One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 16 - A Man's Promise: Luffy and the Whale Vow to Meet Again - full transcript

Crocus told the Straw Hat Pirates the reason why Laboon is ramming against the Red Line. Long ago, when Crocus was looking after the lighthouses, a group of pirates entered the Grand Line, from Reverse Mountain. A little island whale(a young Laboon) had followed them all the way from the West Blue. Normally Island Whales travel with their own species, but not this one. Laboon made friends with the pirates he followed. After a few months, they repaired their ship and got acquainted with Crocus. The next day, the pirates left, and the captain told Crocus to look after Laboon as they depart to travel the world in the Grand Line. The captain promised Laboon, that they'll come back within 2 to 3 years. The Grand Line is too dangerous for a little whale. So it be safe to remain here near Reverse Island. Those pirates left Laboon to the care of Crocus. 50 years have past since then. And Laboon never saw his friends again. Everyone was surprised to hear that, and now know why Laboon waits in front of the entrance to the Grand Line. Hoping one day that they'll come back. The Straw Hat Pirates guided by Crocus on his portable island travel through the water pipe system in Laboon. It was amazing that the whale is still alive from all of this. Crocus mentioned that he's Laboon's doctor, ran a clinic once, and an ex-ship doctor years ago. After hearing that Luffy asked if Crocus would become the Going Merry's doctor. Crocus didn't took his offer too seriously, because he wouldn't have the energy to keep up with them on their journey. He got up to the main crank for the exit, opened it up and they were finally outside. Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9 woke up from their unconsciousness and crypt away. Usopp was upset that Laboon has been waiting for a long time for his friends to come. Sanji and the others know that those pirates are already dead. Usopp was out raged on how cruel they're talking about Laboon. Crocus told Usopp that the truth can be crueler than imagined. That the pirates weren't Laboon's friend from the start and just made up that coming back promise to abandon it. Usopp finds that to be awful. Nami presumes that those pirates escaped the Grand Line by entering the Calm Belt in order to avoid running into Laboon again. Crocus mentions that even if they're alive, those pirates would never come back. Specially with the unexpected changes in weather and wind currents. Nami asked if Crocus told Laboon the truth. He did, but Laboon refused that it were truth. That was when Laboon start ramming himself into the Reverse Mountain. As he still believes his friend will return from that entrance. Laboon attempts to break through the mountain to find his friends and return to the West Blue. But there is no way he can go there again. Sanji suggested that Crocus shouldn't continue to help a poor stated whale, if he can't promise him that those pirates will return. Making it not his responsibility anymore. But Crocus pointed out the scars on Laboon, and if he continues to ram into the mountain, he'll die. Luffy ran up the whale again, with the Going Merry's mast. Luffy pierced the already bleeding wound on the top. The others got made at Luffy for damaging the ship more. Then Laboon went mad and rammed Luffy into the port. Then they began to fight each, one at a time. No one knew why he's doing this. Laboon came charging till Luffy told him that the fight is a draw. And told him that they're both strong & will finish their fight someday. And will make him a new promise to keep, to determine which one of them is stronger. When Luffy is done traveling the Grand Line, he'll come back to finish the fight. Everyone was pleased that Luffy made Laboon more satisfied than before. Luffy patched up the wounds and painted a sloppy doodle of their Straw Hat Jolly Roger. Which is Laboon and Luffy's fight promise, until Luffy gets back, Laboon won't ram into the walls otherwise it'll rub off. Laboon agreed, and everything was at peace again near the Reverse Mountain. Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9 try to escape, but couldn't because Mr. 9 dropped the Log Pose(which is their key in returning to their island). Nami looks at the map to determine what the crew's next destination is at the Grand Line. Sanji got the Blue fin Elephant tuna(that he won at the LogueTown Cook Contest) from the freezer to cook for their meal. Usopp was stuck repairing the mast and damages on the Going Merry. Zoro was snoozing like he normally does. They all hear Nami scream, who discovered that the compass isn't working properly. And she was right as the needle kept spinning in all directions. Crocus explained to them that they have no idea on what their getting into here at the Grand Line. And finds it stupid for them to risk their own lives. The Grand Line's ocean has no common logic to it. The compass is useless because of the magnetic field in which the ocean is located. And the winds and currents are unstable. Not even the best navigator can witness these circumstances. The only way to navigate the Grand Line is with a Log Pose. Unlike a regular compass, it memorizes the magnetic field. Luffy asked if the device he found on the Going Merry was one, and it is. Nami observes it and notices that there aren't any markings on it. According to Crocus, the islands here obey the rules created by the magnetic fields. In order to travel from island to island, the log pose must re adapt to the magnetism at each island. Which will point you to the right course. There's no way to determine your exact position on this ocean. You are depended on the magnetic field memorized by the log pose. There are 7 magnetic fields emanating from Reverse Mountain Regardless on what island to choose from the route will join the others into one final route. The named of the island at the end of the route is "Raftel". The final island of the Grand Line. Only one person known in history has ever confirm it's existence. And that was Pirate King Gold Rodger. After a long lecture on the Grand Line, our friends know for sure that the One Piece treasure is there on that island. But Crocus note that it's all legend, and no one has ever reached to that island alive. But Luffy is looking forward to seeing what the danger is for himself. Laboon brought up ashore the nearly drowned Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday. They both have a request to go back to Whiskey Peak. Which is their home, and they have no way in returning without the guide of a log pose. But the Straw Hat Pirates aren't too sure in helping the weird duo out. Not after they tried to kill Laboon. Usopp asked who they are really. They didn't want to reveal what their roles are and just said that their organization does underhand work. Secrecy is their motto. Bow down on their knees for help and will repay the favor somehow. Crocus advised them to not help them at all. Luffy however agreed to help them return to Whiskey Peak. Introduced them as Monkey D. Luffy, the next pirate king. Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday don't think he was talking serious about becoming the next pirate king. The next day, Nami re adapt the log pose, which is pointing to their next destination to Whiskey Peak. They depart and said farewell to Crocus and Laboon. Leaving Laboon with a new promise that won't be broken by Luffy. Now to see what this Whiskey Peak is, and who does Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday work for?

