One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Lone Island in a Distant Sea! The Legendary Lost Island - full transcript

The Straw Hat Pirates and Apis are now taking Ryuuji back to Dragon's Nest, Lost Island. The marines back at Gunkan Island are busy repairing the damages they've caused. Erik informs the major, that he has a hunch on where they'll find the millennium dragon. And insists they head straight to where the Straw Head Pirates are going. Erik made sure that a report to Admiral Nelson won't go through. As he reveals to himself that he plans on getting the elixir of eternal life for him, to become an invincible mercenary. Admiral Nelson however got the report from a marine about Erik's intentions, and is aware of what he's planning to do. Luffy was hoping that Ryuuji would help them on where the island is, but he doesn't show any sign of help. Sanji prepares some food for the dragon, Luffy helped out but burned his hand and the pot landed on Ryuuji's head. Causing it to turn red. Apis and Luffy hurried to take it off his head, but Ryuuji visioned the flying fish as his species. And Apis heard Ryuuji saying that Lost Island is located to the East. So they head east now that they know where to go. Erik got word from the marines that the Going Merry has changed course. So Major ordered the whole fleet to go east as well. Luffy sat on the front end of the Going Merry wondering what Lost Island is like. Usopp and Nami took watch on top of the crow's nest, while Apis accompanied Ryuuji till they make it to the island. Luffy saw what appeared to be a smoking image. And when they got closer it was the shape of a ship, Luffy touched it which became a reflection of the Going Merry. They were all amazed that they're entering an invisible barrier. The Marine fleet was terrified to see the Going Merry disappeared. Major ordered the whole fleet to stop until they confirm about what they've seen. Again Erik finds the Major's attitude to be cowardly and insists on using a lifeboat for him to go after the Straw Hat Pirates alone, since the marines are too afraid to face danger. After going through the barrier, Nami explain it was a mirage that can be created when warm and cold water are mixed. Then they entered a storm all of a sudden. Apis tries to keep Ryuuji calm till they get through the storm. But right till the rope to the cart started to loosen up. Apis got hold of the rope, and Zoro came to help her pull the rope back. Then Luffy used his stretched arm to support the cart. They eventually got out of the storm, which is like a defense wall surrounding the island. And they finally made it to lost island, which is filled with ruins and jungles. Apis tried to wake up Ryuuji, who's still laying on the cart doing nothing. Apis has a feeling that they're not on Lost Island. But they don't think so, unless they explore the island to know so. So they proceed towards the summit of the island. On their way, the Straw Hat Pirates discovered a town in ruins. Telling them that there was once a civilization here on the island. When they finally made it to the top, it appeared to be the entrance to Dragon's Nest. Only problem is there is no door of any kind. Apis however noticed a missing claw on the drawing of the dragon, and believes that the dragon claw that Ryuuji gave her will open it. She was about to put it in, but discovers that she can't reach. So Luffy does the honor of opening the entrance. Before he touched the claw slot, the whole ground shook and they all fell down as it collapsed. They were all OK, and finds themselves inside what they believe to be is Dragon's Nest. Now they must explore the mysterious temple of the millennium dragons. Will they find Ryuuji's species? And what will they do when Erik comes to try to cause trouble?



They defeated...

...the White Berets!

You fools!

You should've just behaved
and done what I told you to.

We, the White Berets, are the gentlest
upholders of the law in God's Land.

However, they are not as nice as we are!

You are now 2nd degree criminals!

No matter if you cry or scream...'ll be judged... the priests of Upper Yard!!


''Is Escape Possible?!
God's Challenge is Set in Motion''

What's their problem?

More importantly, we were tricked!

That old lady said it was okay to pass through.

And when we do, they say
we entered illegally?!

That's fraud! I'll sue for this!


Of course, even if we were told,
''Don't pass through,''

we would've entered by force anyway.

Shut up!

In any case, you are in big trouble.

Since you've become 2nd degree criminals,

we can't... you.

Why are you talking to us
from way over there?!

Well, what's the fuss?

We're used to being pursued.

More importantly, why did you come back?


We were finally about to go to that place
that we're never to enter for a big adventu--

err... no, to look for you!

You're really easy to figure out.

What big adventure?!

I told you, didn't I?!

You can say that because you haven't seen

how scary those people on that island are!

It's true that we don't know
if this guy is God or what,

but his supernatural powers are the real thing!

I will never go back to...

...that island!!

Then, you can just wait here while we go.

No way, they're gonna come after me!

We have to leave this place!

Leave here?! Are you nuts?!

Which is more important
to you, adventure or life?!

Life! Then money!

Oh! Then, next would be me?!

Shut it!

But it's true.

Come to think of it, we were desperately
trying to reach this sky island,

so we weren't thinking at all
about how to go back.

Say, is there a way for us to go back safely?

