One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 91 - Farewell, Drum Island! I'm Going Out to Sea! - full transcript


He eradicated Angel Island...

Old diamond-head's ancestor...

He wasn't lying.

So I have to let the old guy
and the others below know...

...that the city of gold was in the sky!

I can't let Eneru take it!

I'm sure the huge bell can
be heard from anywhere... that's why I'm going to ring the gold bell!

''Knock Over Giant Jack!
Last Hope For Escape''

Even Heaven's Gate... was blown
away in the blink of an eye.

To think that Angel Island is gone...
What're we supposed to do now?

In any case, we have to escape
to the Blue Sea via Cloud End!

We have no other choice!

But there're still many people
left in the White-White Sea!

What can we do?!

How can we bring those ships down to
the White Sea without the Milky Roads?!

Then, are we giving up on them?!

Even this area will be like that before long.

The White-White Sea is...

Skypiea is fading away...



So this is it...


So this is the grand belfry that was the
pride of the legendary city, Shandora!

Amazing! This is a perfect fit
for me, the one who is God!

The bell that proclaimed the start
of this land's 400-year-old conflict...

But to think that they carried on with
this pointless battle for so many years...

...only to see everything disappear...

Luffy, you can't catch up with him any longer!

Eneru's ship is not moving from that place...

Luffy... Eneru must've taken
the golden bell by now.

No matter how hard you stretch
your arms, you can't reach up there.

If he took it, then I'll take it back!!

Let me use this!

Eneru's ship is too far from the top
of this vine. What should we do?!

How can we get there?


No one can be allowed to escape now!

Including the several unmoving
voices directly below you!

That's right!

They haven't escaped yet...
Everyone's still down there!

Watch out! Something's falling again!

--What's that?
--Everyone, heads down!

A leaf...

Oh? There's something written on it.

It's a message! From Luffy and Nami!

What does it say?!

Cut down this huge vine
so it falls towards the west.


Um, what'll happen... if we do that?

Hey, where's west?

A-Are we really gonna do it?!

So... where's west?

It's the direction where Eneru's ship is.

I've accomplished all my objectives.

All that's left now is... destroy this land together with
the Cumuloregalis Clouds using Raigo,

and set off for the Endless Vearth.

Now that the time has come,
I almost hate to go.


Damn him!

That is way bigger than the one from earlier!

We... won't be able to escape
from this land... any longer!

Farewell, Skypiea.

It's bigger than the last one! That bastard!

Yeah. Now that he's got the golden bell,

he no longer has any business with this land.

He's easy to figure out.

I'm not gonna let him have his way!

Nami, weren't you going to escape?

You expect me to leave now?

You want to ring it, right? That golden bell?

Yeah! I'm gonna ring it!

Honestly... you can't even control the waver.

Even if I just leave you here,
you'll keep trying to jump anyway,

so I'll give you a ride and shoot you up there.

But... have to guarantee my life!

Okay, got it! Thanks!

We're just gonna get one chance, one moment!

I hope they got my message okay.

They're gonna jump to the ship
by crossing the falling vine?!

What else could it mean?

That's crazy...

Then you go up there and stop them.

As if he could be stopped!!

In any case, reckless or not, we've
got no choice but to let him do this!

Wh-What the...?!


Ah, got 'im!

If we stay here, we'll be
pushed off to the ruins below.

Everyone, get away from the vine for now!

Escape to solid ground!

Anyhow, I'm gonna do it! I need to cut
the vine down towards the ship, right?!

What?! But...!

The only ones on this sky
island who can reach Eneru

--before that thing is dropped...
--Hey, Zoro!

...are those two!!

You just don't know when to give up.

It's too late to struggle or escape now.

You still don't get it?

When you entered the survival game,
your fate was already decided.

I-I-Is he okay?!

We're counting on you! You're the
only one who can cut that thing down!

Damn you, making all these holes!

Alright!! He cut it!!

Ahhh! Zoro!!

You worms!

You bastard!!

B-B-But he did it! He cut it!!

Oh, no... Look!

It's not coming down...
even though it was cut...

What a strong vine!
Is that thing really a plant?!

How pathetic... This is what you
outsiders get for butting in.

Wyper! Don't be reckless!


It is important that we, the inheritors
of Calgara's wishes, ring that bell!

What does this have to do
with that Straw Hat?!

Leave him be, Robin! He can't stop us
when he's seriously injured like that.

Our priority now is knocking over that vine!

Luffy and Nami are waiting up there!

In any case, Zoro cut half of the stem.

The whole thing should be tilting by now.

By hitting it with my
Dance of Exploding Stars...'ll be leveled with a loud scream!

As expected, I am the last line
of defense of this pirate group!

Robin, take care of those who have fallen!

They look like a kashiwa-mochi cake.

Move out!

Four hundred years ago, an explorer
told a lie that he saw a city of gold.

Although people laughed at him,
his descendants believed his words

and are still searching for this
city of gold in the Blue Sea.

If we ring the golden bell, we can let
them know the city of gold is in the sky.

That's what that straw hat boy is thinking.

Exploding Star!

That's a wonderful reason,
isn't it? It has romanticism.

Even in a situation like this...

...going so far as to lose
his chance to escape...

He's nuts!

Exploding Star! Exploding Star Star!!

Usopp Rubber Band! Rolling
Exploding Star! Exploding Star!!

What... is the name of
this explorer's descendant?

Montblanc Cricket...

Then... is the name... of his ancestor
from 400 years ago Noland?



What're you doing all of a sudden, Wyper?!

Is this a miracle...

...Great Warrior Calgara?!

Come on, Nola! We'll ring the bell again today

so that the sound reaches
to the end of the sky!

Let's send the sound that you love to Noland!

What the...?!

What was that?

But... to think that this vine wasn't
affected by that shock at all...

--Dammit! This time'll be Triple Explo...
--Out of my way!


They say that the
descendants of your best friend

are still waiting for...
the ring of the golden bell!

What patience those guys have!


Ugh! What the heck was that?!


How foolish... A Reject Dial...

Break! Giant Jack!!

It's coming down!!

Here goes! Get on, Luffy!

Run it at full power!

To be honest, I've never tried the
maximum power of this Jet Dial

because it's too strong for me to control.

--Then use it!

--Here we go, Luffy!!

It's coming down!


What on earth is going on?!

We're counting on you two! Luffy! Nami!

If the sky island disappears now,
we won't be able to ring the golden bell!

You'll ring it, right?! You'll let
old-timer Cricket hear it, right?!

Jump to where Eneru is!

Go!! Everything depends on you two!!


My, my... Why can't you quietly
wait for the completion of Raigo?

How impatient they are...

I have no choice, then.

Something's coming!

Don't slow down! I'll repel those things!

It's missing us! You're a bad shot!

It's insolent of you to try and come to me!
You need to be taught a lesson!


That bastard! He's trying to
sink the vine from the base!

Do something, Nami!

I can't do anything! We're already climbing up!

If this vine loses its foundation, we'll no
longer be able to come up this high!

We won't be able to get close to Eneru!

Upper Yard is being pummeled with attacks!

Luffy! Nami!

Even if the lightning doesn't work on you,

Even if the lightning doesn't work on you,

it doesn't mean anything
unless you can reach here!

it doesn't mean anything
unless you can reach here!

Fall down below and wait for the
completion of Raigo, rubber man!