One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 96 - The Green City, Erumalu and the Kung Fu Dugongs - full transcript

♪ The impregnable fortress, G8! ♪

♪ Pirates can't come near it! ♪

♪ With its 108 cannons jutting out, ♪

♪ it's a hedgehog that protects the peace! ♪

♪ Our pride, G8! ♪

You know, though, I hear our fortress
isn't very popular lately within the Navy.

Yeah, I hear there're
some people who call us

dim-witted hedgehogs made
soft by peace behind our back...

It's not surprising, since we've had hardly
any pirate attacks the past few years.

What'd you say?!

It wasn't me who said that.
It's a rumor! A rumor!

Tsk! What's their problem?!
Peace is wonderful!

What's wrong with peace?!

♪ The impregnable fortress, G8! ♪

Every day is a beautiful day.

Man, they really tore up this ship!

It'll probably take at least a week to fix it.

Our orders are to fix it in three days.

Oh, man...

Did this ship climb a mountain or something?

Oh, it's you, Mechao-san.

That's a good way of putting it!

Yeah, it'd have to climb a mountain
or something to get this wrecked!

Well, you know, it might've
fallen from the sky.

It probably got caught around the
sea gate when entering the port.

Yeah, that area is very narrow,
so it's hard to pass through,

even for a navigator who's used to it.

Now, let's stop joking around
and get to work already!

Okay, okay...

Geez... Sailors these days don't
have enough love for their ships...

What's the matter, Mechao-san?!

''A State of Emergency Is Issued!
A Notorious Pirate Ship Has Infiltrated!''

We've got a problem!

I-It appears that we've been invaded
by a huge object from the sky!

An invasion from the sky?!
F-From the sky, you said?!


An unidentified mysterious
object has invaded the base!

Hurry up! Guard the sea gate!

You guys go watch the coast!

Sniper Unit! Move it!

But I'm sleepy...

Close the sea gate!!

Over there! 4 o'clock!

4 o'clock! All lights on the target!!

P-Pirate ship...

The pirate flag has... a skull with a straw hat!

Th-The Straw Hat Pirates?!



Target the Straw Hat Pirates' ship!!

Did somebody say ''Straw Hat''?!

Lt. Commander Drake!

The ship that has invaded our base
is the Straw Hat Pirates' ship!

Straw Hat, you say?!
Where's Commander Jonathan?!

Well... we can't find him.

Honestly, that man's...!

I'll be damned... To think that
someone invaded from the sky...

Resistance is futile! We have
you completely surrounded!

''Full of Power!''
''Navy Dining Hall''

Don't you think it's been pretty noisy outside?

Yeah, I wonder if there're
intruders or something...


No chit-chatting!

Look! We have to prepare
meals for 1,000 people!

In two hours, a bunch of boys
from the night shift will show up!

There's no time for fooling around!

--The siren from earlier...

Don't worry, lads!

The day this fortress falls
is the day the world falls.

Besides, when Jessica-sama
blows up, she's a lot scarier than...


What is it?

Commander! Where have you been?!

I didn't catch anything today.


But I had a large catch yesterday!

I'm not talking about that!
Commander, if you're always absent...

What's the big deal? Night fishing
isn't necessarily a waste, you know.

Commander, I have a report!
According to the watchmen,

as well as the maintenance men inside
the dock who saw the ship close by...

A-According to them...

What is it?

Spit it out already!

Yes... well... um...

They say they saw ghosts.

Like I said, something
suddenly fell from the sky!

A hairy monster appeared.
It jumped and then disappeared.

Hands... Hands...

What about hands?!

Hands grew out from my body, and the
next moment, everything went black!

That's right... they were a girl's soft hands.

It's gotta be...

A ghost ship!!

--Don't be ridiculous!
--Yes, sir...

Without doubt, that is the Straw Hats' ship!

There's no way it's a ghost ship!

Moreover, of all things,
to say that it fell from the sky?!

Well... the part about it coming
from the sky, at least, is true.

I told you that it isn't a waste, didn't I?

Right, Lt. Commander?

I see...

A ghost ship, huh?

It smells good.

Commander! I found
these in one of the rooms!

Ingots and a crown... Those are quite old.

They must've stolen them
from some ancient ruins.

--Send them to the forensics lab!
--Yes, sir!

Well then, let's explore inside, shall we?


That's the one. It's just an ordinary
South Bird. There's nothing to fear.

--South Bird?

It's a funny bird valued highly by old-time
sailors because they always point south.

