One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 87 - Vs. Wapol's Army Corps! The Abilities of the Baku Baku Fruit! - full transcript

While God Eneru was busy dealing
with Sanji's last-ditch efforts...

...Usopp succeeded in rescuing Sanji.

Meanwhile, Luffy's group...

...headed up Giant Jack to
settle the score with God Eneru.

Robin! Eneru's after the gold bell, right?!

And it's at the top of this vine, right?!

And it's at the top of this vine, right?!

They had but a mere
moment to enjoy their reunion,

for God Eneru, after repairing
the Maxim, took action again!


Everyone! Hurry to the ship!
I'll get Luffy and bring him back!

An exquisite view!

Don't assume things are gonna
turn out how you want, Eneru!

Dammit! He isn't holding back!
We gotta get outta here!

Everything's done for!

Is that where the detestable
Shandoran warriors' hidden village is?

They're originally from the Blue Sea;
surely they'd enjoy going home!

Now, then! Strike the world below!

Our village!

That was close! We'd be ashes
now had we left any later!

In the name of Great Warrior Calgara...

...light the fire of Shandora!


Your distant ancestor,
the great warrior Calgara,

had another reason for being so
determined to take back our homeland.

Another reason?

Yes. It was Calgara's greatest regret of all.

Listen. Great Warrior Calgara
had a very close friend...

A close friend?

Yes. He met Calgara 400
years ago. His name was...

...Montblanc Noland!

''Led by a Bell's Sound! Tale of
the Great Warrior and the Explorer''

This tale took place 400 years ago,
and though it has never been written of,

it has been kept in people's hearts
from one generation to the next.

It is a true story of a
warrior known as a monster,

and an adventurer known as a liar.

Get on board, quick!

The Monster of Shandora is coming!

Hurry! Cast off! Cast off!

--B-But there are still crewmen--!
--Just get us out to sea!

He's here!

You must be eliminated!

Leave all your belongings and go!

R-Reporting, Commodore!

Our ship's stores have finally been exhausted,

meaning we're now... lost... at sea...

The cook's fainted!

Dammit! There's no food left!

The commodore fell into the ocean!

This is the Grand Line! Did he decide
to drown himself and leave us?!

Maybe he was so starved he chose death?

Don't be stupid! He's a hero who's
returned twice from these waters!

Then what're these carefully
folded clothes and shoes for?!

H-Hey! Someone go check...

Screw that! It's a sea of monsters down there!

He's not coming back up!

--Pretty nimble guy, he was. Here.

Eh? What's this rope?

Pull it in.

What is this, Commodore?!

Don't tell us you killed it underwater?!

Cook it up for us.

You really do lose your
touch when you get lazy.

It's a huge storm, Commodore!

I bet so, given this swaying.

You bet so? Is that all?!

The yardarm's been busted!

--Main! Main!

This third voyage has lasted over two years.

It's almost miraculous it has lasted so long.

Hey. Did you just hear something?!

Eh? Do you mean the thunder?

No, something beautiful, like a bell...

Priest! Try to keep your senses!

This land is cursed! At this rate,
the Shandians will be wiped out!

H-How can we save the village, Priest?!

O-Offer... a girl!

At the sacrificial altar!

How many victims does that make?

Over a hundred...

What's going on?! This has
never happened to us before!

If I can be of use, I will gladly give my life.

Why do you cry, Mom?

I'm about to be welcomed by the sun god!

Being chosen to be a sacrifice
is a wonderful thing!

Thank you for raising me, Mom.


If this is a bad dream, let me wake up!

Dammit! Go away!

Go away!

Great Warrior Calgara...


I wanted to be like you someday...

I wanted to be a brave warrior
and fight to protect this land!

I don't wanna die because
of something like this!

You're amazing, Commodore!

There really was an island in
the direction you said to turn to!

Yes, what a relief. We can
ride out the storm here.

Still, did you guys really not hear it?

Nope. None of us heard any bells. Right?

Yeah! You must've been
hearing things, Commodore!

What a magnificent forest!

I hope we find good research materials!

Commodore! Was that the sound you heard?!

Hey, now! Don't tease me!

I'd never mistake the sounds of
this odd bird for something else!

C-Commodore! Was this--

Wow... What a beautiful tone...

Seems there are people here!

H-Hold on, Commodore! Wait!

