One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 95 - Ace and Luffy! Warm Memories and Brotherly Bonds - full transcript

How's it look?! Have we lost them?!

Looks like they've given up. I can't see them.

Really? Good!

Anyway, that monstrous
cannon sure scared me!

Where the heck were they hiding that thing?!

A cannon?!

Yeah, you know, that huge thing
that the warriors were carrying.

Oh, that...

''Oh, that''?! Hey, it's no laughing
matter! It was really scary!

He's right! Don't laugh!

Ah! There they are! It's Nami and Conis!

What?! Nami-san!! Conis-chan!!


--Are you all right?!
--Of course!!

''Off to the Blue Sea!! Finale Woven by Feelings''

What? They rushed off of the island?

Yes. We couldn't even give them our gift.

How disappointing...

I wonder if they even realize how
much we appreciate what they did.

Exactly. They have no idea how I feel.

It's not fair, Aisa... that you alone
got to say goodbye to them.

Everyone's in an uproar that
we let our saviors run away.

But Luffy and the others
told me not to tell anyone.

Did you say anything to them?

Yeah! I said, ''Thank you.''

Hey Laki, did you know?
Luffy's body stretches!

He'd be like, ''Gum-Gum Pistol!!''

Hey, Aisa, don't move!

I didn't know there was a strong
warrior like him in the Blue Sea, too.

I wanna be like him, like ''Gum-Gum...!''


Let's just trim your hair
for today. Let your hair grow.


I'm sure it'll look good on you.
You're a girl, so you should look cute.

Cute?! Me?!

That's right... since there won't be
any need for you kids to carry arms...

...and since you can now live freely,
like people in the sky should.

You're ladylike today.

Now, don't move, Aisa!

--Ladylike Laki!

Great Warrior Calgara...

We were told that the Shandians'
role had been fulfilled.

And I'm sure your wish was delivered
to your best friend as well.

We no longer have to make
future generations shed blood.

The battle is over...
but we won't lose our pride!

So please continue to watch over us.

We swear that we will not let the
fire of Shandora go out ever again!

I am the Sky Knight,
a freelance soldier-for-hire.

This land won't need such a thing anymore.

What this land needs now
is someone to govern it.

I'm saying that I'd like you to be that person.

You're the best suited for it. This city
belonged to your people from the start.

What's this all of a sudden?
That's not a good reason.

With this battle, I think
everyone must have realized...

...that no one can own Vearth.

''God'' is our support.

The name of the land is Skypiea.
The name of the city is Shandora.

The only person who can unify them is you,

who continued to be anguished
by the battle in this land.

Sky Knight Gan Fall... I would like
you to take the seat of God again,

and support this land whose scar is still deep.

We'd like you to, as well!

Gan Fall-sama!

--If it's you, we'll accept it, too!

--Gan Fall!

Please come back!


Just when I thought I could finally
really enjoy growing pumpkins...

Everyone! We can see it now!

Please look to the front! It's Cloud End!

Ah! Let's see!

I see... So we can go back down from there?

We got here sooner than I thought.

So we're going back down, huh?

Yeah, now that we're about to
go back, I admit I hate to leave.

It's time to say goodbye
to this pure white sea.

The sky island was fun... though it was scary.

So once we go through that gate,
we'll be heading straight down

to the Blue Sea via a Milky Road, huh?

I wonder if we can visit the sky island again...

Hard to tell with this place.

Well then, everyone! I'm sorry!
We'll say goodbye here!

Please take care, everyone!

Thanks for seeing us off!

Conis-chan! Take care of yourself!

Say hello to the others!

See you!!

Thanks for everything!

No, we should be thanking you!

I'll never forget you all!

Conis, old guy and little
white one! You all take care!!


Now, furl the sails immediately
and hold on tight to the ship!

Alright! Do as the old guy said!
Sounds like it's gonna go pretty fast!

Yeah, we're sliding from a
7,000-meter height! Hurry up!!


Wh-What?! What?!

He says, ''Don't forget about me.''

Oh... That's the South Bird
we brought to the sky with us.

Now, Captain! We got
the log for the next island!

Yeah! Once we get off from here,
we'll start on a new adventure again!

Guys! You ready?!

We're gonna go back to the Blue Sea!


Everyone! Be careful while dropping!

While dropping?


Here we go! The sky island's
famous Octopus Balloon!

It's an octopus!!

You son of a...!


Wh-What?! What the...?!

Hey, look! This is so cool!!

What the hell is this?!

It's a balloon!

This is fun!

We've slowed down!

I... I thought that I was finally
gonna go to the netherworld.

Ring it! See off the saviors of
this land by ringing the bell!


Luffy! See you again!!

Come visit us again!!

Thank you!!

Go back to the Blue Sea safely!!

When you look up, you see the sky.

Is this God's Land on the
clouds a dream or reality?

1 0,000 meters far up in the sky...

If you listen carefully, you can
hear the sound of the bell.

It rings today, and it will ring again tomorrow.

The sound of the bell that echoes in the sky

glorifies and sings about the wandering land...

