One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 54 - Foreboding of a New Adventure! The Puzzling Girl, Apis - full transcript

During the storm, a girl escaped from a Marine ship. The report was sent to Admiral Nelson Royale, who is very disappointed that the marines had made this mistake. And explained to them that the girl is the key to obtaining Ryuukotsu, the elixir of eternal life. His servant Erik was given a task to search and find the girl at all costs. It's been 2 days since the Straw Hat Pirates left Loguetown. Usopp spotted a flock of bird surrounding an object at sea. Sanji explained that normally birds would do that, when a school of fish are around. Luffy got excited and used his Gomu Gomu Net to reach out and grab what he thinks is a fish. But it turned out to be a girl who is all worn out. She woke up and accidentally hit Usopp in the chin, and found herself in the mess hall. Nami was glad that she came through, and told her that Sanji is preparing her some soup. The girl finds herself lucky to be saved. Nami asked for the girl's name, but she insists to know their names. So Nami introduced everyone, and right until she mentioned Luffy being captain of the pirate ship. The girl became scared and paralyzed. She didn't eat any of the meals that were offered and sat in a corner thinking that she's in for the worst. Her stomach moaned, so she crept to the mess hall to see what was in the fridge. Only to find a trap being set off. Sanji turn on the light and found the girl and Luffy(who was caught in a large mouse trap). The trap was set, for security measures on protecting the food from thievery, especially when Luffy is the only one on board who tries to steal a snack. Sanji prepared the girl some soup, but she didn't want any of it. Sanji told her that he's not trying to poison her. So she tried it, and found it to be delicious. The girl started to trust the Straw Hat Pirates more. The next morning, the girl tried to make breakfast. But it was all burnt with too much seasoning. Sanji cheered the girl up, that all cooks make mistakes in cooking. He told everyone to eat it all up to encourage her. They all learned that the girl's name is Apis. And she's been adrift on the life boat for 3 days. And escaped from a marine ship. And she wasn't on board it as a guest. As Zoro states that Marines don't take regulars on board like a cruise would. Luffy wondered why the Marines would take a girl like Apis. Apis didn't want to tell them why, so she told them where she's from: Gunkan Island. Located near the Grand Line, and has the silhouette of a battle ship. Since Apis's home island is close to their destination, the Straw Hat Pirates will gladly help Apis get home. Meanwhile a fleet of Marine ships has spotted the Going Merry. The recognized it as a pirate ship because of their jolly roger of the straw skull. The Major of the ship, found the ship's appearance to be weak, so they'll ignore them. But Erik(who is also on board)told the Major that the jolly roger of that ship belongs to the Straw Hat Pirates lead by Monkey D. Luffy, the 30,000,000 Belli bounty head pirate. And for that Erik finds ignoring a wanted pirate to be unwise-able. And insists they seize the ship. Usopp(who's taking watch on the crow nest) saw the Marine fleet coming their way. Apis recognize the division as the one she escaped from. Luffy and the crew learned that fleet is after Apis. A marine spotted Apis with his binoculars, and told the Major that the Going Merry has Apis on board. Erik was pleased to found out that Apis is with the Straw Hat Pirates. And told Major, on how upset Admiral Nelson would of been if he'd ignore the Going Merry without knowing that Apis was on board. The Major got scared for thinking about what would of happened. He orders his men to fire the cannons. The cannons missed, and Major used his megaphone to tell the Going Merry that was only a warning shot, while the next one will hit them. Zoro and Luffy plan to fight off the fleet, while Usopp finds that to be crazy. Apis on the other hand noticed that all the seagulls are parched on ship. And knows that a gust of wind is about to come. So Nami told Zoro to face the sails south. Then the gust of wind came by and gave them a jump start towards south. Leaving the marines behind who are too slow to catch up. Erik finds it pathetic for a small ship to get away from a whole fleet. One of the Marines told the Major that the Going Merry is headed to the one place that is dangerous. So Major ordered the whole fleet to halt and reverse course. Erik wanted to know why the Major would stop the ships from pursuing the Straw Hat Pirates. The Major mentions that if they continued to proceed, they'll get trapped at the Calm Belt. Erik remained Major that if they don't rescue Apis, Major will have to face the consequences from Admiral Nelson. The Major however didn't care what his punishment will be. And won't risk his men to be harmed. Usopp and Luffy cheered that they got away from the Marines in sheer luck. Nami noticed Zoro looking serious and wanted to know why. Zoro couldn't help but feels as if they're not moving at all. It's true as there's no gust of wind at all. Then Nami gave out a scream and realized that they've entered the Calm Belt!

