filling us in, old guy!

How many times do I gotta say
we don't know how to get there?!

Now comes the real problem.

Let me start by saying this...
Put your lives on the line!

We're already near death...

The Knock-Up Stream is a
current that shoots into the air...

You can theoretically take it
into the sky. Understand?

It's a current that can send ships flying, right?

Oh! Then it just needs to
send us above the clouds!


On a current?

But wouldn't we just end up
smashing back into the ocean?

Normally, yeah. The key is timing.

It's easy to talk about
being sent up the current,

but it's not gonna be as nice
a trip as you guys think.

The Knock-Up Stream is a natural disaster.

It's something that should
normally be avoided!

How exactly does a water
current rise into the sky?

We've never heard of
anything like that before...


Naturally, we can only guess as to
how that monstrous current works.

No one's dumb enough to
jump in and find out, after all.

The accepted theory goes like this!

Deep beneath the sea floor,
there are large cavities,

and low-temperature
sea water seeps into them.

The heat from the earth below
turns that water into steam,

and the resulting pressure causes
an explosion on the sea floor.

One big enough to send the sea flying
and create a current into the sky!

For about one minute, the sea
continues to rise into the sky.

One minute?! What size of explosion
are we talking about here?!

The explosions change location each time,

and occur five times a month.

You want us to be blown into smithereens...?!

But, y'know,

describing a grand natural phenomenon
with words and logic is foolish.

S-So, basically, we gotta ride this current
that only appears five times a month

and hope the sky island shows up?

Yeah. And if you miss, you'll fall
back down, slam into the ocean...

...and then you'll all end up
at the bottom of the sea.

A-Alright! Let's give up on the sky island!

It's impossible!

You gotta have the luckiest luck
that's ever lucked to make it there!

We'll be fine! Let's go!

How did I know?

''We'll be fine''? How can you say
such groundless stuff so easily...?!

I mean, just look at the Going Merry now!

It looks so pitiful!

It can't stand up to a
gigantic disaster like that!

That's true. Even in mint condition,
that ship wouldn't stand a chance.


Speed, weight, strength...

That boat'd be blasted apart in the explosion.

But... See! It really is impossible!

But don't you worry about that.

I'll have Masira and Shojo
help take you there.

Only after we strengthen your ship, of course.

Yeah! Just leave it to us!

Thanks, guys!

Didn't even ask us...

--Do you even understand?!
--Understand what?

For starters... Yeah!

The most we can stay on
this island is one more day!

After that, the Log Pose will
start pointing to the next island!

Yeah! Yeah! We won't make it in time!

Seriously, old man! You're not a psychic!

I doubt you know,
but how many days will it be

until the Knock-Up Stream and
the cumuloregalis clouds line up?!

No, no! How many months?!
No, how many years?!

Tomorrow afternoon.
If you're going, you better get ready!

We can't make it in that time!

Oh? If you don't like it, then just quit!

Y-You're lying!

This isn't right! We just met you today!
Aren't you being too nice?!


--Hold on, Usopp!
--Shut up, you!

Tomorrow just happens
to be the perfect chance

to go to this legendary,
unknown ''sky island''?!

And you'll help strengthen
our ship and take us there?!

That's way too convenient!

What exactly are you scheming?!

Plus you're Noland the Liar's
descendant! We can't trust you!

Old-timer! Dinner's ready!


Nami-san! Dinner's--

W-What?! Are you gonna fight?!

Whenever ''midday night''
is confirmed in Masira's turf,

cumuloregalis clouds appear in
the southern skies the next day.

And judging from its five-per-month rate,

the Knock-Up Stream will
probably be active tomorrow.

It'll happen somewhere south of here.

It's not a 100% certainty, but there's
a good chance it'll be tomorrow!

I'm glad to have met fools like you.

Now, let's go and have some food!
Take it easy at my place today...


--Food! Hurry, Usopp!
--Yeah! C'mon!

--Chopper! Go get Robin-chan!

Looks like all we can do is try
our best to get into the sky...

Though in the end, it's up to luck...

Nami. Am I miserable and cowardly?

You forgot ''stupid.''

I know how you feel. Now go apologize.

I'm sorry, old guy!

What the...?! Yuck! Don't wipe your snot on me!

Today's booze is especially great!

Eat up, eat up! The saury full
course is just getting started!


Gotcha, salvage bum!
That's a Tabasco Bomber!

Why, you! Long-nose!

Girlie! Come sit here!

It's 100 years too early to
have Nami-san wait on you!

''I saw gold... the skull's right eye!''


That tear-soaked sentence was
the last thing Noland wrote.

''I saw gold in the skull's right eye...''

Noland was executed that same day.

Even after coming to Jaya,
those words make no sense at all.

''The skull's right eye...''

Is it referring to the name
of a city that once existed?

Or was it an allusion to his own death?

The blank pages that follow say nothing...

So that's why we dive!

We have a dream! On the sea floor!

That's right!

We're gonna fly!

Not if you keep eating like that, we won't!

It's gotten quite late, but I see it, Bellamy.

Prepare to go ashore.

Dream-chasing fools deserve
more than a few lumps!

''The day I arrived on Jaya.
Entry for May 21, 1 122.''

Noland! Noland!

''Upon landing on the island,
we heard strange bird calls

and the sound of a very large
bell coming from the forest.

The sound from that huge
gold bell resonated far and wide,

almost as if showing off the
prosperity of a city long past!

We thought we knew everything
after living for a few decades...''

Noland! Noland!