''Upper Yard'' ''Lovely Street''
''Angel Beach''

''Upper Yard'' ''Lovely Street''
''Angel Beach''
In pursuit of Nami and the others,
Luffy's group entered the Illusion Forest,

''Upper Yard'' ''Lovely Street''
''Angel Beach''
and were greeted with a rigorous
Ball Ordeal by the Priest Satori.

and were greeted with a rigorous
Ball Ordeal by the Priest Satori.

You're still alive? Impressive indeed!

Well, then, as a reward, I'll give
you my prized finishing blow!

Meanwhile, Chopper, who was looking
after the ship alone on the sacrificial altar,

was attacked by Shura, one of the four priests.


Offer your life... to God!



Sorry to have kept you waiting!

Sky Knight!!

You probably came here knowing this, but...'re already a criminal!

Ahh, I'll show you what I do
to aggravating fools like you!!

String Ordeal!

''Profound Mystery!
Ordeal of String and Ordeal of Love?!''

Ah! That's...!

Come out! Ball Dragon!

Oh, it's just a bunch of
surprise clouds put together.

Are we supposed to be surprised by that?

I'll have you know, it's made up of surprise
clouds containing explosives or sharp objects.

What?! Then that means...!

You touch the fire-bomb ball
somewhere on its body and it's over.

One explosion will cause another,

and its gigantic body will
instantly cause a huge explosion!

Surprise Balls! Go, Ball Dragon!

Gum-Gum... Pistol!!

No! Wait, Luffy!!

Whatever you do, don't touch that thing!!

If you lay even one finger on it,

we'll be blown to bits!