What the heck...?!

It's a cloud road that looks like a belt...

--Oh, Nami-san, how pretty you are!
--It doesn't look like it was
created spontaneously.

There's no way this is spontaneous!

That's the exit! There's something written!


God's Land, Skypiea?!

It's not an exit... It's an entrance!!

''Godland, Skypiea!
Angels on a Beach of Clouds''

An island!

It's a sky island!

Hey... that sign... said Skypiea.

Yeah! That's the same name as the one
written on the map that Luffy found.

That galleon that fell on us
really did come here...

They saw this scenery
two hundred long years ago!

What is this place?!

You can really smell adventure in the air!

Ahhhh! You idiot! Wait!

Your feet can touch the bottom.

Hey, you okay, Usopp?

Is this island made of fluffy clouds?

It's fluffy, isn't it?

It's fluffy!

Let's go ashore!!

The sky island!!

Oh, I'm coming, too!

I'm gonna go change!

Hey, Luffy! What about the anchor?!

There isn't seabed around here, right?!

Who cares?

Yeah, who cares?


--Forget about it!
--Forget about it!

Me too! Me too!

Come down already! This beach is fluffy!!

Rolly, rolly, rolly...

Let me do it, too!

Still, this scenery is amazing.

It's like something out of a dream.

Yeah, it sure is.

And, look at how they're
getting all carried away...

They're hopeless...


So are you.

Ow! Ow! Ow! Sorry! I said, sorry!!

We brought the south bird with us, didn't we?

We forgot to let him go.

It looks like there're people living here,

so he'll probably be able
to survive without our help.

If he tries hard, he can go down to
the ground. He's a bird, after all.

Oh, hey, what about the anchor?

It hit bottom.

Looks like those fluffy clouds
are the base of this island.

That means that the island
is floating on the sea.

I wonder if an island can actually stay in
the same place without being washed away.

Well, all we can do is
take things as they appear.

Actually, this is all hard to believe.

But, in any case, it's a fact
that this sky island's here.


I felt it with my body,
so there's no reason to doubt!

Come down! Since your feet can touch
the bottom, you won't drown, right?!

What about you?

Yeah, I'll go, too.

The smell of adventure... huh?

I've never thought of sailing or
going ashore as an adventure.

For some reason, the sky island
makes me sleepy...

Hello, this is your Captain speaking.

I'm having too much fun to figure
out what I should do first, over.

This is Usopp. Why don't we take
it easy for a while here, over.

Take it easy? Sounds good!

--What?! ''Denied'' means no, you know!

Look at these...
mysterious flowers are in bloom.

I wonder if these flowers are also balloons.

Do they pop like that fish did?

This is very nice.

The navy won't be chasing us here,
so we can enjoy ourselves!

Hey, Chopper, look. I wonder what that is.

--Ah! I found a strange nut!

I'm gonna try it!

What's this?

This thing's hard!

Hey, Usopp!

--I've got a nut for you. Here!

Hey, that hurt! Okay, stay right there!

Ahh! Robin-chan!

These are flowers from the
sky island. One for you...

...and one for...


Nami-san!! A flower for you!!

Whoa! This chair is made of clouds, too!

I wonder if there's some technology
to make things from clouds, after all.

But it's different from fluffy clouds.

--It's puffy.
--Nami-san!! A flower for you!!

But why do I get wet in a sea of clouds?

Hm? Oh, good timing.


Huh? What the hell is this? A fox?

Hmm? What's that sound?

Hey, there's someone! Over there!

That guerrilla again?!

The whistle! Where's the whistle?!
Let's ask him to save us again!

No, hold on. That's not a guerrilla. That's... angel...

An angel?



Did she just say heso, like belly button?

--What did she mean by ''heso''?

Well, heso is heso.

