One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 97 - Suna no Kuni no Bouken! Ennetsu no Daichi ni Sumu Mamono - full transcript

Straw Hat crew's journey through the desert after leaving Erumalu.

''Sanji the Cook! Proving His
Merit at the Navy Dining Hall!''

Is it true that this ghost
ship fell from the sky?!

I can't believe it...

But Navarone is a grand fortress that
prides itself on its impregnable defense.

Falling from the sky is the only way
a pirate ship could make it this far.

I-I heard that there was no one on board.

But they found coffee and
cigarettes sitting out on the ship

as if there had been people
right there up until that moment.

And inside the room in the back...

A mountain of gold?!

Moreover, it's the kind of gold buried
for hundreds of years in ancient ruins.

I've never heard such a creepy story.

A-A ghost ship?

They must've been cursed by
the ancient ruins and disappeared.

To the 4th, 6th and 10th units
under Lt. Commander Drake!

--Assume second-degree
battle formation and stand by.
--I don't know if it's a ghost ship or what,

--Commanding officers are to
report to Control Room #1
--but they think they can pick a fight

--in the central building immediately!
--with our fortress, Navarone?!

--I repeat! Commanding officers
of the 4th, 6th and 10th units
--Hurry it up!

--are to report to Control Room #1
in the central building immediately!
--Just who the hell are these guys?!

--are to report to Control Room #1
in the central building immediately!
--Just who the hell are these guys?!

Navarone? I see. I get it now.

Of all places, we jumped right into
the middle of that grand fortress

that the Navy's so proud of.

So what're we gonna do, Captain?

I guess he could care less.

Hurry up! This is an emergency order!

We'll moor the pirate ship to Dock 88
and investigate it thoroughly!

Reporting, sir! The Stan Marey
is demanding entry.


Since we're in a state of emergency,
I advised them to wait a while, but...

We ran into a storm and have many injured!

This is an emergency! Please allow
us to receive treatment at once!

I know it's a ship from headquarters,

but there's a big possibility that there're
pirates hiding within the fortress.

We cannot permit them to enter!

If we allow outside ships to come in now,
it'll cause unnecessary confusion and...

Open the gate.

I'll permit their entry. Immediately
assign a medical team to them as well.

Yes, sir!


The uneasiness felt by those who are
injured in the middle of the Grand Line...

You understand that feeling, don't you?

Of course! However...!

You know, this is the first time I've
gotten a little fired up in a long time.

Well, they can't get out of the fortress.

Still, why did they come to Navarone?

Monkey D. Luffy...

Ships are coming in!

We are now on first-degree alert!

Have the boarding inspection bridge ready!

This is a big fortress...

Anyway, where am I? Should I go back?

What's up with the layout of this fortress?!

It's too huge to grasp the whole thing!

We have to get out of here
as soon as possible...

...but the more time goes by,
the harder it gets!

Where did everyone go?

No way!

What is this?! It's too huge!

Hm? Where's the Merry?

The Merry's gone!

Hold on a sec! Where's the Merry?!

Where the heck is my gold?!
Gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold!

After we went through
all that trouble to get it...

Ships... And they're battleships...

You must be the 31st unit!
Go to the B Building in the 7th block!

Some ships came in... which means
that this place isn't a lake!

It's connected to the open sea!

All right! I have to gather everyone
right away and find the Going Merry!

If I somehow slip into that crowd and
pretend to be a person on the inside,

I can collect information as well!

Where is it?

Luffy and Zoro's faces are known
to the Navy, but luckily, mine isn't.

Oh, is this it?

Oh, crap!

What is up with this fortress?!

It's like a maze.

Do you know where the kitchen is?

Kitche... Oh! Yes, I do! Kitchen, right?!

We just came in by ship.

What a pain! We're lost.

Sorry to hear that.

I used to get lost all the time, too,
when I first came here five years ago.

You've been here for five years?!

Then, take us to the kitchen.

We can't ask for help from the
cooks here. Help us out here.

Can I say no?

We came from Marie Jois.
There's no harm in doing us a favor.

--There's no benefit, either!
--Okay, pretty lady?

No problem!

Do you two know anything about this fortress?

No, we brothers are both cooks, so...

We're cooks of some reputation in the Navy.

Whoa! Big name cooks?!

We're going to be the
chiefs of the kitchen here.

