One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 17 - A Pirate-Loving Town? Arrival at Whiskey Peak - full transcript

As the Going Merry travels to Whiskey Peak, our friends experience the Grand Line's unpredictable weather. First it was snowing, which Luffy and Usopp found an activity to do including snow ball fights and snowman building. Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday were complaining that there's no heater. Nami told them to shut up as she couldn't help but how strange that it became cold from warm in minutes. But then she found out that they're off course according to the log pose, and need to turn 180 degrees. As everyone got busy in getting the ship back on course, they face a series of changing weather, including storms, lightning, fog, and ice bergs. When it all got calm, Zoro woke up from his nap and found them all exhausted on deck. Sanji, Usopp and Nami were angry that Zoro didn't do a thing during his nap. Zoro noticed Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday, and didn't know they were helping out 2 individuals while he was sleeping. Nami explained to him that their taking them home to Whiskey Peak. Zoro couldn't help but think that he might of met the strange duo once. But doesn't recall. Nami beat up Zoro for sleeping on the job, and announced to everyone that after the recent experience, she'll need to put her navigation skills at work in order to master the unexpected weather. Then an island was spotted where Whiskey Peak is. On Cactus Island, a cacti shape island. Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday thanked them for helping them get back to their island. They jumped off the ship and swam their way towards it. Without any questions, the Straw Hat Pirates went to see what Cactus Island is like. Usopp is worried that there might be monsters to face, since they're in Grand Line. And suggests that they leave as soon as possible. Nami reminded them that they need to wait for a period of time till the log pose adapts to the magnetic field their in. Which may take a matter of days or weeks till their able to know what their next destination is. Usopp got a disturb idea about spending a week on a monster filled island. But whatsoever on the island, they'll face it either way. As the Going Merry travels through the misty river, entrance to Whiskey Peak, they discovered a crowd of people on both sides of the land. They prepared themselves for battle, only to find themselves being cheered by the citizens of Whiskey Peak. And pirates are honored as welcomed heroes to their town. This was surprising but rather enjoyable to be welcomed than to be hated. As our heroes landed at the pier, they were welcomed by the mayor of Whiskey Peak: Igarappoi(a tall, curly haired man with an irritated throat). He introduces them to the island's hospitality and celebration to having pirates visit their town. Luffy, Usopp and Sanji went ahead to enjoy themselves. While Zoro and Nami find all this a little suspicious. That night, the Straw Hat Pirates had a banquet with the town folks. Drinks and food were served. Whiskey Peak, according to Igarappoi their town is famous for the quality in fine wine from the best grapes you'll ever taste. Nami entered the traditional Kanpai Contest(because the prize is 100,000 Belli) with Zoro for an extra chance to win the money. Luffy ate non stop, Sanji flirted with 20 women at once, and Usopp goes on about his experience with the Calm Blet(which the locals believe is all true, but it ain't). Meanwhile Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9 wrote out a report, that they failed to kill Laboon, but have successfully lured a group of pirates for bounty. Miss Wednesday took the report and put it in an Unluckies Box(special mailbox) so that way it'll go directly to their boss. Zoro was already past out, so Nami and a nun were the last 2 remaining at the drinking contest. Nami won, but past out, as well as Luffy, Usopp and Sanji. and the party was already over after they're all tired out. Igarappoi went outside to be meted by Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday. It's revealed that Igarappoi works for them as Mr. 8, who plans to get the 30,000,000 Belli bounty on Luffy and the others. The nun from the drinking contest came out and revealed to herself as Miss Monday(a black bodybuilding woman). They all plan to take the Straw Hat Pirates alive for the bounty award money. Zoro overheard all of this, and gave their attention. They saw him sitting on the roof and presumed that he was worn out like the others. But a great swordsman like Zoro, doesn't let alcohol get to him. He knows that Mr. 8, and the others work for Baroque Works. Zoro knows about this organization, because he was offered a job in it a while back. But refused because of the sue of code names and the boss's identity being a secret to all the members who serve in it. And Zoro knows that all the citizens of Whiskey Peak are bounty hunters who welcome the pirates who come here, and kill them while they're drunk and worn out. All those dead pirates are buried on the Cactus Rocks. Igarappoi sends everyone to get Zoro, only to find him gone without a trace. Who or what is Baroque Works?

''Upper Yard'' ''Lovely Street''
''Angel Beach''

Having entered Upper Yard's Illusion Forest,

Luffy and the others faced the rigorous
''Ball Ordeal'' of Priest Satori.

Meanwhile, Gan Fall is defeated by Priest Shura.

Sky Knight!!

Hey, Nami! See anything?!

This means you declare war on God Eneru!

Shut your mouth! Or the flavor will escape.

This is... a love ordeal!

Is this guy an idiot, too?!