Suu, come here.

Did you come from the Blue Sea?

Yeah, we flew up here from below.

Do you live here?

Yes, I'm a resident here.

Welcome to Skypiea's Angel Beach!

Would you like to drink what's inside?

Hm? Yeah...

A conush's skin is hard
like iron, so you can't bite it.

You cut it at the bottom.

Here you go!


What?! It's that good?! Let me try it, too!


My name is Conis. This is Suu, a cloud fox.

If there is any way that I can
be of help, please let me know.

Well, you see... your gaze
is setting my heart on fire...

--Move it!

There are lots of things that we'd like to know.

To us, this place is filled with mysteries.

Okay. Please ask me anything.

Hey, something's coming.

Oh, that's my father.

Conis-san, heso!

Yes, heso, Father!

Hey, what're you guys saying?

Hm? What's that thing that he's riding on?

Oh, are you talking about the waver?

Wow! That thing is so cool!


I'm sorry, I'm coming to a stop!

Is everyone all right?

You're the one who crashed!

Hey, Luffy. Didn't you bring back
something like that from the seabed before?

Yeah, I did, didn't I?

That's the boat I read about in Noland's diary...

The boat that can be propelled without wind!

Are they your friends, Conis-san?

Yes. We've just become acquainted.

They said they came from the Blue Sea.

I see. Then, there must be many
things that you're puzzled about.

I'm sorry, this place is the White-White Sea.

Oh, no need to apologize...

Excuse me for not introducing myself sooner,
but my name is Pagaya. I'm sorry.

Oh, no, no... nice to meet you.

Father, were you able to catch some fish?

Yes, I had a large catch.

Oh, yes, why don't you all come to our house?

I'll prepare dishes for you
using the sky harvest.

Are you sure?! Then, let's go, let's go!

Sky island cuisine?!

Let me help you!

Before we go, can I ask you a question?

This boat doesn't have a sail,
and you weren't paddling, either.

How did you propel it on the sea?

Oh, you mean you're not familiar with dials?

Hm? Dials?

Wh-What is this shaking?! I can't stop it!

Oh, no! Is he all right?!

Heavens! I'm sorry I let him use the waver.

Speaking of which, I wonder how
this sea treats those with powers.

Oh, yeah... This isn't an ordinary sea.

So he just may float.

--He sank.
--So he doesn't float.

Ahhh! This is terrible!!

That was close! He was just
about to get through the clouds!

We had a late start because you
were making dumb comments!

Geez, why did you have to jump in, too?

The sky island is a scary place... a scary place...

I'm sorry for letting a beginner use that boat.

The body of the waver is
made so light that its rudder

can be taken over even by small waves.

Unless you know very well about the sea,
you can't handle it that easily. I'm sorry.

I've finally become able to ride it recently.

It's that hard?

Well, if you train, in ten years
or so, you'll be able to ride it.

That's a lot of training!

Hey, she's riding it!!

This is so cool!!

Nami-san!! You're the coolest!!

Whoa! This is incredible! I can't believe it!

Why is she able to ride that thing?!

It sure does require you to get the hang of it!

This is too delicate for you to handle, Luffy!

Hey, Nami! We're going to the old guy's
house now, so get off already!

--You stupid head!
--Don't take it out on her!

--You stupid head!
--You guys go on ahead!

Mister! Can I stay out here
a little longer and have fun?

That's fine! Be careful!

It's like a dream that there's
a boat I can ride at will like this,

without worrying about
the direction of the wind!

I wonder if we can use it on the regular sea...

Hey! Is that a construction site?

Oh, that's a cloud-quarrying site.

It's a site where they quarry out
clouds to be manufactured.

You can cut clouds?

You took the Milky Road to get
to the White-White Sea, right?

Milky Road? Oh, you mean
that winding sea path?

That's a man-made canal.

It's made out of the island clouds
that are quarried out here.

There're two kinds of natural clouds.

The ones your ship traveled
on are called ''sea clouds,''

and the ones floating there that you
can walk on are called ''island clouds.''

Either way, they're not ordinary clouds.

Right. Their condensation nucleus
is different from other clouds.

I've heard that a mineral called the
Sea Prism Stone exists in the Blue Sea.