In Marie Jois, we've satisfied generals
who have a discerning palate.

We're far from the kind of cooks
who excrete insignificant meals

in the middle of nowhere.

We first have to show them
that we're in a different league.

When did I ask about that?!
In any case, unless I lose them

and disguise myself or something,
I can't even collect information!

Wow! Just what you'd expect
from the legendary cooks!

Now, all you have to do is turn here
and turn right on the first corner.

Then go straight and turn left twice,
and you'll see the kitchen!

--This way, huh?

--See ya.
--So is this the first corner?

Okay, this will do!

Roronoa Zoro.

They told me that the ship they're calling
a ghost ship is Straw Hat Luffy's ship.

At Commander Jonathan's direction, we,
the unit directly under Lt. Commander Drake's,

were given a secret mission to capture them.

When we face them, the one
considered to be the strongest is...

''On Duty''
When we face them, the one
considered to be the strongest is...

''On Duty''
...Roronoa Zoro...

...Roronoa Zoro...

He's a great swordsman who used to
be feared as a pirate hunter, right?

I hear that he uses the Three-Sword Style.

In any case, we'll capture them and
make them regret ever coming here.

Who is he saying he'll make regret something?

Hm? I passed by here earlier.

And why are you walking around so openly?!

That hurt, you son of a...! Oh, it's you.

If you're wearing three swords
so openly, they'll know right away!

--I'll be caught, too, right?! Geez...

In any case, you need to hide.

Hey, my swords...!

It's about time to eat.

I'm hungry!

Phew, they're gone now.

We don't have to hide, you know.

When push comes to shove, we can just fight.

You big idiot! If you do that when we
don't know where everyone else is...!

They'll all meet up, won't they?

Now there's an idea... No, I mean,
the Merry is missing, too!

No need to shout like that.
Anyway, isn't this a nice view?

When we got here, it was night,
so we couldn't see well.

Oh, this is good. Hey, Nami, if we watch
from here, the others may soon app...

Don't be ridiculous!
Anyway, you stay put here!

Seriously, you always get lost.

Hey, my swords! What're you doing?!


In any case, try to keep in mind
that you have no sense of direction.

Once I've found the others,
I'll come and get you, so until then...

Hey, you! What're you doing over there?!

They found me! Oh, no...

''Group Leader''
They found me! Oh, no...

''Group Leader''
Stop slacking off out here
and start cleaning already!

''On Duty''
Stop slacking off out here
and start cleaning already!

Aye aye, sir!

Man, I'm exhausted from
all this ghost ship business!

Anyway, let's eat and
prepare for an emergency.

--Ghost ship?
--Did you find anything to eat?

Looks like the dining hall is that way.

--Dining hall!
--Idiot! Wait!

What're you doing?!

--Don't be rash.
--I'm gonna eat!

Food... Food...

You're so stubborn!

Who's there?!


Hm? That's strange.

Was it our imagination?

We've been on edge since yesterday.
It must be because we're tired.

In any case, we should eat.

Idiot! They almost caught us! Hm?

This is good. We'll probably look
less suspicious in these uniforms.

Something smells good.

So is this the kitchen?

It looks interesting, but...

Hey, I heard that some ships came in.

What?! Then those assholes
are finally coming?!

Yeah, those brothers are coming here.

First impressions are important.
Show them no mercy!


Meat! I smell meat!

Is the word ''patience''
not in your vocabulary?!

My vocabulary consists of the terms
''all the meat you can eat'' and ''free refills''!

Is that all?! Hey, hey, Luffy!


''Full of Power!''
''Navy Dining Hall''

''Full of Power!''
''Navy Dining Hall''

So you guys are the Murray Brothers?!

--Aw, man...


So you're those despicable
cooks from Marie Jois...

I heard that you said you were doing
us a favor by coming to this fortress

in the boonies even
though you didn't want to!

And that we're excreting insignificant meals!

You've sure got nerves to say that!

What?! Are they confusing
us with someone else?

I don't know what you're
all complaining about!

I'm hungry! Give me food!

So you're the idiots...

...who used million-Berry foods to prepare
dinners for the big shots in Marie Jois?

Even if your appointment was
decided by the government,

this is the kitchen, the most
sacred place in Navarone.

I won't let any cooks that I don't
accept set even one foot in here!


That's our Jessica-san!

1,000 stalwarts are always
stationed in this fortress.