Hey, stop it!

Are you all right?!

So they're surprisingly violent.

They're well maintained.

Medical books and history books... huh?

I guess these ghosts study a lot.

Ghosts again? How ridiculous...

Thanks for your hard work. Continue
the investigation of this ghost ship.

Ghost ship, he says?

--Got that?
--Y-Yes, sir!

It appears that that ship
stopped by Jaya quite recently.

--The coffee was tasty, wasn't it?

The color and smell of the
coffee left on the deck...

That was definitely Jaya Coffee.

But you've got the courage to drink
it without investigating it well.

Um... Well...

And that South Bird... That's a bird
that inhabits the jungles of Jaya.

Did you know? A legend of gold
remains deeply entrenched there.

Commander, then that ship is...

I don't know about its crew's whereabouts,

but it's certain that it came from Jaya.

It's not some ghost ship.

Right! I've seen that ship twice.
It's the Straw Hats' ship!

But you, yourself, called it a
ghost ship earlier, Commander.

We have fresh recruits
and prisoners at this fortress.

If we tell everyone about
the Straw Hats' invasion

without knowing their true purpose,

it'll only cause confusion
within the fortress, right?

So let's just keep calling
it a ghost ship for now.

With all due respect, Commander,

we should organize a special
investigation unit right away

and search for them as soon as possible!

Please assign it to my unit!

--Now, don't be so hasty.

Building up our defense is the priority now.

You go reinforce security at the coast
as well as around the sea gate.

Yes, sir!

You go reinforce security at the
ammunition bunker, detention facilities

and the major passageways. I'll also
grant you authority to manage personnel.


--You look dissatisfied, Lt. Commander.
--No, sir...

The night is still long.
They probably can't move around much.

Well, that goes for us, too.

Wait until morning, then take your unit

and thoroughly investigate
places where people gather.

Places where people gather, you say?

That's right!

It's hard to find green insects since
they live in green grassy places.

If the Straw Hats were to wear our uniforms...

It's not that I don't trust my men's abilities,

but it's very possible that they'll
take some of our uniforms.

Pirates are like stray dogs...
They're always hungry.

Why don't you start by checking
the dining hall once morning comes?

Yes, sir!

Where did everyone go?

What is this place?!


Good thing we've got a waver.

Security is tight.

We'd better get out of here right away!

Don't tell me! This is...?!

Well, well... We've fallen
to a troublesome place.

I wonder if Nami-san and Robin-chan
were able to escape okay.

--What's the matter?!
--Well, I saw some sort of light in the tree.

You were probably seeing things.

I can't even smoke in peace!

Beef, pork, chicken, beef, fish, pork...

Meat! Meat! Meat!!

No matter how I look at it, I haven't
eaten since we left the sky island!

Well, that didn't help.

If Chopper were here, he would've
caught the smell of food for me!

Found them!

Damn... We can't even get
close to the Merry like that.

Oreja Fleurs!

After all that, we couldn't find
even a single crewmember.

Even worse, the maintenance guys
said they saw monsters, right?

Yeah, and the Commander clearly
admitted that this is a ghost ship.

How mean... asking us to
watch a creepy ship like this.

I see. Apparently, the Navy thinks
that the Merry is a ghost ship.

A ghost ship?! How rude! I'm gonna sue!!

But it's better for us, as well as for
the Merry, if they think that way.

We can buy time.

Now that I know that...

I get it! They must've stolen
cursed gold from some ruins!

Cut it out! I touched that gold...


Straw Hat Luffy and Pirate Hunter Zoro...

We can probably assume that
the woman with countless hands

and the hairy monster
are also part of the group.

In any case, there're seven of them.

Among them are...

A skilled cook...

A knowledgeable ship's doctor...
There may be a historian as well...

I heard a suspicious noise!

This way! Hurry!

I don't know what's going on! How do
these convoluted hallways work?!

I'm trapped! What am I gonna do?!
What am I gonna do?!

What am I gonna do?!
What the heck should I do?!

--It's downstairs!
--Okay, got it!

I'm saved!

Now... where should I head?

Just as I thought...
It's surrounded by land in all directions.

Does that mean we fell on a
huge lake with no way out?!

At any rate, obtaining the information
we need to escape is our top priority.

Let's be resolved... Long-nose.

I don't want to.

It was just my imagination.

That idiot! He's got no sense of tension!

What I don't know is their purpose.
What on earth did they come here for?

Well, at any rate, my fortress
is no laughing matter.