One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 19 - Serious Fight! Luffy vs. Zoro: The Unexpected Duel! - full transcript

Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine were informed by the boss that one of their agents knows some secrets that can't be leaked out. They know Mr. 8 and Miss Wednesday's true identities are were placed...

''Upper Yard'' ''Lovely Street''
''Angel Beach''

If you don't want to die, go back
to the Blue Sea immediately!

If you've got any funny ideas about
doing something on this island...

...we'll eliminate you along with Eneru!

Who're they?

So he fought this hard, even though
he gave us this whistle for free...

As pirates, we can't back off when
there's treasure close by, can we?

We've got enough enemies.
It's gonna be a survival game.

Alright! Let's do it! Gold hunting!!

''Festival on the Night Before
Gold-Hunting! Feelings for Vearth!''

Those beasts are problematic.

Can't we draw them away somehow?

Alright! I'll try!

Two... Three...


What are you doing?

Though I guess there's nothing you
can do, hanging there like that...

This is that important to you, huh?


Run, Kamakiri!

I owe you one, Kamakiri...



Wyper! Kamakiri's been hurt!


Dammit! And we were so close!

How do you figure that?

Once night falls, we'll have
an even greater advantage.

Assist the wounded!
We're pulling back for now!

Meet back at the outer island!

I won't let you escape!

Wait, Ohm!

What is it?

God Eneru wants to see us.

What is it?

Those sounds seem to be getting farther away.

Yeah. The guerillas and priests are
probably going home for the night.

We better hurry and get back, too.

--Wait for me, Zoro!
--Hurry, or I'll leave you behind!

You don't know the way back!

Man, this is boring!

Who told you to stare at it?!

Your only job is to put the distilled
water that collects in the container

into the canteens, so that we'll
have drinking water for tomorrow!


Sanji! We got lots of things!

Oh! Good work! What'd you find?

Walnuts, aloe, bananas, and garlic!

And rats and frogs.

Great! Toss it into the stew!

Hold it! There were some
weird ingredients just now!

You're right! How careless of me!

No garlic?

No! I wasn't talking about that!

What's wrong, Navigator?

Wow! Robin! What's that blue thing?! A gem?!

Pretty, isn't it? But no, it's not a gem.

Oh, a salt crystal, huh?
That's a great find, Robin-chan!

I found it on the lakeshore.
I thought it would be useful to have...

It sure would! Salt is vital to
surviving in the wilderness!

I'll take half the garlic and aloe!

I can use it to make burn medicine
and antiseptic for the Sky Knight!


--What about the frogs?
--No frogs.

Hey, Zoro!

You're not doing anything. Help out.

You know, my swords aren't
meant to be used like this...

Quiet! Disobey the cook
and you'll go without dinner!

Eh?! We're eating rocks, too?!
Are they any good?

Get real. This is stone stew.

The heat from the cooked stone boils the stew.


Stew is great! You get all the
ingredients' nutrition without any waste!

--I see!
--Ah! We're having stew...

Don't open it!

Sanji! I'm hungry!

It's not even cooked yet!

Besides, didn't you just roast
and eat an entire skyshark?!

Yeah... but that was just to tide me over.

Geez, what kind of stomach does he have?

How uneconomical...

What're you doing, Usopp?
Dinner's almost ready.

Yeah, just thought I'd start hauling
the wood for the ship's repairs...

--You planning to swim across?
--Huh? Yeah.

Those big sharks are in there.

I can fix it tomorrow! Let's get dinner, Zoro!


Alright! Finished!

Ladies first. Got it?


Alright! Everyone in your seats!

I'll come around and serve it,
so eat before it gets cold!

Alright, guys!

Let's begin our strategy meeting
to decide what to do tomorrow!

Ooh! Looks great!

Guys! T-Thanks.

We can do this while eating, so listen!


Oh! Heart-shaped carrots!

You're really meticulous, Sanji!

How is it, huh?! Do you like my love stew?!

Eh? What?

Everyone ready?

First, let's review Noland's picture book!

It was 400 years ago when Noland
first discovered the city of gold.

But when he returned to Jaya
years later, the gold ruins were gone!

This stew sure is good! Just like--

Hey! Are you listening?!

I'm sorry, Nami-san! But he was...

These sky island boxed lunches are great, too!

Back to the story!

Basically, during those few years,
this island, which is part of Jaya,

came up into the sky!

You mean it rode up the Knock-Up Stream?!

Yeah. That's the only possibility I can think of;

Cricket-san said the sea floor
explodes at different places each time.

I could see an island flying
after an explosion like that!

But it's hard to believe that forest
on Jaya is the same as this one...

That's probably due to the
composition of sea and island clouds.

It appears the environment
around this sky island

allows animals and plants
to develop unusually quickly.

That also explains the civilization
that was swallowed up by this forest.

So dejected...

Say, the South Birds that saved
us at the lake were this big!

Yeah, they probably got
bigger over those 400 years.

But it's strange...

Why did those huge South Birds save you?

Yeah, I'm not really sure. But they
all called the Sky Knight ''God''...

God?! Does that mean we
should beat up this old man?!

Of course not, you stupid loudmouth!

Alright, that's enough! Sit down, loudmouth!