Can we go back to the Blue Sea?

There is a way, though at this point,
I can no longer say it's safe...

...if you go to Cloud End,
the farthest edge of the clouds.

Cloud End? How do we get there?

Cloud End is in the far east. To get there,
you need to go down to the White Sea first.

Good! Then, we can go back down
to our sea from there, right?

No! I'm not going back!

Hey, do you wanna stay here
and get sentenced to death?

In any case, if we stay here,
it'll cause trouble for Conis and her dad.

Oh, it's no trouble...

Well, even if we run away, we may
not be able to get away from them.

If that's the case, no matter where
we are in Skypiea, it'll be the same.

Since they know our whereabouts,
we'd better leave here right away!

Now, everyone! Let's set sail!

Conis! Mister! Thanks for everything!

--Oh, yeah!
--Hey, Luffy!

Hey, old guy!

What is it?

Can I take all the leftover
food from earlier with me?

Yes, of course.

Alright! Sanji, prepare some lunch boxes!

He's on the ball.

In that case, can I ask you a favor as well?

You're an engineer, right, old guy?

Would you give me some
fixtures for the ship repair?

Sure, no problem.
Then, let's go to our house again.

Hey! Where're you guys going?!

I'm gonna go get some food from them!

You guys go on ahead and prepare
the ship for our adventure!

He's definitely planning to go there.

Those guys're really scary!

Who cares? I don't care either way.

Don't take it out on me.

Chopper, you're on my side... aren't you?!

--Don't threaten him!

Heavy Point!

I was about to drop a rope ladder.


You realize that there's no
persuading Luffy, don't you?

Even if we all get together
and protest, he won't listen.

Fine! Then, I'll stay here.

Hm? Go right ahead.

Go right ahead?!

Hey, I'll be killed by those creeps!

Ah? Then so be it.

How dare you...?!

Robin, why don't you
and I beat Luffy together?

That's impossible.

I guess we've got a better chance
taking on those creeps, huh?

Those White Berets must be
gathering other members by now.

Come after you? How foolish!

God and his priests are as
immovable as a mountain.

They simply wait on the sacred ground
for those to be judged to come.

When you weigh anchor, your ordeal starts.

You'll be led... the forbidden sacred ground...

Upper Yard!

Excuse me, I'd like to discuss
something with you all.


So there's a special cloud current that
can take us down to the White Sea?

Yes. By getting on the cloud, you can cross
the vast ocean and go to the White Sea.

And you can also get to
Cloud End without getting lost.


As long as you get on the current,
no one can chase after you.

If we don't tell Luffy and get
the Going Merry on that current...

By the time he notices, it'll be too late, huh?

But that doesn't mean he'll give up on it.

I can guide you to the entrance
of that current riding a waver.

Now all we need to do is
keep that fool from noticing.

We'll take care of that part.

Then please weigh anchor and wait for me.

Okay. I really appreciate it, Conis.

No problem.

This is good!

Hey, don't eat our lunch!

There's a lot, so don't hold back.

You're the one who should hold back.

--Conis, give me some tea!
--Do it yourself!

Oh? Conis-chan's not here.

Looks like she went to bid a
fond farewell to the others.

I brought some tea, if you'd like some.

So, you're the shipwright for that ship?

Hmm? No, I'm not. I'm a sniper.

Oh, that's wonderful!

Right? Our ship still doesn't have a shipwright.

Well, how should I put it? Since I'm
almighty and skillful in everything,

everyone depends on me!

It's a lot of work.

That ship just wouldn't function without me.

Although I'm a sniper,
it's like I'm also co-captain.

And, everyone calls me, ''Captain Usopp''!

Oh, dear! This color arrangement
is clearly done by a professional!

Oh, yeah! Arranging food is art.

See you later, Conis!


I can finally see rays of hope.

For a while there, I was worried.

But I wonder if there really is such a current...


If such a convenient current existed,

you'd expect to see more survivors
from the sky island in the Blue Sea.

Don't be silly. Since it's difficult for
people to come up here in the first place,

it's just natural that not many
people escape here safely as well.

It's possible that quite a lot of the
people who tried couldn't escape

because they were too slow.

That's right. Not knowing when
to back off can cost you your life.

Hurry up and get ready to set sail.
Weigh anchor quickly.

Chopper, use your Heavy Bonus
now and start on the heavy lifting.

Err... I told you, it's Heavy Point.


--Now, wake up Zoro.
--That's impossible.

Don't worry. I can do it alone!

We'd better hurry up, or Conis'
kindness will be wasted.

Heavy Point!

I put this one here... Hm?
No, this is in the wrong place.

I put the red one there, and put the
emerald green broad beans here.

Now, they look more delicious than before.

This one is for Nami-san and Robin-chan.

Wow, they don't look like food!