Sea Prism Stone? Is it something
to do with those clouds?

Yes. When the corneous particles called
pyrobroine contained in that stone

are carried into the sky due to
volcanoes and gain moisture,

sea clouds and island clouds are formed
depending on the density of the moisture.

Oh, I see... that particle...

Oh, yeah, that one.

We used to play with them a lot in
our childhood... corneous particles...

There's no way!

Well, in any case, there're
three kinds of clouds here.

Sea clouds and island clouds,
which are natural,

and man-made clouds
made out of island clouds.

Now, this way, please.

What a great view!

Oh! We can see Nami riding the waver, too!

Hey, Luffy, what're you doing?

Why can she ride it so easily?

--What are you, a kid?!

Ouch! I just bit my tongue, Sanji!

Hey, old guy! Where's the kitchen?

Yes, this way.

What's wrong?

Well, this looked novel to me,
so I had a little taste,

but, how should I say it,
this blue sauce tasted intense.

--It made my tongue numb.

I'm sorry, it's rotten.

Hey, don't keep stuff like this around!!

--I completely swallowed it!
--It sounds cheery over there.

--Pay attention to when stuff goes bad!!
--He's probably excited about
the sky food, since it's new to him.

Miss, I don't mean to be abrupt, but...

Would you tell us a little about
the dials you mentioned earlier?

Sure. Well... how should I explain it?

Oh... this is a puffy chair.

Hm? What? It's a seashell.

Yes. Please say something to it.

Okay! Hmmmm...

Usopp is stupid!

Hey, why... why... why me?

Now, please press the apex of that shell.

What's an apex?

It's the tip of the shell.

Usopp is stupid!

--Hey, why... why... why me?
--Ahh! The seashell made fun of Usopp!

--No, that's your voice!
--Now, please press the apex of that shell.

Whoa! That's amazing! It stored the sounds?

So that seashell is a dial?

Yes. This is called a Tone Dial.

It's a White-White Sea seashell
that records and replays sounds.

But the sea here is bottomless, right?

Where do they live?

They live in the reefs of the shallows.

But I can't believe that this
thing can move that waver.

You're right. This is the kind
that powers the wavers.

This is a small one,

but it's fundamentally
the same as the Tone Dials.

So, wind comes out of this one.

Let me try it.

This is called a Breath Dial. It lets you
store and blow wind as you desire.

The capacity varies depending
on the size of the shell,

but by attaching this to the stern,
you can move a light boat.

That's the waver.

I see... So, it moved by blowing wind.

I wanna ride a waver.

Actually, there're various kinds,
like a skating type, and a board type,

although riding the waver
is as much as I can handle.

I wanna ride it. I'm jealous of Nami.
Too bad we have one but we can't use it.

You have a waver?

Yeah, we happened to
come across a beat up one.

Well, to start with, it's 200 years old.
There's no way it works.

We don't know that.

Dials have always been made
from the shells of dead shellfish.

So, unless the shell itself is damaged,
they work semi-permanently.


But you can't control it, right?

I'm jealous...

Sounds like other kinds
of dials exist as well, huh?

Is this one of them, too?

Yes. It's a Lamp Dial.

Whoa! The seashell lit up!

In addition, there are
Flame Dials that store flames,

Flavor Dials that store fragrance,
Vision Dials that store videos, and so on.

How interesting! How interesting!

People in the sky couldn't live without these.

I see.

So, you could say that... culture goes
hand-in-hand with dial energy.

Now, the food is ready!

It's a hearty sky seafood
course with sky island fruits!




This lobster! How can I express its taste?!

Hey, where did Nami-san go?

She's out there on the sea, isn't she?

No, she isn't.

Then, she probably went a little far.
Don't worry about her.

Father, I wonder if she's all right.

Yes, Conis-san, I'm a bit concerned myself.

Why? What's the matter?

Here in Skypiea, there's a place that we're
never to step foot in no matter what.

That place is next to this island,

so if you travel a bit by waver,
you can get there...

It's huge...

What is this?

Never to step foot in?

Why's that?

It's sacred ground.

Sacred ground?

We call that place...

...Upper Yard, the land where God lives.