''Light the Fire of Shandora! Wyper, the Warrior''

Gan Fall, the former God, went into Upper Yard.

I doubt Eneru'd leave him alone.

Is Gan Fall trying to fight Eneru?

No way... It's hard to think
that he'd be that determined.

What's the matter, Aisa?

--Two voices disappeared.
--What'd you say?!

Hm? Is that your Mantra?

Yeah... Just now...

Your Mantra is saying so, Aisa?

You can't hear two voices
anymore... Is that true?!

There's no mistake about it.

You all know that since she
was born, she can use Mantra,

a mysterious power, which enables her
to sense people from even far away.

So you can't hear two people's voices anymore?

Yes... They disappeared
around the same time...

I think it's Gan Fall and one of the priests...

--Killed each other simultaneously?
--Well done, old man.

Now there are three priests left.

This works in our favor.

Looks like Heaven has answered our prayers.

This is our chance to crush the priests.


We'll launch a full-scale attack
on Upper Yard immediately!


You've never been comfortable
around Wyper, have you?

--Now, out of my way.

--Hey, Laki, wait!
--What is it?

The priest wasn't defeated by Gan Fall.

There're other people there, and they did it.

Other people?

You mean the Blue Sea people
who entered Skypiea?

I don't know, but they're definitely scary!

So... careful.

Okay... Aisa, give me your bag.

What?! No! This is my secret bag
and I have my treasure in it!

I know.

I'll get some for you, too.


He's finally stopped his blabbering.

Bastard! Mocking us with
a bunch of stupid tricks...

What's with these guys?
How'd he know our attacks and stuff?


Luffy! Sanji! I found the boat!

Hurry up! Or it'll leave the forest!

Hm? Oh, Usopp was okay.

Hey, he's saying the boat's leaving!

Oh, crap! It's almost on the
route that exits the forest!

Hey! Hold on to my body!

--To your body?!
--Here goes!

Usopp Aa-aa-aa!

All right! I got it!

Yahoo! You're the man, Usopp!

Ouch! That hurt! Are you trying to kill me?!

--Just got a little carried away!
--Man, you threw my back out!

Whoa! You can fix it that easy?

Nothing is impossible for me.

You can be pretty cool sometimes!

Yeah! You underestimated me, didn't you?!


Huh? Huh? Hey! Hey, hey!

H-H-H-Hold on a second!
What're you doing?! Hey, let me go!

Oh, Sanji-kun. If we're gonna
die, let's go together.

M-Me, too?!

No biggie...

I'll get you for this!

It would've been better if I stretched myself.

In any case, we're now getting
out of the Illusion Forest.

Oh, yeah... I can't swim.

Sky Knight!

That weird bird, too.

Oh yeah, he has a devil
fruit power,just like I do.

Dammit! I couldn't... save them.

Oh, no... I feel... faint.

So, Satori has fallen.

What a novice, disturbing his Mantra!

If I'm not mistaken, the illegal
entrants this time are Blue Sea people.

It seems they're no ordinary people.

The sacrifices are moving about freely as well.

However, even if we leave them alone for now,

they probably won't find a way off of this island.

More importantly, we have to...

''Skypiea Priest
Sky Punk Gedatsu''

Do you sense the voice of
a sorrowful warrior, Holy?

No matter how many times we fight,
the result is always the same.

Shura defeated Gan Fall,
but the ''Ball Ordeal'' was broken.

What a turbulent day today is!

I won't let them through here. It's insolent
for them to even try to see God.

Although the sun will soon set,

it seems that Upper Yard will now become...

''Skypiea Priest
Sky Breeder Ohm''
it seems that Upper Yard will now become...

''Skypiea Priest
Sky Breeder Ohm''

''Skypiea Priest
Sky Breeder Ohm''
...a little rattled.

''Skypiea Priest
Sky Rider Shura''
...a little rattled.

''Skypiea Priest
Sky Rider Shura''

''Skypiea Priest
Sky Rider Shura''
I don't care about the escapees anymore.

''Skypiea Priest
Sky Rider Shura''
It seems some opponents who
should face my anger have appeared.

Listen up, everyone!

Upper Yard is rattled right now!

This is the opportunity of a lifetime!

No matter what, head for ''God's Shrine''!

Don't fear Eneru!

The Great Warrior Calgara is
our one and only Preserver!






Come back safely! We're splitting up here!

We vow to the Great Warrior Calgara
to light the fire of Shandora!!


So you've come, Shandians!

Don't tell me... this island is...?!

What was that?!

It's an explosion.

I heard some earlier,
but this one seems different.

More importantly, we have to move on!

Umph! What's the big rush, Nami?!

You've been acting strange. What did you see?

Did you see God or something?

No, that's not it!

Even if I explain,
you probably can't understand...

