One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 15 - The First Obstacle? Giant Whale Laboon Appears - full transcript

The Grand Line, the greatest ocean in the world according to Luffy. As our heroes slide down the water current slope of the Red Line, it was much like a ride. As they approach to the bottom, Zoro hears a strange noise, which Nami thinks was just the wind. Usopp used his goggle to see what was up ahead, Sanji thinks it's a mountain, but Nami knows that there isn't suppose to be one. But as they approach to what looked like a mountain turned out to be a whale. The whole crew panicked as the whale is blocking their path, and the Going Merry is going at top speed. The whale's eyes aren't pointing towards their direction so it doesn't see them yet. Zoro sees an opening of the port towards the left. Only problem is they don't have a helm to turn. Sanji, Zoro, and Usopp struggle to make the ship turn with a broken helm. Luffy got an idea and went downstairs on the ship. It all looked like they're going to crash from Nami's view. Right until a cannon ball was fired at the whale. Which was Luffy's plan on slowing down the ship. They did stop, but it broke Luffy's favorite seat on the front of the of the Going Merry. Luffy got upset that his favorite seat was damaged. As for the whale, it made no sudden movement. Which seemed like the right moment to get out of here. So they rowed the ship quietly past the whale. Then the whale gave a large moan. As the Going Merry gets near the eye, Luffy shouted and punched the whale right in the eye. Which was a stupid move over a broken seat. The whale noticed them, and Luffy continued to yell out insults. Then the whale opened it's mouth and got the ship to entered it's mouth. Luffy escaped from being eaten, and climbed on top of the whale as his friends are now trapped inside the whale. He punches the whale on the head several times as a demand in returning his friends. But it began to dive into the water. Luffy found a door(which is where the spout hole is located). Meanwhile the Straw Hat Pirates, all 4 of them are speechless as they find themselves inside the whale. But it doesn't even look like they're inside one. All they see is a house on an island. All of it seemed to be an illusion. Then a giant squid came out of the water, which maybe an illusion too. As Zoro and Sanji prepared themselves to fight it, it was speared by 3 spears coming from the house on the island. After being frighten Nami and Usopp wondered what happened to Luffy. Luffy in fact is lost and confused that he's inside a crafted mine instead of a whale. The one who fired the spears is an old man with a flower shape head. Sanji didn't know if he was just fishing or saved their lives from the squid. The old man paid no attention to our heroes and sat down on his chair to read a newspaper. Sanji got angry to be incredibly ignored. Usopp called out the old man and thinks that he's plotting a fight. And mentioned they have a cannon for defense. The old guy held a long pause for a while and just said "Don't. Or someone will die." They weren't getting any answers from from him. Zoro asked where they are, which he got for an answer: to introduce yourself first before asking questions. Zoro understood and introduced himself, while the old guy introduced himself as Crocus. Keeper of the Twin Capes Lighthouses, 71 years old, Gemini, Blood Type AB. Zoro got angry himself for not finishing his own introduction. Crocus tells them that they're at his one-man resort inside a whale. Usopp and the others now know for sure that they're inside a whale. And the water is actually the stomach acid, which made Nami worried. Crocus pointed out the big door, if they want to leave. But Nami was confused on why there's a door in mid air, inside a whale. Ussop pointed out that what appeared to be the sky is actually an alternate illusion. The whole stomach is painted to look like the sky. They were about to leave Crocus to his one man resort, only when the whole place shook. Crocus explained that Larboon(the whale they're in) is ramming himself against the Red Line. The whale is in pain, which the Straw Hat Pirates presume that Crocus's plan is to kill the whale from the inside. And the waves are too strong to depart to the big door. Meanwhile Luffy is bouncing up and down as the whale rams itself to the Red Line. Then encounters a man(Mr. 9) and woman(Miss Wednesday) with large guns, infiltrated the whale and planning to eliminate it as well as Crocus. Luffy runs towards them right before they could proceed to their plan. And all 3 of them are flying out into the stomach. Crocus used some sedative to calm Laboon down. The Straw Hat Pirates saved Luffy, Mr. 9, & Miss Wednesday from drowning in the stomach acid. Zoro demands to know what their up to. While Wednesday can tell that she and Mr. 9 are dealing with pirates. Crocus however knows them and orders them to not harm Laboon in any way. Mr. 9 and Wednesday's plan is to kill the whale and they fired out their guns against the outer layer of the stomach. Crocus prevented the bullets from hitting Laboon. Which shows he's planning on protecting Laboon. While the whale hunting duo laugh at how pathetic Crocus tries in protecting Laboon. Nami is clueless on what is going on, till Luffy hit both of 9 and Wednesday in the head. Crocus wanted to know why Luffy helped him. Luffy just says he didn't want to see the 2 whale hunters laugh in attempting to kill a whale. Everyone wanted to know what the whole story is. Crocus explained that Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday are from a town in need for whale meat, that'll last for 2 to 3 years. Laboon is an Island Whale, inhabitant from the West Blue, largest whale species on the planet. Crocus doesn't want to see a whale like Laboon to be turn into food. And stated that for 50 years, Laboon is kind hearted and been waiting for a group of pirates to comes straight from Reverse Mountain on the Red Line. How will this issue be resolved over Laboon?