--No, thank you. I'm sorry.
--I've never seen such a pretty lunch before.


This is for you, Conis-chan.

Oh?! You made one for me, too?!

Of course! The title of this lunch is...

''Love is a dilemma. Lunch for the falling angel.''

--Well, once they're in your stomach,

they're all the same.

Don't say stuff that tears down my hard work!

Listen up. With food, presentation comes first!


See? Now they're the same.

You're just chowing down
without looking at them!


They're the same after all. They taste the same.

Like I said, enjoy them with your eyes first!

--Don't be rude! Not even
I can eat with my eyes!

That's not what I mean!

--But I've eaten with my nose before...
--Don't do that!

...though I didn't mean to.

Now we'll just wait until Luffy
and the others come back.


Chopper! What just happened?!

What's going on?!

I wonder if we're already on that current.

Hey! Something's wrong with the ship!


What's going on, Usopp?!

Look at that! The ship's rocking!

A party? No fair, having a party without us!

Ah! Nami-san!


Why is she wearing a t-shirt?

Just where the heck is your mind at?!

Ahh! The ship started moving!

What?! Why?!

What're they doing? Where're they going?

Whoa! It's moving backwards!
That's incredible!

That's not it! They didn't set sail!


Look underneath the ship!

Hold on! What is this? What's going on?!

Did we get on that current
thing earlier than we expected?

No, it doesn't look that way.

Wh-What the...?!

Ahh...! That's...

...the famous White-White Sea
Super-Express Lobster!


It's trying to take us somewhere!

Hey! Everyone off the ship! There's still time!

What about the ship?! If our ship is taken...

Don't worry. I'll stay.

C'mon! What can you do by yourself?!

I'll pull it off somehow!

So, it doesn't work...?

There we go.

Alright, this'll work!

Unfortunately, it seems that won't work.

Come on board!

What'd you say?!

Even if that works, it looks like they'll just
move right on to their next move. Look.


Large skyfish are following us
with their mouths open.

We can't jump off the ship and escape now.

Even if we could defeat them,
another batch will probably arrive soon.

There's nothing we can do.
It's probably already started.

Heaven's Judgment, huh?

So, instead of sending people
after us, they're bringing us in.

What an impudent guy...

Then... I'm going back to that island?

Luffy!! Usopp!! Sanji-kun!!

Why...? Why a t-shirt...?

You're still talking about that?!

Hey, Luffy! This is terrible!
What will we do?! What will we do?!

Where'd they go?

Where?! Of course...! Err...

So where?

--...did they...

The Super-Express Lobster
is a messenger for God.

What it transports is always an offering to God.

So, it's headed to northeast Upper Yard... the sacrificial altar.

Sacrifice?! Nami-san, Robin-chan, and the rest...

--The rest?!
--...will be sacrificed?!

For that darn God?!

That son of a bitch!

Don't mess with us!! You bastard!!

Hold on a second, please! But, I'm sorry.

That's not the case!

--I've heard that although it's called sacrifice,

in Heaven's Judgment, there're two kinds
of punishment that criminals receive.

Sacrifice and an ordeal.

They're currently hostages,
so to speak, in God's hands.


So, the ones who are
actually being judged are...

...the three of you.

Huh? What do you mean?

If we had some sort of map...

Oh... I have a map of Skypiea with me.

This one is very old, too.

But the shape of the island seems correct.

Are you all right, Conis-chan?

Yes. But...

Don't worry.

It's them we're talking about. They're fine.

How can you be so sure?

This is where you are right now.

The sacrificial altar is in the
left upper direction, northeast.

There's only one way to get there.

You take the Milky Road that leaves this island

by using a dial boat,

and go across to the forest
where the priests await you.

Well, old guy, instead of taking the trouble
of going through the middle of the island,

all we have to do is go around
the island by boat, right?

That lobster went to Upper Yard
that way, too, right?

Well... even if you can go ashore nearby,
you can't get to the altar on foot.

The big difference between this
map and the current Upper Yard

is the Milky Roads that are
stretched all around the island.

The cloud canals that you mentioned, huh?

Yes. I hear that there're several hundred
Milky Roads, large and small in size, over there.

Hmm... I see...

That's why entering the island by boat

and taking the Milky Roads
within the island is the only way.

I see...

So no matter where we go ashore,
the canals will block our way.

That's right. By the way, there're
man-eating fish in the canals.

Man-eating fish?!

They've really covered all their bases.

So, they're saying that if we
want our friends and ship back,

we just have to come in from the front.

So that's our ordeal and... Heaven's Judgment?!

Yes. In Upper Yard, four priests who are
strong beyond imagination await you.

Oh, then it's easy.

To put it simply, all we have to do
is beat up those priests, right?

You're so simpleminded.

This is becoming fun!