Dammit! I keep slipping! Why is
it so hard to walk around here?!

You're the one who said
this way would be faster.

Just spit it out already! Just what did you see?!

No questions. Just follow me!

We have to get to the seashore somehow.

Hey! Give me a hand!!

Shouldn't you be the one in front
if you want us to follow you?!

--That's right.

In any case, we have to get
close to it to check it out...

...because I still can't believe my own eyes.

--I, too...

I, too, have something
that's been bugging me...

...although I don't have any proof.

If this theory I dreamed up
turns out to be true...'d be interesting. It'd be interesting.

Maybe my goal in life is still attainable.

It's only a theory, though.


I'm alive?


Sky Knight!

Doctor! Doctor! Oh, that's me!

Good... He's still alive.

But this is strange.

I thought we sank in the river.

I wonder who pulled us out.

Hm?! Who is it? He said God...

Who just spoke?!

What? What? What?!



--We're close to the sea.

I can hear waves now. Listen...

You're right! We're almost there!

--Now, let's go! Hurry up!
--Like I said, what's there?

Have you lost it?

I hear noises mixed in with the waves as well.

Yeah, sounds just like a battle.

The sound of many people charging...

I heard enough of that in Alabasta.

I wonder if things are all right.

If you mean Chopper, don't worry about him.

When push comes to shove,
he can take care of himself.

--No, I meant our captain and the others.

I doubt he'd just sit by after we got kidnapped.

Yeah, he wanted to come to
this island to begin with.

I don't know what this God person is up to,

but he probably wouldn't
just let them through.

And now, a totally different fight is going on.

The situation has gotten a bit complicated.

Yeah, it certainly has.

But, well, they're probably okay, since
they're used to being in all sorts of trouble.

Getting worked up over little
stuff like this gets us nowhere.

You're right.

Ahhh... Ouch...

Hey, Nami! Hey!

This is how you gotta do it, Usopp.

Alright. Hey! It's about time you woke up!

Hm? Is it morning already?

That's just like Zoro!

Pay attention, you idiots!

We don't even know what's going on
with Nami-san and Robin-chan.

Uhm, and Zoro and Chopper...?

There're three more priests.

There may be other ordeals waiting for us.

This is... a love ordeal.

In any case, we have no choice
but to get to the altar quickly.

--What do you say?!
--Yes, I'm sorry.

I wonder what made her suddenly take off.

Geez, she got all energetic
as soon as she saw the sea.

So I really did see it!

This is...!

Hey, Nami! That's enough.
It's about time to tell us...

There's no need to explain,
is there? Look at this.

You recognize this, right?

It's not actually even a
matter of recognizing it...

...since we were looking
at it until this morning.

What's going on?!

Why is something from the ground
up here? It's the same thing, right?

--No, it's not.

This is the other half of the
one we saw on the ground.

The other half?!

It's been bugging me all this time.

This ground is something that
shouldn't exist in the White-White Sea.

It was a mystery to me from the start that
this island wasn't made of ''island clouds.''

In other words, this island called Upper Yard...

...was originally on the ground.

I thought that house was strange,

because it had a second floor,
but there were no stairs to go up.

Also, there wouldn't be any reason
to build a house on a cliff like that.

That seashore was ''a split in the island''!

A... Amazing!!

Idiots! Look closely.

A dreamer, huh? He does seem to be vain.

--What the...?! It's just a board?!

This is the other half of the
island that was ripped up.

This island was part of Jaya!

Then, the island was split
into two a long time ago,

and one half rose into the sky.

But how could something like this...?

There's a bunch of South Birds... But why...

Why are they this huge?!

It had to be that monstrous current,

although it may sound silly.

So you're the ones that saved us?!

What?! He's God?!

My name is Montblanc Cricket.

Sorry I caused you trouble.

I thought you were just
more idiots after the gold.

Then there's no sky island?!

I know someone who said there is.

But he's a legendary liar!

No, it's not me!

''Noland The Liar''
No, it's not me!

''Noland The Liar''
Noland The Liar...

Noland The Liar...

''I saw a mountain of gold
on an island in the great sea.

The courageous king set sail
to see if the story was true.

However, what they found
there was just a jungle.''

A stupid-looking face is drawn in this book,

but he shed many tears
and died a regrettable death.

He insisted that it had submerged
due to crustal movements,

but everyone thought he was
making excuses out of desperation.

This is a duel with the man
who threw a wrench into my life.

That's why you kept diving
until you became sick.

It's not that I want to prove his innocence.

I want to set the record straight before I die.

This is indeed a man's...

Let's settle this, Noland!

-- ♪ Take my hand... ♪
--Don't sing!

The ''city of gold'' that once existed
on the ground and was seen by Noland

didn't sink into the ocean.

This part of Jaya has been...

...flying in the sky all this time!