One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 92 - The Hero of Alabasta and the Ballerina on Deck - full transcript

Luffy and Nami were stranded at God's Shrine.

Eneru's ship is too far from the top
of this vine. What should we do?!

How can we get there?

Isn't there some way?

In the meantime, Eneru had
finally found the golden bell.

So this is it...


So this is the grand belfry that was the
pride of the legendary city, Shandora!

Nami, who had devised a plan, sent
a message to Usopp and the others.

Oh? There's something written on it.

Cut down this huge vine
so it falls towards the west.

However, Eneru's final attack was imminent.

I've accomplished all my objectives.

All that's left now is... destroy this land together with
the Cumuloregalis Clouds using Raigo,

and set off for the Endless Vearth.


Break! Giant Jack!!

Here goes! Get on, Luffy!

Run it at full power!


It's insolent of you to try and come to me!
You need to be taught a lesson!


''Miracle on God's Land! The Love
Song That Reached the Angels''

Upper Yard is... being pulverized.

Luffy!! Nami!

Looks like he doesn't want to come
in contact with you ever again, huh?

Not a chance!!

The ruins are being exposed!!

He intends to pulverize the ground.

Wyper's lying on the ground down there!

Zoro, too! That son of a bitch!

The ruins...

It's useless, Eneru.

You can't bring down...


...the history of the proud warriors
who lived in the land of Shandora.

No matter where it is, this grand power
is strong, creates and nurtures.

You just can't bring it down!

No matter how many forests you burn...

No matter how many ruins you destroy...

The land won't be beaten!

--Get out of there, Wyper!
--It's dangerous!

Wyper's gonna die! Let me go, stupid!

Hm? I can still hear driveling from below.

Vearth is... That's right!

It's not sinking!

Upper Yard wasn't affected at all!

What great power!

That's right. Vearth is so grand!

Vearth wasn't something to fight over,

but the blood of many people
was shed, and many lives were lost.

Why didn't we notice it for 400 years?!



Get out! The vine is falling!
Come over here, now!!


Go! Straw Hat!!


Here I come!! Eneru!!

Here I come!! Eneru!!

They're a bunch of...

Hand over... the golden bell!!

Enough of this! I'm sick of you!

I think this is big enough.


Disappear with the land!



Nami, thanks!


There's no way I'll let your help go to waste!

Wait, Luffy!!

The ship is that way!!

Luffy! There's an eddy of air
and lightning in there!!

Who knows what'll happen to you?!

What can you do before this
huge power, rubber man?!


...Fi... re... works!!

Gold Peony!!

How dare you use thunder to create
bad weather for the idyllic sky islands?!

You lightning freak!!

Wh-What is this abnormal electric discharge?!

That's right...! He has gold, which
can transmit electricity, on his hand!

Well, all I have to do is drop it before
the electricity completely discharges!

Everything... be gone!

Captain McKinley! Please stop.
This is God's Land. It's pointless!

I don't care if there's no point!

There's nothing else humans can do
when the situation is life or death!

In order to survive,
we chose to abandon our land.

Now we've lost a place to
return to and our way forward.

All that we can do is pray.

When we hear the ''island's
singing voice,'' this battle will end.

I wonder if no one will survive at this point...

I wonder if, had I had the
courage to stand up to Eneru,

I wouldn't have had to involve those people...

Say, Suu...

I wonder if God exists?

If he does, I wonder if he'd save us...

Please... if you really exist...

...please protect them! God!!

Please... make a miracle happen!
Protect this land! God!!

Clear up!!

Clear up!!

The mass of thunderclouds has disappeared!!

What happened?



Straw Hat! Ring the ''fire of Shandora''!!

Go, Luffy!!

Let us hear the singing voice of the island!

How dare you destroy Raigo?!
You monkey from the Blue Sea!

Well then, I'll ring you as well!!

Well then, I'll ring you as well!!

You insolent brat!!


200 Million Volt...


What the hell is that?!

Ring, you said?! You mean the golden bell?!

The next time it rings,
it will be the end of the battle.

Are you trying to hang onto such a legend?!

I am God!

You are just a Paramythia!

There's no way that I can't
crush you with my Logia power!!

I said it doesn't work on me!!

I'm sick of this ''I'm God'' crap!

What god wouldn't save anything at all?!


Oh? You grabbed hold of it
to avoid being skewered, huh?


What are you going to do, rubber man?!

--Ow, ow, it's hot! Ouch!
--You have nowhere to escape!

The pull of your arm will make the spear
dig deeper and deeper into you!

Yet, if you get away, you'll fall!

You've done well to climb up this high!

However, this is the end
of you and this land, too!

I can create another Raigo!

This is our citizens' duty... I'm sorry!

Luffy... are the sky islands...
going to disappear?!

So you chose to fall!


Nami! Out of the way!

Wh-What're you...?!

Don't mess with me, earlobes!!

Gum-Gum... Rocket!!


Are you trying again?!

Until the bell rings!!

This time, I'll skewer you!

Gold Rifle!!

It's too fast!!

When you return to Jaya, what will
you think when you see we're gone?

Hold on a little longer! I'll let you know...

...that ''we are here''!

Light the fire of Shandora!!

It's been 400 years since
the battle in the sky started.

Just once, we wanted to...

That's right. The sacred ground will...

...sing again...

...someday, for sure.

Six years ago, I saw a giant city of gold
on the Grand Line island of Jaya!

The city of gold does exist!

No one in history's ever disproved
the city of gold or the sky island.

That's what romanticism is!


Old guy! Can you hear it?

The city of gold is here!

For 400 years, the city of gold
has been here all this time... the sky!!