One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Shousha wa docchi? Akuma no mi no nouryoku taiketsu! - full transcript

After Buggy damaged Luffy's prized straw hat, Luffy got angry and told him that he just ruined the hat of Captain Shanks. After hearing the name, Buggy revealed that he knew Shanks well. But he despises Shanks for what he's done to him 10 years ago. Back when he and Shanks were just crew members of a pirate group. They were best of friends, and had their own dreams to follow. Shanks thinks that he and Buggy could make a great team together with a crew of their own. But Buggy told him that it be best if they went their separate ways. After stealing a treasure map from a ship they attacked and obtaining a Devil's Fruit, Buggy was all set in fulfilling his destiny in wealth and power. But Shanks came by without warning and Buggy accidentally ate the Devil's Fruit which gave him the splitting body technique. And his stole map fell out of his clutches. And since then Buggy has never forgiven Shanks for what he's done. Luffy however has had it with Buggy bad-mouthing his idol, vows to take him down once and for all. But Buggy still has some tricks to reveal from up his sleeve.

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
Three years have passed
since a single drop of rain fell

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
in the kingdom of oases.

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
Seeing hope beyond turmoil,
the people take up weapons.

Seeing hope beyond turmoil,
the people take up weapons.

A fake King Cobra
appeared before the people

and claimed to be responsible
for the lack of rain.

Moreover, he destroyed the city
and persecuted its people.

Unaware it was all a trap set by Crocodile,

the people's hatred exploded.

The intense flames of rebellion
covered all of Alabasta.

Ready for the final showdown,
the rebel army heads

to the capital city of Alubarna.

However, Luffy and company still
remain in a Rainbase prison cell.

''The Terrifying Bananagators and Mr. Prince''

The rebel army is quickly approaching!

Listen! We must protect
Alabasta by our own hands!

Do not fear sacrifice!
Fight to the utmost of your power!

Counter the rebel army!
Take up intercept positions!

Bring Alubarna down!

Are you okay, Koza?

This is nothing!

At this pace, we'll reach
Alubarna by morning!

Let's continue our march at this speed!


The decisive battle will be at dawn!

What a coincidence. We're just
about to head to Alubarna, too.

If you'd like to come with us, then do so.


...would you rather save these people?


The key to this cell?! Give it here!

A hole?!

It won't be too long before
their fight to the death begins.

Even if you hurried to Alubarna from here,

who knows if you'd make it in time...?

To stop the rebellion, you'd need
to leave at once, Miss Wednesday.

Or will you save these people instead?

Though it doesn't help that I accidentally
dropped the key below the floor,

into the bananagators' den.

A bananagator!


Whoa! What's that?! There's an
alligator growing from that banana!

W-What is that insanely huge alligator?!

This room is underwater?!

What a weird banana!

You idiot! Look closer!

It's an alligator with a banana
growing out of it! It's a weird gator!

Hey! What happened, Vivi?!

A bananagator swallowed
the key to your cell!

What?! Chase it and make it spit it out!

I can't!

Bananagators are so ferocious
that they even prey on Sea Kings!

Get near one, and you'll
be eaten in one bite!

I apologize for clumsily dropping the key.

Plus, there's no telling
which one swallowed it.


I can't believe this guy!

Damn! If we could just get out of here,
I could handle those reptiles!

You're so dumb, Zoro! We can't
get out because the key got eaten!

I know that!

Well, then.

We must be going a little earlier than you.

Also, this room will be destroyed
automatically in one hour's time.

This secret underground room I've
used as Baroque Works president

is no longer of use.

It will soon fill with water and
be submerged in Rainbase's lake.

One million innocent citizens,
or a mere four pirates with no future?

Only one choice can be saved,
though the odds are low for both.

Your feelings are your ante, Miss Wednesday.

Do you like gambling?

With so many fools in this country,
this was such an easy job.

The juvenile rebels and the old man
digging in Yuba, for example.

W-What?! You mean the dry old guy?!

A foolish old man who keeps
pecking away every day

at an oasis that's long dead.

He keeps at it,
despite the constant sandstorms.

Why, you--!

Tell me, Straw Hat Luffy.

Do you think sandstorms can strike
towns perfectly time after time?

What are you saying?

Yuba, you see...

...can't be beaten by
some lousy sandstorms!

I'll dig it back up as
many times as it takes!

As many times as it takes!

As many times as it takes...

You did it?!


I have faith in His Majesty!

He's not someone who would
ever betray the kingdom.

I-I'll kill you!

Water's leaking in!

The whole room's gonna be
flooded if we don't do something!

Vivi! Help! Do something!

I don't want only one hour to live!

Quit freaking out.

Are you crazy, Zoro?! How can
I not freak out at time like this?!

We're gonna die if we don't do
something! Don't you understand?!

The kingdom or my friends, you say?!

I doubt you really plan
on giving anything back!

You plan to take my life too
before I reach Alubarna!

I know full well that nothing
will end unless I beat you!

You don't even know anything

about this country's people,
history, way of life...

You don't know anything about it!


Do something! Get us out of here!


Finally starting to beg for
your life, Straw Hat Luffy?

But it's only natural.
Everyone is afraid of dying.

If we...

If we die, then who's
going to kick your ass?!

Don't flatter yourself, small fry.

You're the small fry!

Well, this is your chance to
abandon them, Miss Wednesday.

If you wish to stop the rebellion, that is.

It's so big!

Alright! Beat it, Vivi!

