One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 99 - Spirit of the Fakes! Heart of the Rebel Army, Kamyu! - full transcript

Straw Hat crew helps Vivi testing a group of men pretending to be Rebel Army who guard a small village.

The Straw Hat Pirates have fallen right
into the middle of the fortress Navarone.

Zoro was captured.

In addition, Luffy and the
others infiltrated the base,

and an impending crisis drew
nearer to them each minute.

''The Navy's Dragnet Closes In!
The Second Member Captured!''

Navy Command Branch 8...

That's the official name of Navarone.

People also call it the Navy's
strongest, an impregnable fortress.

Its headquarters should be
in that island in the center.

But that's about all we know.

We don't have to know things like that.

You want to investigate a fortress now?

Aren't ancient ruins enough for you, Robin?

Of course! We're in the enemy's midst.

Even so, we don't have the luxury
of looking around forever!

What I wanna know is whether
the Going Merry is okay or not.

Where the heck did you go, Merry?!

It's probably reasonable to think
that it was seized by the Navy.

Geez...! How can you say
such a thing so calmly?!

Even if we find the ship, how are
we going to get out of here?

Are you saying that the Navy
will show us the way out?


That's why we should thoroughly
investigate first. Right?

I wouldn't be a pirate if I
were scared of the Navy!!

I can't take this anymore. I'll leave
the thorough investigation to you.

My leg!

Robin! What the hell are you...?

--Found them?!
--No, sir!

Some of the Straw Hats're
hiding around here for sure!

Leave no stone unturned!

Yes, sir!

There's no way they can escape when
even that Roronoa Zoro was captured.

--Z-Zoro was?!
--Are you all right, Long-nose?

D-Did you hear that?

This means they now know that it's
the Straw Hat Pirates, not a ghost ship.

Our enemy's in a frenzy. Why don't you
worry about yourself instead of the ship?

I don't care! Sorry, but that ship
is more important than my own life!

I'm going! I've decided! So don't
get in my way anymore! Later!

He's impossible...

I've come all the way in a
storm to such a remote base,

and they send no one
to escort me?! How rude!

Hm? Hey, you over there!

Yes, sir!

I'm supposed to meet the
commander of this base.

Inform them to send someone
to escort me immediately!

Inform them to send someone
to escort me immediately!

Yes, sir! Before that, please tell me what
business brought you to our fortress.

Yes, sir! Before that, please tell me what
business brought you to our fortress.

I don't have to explain it to a mere private!

Excuse me, but may I have
your division and rank?

I'm saying I don't need to explain it to you!

Contact your headquarters immediately!

Even if I did, I don't think it'd do any good.

What do you mean by that?!

Since Commander Jonathan is eating
right now, I think he's in the dining hall.

Then all you have to do is go to
the dining hall to talk to him, right?!

Um... don't you know the motto of Branch 8?

Motto, you say?

One! Wash your hands before eating!

Two! Never leave food on your plate!

Three! Never mention work while eating!

Four! After eating, make sure to brush...

That's enough! So to the
commander at this base,

eating is more important than a
VIP sent by Navy Headquarters...

--Is that what you're saying?
--Yes, sir! That's correct!

All right, I get it. I'll go to
your headquarters on my own.

Before I go, I'll give you a piece of advice.

Find another job while you can.


The hedgehog that has now become
useless in this area of sea...

The odd commander who stays inside,
never setting even a foot outside of it...

The Navy doesn't need either of them at all now.

I'll probably report them to
Headquarters at some point.

Hmph! That darn badger! He'll no
longer be a commander in a few weeks.

Go ahead and enjoy the few
Navarone meals that you have left.

Guess it was just my imagination.

Navy Headquarters Inspection Division...

What a good person to bump into.

--Whoa! Yum!
--The new cook is pretty good!

It's just like what those guys who
ate first thing in the morning said!

Everyone! The next 100 soldiers're waiting.

Hurry up and finish eating!

Aye aye, sir!

Here you go.

Hey, Jessica...

This is your usual dish, right?

Any problem, Commander?

Well, my men are carrying on about
the incredibly delicious food

prepared by the cooks from Marie Jois.

So I came here looking forward to it.

You don't like it? When I, the executive
chief chef, cooked it for you myself?

You can't continue to eat the same kind
of food as the younger ones, right?

It's a healthy dish filled with
lots of love. Bon appetit!

But it has lots of vegetables as well...
I don't like broccoli and carrots.

Branch 8's Motto 2!

Ah, um... A-All right... Here!

See? I'm eating it.

Whoa! This is yummy! This one's yummy, too!

Guys! Keep up the good work!

What's that newbie doing?!
He's been sampling food all this time!

Don't worry about him. He only does tasting.

No matter how I look at him,
he doesn't look like a cook

who was in charge of the
kitchen at Navy Headquarters.

In contrast, look at you! You're very skilled!