How are we gonna fight it if we can't touch it?!

Exactly! Forget about fighting that thing!

Our only option is to run!

So we just keep running?!

How should I know?!

Here it comes!! Jump!!

Why'd we hafta land here?!

You're quite the stubborn ones.

It's the same result either way!

But if you died before you
experienced the power of Ball Dragon... wouldn't be fun!


Where have you been?

Ah! Kamakiri!

Upper Yard again? That's
Vearth in your bag, isn't it?

Don't go there too often...

...or you'll lose your life.

Bahhhh! Don't tell me what to do!

You haven't even been able to beat Eneru yet!

That damn brat!

--A chance?
--That's right.

For some reason, Gan Fall entered Upper Yard.

That old geezer thinks that he can
settle everything in Skypiea peacefully.

He's got it all wrong.

Win or lose... Those are the
only two outcomes in a battle.

The Great Warrior Calgara said,
''Light the fire of Shandora.''

''Wyper Shandian
(a warrior of Shandora)''
The Great Warrior Calgara said,
''Light the fire of Shandora.''

The Great Warrior Calgara said,
''Light the fire of Shandora.''

We'll follow those words.

It doesn't matter who we have to fight--
the former God Gan Fall, or Eneru.

So long as they reign as ''God,''

no matter what their differences are,

to us they're the same!

They all have to be eliminated!


A rebel against Eneru
appeared on Angel Island.

I heard it's a young woman.

It's been six years since Eneru started reigning,

and this is the first time.

So what?

Since Gan Fall saved her from judgment,

Eneru now has a reason to
judge even the former God.

Gan Fall has never harmed any of us,

not only as the Sky Knight,
but also as the former God...

...nor has he tried to directly
confront Eneru, either.

That very man finally stepped into Upper Yard.

And if he and one of the priests
kill each other, that'd be great.

Or do you mean to say that
Gan Fall is no longer our enemy?

When men have a common enemy,

they get deluded into thinking
that the one next to them is an ally.

If you have doubts,
then stay out of the fight, Laki!

You'll only be in our way!


What?! I didn't go to Upper Yard!

Don't go into the tent yet.

Wyper, or rather, the man descended
from the Great Warrior Calgara, is angry.

Yeah, that's scary.

He's scarier than God.

Help... them?


Yes, that's right.

Let's try to create a way for
them to escape somehow.

I can't tell what they're doing... Amazing!

I no longer think that I can
negotiate with your group!

Ha! You're as soft as ever!

What is this fight?

Heaven's Judgment...

That young woman did something foolish.

We are never to... anger God Eneru.

Please come back...


I got you.

Is something wrong, Gan Fall?!

What did you do?!

Why...?! Why can't we move?!

You won't need the answer...

...when you're dead!

Profound mystery... String Ordeal!

You can enter Upper Yard, but you have to
face difficult ordeals from us, the four priests!

Don't think they can be beaten so easily!

God Eneru is...

...someone who is glorious and distant.

That's right. The sacred
ground will sing again...

...someday, for sure...


Sky Knight!!

I've gotta save him. I've gotta save him!

There're skysharks here!

The Sky Knight'll be eaten by them!

Ha! Think of it as Eneru-sama's anger!

B-But how can I save him?

I can't swim... and I'll be
eaten by the skysharks, too.

He says not to harm his friends.

He says not to damage the ship.

He says he doesn't want to die.

What a dilemma.

Such a damned selfish animal!

He really irks me!

If you want to live so much,
then why are you so weak?!

Damn you!

Sky Knight?! Hah! You were forced out
from your position as God, you old fool!

--In the end, you were no
match for us, the priests.

Sky Knight!!

Ha! You're a Zoan, aren't you?!

Are you stupid? You can't even swim!

Oh, yeah, you're a Zoan, too.

How inconvenient...

Why don't you follow your master?!

Ahh, how absurd!

I can't stand how weak they all are.

If this was a bottomless river,
there'd still have been some hope.