That's crazy talk! It's too huge!

Vivi! Run! You can't beat it! But help us!

You're the one who's talking crazy!

Wait! Look out the windows!

They're all waiting for their turn!

We're pretty much being treated as food!

We're all gonna be in their
stomachs in an hour?!

Peacock Str--!

I-It's fast!

It took a chomp out of the stone
stairs in one instant! What a jaw!


Damn! These monsters are unstoppable!


--Vivi! Run!
--Get up!

Vivi! It's gonna eat you!

Someone's calling.


Hello? Hello?

Can you hear me?

Yes, I hear you. You're a Millions, yes?

Hey, does this thing work?

I've never used a
Mini-Transponder Snail before.

Yes, everything is fine.
You can talk just as you are.

What do you want?

Hurry and state your business!
What happened?!

Oh, I've heard that voice before.

Heya. You've called
the Damn Restaurant.

Heya. You've called
the Damn Restaurant.

The Damn Restaurant?

Oh, it sounds like you
remember me. That's great.

Heya. You've called the Damn Restaurant.
You want reservations?

Quit fooling around, dumbass.

Transponder Snail?!
What are you talking about?

I never used a Transponder Snail
while on Little Garden!

I'm certain we have all four
Straw Hat pirates inside that cell.

All that's left is their pet.
Does this mean there are still others?

--Hey, did you hear that?
--''Damn Restaurant''? Could it be?!

--Wait, Luffy!

The enemy doesn't know about him!

He was in his room when Mr. 2
showed up, so they never met!


That's right! Sanji-san and
Tony-kun are still outside!

Just who are you?

Me? I'm...

...Mr. Prince.

I see. Mr. Prince. Where are you?

'Fraid I can't say!

If I did, you'd come get rid of me.

Though, setting aside whether
or not you can get rid of me,

I'm not so stupid as to give
up information so easily.

Unlike you, Mr. 0.

Prince! Help! We've been caught!
There's no time!

--Come rescue me!
--Mr. Prince! Help me!

Sounds like my crew's right by your side.

In that case, I'm gonna--

Troublesome bastard!


We've caught him! What should
we do with this strange man?!

Sanji-san... No...

Where are you? Tell me!

T-The front gate of a casino
in Rainbase named Raindinners!

That useless moron!
That bastard better be alive!


Our hope...

This is great.

Let's go to the front gate.

Is that wise? The Millions still
don't know who their boss is.

I won't be going as their boss.

Aside from the Number Agents,
no one knows who you and I are.

What's so strange about Crocodile,
the owner of this casino,

going to see what has happened
in front of his building?


What are you doing, Vivi?!

There's still time before
this room fills up with water!

I'm going outside to get help!

Yeah! There's no way he
kicked the bucket just now!

If Vivi can just free him--!

And Chopper's outside, too!
We might have a chance!

Look out, Vivi!


Enough of your nonsense!

--Vivi! Wake up! Vivi!
--The gator's coming! Vivi!

If you love your friends that much,
you can all die here together.

The water will soon turn this
into their feeding ground

and submerge the entire room.

I'll drag your cheeky Mr. Prince
here too, if you'd like!

Hopefully you don't mind corpses!

Damn it!

Oh! Owner Crocodile! Have you
heard what happened in Nanohana?!

Yes, I have.

The whole town-- no, the whole country--
is clamoring at the news

that the rebel army and the royal
army are finally about to clash!

I'm not surprised. The king does
let pirates attack cities freely.

I always thought something
like this might happen.

Hey, look! It's Crocodile-san!

It really is him! He's so wonderful!

He rarely shows himself inside the casino!


You're as popular as ever.

Quit it with the gloomy look!

Curse you. When did you touch my face?

I didn't touch it! I punched it!
Have you forgotten, Musclebrain?!

--Oh? You wanna fight?

Knock it off! Aren't there
others for you to fight?

You're no fun! Why do I have
to work with someone so un-fun?

Fun or not, Alubarna has
finally come into view.

Oh? Let me see, let me see!
Oh, there it is!

So that's Alubarna,
where the drama will unfold?

Where Zero-chan's ambition
will blossom as a desert flower?!


T-They've always been there
to help me all this time...

I refuse to just let them die...

Yes! She got away!

The water's broken through the glass!

Now we got less than 20 minutes
until this room's submerged!

Vivi! You alright?!

Everyone! Hang in there a little longer!

I will bring back help!
I promise I won't abandon you!

Yeah! We're counting on you, Vivi!

What in the world is this?

Including the employees just
done in by Pell the Falcon,

it looks like all the Millions
in this town have been wiped out.

What happened?! Hey!

A-A man named Mr. Prince...

I thought you caught him? Where did he go?!

He just now headed to
the south part of town...

Just now?


Small fry. Don't think you can escape me.

Why not forget about him?

Quiet. I've always killed everyone
who's made a mockery of me!

Whoa! An earthquake?!

This is bad! The bridge into
Raindinners has collapsed!

Just out of the blue?!

What's going on?! What caused it?!

Hey! What's going on?!

--Now we can't get back to town!
--Aren't there any boats?!

What's going on?!

The bridge fell!

Oh no! I can't go outside now?!

It's not about not going outside.

It's about keeping Baroque Works
from coming back in.

It's all part of the plan.

Chopper's running around
town as a decoy as we speak.

We gotta hurry. The rebellion's begun, too.


Think you could tell me
where they are, Princess?