You're quite popular among the soldiers, too.

Thanks. I'll write down
my recipes for you, then.

Prepare food for table 8! Please hurry up!

Aye aye... sir!!

For a beautiful lady, I'd go through
hell and high water! There!


Oh! That looks yummy! Okay!
I'll take it to the table for you.

Hold it! If you touch that food,
you won't be eating meals. Got that?!

Aye aye, sir!

I wonder if he really gets it...

In any case, the guy at table 8 sure is lucky.

She may not look it, but she
cherishes her husband, so...

Oh? Jessica-san has a husband?

If you have time for chit-chatting, get to work!

Who the heck is this
''luckiest guy in Navarone''?!

It's the Commander of this place, Branch 8.

What?! The Commander, you say?!

Crap! Luffy...!

--Here you go!
--Thanks. You can go now.

Aye, aye, sir!

This tastes just like they
said it did. It's amazing!

This dish lives up to my expectations!

Yeah, you're right!

Let me have some, you cheapskate!

You certainly live up to my expectations!

Oops! Dammit! Looks like I was late!

Welcome, Straw Hat Luffy.

I'm Jonathan, the Commander
of Navarone, Branch G8.

Straw Hat, I don't wanna
get violent in the dining hall.

But could you answer me one question?

If I answer, can I eat half of that stuff?

Hm? Not just half, you can eat it all.

Really? Then I'll take it.
Sorry that I called you a cheapskate.

Idiot! Hurry up and get out!

No matter how hard I think,
I can't figure out your purpose.

Right. It is said that Captain Smoker
is the one who defeated Crocodile.

It's not as if you gained reputation
in Alabasta, or even money.

What would someone like that want from us?

What did you come to this fortress base for?

What for? Well, when we fell from
the sky, we happened to land here.

--The Grand Line really is an interesting place.

I've come to like this fortress
quite a bit as well, you know!

You have good food here.
I guess I'm just lucky.

Listen, Straw Hat. Even if you've
got the power of a Devil Fruit,

it's impossible to escape Navarone
without some sort of miracle.

I'll leave when I want to.

Even after you hear that
Roronoa Zoro was captured?

--That idiot...!

Fortress guy, where's Zoro?

And if I tell you?

What else? I'm gonna
go rescue him right away!

You don't have to be so hasty.
We'll take you to the same place soon.

There's no point staying
here any longer! Let's go!


--Little did I know you were Straw Hats!

Your skills are too good for a pirate.

Give it up! Cooks in Navarone are
tougher than your average marine!

Hmph! I come from a place
with many such cooks!

That said, I can't attack Jessica-san...

Now what should we do?

I'm starving!

Give us food!

Give us the new cook's famous
ridiculously tasty food!

--Bring it already!
--Wait! We're in the middle of something!

--Now! Let's go!
--Straw Hat!

See ya, fortress guy!

Our enemy is the Straw Hat Pirates!

Be ready to engage in battle at any time!

To uphold the honor of Navarone,
we must capture them without fail!


Yipes! Those marines're too fired up!

It's really dangerous to keep playing
hide and seek in our enemy's midst!

I'd better do something about
my appearance, at least.

Hm? Yeah... Hm... All right!

Transformation complete!
Now I should be able to openly...

--Hold it!

If you're a Navarone marine,
you should dress neatly.


This is why I say new recruits are trouble.

Yes, sir! I'll be careful, sir!

Um, by the way, I'd like
to ask you something, sir.

Do you know how to get to the dock
where the Straw Hats' ship is?

It'll be six blocks down from over there.

Thank you very much... sir!

Hey! But the dock is...

That was all I needed to know, sir!

M-Merry! You're okay! Thank God!

A carvel-built caravel that uses a lateen
sail with a stern rudder in the center...

The model's a bit old,
but it's really a good ship.

Huh?! Who are you?!

If you don't know me,
then you must be a newbie.

Y-Yeah, sort of...

This ship must've had
quite a few wild journeys.

Though it's covered with patches,
the repairs were done appropriately.

It's a happy ship filled with lots of love.

You can tell that much?!

It doesn't matter if it's a
Navy ship or a pirate ship.

I can tell for the most part at the first glance.

That's quite a compliment! Thanks!

Idiot! I'm not praising you!

Well, don't get so upset! I like you!

You sure are perky for a newbie.

You haven't changed, putting pirate ships
in the same league as navy ships...


Lt. Commander Drake, you need to wait
at least a week to have the ship repaired.

It seems that marines these days

are under the mistaken impression
that damaging ships is their job.

--Thanks to that, docks are kept very busy.

--Don't worry. I didn't come here to
bother our veteran maintenance soldier.

--I came for the other guy. Hey, you!

--Y-Yes, sir!
--Which unit are you with?!

Ugh! Wh-Wh-Which unit...?

You can't even tell me which unit you're with?!

