One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 47 - You've Been Waiting for It! The Return of Captain Buggy! - full transcript

Buggy tells the mystery woman he's accompanied with. That he's planning to find his old crew. Meanwhile we learn that that the Buggy Crew had escaped from the angry mob of villagers and had to cat off cowardly. Mohji and Cabaji both were worried on what became of their captain. As the only thing they have left of him are his parts(which were all gathered and tied up thanks to Nami). Mohji blamed Nami for Buggy to loose his parts. While Cabaji has a grudge for being defeated by Zoro. The crew heads for a tropical island and made a memorial for Buggy. As they presume that he's dead. Cabaji then announces to the crew, that he'll be the new captain. But Mohji denies that and insisted that he becomes the captain. So the Sword Swinging Acrobat and the Beast Tamer went into a fight to determine who's more worthy of being the new captain. Their skills were both equal so they went into a fist fight instead. The fight went on from day to night. Richie the lion, was dreaming about him being the captain. Then he sleep walked and knocked both Mohji and Cabaji out. Richie was then honored by the crew as their new captain. Then out of nowhere a tribe surrounded them. The leader told them they're the Kumate Tribe, and they're trespassing their island. Richie showed himself as the captain, and attacked one of the tribes men. But the Kumate were too tough to beat. And the whole crew was found unconscious. Buggy used his binoculars to search for any signs of his crew. he spotted his flagship. And headed for the island. Buggy and the woman found his memorial, which made Buggy a bit confused on why there's a grave for him. He found Mohji and Cabaji, and they were glad to see Buggy safe and sound. Buggy wanted to know what happened. The woman explained to them that this island is home to the Kumate Tribe, and they're known for being cannibals. The tribe was making soup out of the Buggy Crew. They untied Buggy's parts, and don't know what they are. Buggy called out his parts, used them to fight off the tribesmen. Then his parts went towards him, and he starts to rebuild himself into his full scale body again. His crew was happy to see their own captain again. Buggy uses his Buggy Bombs to attack the tribe village. And soon he, Mohji, and Cabaji fight the tribesmen without any mercy. After the fight, Buggy tells his crew, that the reason for them all to be in this mess in the first place. Was all Luffy's fault to begin with. And they new plan is to hunt him down, and get their revenge. So they head off to search for the Straw Hat Pirates. Meanwhile, our friends are heading towards Loguetown. Also known as the "Town of the Beginning & No End". Sanji looks forward to checking out the town's way of cooking. Zoro wants to get himself 2 new swords to replace the ones that were destroyed by MiHawk. Nami, Usopp, and Luffy are more than excited to see the place, where Gold Roger once lived and died.

Hey, Mister! We want to go to the sky island!

Do you know anything about it?! If you do...

She said ''sky island''!

--But the Log Pose is
definitely pointing to the sky!
--Give me a break!


Zoro, hold on a minute!

Shut up! I'm just taking him up on his offer!


Get outta this town!

Luffy! Zoro! Forget the promise,
take care of them already!

Don't take them on, no matter what happens.

''Distinguished Pirates! A Man Who Talks of
Dreams and the King of Undersea Search''

Look at them! They're still standing!

Get those clumsy chickens!

This town isn't for dreaming cowards!

What's the commotion?

I heard the Bellamy Pirates
are holding a public lynching.

Luffy! Zoro! Why are you
just taking this from them?!

Fight them! Why don't you just beat them up?!

It's no use, lady. They're smart.

They've realized that their
opponents are out of their league.

Not fighting a strong opponent...
it's a disgraceful move, though.

I guess he has no dignity as a captain.

The Navy's generous these days,

giving 30 million Berries for the
head of a worthless ass like him.

Zoro, don't take them on,
no matter what happens.

Why... are you both...?

The doctrine of nonresistance...
Sounds nice, doesn't it?

In addition to being weak, you have no pride.

You can't get into a single fight.

But your head is full of dreams.

You're just like worms.

Right on!

I'm done here.

A weak-looking shorty worth 30 million...

I wondered what kind of man he is.

This isn't just a letdown, it's boring!

I've never met cowards like them before.

Hey, get them out of my face.

They're eyesores.

Look at them!

Luffy! Zoro!

Hey, woman.

You won't be able to move forward
into the new era if you're with him.

How about I buy you?

What'll it cost to have you come with me?

What was that? You're going to buy me?

That's right. Join us. It'll be fun.

Hate to say it,

but I'm too good for a team
of small fries like you!