''Upper Yard'' ''Lovely Street''
''Angel Beach''



Life is suffering.

Now, for the other two!

'Kay, let's do this! Center of the ship!

I'll put it on the main mast,
so if anyone's in trouble,

they can get the whistle from here and blow it!

Now it's fair!

A-All right! Good thing this was here!

Huh? You're the only sacrifice I get to kill?

''Chopper in Danger!
Former God vs. Priest Shura''

What do you think? Don't they look amazing?


This year's pumpkins are very good.

This year's pumpkins are very good.

This year's pumpkins are very good.


I don't know what to say
to express my gratitude.

I'm sorry. Now I am staying with you, as well.

If they decide that your daughter
let those straw hat fellows escape,

they'll consider you an accomplice.
So you'll be in danger as well.

This time is on the house...

Eneru's Mantra does not reach this far.

How are things on Angel Island?


I'm referring to crops.
How are this year's crops coming?

Yes, I hear they're coming along quite well.

Is that right? I'm glad to hear that.

This is juice made from the
pumpkins that I grew in my field.

It tastes good.

Yes. I'm sorry. Thank you.

Conis-san, have some, too.

Young lady, are you aware that there are
those called pirates in the Blue Sea?


They are criminals who travel on the blue sea.

Their ships all fly a black flag with a skull on it,
although each pirate's flag is different.

Those straw hat fellows
are probably pirates, too.

My word! Are you saying that
they were already criminals?!

Well... It is probably true that they
do not live by the rules of the Blue Sea.

In any society, there are always
those who don't blend in.

Right now, how are you any different?

Who can say for certain that society is right
and that those who don't blend in are wrong?

Sometimes it's not so clear-cut.

To put it in extreme terms, a ''hero'' in wartime

is simply a killer if he lives in a different time.

I also have a pirate friend.

He came here when I was still
God over twenty years ago.

He was quite the big-hearted
and pleasant fellow.

I hated to say goodbye.

Right now, though it doesn't
look it at first glance,

Skypiea is a land of endless battles.

A land where battles between
those of us from the sky

and Shandians, also known as
guerrillas, rage continuously.

The Shandians are still challenging Eneru.

Your attempt to coexist with the
Shandians when you were God

offered hope that the several-hundred-year war

would end in peace.

Yes... I was very close to succeeding,

but my status as God was taken away by Eneru.

I'm sorry. Everything went
down the drain because of that.

Wh-What're you saying?!
There's no need to apologize.

In Skypiea, there is this legend
passed down from long ago.

Long ago, on the day that Upper Yard,
the sacred ground, was born,

the island's beautiful singing
voice enveloped Skypiea.

That's when the battle between the
Shandians and those from the sky began... if that voice was a cue.

So, when we hear the ''island's singing voice,''

the legend says that this battle will end.

The island's singing voice?

That's right.

The sacred ground will sing again...

...someday, for sure.

What's the matter?

Please look after this place. I've got a job.

Let's go, Pierre!

Father, what tasty pumpkin juice this is!

Yes... I'm really glad...

...that you can enjoy it.


Now, offer your life to God Eneru!


Why do you struggle?

There's no way that you can escape death!

Die gracefully!


--The ship is...!
--Hmph! So he's gonna get big...

Darn it! Come on!

Hey, hey! Why do you care when there
won't be anyone to get on board?!

