One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 93 - Coming to the Desert Kingdom! The Rain-Calling Powder and the Rebel Army - full transcript

In order to prevent Luffy and
Nami from reaching the ark,

Eneru released Mamaragan. However...

It's useless, Eneru.

The land won't be beaten!

Luffy was approaching the ark.

Hand over... the golden bell!!

Hand over... the golden bell!!

Disappear with the land!

Disappear with the land!



...Fi... re... works!!

Gold Peony!!

Clear up!!

Straw Hat! Ring the ''fire of Shandora''!!

Luffy finally reached the ark, and at
the end of the fierce fight with Eneru...

Well then, I'll ring you as well!!

Well then, I'll ring you as well!!



...Gold Rifle!!


''The Battle Ends! Proud Fantasia Echoes Far''

Can you hear it?!
Old diamond-head! Monkeys!!

The city of gold... was right here!!

That bonehead did it!!

How beautiful...

What a pretty sound! What is this?! What?!

I believed that this moment
would come one day.

So this was the ring that Noland heard.

Suu... I wonder if Vearth is singing...

So God really... exists?

What a miracle!

I had half given up on the bell ringing
again after its 400-year silence.

Great Warrior Calgara... Can you hear...

...the echo of the fire of Shandora...?

What happened to this land?

What is this tone? Could it be...?

Is this the legendary...?

Are you hearing this... Montblanc Noland?

Sorry to have kept you waiting so long.

I hope...

...this reaches your descendants!

You like this bell's sound, too?

Old-timer! Th-This is...

Yeah! There's no doubt about it.

There's only one bell in
this world that echoes this far!

This is romanticism.

--From the sky...
--I'm getting worked up.

About the monsters that appear
with the Cumuloregalis Clouds,

there used to be a story like this.

When there is a human far up in the sky
and strong sunlight shines on him,

his figure is reflected in
the deep mist of the far sky.

The shadow looks as if it's a huge monster.

So the true form of those monsters are
the shadows of the humans in the sky?!

Then does that mean that we've already
confirmed that people live in the sky?


I thought the story was a meaningless
fantasy and I'd forgotten about it,

but it seems that it was true.

I can hear the loud ring of the golden bell.

The city of gold really exists in the sky!

''Noland The Liar''
The city of gold really exists in the sky!

''Noland The Liar''
Noland wasn't... My ancestor wasn't a liar!

You rang it to tell me that from the sky...

...right, kid? I appreciate it!


--What's the matter?! Are you sick?!

Those kids... I'm glad they were safe!

I was... so worried...

Look!! That's...

God's ship...

It's God!!

They're sinking...

God Eneru and his ship are...


The bell's ring is the fire of Shandora,

a long-gone city that
took pride in its prosperity.

The island's singing voice that
proclaims the end of the battle...

The promised ring was
delivered after 400 years...

Although the journey of
the restless island was long,

it's hard to forget the distant memory.

Long ago, people entrusted their
words in the sound of the bell.

They placed proud words in
the song sent to the distant sea.


It rang...


I wonder... if the old guy
and the others heard it.

Yeah, I'm sure.

We're... right here!!

Tie the ropes to strong-looking trees!

Aisa... Were you worried?

Here... your treasure!

I don't care about that!


--How's everyone else?
--They're fine! Don't speak right now...

Someone's there!

Am I still alive?

No! You have to get treated right away!

My treatment can wait.

Before treating me, do something
about that guy, or he'll die.

You're right! His body's falling apart,
right down to the bones. This is terrible!

Hey, that's one of the guerrillas.
We don't owe him anything.

Yeah. I don't really know why, but it
seemed like he was going all-out, so...

Huh? What the heck?
Are you feeling sorry for him?

Who knows...?


Is he gonna be okay, Raccoon-Doggy?

I'm a reindeer! Look, I have antlers!

Don't worry. He'll survive.

Thank you!

Pierre, go and rest with those Blue Sea people.

Pierre, hurry up and go bring the families!

So, in the end, both the golden
bell and Eneru's golden ship...

I think they fell.

So now it's a city of gold in name only, huh?

Which means our journey
in poverty continues.

I'd want those dials rather than gold,

since we won't be able to get them
once we get back to the Blue Sea.

In any case, I wonder if Nami-san's all right.

I wonder where Conis-chan is...

Is it okay to leave Wyper
with the Blue Sea people?

Don't worry. It seems that
Aisa made friends with them.

At any rate, we have to hurry.
It's pointless if our enemy wakes up.

Gather those who can move.
We'll banish the priests to the clouds.


Are you done with him?

Yeah. All he needs now is rest.



Nami-san!! Conis-chan!!


Everyone! I'm glad you are okay!!

I was so worried, but I couldn't do anything.

Conis-chan, so you were
worried about me that much!

I don't think so.

Is that food, you guys? Where'd you get it?

We found the priests' food storage
on our way back through the forest.

There were more.

But how did you get down from that height?

We used my Gum-Gum Balloon.

By the way, Conis, where's your old man?


Well... um... he protected me...

...and then Eneru...

Don't tell me...




Hey, we're talking about you!!

I'm sorry I'm still alive!


In the White Sea on the lower level?

Yes. I found myself there
after being knocked off.

Those who came down to the lower
level heading towards Cloud End

are also coming back to the White-White Sea
via restored Milky Roads right now.

However, since there's
no Angel Island anymore,

they're heading towards Upper Yard.

--Thank you very much.
--Thank you very much, God!

I'm no longer known by that name.

You were all forced to work in a place
like this for six long years. I'm sorry.

We lost Angel Island, the home
we were supposed to return to.

The Shandians, too, lost their home,
Village Hidden in the Clouds.

Is the battle really over?

God's army is gone, but...

Chief, is the 400-year rift
something that can be filled so easily?

--Boy, I stuffed myself!
--It's totally night now.

Shall we go back to the ship now?

Nami, what're you saying?!

Huh?! If we go back to the ship,

we can have a long relaxed
sleep in a warm bed, right?!

Hey Usopp, you heard what she said?

Yeah, it's terrible. Not thinking
anything after seeing that,

you're unqualified to be
a pirate-- no, to be a human!

''That''? What're you talking about?!

What the heck are you talking about?!

I'm returning... to where God should be...

Things that obstruct my field
of vision cannot exist in the sky.

You all were in my way.

I won't let anyone have it. It's fit just for me.

It's a boundless land, just like a dream.

Now, let's set off, Maxim...

To God's world that
floats brightly in the night...

To the land without end, the Endless Vearth!!

Where am I?

Inside the ruins of Shandora.

Gan Fall!

Oh, you shouldn't move yet.

You... are a Skypiean!


Chief! Were we captured by the Skypieans?

There's no distinction among
those injured in battle.

The golden belfry... We still have
the duty to protect it to the end!

This is...

...the sound of drums announcing a battle!

There's fire on the ruins, too?!

Don't rush, Wyper. Wait a little
and see how things turn out.

No matter what kind of heroic reason for
the fight there was in the distant past,

to us who live in the present time,
this sky is our home.

The land, at least, is not refusing anyone.

But at this very moment, there's actually...

Right... Go ahead and
check it with your own eyes.

Right now, no one wants to fight.

It's party time!!