''...but experiencing the transience
of this civilization that flourished

for a long time on the wide
open sea left us speechless!

The sound of the bell had
us stopped in our tracks!''

Noland's so cool!

Wow! A giant gold bell!

Wait a minute, old guy!
You like Noland after all!

--Look at this!
--Wow! Gold bells!

So, how exactly are those ''giant''?

These aren't that bell.
They're bell-shaped ingots.

We found these three on the sea floor.


Oh! So there really is a city of gold!

They don't prove that.

You could find that much gold in any old ruins.

But it does prove that there
was a civilization in this area.

Ingots are made to have standardized weights.

Which means they were used for trade.

Yes. And the strange bird calls
mentioned before that...

Hey, Masira!

--Whoa! There's more?!
--This one's huge!

--That's all of 'em.
--Wow! It's so pretty!

Gold bells and a bird...

Do you suppose they were symbols of old Jaya?

Dunno, but I think they were
part of some sort of model.

This here's called a South Bird,
and they still exist on this island!

Oh! Do they have weird calls?

Yep. Just like the logbook says!

Sailors have long used South Birds to...

Oh, crap!

What is it?! What's wrong?!

This is bad! You guys! Go into
the forest! The southern forest!

Huh?! What're you talking about?!
Are you crazy, old guy?!

Go catch this bird! Right now!

Why?! What for?!

Why do we need a bird?

Listen closely! The Knock-Up Stream
you're heading for tomorrow

is located directly south of this cape.

How are you going to get there?!

Just sail straight there, right?

This is the Grand Line, you know!

Once you're on the open sea,
there's no way to get your bearings!

That's right!

We're heading for ocean, not an island,
so we have no guide to rely on!

Then how do we go straight south?

You use that bird's behavior!

Some types of animals have
accurate, internal magnets

which allow them to get their bearings.

Then you're lower than an animal, Zoro!

Like you're anyone to talk!

South Birds are the greatest of such animals!

No matter how vast the land
or sea they're thrown into,

their bodies will always indicate
the direction accurately.

Anyway, without one of these birds,
you're going nowhere!

You won't even get the
chance to go to the sky island!


Why are you telling us this now?!

Quit fussing!

There's no time! Hurry! Don't dilly-dally!

You want us to go into the forest
in the middle of the night?!

You forgot these!

We're gonna get started on your beat-up ship!

Now that I think about it,
there was no time to be partyin'!

Again, why are you telling us this now?!

Listen! Make sure you catch at
least one South Bird before dawn!

--It's pitch dark!
--Quit pulling me!

It's not my fault! My hands
are moving on their own!

My stomach's so full...
I don't think I can chase birds...

Where are these weird birds?!

Let's just catch one so we
can get back to drinking!

How did we wind up doing this so suddenly?!

--You're in the way!
--Man! Couldn't he have told us during the day?!

Hey, where are the birds?

If we knew where they were,
we wouldn't be out looking for 'em!

Our only clue is that they have a weird call...

And they look just like that gold statue...

Are there really such dumb-looking birds?!

Plus ''weird call'' is way too vague!
How're we supposed to know?!

He said we'd know once we're in the forest...

A weird call!

That's it!


At this point, we got no other choice!

We have three nets. Let's split
into three groups and search!


Let's go! Let's beat up those weird birds!

You mean catch!

Don't worry! Whatever we run into,
I'll protect you, Nami-san!

Sanji-kun! What about me?!

Hell if I care! Quit being insecure!

In any case, let's catch a bird
so we can get out of this forest!

Let's start by listening closely
for that bird we heard earlier.

--That bird call!
--Jooo! Come out! Joooo!


What're you catching me for?!

Oh, Nami! That's a cool thing
you got on! Where'd you get it?



Huh? It's just a spider!
You poor thing... Come here!

Spiders are yucky, you moron!
Toss it away somewhere!

Get away, Usopp! I bet it's poisonous!

They're falling from the trees!

This is too gross!

It's probably a species of tarantula!

It's alright! They won't spit poison
as long as we don't do anything!

I used to fight spiders a long time ago!

No, you can count me out when
it comes to creepy bugs like that!

Same here! I totally hate them!
Totally! Hurry and throw it far away!

Oh? But those moths and
centipedes don't bother you?

I hate moths and centipedes!

Ahh! Don't leave me behind!

I hear screams...

Forget about 'em.

A centipede, huh? It's pretty damn big...

It's not nice to kill everything. Poor thing...

That's what it gets for trying to attack me.


That's the path we just took here.

That bird call... This way.

Watch out for that quagmire.

Hey! Wait for--!


Look, Chopper! It's an Atlas!


Yup! Atlases and Hercules are
the most admired bugs in the world!

Really? Beetles?

You never heard of 'em?!
They're super hard to catch!

Which is better, them or the One Piece?!

Hmm... That's hard!

Luffy! There's something here, too!

Oh! It's a Miyama!

Catch it!

It flew away!

Why, you...!

After it! Don't let it get away!

A beehive! Run!

What's with this forest?!

--Luffy! Look there!
--It's that bird!

He dropped the beehives!

--Huh? Did he say something?!

He said, ''I'll kill you for invading this forest!''

Now, now, boy! Don't be making us mad!

It's not nice to suddenly show up
at night and demand gold, kiddos.

Leave! We got work to do now!

You're bodyguards, huh?

Come to think of it, there was
a pirate named Cricket...

I heard the sad tale of your
Montblanc family at the pub.

It moved me so.

Treasure someone else struggled to
get has a special flavor all its own!

Wanna know what people call me?

The Hyena!