This is cool!

Yeah! This feels so good!

You're calling off the search?!

It's just natural, right?!
The city of gold was in the sky.

We won't find anything
at the bottom of the sea.

This is the end.

There's no point in staying here.


I really thank you all... for joining
me to pursue my dream for years.

What're you saying...?

Don't treat us like strangers...

Say, you guys!

What kind of romanticism
shall we go after next?!

''Noland the Liar''

We'll follow you to the ends
of the earth, old-timer!!

Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold!

We've finally become super rich!!
What shall we buy?!

How about buying a huge bronze statue?!

You moron! What's the point of
exchanging gold with bronze?!

We should increase the number of
cannons! Let's buy ten of them! Ten!

Nami-san! I want a lockable refrigerator!

--Don't be stupid! What're we gonna
do when we get hungry?! I object!
--I... I... I want you to buy me some books!

--I want to read medical
books from other countries!!
--That's exactly why we
should buy it, you dumb ass!!

Hey, hold on a second, you guys!

We'll split the treasure once
we get back down, okay?

Please buy books for me!

If we buy whatever you guys like, I have
a feeling that it won't do us any good.


I wonder where this ship is heading?

Where? The next island...

--What?! What?!
--What's the matter?

What's the matter, Nami-san?

Darn! We started riding an air current
at some point and now we're drifting!

Air current?!

Come to think of it, there is a wind...

Is that a problem?

Of course it is! As it stands, we don't
know where on the sea we'll land!

What're we gonna do? In this state,
I can't set the sails and control the ship.

Well, don't worry. We'll just head back
to the next island once we reach the sea.

You just blurt things out casually, as always...


What is it, Sanji-kun?

Well... I guess it was my imagination.

Hm? What're you talking about?

No, nothing...

There's a problem! Hey!

Oh, it was just a dream.

What's with you?!

--I'm gonna cut you into fillets,
you damn Moss Head!
--You scared me!

Now, now, Zoro's tired, too,
after the battle in the sky, so...

The sun's completely set now.

But it's a nice view.

Yeah, you're right.

Hm? Is it morning?

I just said that the sun set!

It's taking quite a long time
to get to the Blue Sea.

I'm so worried about how far the ship will drift.

Then shall I sing a love song or
something to take your mind off it?

Shut up!

It'd be quick and easy if we
drifted to Raftel, wouldn't it?

Usopp! That'd be cool!

That's not possible.

To get to Raftel, we still have to go more
than halfway around the Grand Line.

Uh, well, yeah... I know that.

In any case, I'm so bored.

When are we gonna reach the sea?

Oh, just go to sleep.

If you're bored, come here,
too, Zoro! This is fun!

Oh? Luffy?

Where did his voice come from?

It sounded sorta far off.

Luffy! Where are you?!

I'm over here! Everyone, come up here, too!!

This is fun!!

Ugh! So he is up there!

Awesome! This is awesome!!

Hey! Don't be reckless!
Our lives depend on that balloon!!

Don't worry! Don't worry!

No, Luffy! Come back down!

Hey Luffy, stop it!

What's the matter all of a sudden, Sanji-kun?

This octopus is shrinking!
If we don't do anything, we'll fall!

--Hey, Luffy!

What's going on?

--He said this octopus is shrinking!

Now that you mention it,
it looks smaller than before.

What're we gonna do?!
We're still pretty high up!

I wonder if it'll last until we reach the sea...

Hey Luffy! Something is strange,
so come back down!!

That was quite a scare, since
it stopped bouncing suddenly.

Like I said, the octopus is shrinking!

O-Oh? I didn't do anything,
but we came back to the ship!

Ahhh! We're falling! We're falling!!

This is bad! At this rate,
we'll be swallowed by the sea!

There's no guarantee
that we'll fall into the sea!

Ugh! That's right! Dammit!

What're you doing, Usopp?!

What else?! Protecting the ship!

What're you gonna do?!

Don't be reckless, Usopp!

Usopp Aa-aa-aa!

Okay, it worked!


I'm gonna use all the Breath Dials I have...

There! Float!!

--It's slowed down.

Were we saved?

Looks like it.

Did you see my wonderful work?!

Usopp, you're so cool!

I wondered what was gonna
happen for a moment there!

Yeah, seriously, I thought that was it.



Everyone, grab onto something and hold tight!

It's cold...!

Nami-san! Robin-chan! Are you okay?

That startled me! The octopus
suddenly shrunk all the way!

I wonder if the air leaked out.

What the heck happened?!

But we somehow made
it down... without dying.

You! Thanks!


...we really went to an
incredible place, didn't we?

Now that we've fallen, it's so far up.

It's as if we were dreaming.

It's a dream land. I wonder if
we can go visit again some day.

You might be able to get closer if you die.

Zoro, so you think you can go to heaven?

You jerk!

Well, things're calm now at any rate.
I'll make coffee or something.

I'd rather have dinner, Sanji!

I'm saying I'll get on it right away,
so have some coffee and wait!


By the way...

Where the heck... are we?!