But unfortunately,
this river does have a bottom.

Let's see... I wonder if those three
escapees have already been hunted.

Is that well that strange?

Yes. It's unbelievable that a well
would be stuck underneath a tree.

The balance between civilization
and nature here is off.

Well, in any case, unless we come up
with a way to cross this cloud river,

we can't walk around this forest.

We're far from meeting God.

The civilization couldn't
estimate the growth of this tree.

I've never seen a case like this before.

Hey, Nami! Can you see
anything from up there?!

The island where God lives... Upper Yard...

Hey! Say something! Did you find God?!

I wonder if she saw something.

This island... Can't be...!

You're pretty much dead.
Hurry up and rest in peace.

I'm a priest. There's no way you can win.

I-I can't go on anymore!
My heart can't take any more surprises.

Soon, you'll be out of options.

Your boat has nearly reached this forest's exit.

When that happens, it's all over!

So long as you can't fly like birds,

you won't be able to get out of here.

You'll wander around in this
forest and die of exhaustion!

That won't...


It will!

Surprise Balls!

Ball Dragon!

Now, it's show time!

Which one is the fire-bomb ball?

Touch it, and there'll be an
astonishingly huge explosion!

Good, now's the time. We can still make it!

I'll leave things here to you, Luffy!


Oh? You're gonna climb up that tree to escape?

Why can he read my mind?!

Don't follow me!!


Oh, I see!

It was controlled by this string.

I'll take care...

...of this thing!

I can't control Ball Dragon anymore!

What impudence!

Just hang on and come to me!!

Hey, don't hang on with the other hand, too!

There it is!!

So I was right! There's no doubt! That's the exit!

Of course! Why didn't I think of this sooner?

We fell from such a high place.

It's natural that the exit is at the same height!

Now that I know where the exit is,
the boat rule doesn't matter!

I have to hurry. I'm worried about
that huge explosion earlier.

They'd better be okay!

Ow, ow, ow, ow...

That was close! What an unbelievable idiot!

No, he might've been
determined to take me with him.

This isn't good. I'm still insufficiently trained!

He took control of the pace for a second!

If I can't stay calm over a little thing like this,

it'll hinder my Mantra!

You're right!

That was close!

Ah! You're still alive?!

Ahhh! Get off of me! You idiot!

Don't stick to me, you weirdo!

I said get off of me, now! You idiot! Idiot!

--Don't let him go, Luffy!
--Get off of me!

Don't ever let go of that doughboy!

--Oh, Sanji! You're alive?!

I almost died because of you!!

Pay more attention to others!

Well, in any case, doughboy...

You keep saying ''ordeal this,'' ''ordeal that,''

but frankly, it's got nothing to do with us.

However, we accept that stupid sky ordeal...

...because two helpless ladies are
waiting for me to come to their rescue.

In other words, yes...

...this is... a love ordeal!

Is this guy an idiot, too?!

Ahh! I said get off of me!!

Y-You! You! Dammit! Let me go!

You guys play dirty, attacking two on one!

You creeps kidnapped our friends.

You made a cute angel cry and tried to kill her.

You have no right to say we play dirty.

He's right.

It's amazing that you can
predict our movements.

But even if you can predict them,

it doesn't mean anything if
you can't avoid them, does it?

I-Idiots! Stop it! I'm one of
the priests that serve God!

Let me go! Hey, are you listening?!

Not being judged by a priest is
a 1st degree crime in Skypiea!

Now listen here! Attacking me means you
declare war on the Almighty God Eneru!

Shut your mouth! Or the flavor will escape.

For example, when you want to produce
the supreme mignonnette from pepper...

...the important thing is to, strongly, roughly

and without hesitation, beat it to a pulp.

Then, the wonderful flavor
confined inside will be...

Ahhh! Ahhh! Stop it!

Ahhh! Stop it! Stop it!

It's gonna hurt! So stop it!