One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 89 - When the Kingdom's Rule Is Over! The Flag of Conviction Lasts Forever - full transcript

The commodore seems sad...

Yeah. Just after he made such a
great friend all the way out here...

None of this makes any sense!

We set sail first thing tomorrow morning...

But the villagers are so
bloodthirsty we can't go near 'em,

not to mention, the bell
didn't ring again today...

Don't show your face around me!

Do you want your wife to end up a widow?!

''Eternal Friends! The Vowed Bell
Echoes Across the Mighty Seas!!''

What a heartrending way to leave...




Do you have a minute?

Botanist, my ass!


If these are the victims
of your ''advancements,''

then we should never have accepted you!

Kindred Trees?


It is said that all the spirits of our
ancestors who died on this island

are guided to them by the bell
so they can settle inside them.

All of our ancestors who lived on
the island since the age of Shandora

watch over us from those sacred, white trees.

The Kindred Woods are so
truly important to us Shandians

that we've protected them as much
as we've protected our own lives!

And we chopped them all down...

The warriors were angry and
instantly took up their weapons...

--We must drive them off this island!

...but since you had saved so
many of the villagers' lives...

I see. So that attitude was
anger they couldn't act on...

Even if it was just for tree research...

Even if you didn't know...

The villagers' anger won't go away now...

So, I thought I would at least ask why...

...before you left...

Hey! Someone help with this!

--Trees where ancestors' spirits dwell...
--Get it all on board now!

I had no idea. We've done something
that can never be taken back...

The villagers are right to be angry.

But, Commodore! We had no choice, given--

No excuses! I only did what satisfied me!

I'm told that aside from
proclaiming the city's existence,

that bell also served to guide
their ancestors' spirits to the island.

And we cut down those trees!

We have no reason to be forgiven!


Listen up, everyone!

Eh?! Leave all the gold behind?!

Noland and his men are preparing to leave.

Mousse! Where were you?!

What if...

What if you knew a single, important
tree was tainted by poison...

And that its poison would
eventually spread into the forest,

affect people, and kill an island?!

What if you knew beforehand?!

--What are you talking about?!
--What do you mean?

If it was us...

What would we do with
that single, important tree?!

Dad! Go quickly and stop them!

Don't be a fool! You know what they've done!

If we part now, we'll regret it
for the rest of our lives!

You finally made such a dear friend,

and we Shandians owe them so much!

But we're going to leave them
hurt for the rest of their lives!

What are you talking about?!

It'll probably sound like an excuse,

but for the commodore's honor, I must say this.

Those woods of yours were already dead.


The true horror of the Kinetsu plague
is that it can also infect plant life.

It was because he knew this

that the commodore pleaded with
you without regard for his own life.

From people to forest, forest to people...

Several small islands have been
destroyed in exactly that way.

But there's nothing to worry about now.

We finished checking
the entire forest yesterday.

I'm sorry that we cut
down your beloved woods

without knowing or explaining...

It'd probably still be unforgivable
even with an explanation,

but a botanist would never harm
a forest without good reason.

The commodore doesn't hate
gods and spirits and stuff...

It's just that he always
knows what's most important.

That means... they did it for us?


I'm sorry, Noland!

Don't go yet!

Everyone have everything?

All except one thing...

Quit mopin'! Just forget about it!

All right! It's time to go!
Everyone to your positions!

We're now heading back
to the Lvneel Kingdom!


I've committed such a sin!

Wait! Noland!

Set sail!

Why is the bell ringing?

Ring it!

I'm sorry, Noland-san!

Louder! So Noland and the others can hear it!

Commodore! Look!



Come back again!


I'll be waiting for you here!

I'll keep on ringing the bell!

So that your ship won't get
lost at sea when you return...

So that you won't lose sight
of this island during a storm...

I'll ring this bell and wait for you!

Let's meet again someday
for sure! Friend of mine!

I can... come back again?

Of course I'll be back! I will!

Let's meet again someday for sure!

There once was a man
named Montblanc Noland,

''North Blue-- Lvneel Kingdom''
There once was a man
named Montblanc Noland,

''North Blue-- Lvneel Kingdom''
from a kingdom in the northern seas.

from a kingdom in the northern seas.

Noland the Explorer always told
stories of incredible adventures.

But the villagers could never
tell if they were true or not.

One day, Noland returned from a
journey and reported to the king.

It stands all the more
proudly and beautifully in ruin!

