One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 85 - Dream of the Outcasts! The Quack Doctor Hiruluk - full transcript

God Eneru's plan was about
to enter its final stage.

Luffy challenged Eneru to a fight,

but after their intense struggle,
he plummeted off the ship.

What's the matter? You're lucky
enough to have made it this far.

Abandon those who are incompetent.

You must have a future you wish for, right?

A future I wish for... Yes, I do.

But if I just stay here and go with you,
it's the same as being alone.

There're actually a lot of things
I want and that I'd like to do,

but if I have to abandon those
guys and go with you like this...

...then I don't want anything anymore!!

God or not, if anyone
lays a finger on Nami-san...

...I'll become a devil of the Blue Sea!!


''The Two Awaken! On the Front Lines
of the Burning Love Rescue!!''


If you do not wish to
remain aboard this ship...

...then you have but one fate.

Go to the afterlife.

There's no way I can
possibly stand up to this guy...

But I don't want to stay on this ship!
That's the truth! I regret nothing!

Though, of course, after having said that,

I doubt you think you can
get off the ship safely...

Or would you rather place your hope
in the two rats that've snuck on?

I wanna go down!

If we go any higher up, we won't
be able to go back down, Sanji!

Besides, however you put it, God is on board!

Now that we've started,
there's no turning back!

But what are we gonna do, Sanji?!

This ship's huge! There could
be hundreds of guys on board!

We can't possibly break through them all!

Plus, if God or the priests
show up, we're goners!

Just accept it already!

You're more eager than I am, always
carrying the right tools for stuff!

But I wasn't planning to do this!

Anyways, look!
We're dealing with Mantra-users!

There's no point in tryin' to be all sneaky!

I'm sure they've been aware
of us for a long while now!

They know?! What're we gonna do?! Hey!

There's no point in worrying about it.

We'll split up inside and
head straight for the deck!

Nami-san is there!

What?! We're gonna split up?!

Are you insane?! We don't know
how many enemies are onboard!

Just getting up here was dangerous
enough! Why would we do that?!


If we don't split up, we could both go down!

What's with that ''one of
us is gonna die'' tone?

Wait! Don't tell me you're--

Don't tell me you're gonna
sacrifice yourself for Nami?!

Listen, Usopp. I...

If it's for Nami-san's sake,
I don't care if you die!

I'm gonna knock you flat!

--Alright, let's go! Hold on, Nami-san!
--We're not done talking yet!

--Wait, Sanji! Hold on!

Please! Wait! Sanji-kun!

It seems they're serious about rescuing you...

How utterly ridiculous...

Who could it be? No one
besides Luffy can still move...

And how did they get on board?!

Just because help has come
doesn't mean that you're saved,

or that I'm obligated to wait for them.

My only choice is to jump off
and hope for the best!

If I stay here, I'll die for sure!

I'm up against lightning...
Is there anything I can do?!

What's this?

It's all run by machine...

Guess that means he doesn't
need underlings or henchmen...

He's one damn creep, that's for sure...

This ship's huge, but there's no one here!

Does it run on its own or something?!

And since when do ships fly, anyway?!
I never heard of that before!

Just the fact I'm on this kind of
ship makes me weak in the knees!

Talk about creepy!

How the heck does this thing work?!
Shouldn't it actually fall?!

Plus if Nami is on the deck, we're
already too high up to jump off!

What're we gonna do?!

The sky... It's getting darker and darker...

He intends to begin the
great destruction soon...

And then he'll probably take
the gold bell up above...

Into the boats! Don't get left behind!

Hurry to the White Sea!
We're running out of time!

What an ominous ship!

This land really is done for!

Escape from this village?! But, Chief!

What about the warriors?!
They're still not back from Upper Yard!

There is no need to wait for them.

You can't be serious!

Why do you say that?
The warriors are not children.

They will avoid their own dangers
on their own. Have faith in them.

Eneru probably will destroy this land.

No doubt he intends to repeat here

what he did to his homeland of Birka...

Now hurry and set sail!
Focus on keeping these people alive!

It's all over.

Wyper... It's all right now.
You've done everything you could.

Did you come from the Blue Sea?

We flew up here from below! Do you live here?

Everything is happening
right here in this very forest,

yet I can't tell what's happening inside...

It's hard, only being able to wait...

Please be all right, everyone!

Horsey-Bird! Horsey-Bird!

I'm so sorry! You hurt yourself protecting me!


Aisa! Aisa!

Luffy? You're alive?!

Where are you?

Here! Over here, Aisa!

Aisa! Hey! Help me! Here! Over here!

What the heck kind of fall did you have?!

Alright... Dammit!
I can't get this gold ball off!

Don't call it that!

Anyways, let's go back to
the vine place Robin was at!

I'm not gonna let Eneru have his way!


Don't think you can stop me this easily!

Let's go after the ship!
I know where it's headed!

You amuse me, girl.

--It worked!
--So such tools exist in the Blue Sea?

Thunder Ball!

Creating a path for the lightning... Clever!

Only someone well acquainted with
weather phenomena could do that.

But... it's no use!

But surely you realize that it won't
help you if I change the scale!

Am I wrong?!

I'm busy. Begone!

I can't escape this time!

You begone!

Special Attack! Exploding Star!

I-I'm sorry!


So it was you, huh? I met you on the boat...

Huh?! Where's Sanji?!

Sanji-kun?! He's here?!

You mean he's not here yet?!

I see...


Hey, you!

You're a man, Usopp!
What are you running for?!

So what if you're God?!


--What?! What should I do?!

--Save me!
--Screw that!

I thought you came here to save me!

No, actually, I'm not really
sure what's going on...

Then what are you doing here?!

--I dunno...
--What do you mean you don't know?!

Save me already!

What do you mean save?
We're dealing with God here!

Yeah, huh?

By the way, Nami! That hat!

Yeah, it's Luffy's! He was here
earlier, but he got thrown off!

He's not dead! Not him!

The ship's flying up!
We can't count on Luffy to help!

--Let's get through this somehow!

I'm not a fan of dying!

Roger that!

Hey! Stay by this discharge tube!
It's gotta be pretty important!

It should keep him from doing big attacks!

Usopp! Look!

--A waver!
--I think jumping off in that is our only choice!

Jump off?! Are you crazy?! At this height--

No, there's an Island Cloud area
in the center of the forest!

We might survive if we can make it there!



I'll distract God somehow! Get it ready!


Take this, God! Usopp Spell!

A needle got stuck deep under my fingernail!

Yikes! Just thinking about that really hurts!

You idiot! Cover your ears! This could kill you!

I used paper to slice across my knuckles!

I have five canker sores on my gums!


I gotta get ready! We're only gonna
have a quick moment to escape!


Looks good! There are
Island Clouds by that vine!

Alright! All set--


Even if you want to escape,
it won't be so easy against me.

Or will you try to play a
deadly game of tag with God?

Usopp! Grab on!

Grab my hand!

There is no salvation for you at this point.




Hit it, Nami!


Wait, Usopp! Why'd you hit the gas?!
What about Sanji-kun?!

Never mind him! We gotta escape!

Are you trying to stomp
all over a man's resolve?!

So they jumped off...

Do they still not understand
the range of my attacks?

They haven't escaped me in the slightest...

Hey, God...

There's one thing I wanted to say...

No, but first...


I was just about to ask... for a light...

And? What else?

Yeah... You'll... pay for this...

W-What the...?! The ship!

You'll pay for this...

No, you didn't!

Damn you! What were you
doing inside the ship just now?!