--Yeah! Sit down!
--Who's this ''loudmouth''?!
--It's you!

Anyways, remember what Noland's
log said about the city of gold?!

I know! He saw gold!

Obviously, you loud loudmouth!
Quit sayin' whatever comes to mind!

I recall there being a giant gold bell,
and that there were South Birds...

There was an incomprehensible
line on the last page of his log.

Just before he died, Noland wrote a passage

that said he saw gold in
the ''skull's right eye''...

That's it! Look at this!

I matched the size of Robin's
Jaya map with the old Skypiea map!

It's just an approximation,

but when you put their locations
of the beach house together...

See! This is how Jaya looked 400 years ago!

--Whoa! It's a skull!
--It looks like a skull!


--Way to go, Nami-san!
--We did it!

Then, the ''skull's right eye'' is...

Right here!

Noland was referring to the
shape of the entire island.

But only half of it is left now,
so nobody could solve the mystery!

I see! So that's why...



So we just need to go straight to this spot!

We can't leave the boat, though,
so let's split into two teams tomorrow!

No doubt about it!

There's an enormous amount
of gold waiting for us here!


Genbou! How are Kamakiri's wounds?

They're tending to him over there right now.

Are they deep?


It's hard to believe he would be beaten...!

Ohm really is formidable...

I-I'm sorry...


It's my fault!

What a meal!

--We get gold tomorrow!
--That's right!

Do you think tomorrow'll be sunny, too?

Well, we are above the clouds...

It's gotten pretty late. We need
to put out any unnecessary fires.

They'll only reveal our location to the enemy...

How foolish! Did you hear that, Usopp?!
She wants to put out the fire!

It's not her fault.
She's lived in darkness until now.

She just doesn't know.

What do you mean?

You're always supposed to have a campfire!

The desire to have a campfire
when camping at night,

even if you're on your last legs,
is what makes one human!

You're the stupid ones!

Will you cut the crap already?!
You know how dangerous this forest is!

--Do not!
--There are priests! There are guerrillas!

And even without them, forests
at night are dangerous anyways!

Who knows? There could be wild
animals or monsters out there!


Sky islands are scary, sky islands are scary...

Hey, Luffy!

Is this wood pile good enough?

You guys are serious about this, too?!

It's all right, Nami-san.
Wild animals are actually afraid of fires.

Behind you! There's already
something behind you!

Hey! It's saying something! C'mere, Chopper!


''You outsiders are being too damn loud!
Get to bed, you dumbasses!''

--Say what?!
--Say what?!

I'm not the one saying it!

''Don't tell me you bastards are
thinkin' about trashin' our turf!''

No, we were brought here against our will!

''This is our land! Who said
you jerks could cook here?!''

Uh... Sorry!

''This forest is ours!
The trees, the grass, everything!''

I won't let you have our treasure!

Hey, look! Things seem even
worse now! What do we do?!

--Do something!

''Forget it, guys. You ain't no
match for them, even as a pack...''

''Girlie! You pack a mean punch! I like ya!''

Did we just work things out?

Seems that way.

Then let's all have a campfire together!


Let's get this party goin'! It's the
night festival before gold-hunting!

What is this?! It's delicious!

Did you guys make this juice?
It's delicious! More, please!


What is this?! It's delicious!

Let's get the treasure!


They even tamed the cloud wolves...

No one else living on Eneru's land
would have such a wild party...

Oh, you're awake!
Should you be moving about?

I apologize for trying to help
but causing trouble instead...

What're you talking about? You helped a lot!

Thanks! I hear you saved Chopper and our ship.

--It was nothing...
--There's still some stew. Would you like some?

No, no. I thank you, but I'm
afraid I can't right now.

Oh! You're up, weird old man!
Thanks for your help!

--Let's dance!
--Let's dance, Sky Knight!

You're supposed to be a doctor!

Old man! How is Conis-chan? Is she all right?

Yes. She and her father
are at my house. Fear not.

Really?! That's great! I was so worried!

That's great! They're both safe!

Alright! Let's all toss Chopper into the air!

What for?!

I heard you talking earlier...

--So this island was originally known as Jaya?

I take it you don't know why this
place is now known as holy ground?

It's stuff like this that
causes distractions in battle!

Are you here to get in our way, Laki?!

I feel truly sorry for Kamakiri...

We're up against priests!

If we lack any strength in battle,
we'll never make it to God's Shrine!

I know apologizing won't fix everything!

But give that back! It's Aisa's treasure!

I promised I would get some Vearth for her!

--Shut up!
--Forgive me! Don't throw it away!

Kamakiri... Your wounds...

I can still fight.

You're right-- now is the time
to take down Upper Yard.

With Satori gone, we put up a
good fight during today's battle...

So let's attack again tomorrow, Wyper...

For you Blue Sea people, the ground
here must seem quite natural.


I see.

But this is something that does
not normally exist in the sky.

Island cloud does raise plant life,
but it does not give birth to it.

Neither greenery nor soil is
naturally found in the sky...

We call this ''Vearth.''

It is the very object of eternal
admiration for those living in the sky.

Once we defeat Eneru, we won't need
to revere a single bag of Vearth.

Right, Wyper?

We're going back. To the 400-year-old
homeland of the Shandians!