This city is named Shandora! The term
''city of gold'' fits it like none other!

''Five Years Later''

''Five Years Later''
Marie Jois has finally granted us
permission to enter the Grand Line.

Marie Jois has finally granted us
permission to enter the Grand Line.

As such, I wish to send
you on another mission.

Yes, it would be my pleasure!

But, I've decided my soldiers will
join you on this journey, as will I.


''One Year Before Noland's Arrival''

''One Year Before Noland's Arrival''


You're off to ring the bell, right? I'll help!

Hey, Nola. You've sure settled into these ruins!

Say! When do you suppose
Noland-san and the others will come?

That's all you ever ask when you come here.

It won't be so easy for him to come back.

He was born in the far northern seas.
He also has a family back home.

But he did promise.

As long as we keep ringing this
bell here, he'll show up sooner or later.

What's this?! This looks bad!

Come, Seto! We have to protect the village!


Why does the island suddenly end here?!

Damn you! You lied to me!

Where is this gold of yours?!

Where did the village go?!

What happened to this island?!

Calgara! If you're alive, let me hear it!
The sound of the gold bell!

Answer me, fire of Shandora!

Noland's public execution's about to start!

Hey! This way, guys!

Six years ago,

I saw a giant city of gold on
the Grand Line island of Jaya!

The city of gold does exist!

Then let's hear from one of your crewmen.

Is this man telling the truth?

No. It's an absolute lie.

Eh?! Noland-san is a liar?!

Then were all his stories fake?!

That's messed up! He lied to the
whole kingdom and acted like a hero!

Who's that witness?!
He's not part of our crew!

Did you see Calgara and the others?!

Commodore! What happened?!

Seize them!



For his heinous lies, Montblanc
Noland is hereby sentenced

to death by beheading!


--He's a liar!

--The commodore'd never lie!

Liar! Liar! Liar! Liar!...

God! It's a giant island of Vearth!

Yes. Did you hear that? The singing
voice of this beautiful Vearth...

It is truly the birth of holy land.
That is where I must live!

What happened?!

What is this?! I can't breathe well!

--Is everyone all right?!
--Pull yourselves together!

--Pull yourselves together!
--Tend to the wounded! Hurry!

Calgara! Intruders!

I hereby claim this Vearth as mine! I am God!

God, my ass!

Stop them, warriors!

We cannot let this land be taken away!

We made a promise, Noland...

That we would meet again someday...

Calgara... Where are you?!

When you return to Jaya, what will
you think when you see we're gone?

Hold on a little longer! I'll let
you know that ''we are here''!

Are you alive?!

I have so much to tell you...


I'm only concerned for your well-being...

Let's meet again on the
same land someday, Noland!

Light the fire of Shandora!

Great Warrior Calgara continued to shout.

Just once would've been enough.

For he believed the fire of Shandora
would echo and let all know that,

''We are here!''

But the bell never once rang.

Everything was later told to our
village by sailors from the Blue Sea.

Noland, to whom we owe so much,
had such pride for our city

that he refused to deny Shandora's
existence and died known as a liar.

But it was already too late,

for Great Warrior Calgara had died
honorably in battle here in the sky.

Never being able to convey his message...

That is Great Warrior Calgara's greatest regret.

Do you think it could still reach him?

That bell! If we rang it now,
would its sound reach Noland?!

That's a good question...

We are close to Heaven...

Wyper! We'll die if we don't escape now!

Come on!



What gives you the right
to take everything away?!

This is the sky! God's domain!

Everything is an eyesore!

The people, the trees, the land!
Return to where you belong!

Let everything rain into the Blue Sea!


Angel Island won't last much longer!

There are lots of injured people!

Get them into boats, then give them first-aid!


--Hurry, into the ocean!

I get chills when I imagine that
girl's speech being any later!

Is she all right?!

He's far above now.

It's only a matter of time until
his ship reaches the top of the vine.

What is it Eneru wants there?

A gold bell at the top.

A bell...

The scurrying angels are like a
line of ants that's been disturbed!

Return to where you belong, Skypiea!

What is that?!

A hole in the White-White Sea?!

I have no need for good
old God's Shrine either!

Nor for the city of Shandora below it!

There is but one thing left
in this land that I want!

The golden grand belfry!

Two voices, at this final stage?

Geez! How can he run so fast?!

Nami! Be all right!

And I won't let you have
the golden bell, Eneru!