Cooks here show their respect by
preparing dishes with all their might

and providing energy to everyone's stomach.

In order to support soldiers on the front lines,

every morning and every night,
we never lose our focus for even an instant.

We're different from the cooks who
sit back and depend on expensive food!

Are you gonna let me eat those?!

Are you forgetting...

...that good cooking comes from the heart?

In other words, you're saying that you
wanna teach me what cooking is about.

I'm not trying to say something
as dramatic as that.

I just want you to show us the pride
that you talk so much about.

It doesn't matter who you are in here at all.

But if you don't have credible skills,
you'll cause the others trouble.

Let me make this clear. Unless you satisfy me,

I won't let you call yourselves
cooks in Navarone!

I see... That sounds interesting, Mademoiselle.

What is it?! What's that commotion?!

Apparently the cooks are
starting a fight over cooking.

Hey, let me see!

Is he the cook who came from headquarters?

You can go ahead and use whatever
foods you like. The rule is simple.

Each will cook for 100 people.
The soldiers who eat it will decide the result.

I don't really know what's going on,
but it sure seems exciting!

Start any time.

I can't lose this fight even if it kills me!

I'm gonna fill their plates
with nothing but juicy parts.

Is he gonna admit defeat
without even cooking?

--100 servings!

How's that?!

Wow! You guys already finished?!

--Those look delicious!
--Don't touch!

Of course! We cook 1,000
servings for each meal!

We're fast like sharks dashing in the sea!

This is the essence of Navarone!

How wasteful they are...

What's he going to do?


Can't be...!

He's using the parts we didn't use!

Crush the tuna's bones and head

and mash its guts!

Knead it with vegetable wastes...

...and deep-fry them.

Stew the fat from the meat until it melts...

Cover them with a special sauce
made with stock from the shells.

The bitterness of the tuna's guts
stimulates people's appetites,

and the strong tastes blow spirits
into their exhausted bodies.

Which means that we need
marinated food that isn't too heavy.

The skins of burdock roots and potatoes
have more nutrients than the insides.

They're the ideal nutrient source.

Use broccoli cores to make
soft, sweet-scented dressing.


...cuisine a la carte!

This is a battlefield, right?
It's always best if the food tastes good,

but wouldn't it be the worst
if you ran out of food?

It doesn't matter if it's
10,000 Berries or a million Berries.

You shouldn't waste even one piece of food.

No matter what food it is, giving love
to the whole thing is a cook's etiquette...

...just like loving everything about a lady.

That was borrowed straight
from a certain old geezer.

--I've never tasted anything like this!
--It gives me energy!


Just because we didn't wanna
lose to the famous cook,

we did what we shouldn't do!
We used only the juicy parts!

Food in Navarone is different from the
luxurious food prepared for big shots!

It's the food for soldiers
who live life day-by-day!

That was Jessica-san's belief, and yet...

--To think that we, the cooks at Navarone,
were picky about the food...
--Eighty-six! Eighty-seven! Eighty-eight!

Eighty-nine! Ninety! Ninety-one! Ninety-two!

Ninety-three! Ninety-four! Ninety-five!

--Ninety-six! Ninety-seven!

--Has there ever been anyone
who ate our food this brilliantly?!


One hundred!

What's wrong?!

--Are you okay?!
--Hang in there!

Y... Y... ummy!!

I'm stuffed! I'm so satisfied!

Let's go.

Yeah! I have no regrets.

Thanks for the food!

I didn't wanna fight a pretty woman like you.

See you again, Mademoiselle.

Hold it!

Hm? You still have something for me to eat?!

Are you leaving me humiliated like this?!

I like your way of eating and your spirit!

Starting today, you two are a part of our team!

That's what I wanted to hear! Jessica-san!

It's not that easy to find them.

Of course it isn't, Commander.

They may be pirates,

but they wouldn't be in a place like this
where they can be found so easily.

This place is in plain sight from anywhere.

Yeah, there're probably some
who act smart and hide.

But among that kind of pirates,
there's usually one or two who have guts.

--Is that right?

Looks like I'll be able to catch a fish today.


That darn stupid navigator!

Why the heck did she put them
in such a hard-to-reach place?!

Darn...! Okay!

Damn! I thought I became
a jellyfish for a moment!

Welcome to my Navarone.

We've caught the first one.

--What's going on?
--Beats me.