You and your friends cannot escape death.

Who the hell are you?!
Stop it! Don't harm them!

Then... offer your life instead!


Stop it! Stop it!

Don't harm the ship! Just don't harm the ship!


You bastard!

You bastard! Stop it already!

I-I'm in charge of this ship!

They asked me to look after it.

Well, what should we do, Fuza?

''Thirty-foot Bird
Well, what should we do, Fuza?

''Thirty-foot Bird

''Thirty-foot Bird
He says not to harm his friends.

He says not to harm his friends.

He says not to damage the ship.

He says he doesn't want to die.

What a dilemma.

''Skypiea Priest
Sky Rider Shura''
What a dilemma.

''Skypiea Priest
Sky Rider Shura''
Such a damned selfish animal!

''Skypiea Priest
Sky Rider Shura''
He really irks me!

''Skypiea Priest
Sky Rider Shura''

Gan Fall...

Hey, Nami! Get a move on!

Shut up! Don't talk to me right now!

What'll you do if I fall?!

Hey! Are you all right?!



My apologies... for troubling you so often.

No problem.

What's wrong? Did you see God or something?

No... a well.

A well?

The ship... your friends... and yourself...

You don't want to lose any of those?

If you want to live so much,
then why are you so weak?!

Stop it! That spear burns things!

Stop it!


You creep!


Are you trying to live...
without sacrificing anything?

What is this guy?

It's as if he can predict my moves.

For someone to live, another must die.

That's how life is.

Did you know that this is a sacrificial altar?

Y-Yeah! I heard something like that.

It's true. The rest of your group
is desperately trying to get here.

There are four separate areas
that we, the priests, govern.

''Swamp'' ''Iron'' ''String'' ''Ball''
There are four separate areas
that we, the priests, govern.

''Swamp'' ''Iron'' ''String'' ''Ball''
The rule is that when the
targets are in one area,

''Swamp'' ''Iron'' ''String'' ''Ball''
the other priests aren't supposed
to do anything to the targets.

''Swamp'' ''Iron'' ''String'' ''Ball''
But this sacrificial altar doesn't
belong to any of those areas.

''Swamp'' ''Iron'' ''String'' ''Ball''
''Sacrificial Altar''
But this sacrificial altar doesn't
belong to any of those areas.

But this sacrificial altar doesn't
belong to any of those areas.

In other words, it's a free area.

So it doesn't matter who
strikes the ones at the altar.

But it should be after those who're
receiving the ordeal in some area die.

What?! Then, Luffy and the others are...?!

Don't freak out. My coming here doesn't
mean your friends' death... unfortunately...

I came here for a different reason.

What?! A different reason...?

Ah, but does that mean we can also
get out of here if Luffy and the others

come to rescue us?!

Yeah, that's right...

...if you can get out of this free area.


But, hold that thought.

The reason I came here is because,
although those are the normal judgment rules,

when there's an exceptional situation,
the rules change a little.


Yes. For example, when three of the sacrifices

escaped to the forest over there
without permission using vines...

I see... that's an exceptio...

God's on this island, right?
I'm gonna go meet him.

He's the culprit!

What's with her, wandering off on her own?

What a selfish woman!

I don't think I could take
being called selfish by you.


Because of you, I feel that I've gone through
so many hardships that I wouldn't have had to.

Err... really?

Someone has to die to atone
for the others' crime of escaping.

Sacrifice is a fact of life.

Especially if they are to come back,

in order that they can more
deeply realize their own fault

when they see their friend's death...

...offer your life... to God!!



Sorry to have kept you waiting!

Sky Knight!!

Hmph! Looks like a surprise guest showed up!

Gan Fall!!

Sky Knight!!

He is quite good. He is a worthy opponent.

Let's get rough with him, Pierre.

What's that old previous God doing here?!

Shall we play with him a little, Fuza?!

Just keep barking!

We don't need two Gods on this island!


Sky... Knight...!!

We need to give him one
more push, Pierre. Let's go!

You son of a bitch!

You probably came here knowing this, but...'re already a criminal!

Ahh, I'll show you what I do
to aggravating fools like you!!

String Ordeal!

You're still alive?

Impressive indeed!

Well, then, as a reward, I'll give
you my prized finishing blow!

Surprise Balls! Ball Dragon!!