One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 79 - Ambush! The Bliking and Wapol the Blik - full transcript

God's Island, Upper Yard...

''Upper Yard'' ''Angel Island''
God's Island, Upper Yard...

''Upper Yard'' ''Angel Island''
In the Upper Ruins,
Zoro clashed against Priest Ohm.

In the Upper Ruins,
Zoro clashed against Priest Ohm.

Three-Sword Style!

One-hundred-eight Caliber Phoenix!

Luffy and the others were inside

the stomach of the giant snake,
who was playing with Wyper.

After finding the ruins
of Shandora, the city of gold,

Nico Robin encountered God Eneru.

And Conis has come to know
God Eneru's horrifying secret.

Skypiea will be dropped into the Blue Sea!

This nation will disappear!!


''Collapsing Upper Ruins!
The Quintet for the Finale!!''



There's no time to lose!

Eneru is... Eneru is...

...planning to eliminate
everyone living in the sky!!

Skypiea will be dropped into the Blue Sea!

This nation will disappear!!

It's no time... to cry...

There's no time... to lose...

I have to do... what I can do!

I have to... let people know!

Take care of those two, Suu!

Because I have to go take care of something...

I'll tell them at any cost!

I swear I'll give the message you
risked your life for to the islanders!

It took longer than I thought.

Does this mean that I still need more training?

In any case, it's gotten quiet.



So this dog listens to anyone?!

Knock yourself unconscious!

Now I have to take care of
that snake and the bazooka guy.

I'd better hurry up!

There isn't time for a long fight. Die already!

You're an eyesore! Why don't you just die?!

Tsk! To think that it isn't hurt
at all after taking so many hits...!

Sorry, but you'll have to die!

Even that didn't work?! Dammit!
Those are some hard scales!

Man...! What the hell is going on?!

What the hell are they doing
to the snake out there?!

Hey! Someone help! Hey!

Nami'd better still be alive!

Wh-What did you just do?!

I bestowed mercy.

A pitiful worm was in great pain, so I
saved him by releasing him from it.

It was my duty as God.

It seems that the young woman
is still behaving desperately,

but that's perfect entertainment for the party.

They can all realize what despair is.

This man... has Logia Power!

Now, we are running out of time.

Let's settle this, shall we?

My ultimate plan will start soon, as well, so...

Ultimate... plan?

God is calling you!

Come to me, lowly beings!!


What the...?!

What're you...?

I invited your friends here... to Shandora!!

This man's ability... What tremendous power!

The ground broke into pieces!

It's Eneru! He's the only one
who'd do something like this!

This isn't good, I've gotta...


What the hell...?! There's a hole below!

Let's start the finale!

I'll fly out of here.

Yeah! This could go on forever!

Luffy! Hold onto the waver!

I'm gonna fire up the engine!

Hey, you! Hold onto me!

Okay! I'm ready, Nami!

Here we go!

I can finally get out!

What?! What are they doing?!

Pierre, go back! We have to save those two!

H-Hey! Aren't we falling?!

Ahh! We are dropping fast!!

Pierre, don't worry about us.
Go help those two inside!

Wh-What're we gonna do, weird knight?!

If we don't do anything,
we'll crash into the ground!

My name is Gan Fall. It's Gan Fall!

Who cares about that right now?!



Why have this many pieces fallen from above?

--This is not my day!

Don't tell me you fell all the
way down here with these...

Dammit! I almost died!!

Yeah, that's what happens... to normal people.

Oh, it's you.

Where am I?

It's the city of gold that you were looking for.

I see. So this is the place.

It doesn't look much different
from the one that was up there.

So did you find the treasure?

No, there was no gold here.

Phew... This giant snake
went really crazy, didn't it?

We're back where we were!

Are you stupid?
Who'd hold onto the waver's jet?!


Everyone else made it outside!
We've been left behind! It's all your fault!

--Don't worry!
--What're you gonna do?

Well, why don't we hurry up
and plop out from its butthole?

I don't want to do that!

--Oh, it's the horse!
--That's a bird!

Huh? Are you saying to get on your back?

Ahh! The bird has become a horse!!

Ahh! Your hands stretched!!

I ate a Gum-Gum Fruit
and became a rubber person,

so of course I can stretch my arms!

Wh-What are you?!

A pirate! Now, let's go!

Hold on tight, okay?


Alright! We'll break out this time for sure!

Go! Horse!!

Full speed ahead towards the exit!!

Ow, ow, ow...

Thanks, weird knight!

It was fortunate that we landed on clouds.

We left Luffy and Aisa behind.
I wonder if they're okay.

Trust Pierre. When push comes to shove,
he's a reliable bird, or horse...

Say, where on earth are we?

It seems underground, location-wise...

...but I have never seen
this place. Where on earth...?


In any case, to think that there
was a place like this in Upper Yard...

Is it possible... that this place is...

...the homeland of the Shandians?!

Light the fire of Shandora!

In the name of the Great Warrior Calgara!

Light the fire of Shandora!!

We're going back!

To our homeland!

To our homeland!!

So this is the place that we've been seeking!

The proud city that our ancestors protected!


It looks like it's looking for something...

...or maybe Luffy's doing
something inside again?

The giant snake is acting strange.

It's crying!

What's the meaning of this, Lord of the Sky?

What are you so worked up for?

What an annoying snake!

How foolish...!

El Thor!


Dammit! Nami!

She won't survive that!

Oh? Zoro! Robin, too!

You were there?! When did you
get out of that snake's stomach?!

Why are you here, Navigator?

Well, I'm all right... but...

...Luffy's in there.

Huh? Why in the hell is he...?!

What was I supposed to do?! He was in there!

Geez...! Such a pain in the ass!
Why's he always like this?!

How should I know?!

With just one hit...

...when the Lord of the Sky wasn't hurt
at all after so many bazooka attacks.

Dammit! This may have hurt Aisa inside!

Ball Clouds!


What was that for? That wasn't
very nice of you, Warrior Wyper.

I kindly invited you to
your homeland, you know.

Don't get so fired up. Wait a little.

The game isn't over yet.

Game, you said?!

That's right. It's a petty game.

You... and those behind you
as well, are the participants.

Welcome, splendid survivors!

I'm glad you made it this far.
I'll praise you for that.

Well, I'm just having a little fun.

This is a survival game to see
how many people out of 81,

including me, are standing three
hours after you all entered this island.

There're participants who entered
in the middle of the game,

but I'm allowing that as well.

My guess was that there'd be five survivors.


Zoro, Robin, weird knight,
bazooka man, and Eneru.

That's exactly five people, right?

Phew. Good, he hasn't noticed I'm here.

In three minutes, it'll be three hours.

In other words, it won't do if
there're six people here right now.

Doh! He knew!

God's prophecy cannot fail,
since he is absolute.

Now, who will die? Will you fight each other?

Or shall I take care of it myself?

What do you wanna do?

I'm not going to be the one.

Me neither.

I won't accept that, either.

I, too, firmly refuse.

Hey, hold on a sec! I...!

So you die!

How insolent!