Um, let me see... I think it's Unit 18, sir.

Unit 18 is a sniper unit, isn't it?

Don't you know that this dock is off-limits
except for the maintenance soldiers?

Um... I'd forgotten that, sir! I'm going
back to the sniper unit right away, sir!

There's no need for that!

--No need?!
--Take him!

Yes, sir!

What did I do?!

It was reported to me that a
suspicious new recruit was seen.

By the way, Unit 18 isn't a
sniper unit, it's a supply unit.

Ah, my bad! That's right! It's a supply unit!

Stop it, you idiots!
Where do you think you are?!

To us, the maintenance soldiers,
this is a sanctuary!

If you shed even one drop of blood,
you won't get away with it!

Pull back your swords.
Take him to headquarters.

Yes, sir!

Hmm, so this is the man...

Commander, he insists that he's a marine,

but the circumstantial evidence clearly
indicates that he's one of the Straw Hats.

--Yes, sir!

What's your name?

What's your name?

--It's a secret.
--Which unit are you with?

It's a secret.

Why did you take the trouble to go
to the dock where the pirate ship is?

It's a secret.

--Secret, huh?

Let's imprison him right away
and put the screws to him!

Now, hold on, Lt. Commander.

Come to think of it, I hear that a special
inspector from Navy Headquarters

was on board the Stan Marey
that arrived this morning.

--A special inspector?


It's natural that an inspector would hide
his name and division to investigate.

Th-That's ridiculous!
An idiot like him wouldn't be...

I'm surprised that you figured it out.

That's what you'd expect from
the Commander. You're right.

I'm a special inspector from
Navy Headquarters, Captain Usopp!

Is there any illegal activity in Branch 8?!

Are military laws and regulations
being properly followed?!

Are the marines full of enthusiasm?!

So, I disguised myself as a mere
private to get the inside scoop.

That's the story!

We apologize, Captain!

Don't be ridiculous!

A special inspector has higher
authority than a branch commander!

There's no way an idiot like you could be one!!

Idiot? Idiot?!

What're you saying, Drake whoever,
when you're a mere Lt. Commander?!

--I can have you court-martialed for
insulting a senior officer, you know...


Do you wanna experience
the Navy prison? Huh?

I'm sorry, Captain. I was thinking
about sending someone to greet you,

but I got delayed. Please forgive me.

Well, so long as you understand...!

Commander! Special inspector Major Shepherd

from Navy Headquarters has arrived!

--Got it.
--The real one showed up?!

See, I was right!!

--You son of a bitch! Acting so impertinent!
--Ahh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

--What's the matter?! What happened
to the spunk you had earlier?! Huh?!
--I'm sorry.

--What was that about the Navy prison?! Huh?!
--I'm sorry.

--What?! Are you apologizing?! I can't hear it!
--I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

--Do you think such a ridiculous
special inspector exists?!
--I'm really sorry. I'm sorr...


Nice to meet you, Commander Jonathan.

--You'd better be prepared! Huh?
You stopped apologizing?! Huh?!

--What is it?! Huh?! Where's
the spunk you had earlier?!
--Oh, I get it! She's disguising herself, too!

--What was that about the Navy
prison?! Huh?! Say that again!
--All right, then...!

Hey, Major! I didn't know
you were in Navarone as well!

H-Hey! It's me! Captain Usopp,
also from the Inspection Division!

Did you forget me since you've
been traveling so much?!

Major Shepherd, do you know the Captain?

No, I don't know him.


H-Hey! It's me! It's me! Hey!

--Imprison him!

Now I'll start investigating Navarone, okay?

Please be my guest!
We welcome you, Major Shepherd.

Thank you very much.

That darn Robin! Does she have a
grudge against me or something?!

That's a betrayal!

You agree, don't you, Zoro?!

Dammit! If Robin had only
gone along with what I said,

I would've taken Merry back by now!

You should thank Robin.

Why should I?! Why should I?!

You've got me with you.

O-Oh... I see... She thought that
it'd be safer for me to be with you...

Robin was concerned about me...

But... this place... safe...?

It might've been better if I
didn't check into it, because...

...that way I would've still
had hope for the escape.

To think that there's only one escape route...


Where are you, Zoro?! Zoro!!

Shut up! Be quiet!


Hey, this way!

In addition to Zoro, we've also captured
a crew member with a long nose!

Straw Hat and the other members are
definitely close by as well! Find them!

Yes, sir!

Hey, what should we do now, Captain?

Straw Hat and a very skilled cook...

A swordsman and a man with a long nose...

A doctor and nurse we've never seen before...

And one more...

...who calls herself Major Shepherd...

That makes seven people...
Now it makes sense.

We've already captured
the ship and two of them.

The rest of the Straw Hats are within my hands.

So, what will you do now, Monkey D. Luffy?

I'll just sit back and see what you can do...