Someone's lying on the ground!

Damn it... Intruders!

--Hey! Kid!
--Commodore! This kid doesn't look right!

Wait, you!

Let go!

It's the Kinetsu plague.
He hasn't been treated at all.

T-This island is bad news!

Doctor! Do we have any Conine left?!

Inject this lad and all of us immediately!

This is bad. Even the crops
are being eaten away at...

Commodore! All the houses
are filled with the sick!

Take the girl to the altar!

God of the sun... God of the rain...

God of the forest... God of the earth...

In exchange for this girl's life,
please save our village!

It's the Kashi God!


Let her go! It's for the village!

The Kashi God has such a divine form!

Please save my mother!

Please save my son and father!

What the--?! Something fell!

What's that?!

What on earth?! Who is that?!

Kashi God!


The ceremony is over.

You must've been really frightened.

You're safe now! There's no need to die!

--Kashi God! Please forgive us!
--We're all going to be cursed!

Kill! Give more lives to the gods!
Before we incur their wrath!

--Calgara! Kill him!
--Sounds like he did something bad!

They're really freaking out!

--He doesn't know how to ignore!
--He killed a god? What's that mean?!

Tribal rituals ain't something
you mess around with!

Quell the gods' anger,
Great Warrior Calgara-sama!

I am an explorer from
the North Blue, Montblanc--

It doesn't matter who you are!
You must be eliminated!

Is this how you've eliminated all
the few, yet vital advancements?!

You're in no place to criticize!
Atone to the gods where you stand!

Who is that man?! He's holding
his own against Calgara!

There! Use that knife to take your life!


A sacrifice meant to save the village,
crying because she wants to live...

Have you no shame?!

Don't be a fool!



For centuries we've strictly
upheld the commandment

that all intruders on this
island must be punished!

What's more, you're a god-killer!
You, alone, won't be enough!

You and all your men will pay with your lives!

Lives this, sacrifices that!
Will those make your gods happy?!

These ceremonies are flat-out denials

of the triumphs of all the great men
before us! I won't stand for it!

This is an insult to all the
adventurers and researchers

who've ever set out to sea in the
hopes of bringing people happiness!

If your gods value people's lives,

then wouldn't they have contempt
for these ceremonies, too?!

Give me time!

I'll banish this so-called curse of yours!

And if I can't, you can do whatever you like!

What nonsense!

You think you're a god or something?!

In return, if I do save this village from tragedy,

swear to me you'll never
hold these ceremonies again!

Is that all you have to say?!

Such nonsense! Now you die!

Try it!

--What are you saying?!

These people have until
tomorrow evening to live.


It's ''goodbye, world'' come sunset tomorrow!

Have faith in the commodore!

Hey, girlie. I feel bad for you too;
you were born in this village...

Yeah! With your looks,
you could marry an aristocrat!

Knock it off, guys! Don't you have any tact?!

Who is he?

Oh, you mean the commodore?

He's Montblanc Noland,
a renowned explorer. And a botanist.

He visits uncharted islands and finds
and researches new plants there.

He's pretty much a hero back home.

But he's too good-natured...

And his biggest flaw is that
he can't ignore stuff like this!

We do trust him, though!

Why didn't you let Calgara kill him there?!

The answer will make itself known tomorrow.

He says he can save our village.
There is no harm in waiting.

How can you be so carefree?!

You'll listen to him, but not
the priest's last words?!

Calgara! Say something!

If I sense the village is in
even the slightest danger,

I'll take that man's head without
waiting for tomorrow's sun to set.

I do not have the power
to hear the gods' voices.

But I do know when a man is
speaking earnest words. That is all.

Should you really be up?

I'm all better...

Great Warrior Calgara...

What does ''advancement'' mean?

Here we are! A Cona tree!

I'd be surprised if there wasn't
one in such a big forest!


--It's happening! It's really happening!
--It's the Kashi God's curse!

Let us out of here!

This is bad... The forest floor has sunk...

It looks like the island is about to tear apart!

Looking good!

Seems the gods have given a
crushing blow to you directly!

In that case, these gods...
aren't that great... at all...

They don't even have the strength...
to kill a single person...

You're stubborn.

Sorry, but could you get lost?
I don't feel like looking at you!

I... must hurry to the village!

Amusing. I think I'll see this through.

Just try and squirm out!