How stuck up!

Their gang is nothing but dumbasses!

They're hopeless!

Take those two and beat it already

while you're still alive, you small fries!

Hey, don't ever come back!

The sky island exists.

The cherry pies here really are the best!

You're that guy...

Why so angry, young lady?

They're the ones who won the fight.


Oh? You'll surpass us?

We'll meet again when we
become distinguished pirates.

Your sharp retort was really something, too.

You've got nerves of steel.



The new era they're talking about is crap!

The era where pirates have dreams
will be over, they say?! Huh?!

What's going on?

People's dreams... have no end!!

Isn't that right?!

Hey, hey...

What're you suddenly shouting about?

What's this about people's dreams?

Outdoing others isn't easy!

Has your brain melted?!

What's going on? I hear a ruckus outside.

Don't bother. Those guys might be goin'
on a rampage 'cause they're pissed.

How sad!

They can go ahead and laugh at us.

When you aim high, you sometimes
come across fights not worth fighting.

Isn't that right?!

Let's go.

Y-Yeah... Luffy?


Oh, looks like I interrupted you.

Are you in a hurry?

I hope you can go to the sky island!


Hey, he might've known
something about the sky island.

I wonder who he is.

I don't know... And it's not ''he.''

What? It's not ''he''? Then what?

''They,'' probably...

What do you mean?!

Do you mean there were
others with him? Where?! Hey!

The drinks sure taste good today!




The pain...!



Seriously... I know I'm repeating myself,
but I'm not a shipwright.

But you're really handy with stuff, Usopp.

Aren't I?! That's the amazing thing about me.

We should just buy a new ship instead.

Are you nuts?! Do you know
how we got this ship?!

Yeah, yeah, I've heard it so many times.

It was given to you guys by a
pretty girl from your village, right?!

But still, it's dangerous to keep
traveling on a ship in this condition.

That's why I'm repairing it!
Give us a hand here!

Repair? You call this repair?
You're just patching it.

Shut up!

Hey, that's a funny face, Usopp!

Oh, like this?

Shut up!

Oh, yeah... About tonight's dinner...

Shut up!

--Oh, so you don't want any?

--Ahhh! We do!!
--Now, I wonder how the seagull
stock soup is coming along.

--We do!! Sanji-kun!!
--Now, I wonder how the seagull
stock soup is coming along.

--Please let us eat!!
--Now, I wonder how the seagull
stock soup is coming along.



Salvage, salvage...

--Salvage, salvage...
--Wh-What's with that ship?

--This song is...!

L-L-L-L-Luffy! Zoro!

Why are you wounded?! What happened?!

Nami-san! Are you all right?!


So check them out already!


So, what kind of Moguera
monster did you fight?

Pirates. But that's okay, it's all over now.


Even if it's over for you guys,
it's not over for me!

What's with you guys?! You're men, right?!

When someone provokes you, you should
just go ahead and beat them all up!

Actually, better yet, why not just
blow up this whole annoying town!!

So what was that stuff you said earlier?!

What's past is past!
Don't talk about ancient history!

Do you want me to floor you?!

Hey, what's she in such a mood
about when she's unhurt?

I don't know.

Oh, yeah! Did you get any
information about the sky island?

Sky... island...?

Who cares?! All I did was mention ''sky island,''

and the entire bar broke out laughing.

Did I say something funny?!

What's with them?!

Ketchup Star!

Guard Point!

It's quite lively up there.
Why are you so upset?

Oh! Welcome back, Robin-chan!

Would you like to eat first,
or shall I prepare your bath?

Oh, Robin, did you go somewhere?

Yeah. I got some clothes and
information about the sky island.

That's right! You, Robin!!

--Jumping Point!
--This all happened because you
started talking about that sky island!

If it doesn't exist,

--Hey, Chopper!
--I'll send you to a watery grave!

Ahh, leave her alone for now!

Or rather, you'd better not get
close to her. Just don't rock the boat.

Here, Captain.

Oh! It's a treasure map!

Hm? Isn't it just an ordinary map? Where is it?

It's this island.

The town drawn on the left is
Mock Town, where we are now.

And you see an x on the other side, right?

I heard that a man who doesn't
blend in in Jaya lives there.

Doesn't blend in?!

His name is Montblanc Cricket.

A man who talked about dreams
and was driven out of this town.

You might have something
in common to discuss.

Then, why don't we try going there?

Hey, wait a sec, Luffy. I'm not sure
if we should go now because...

Hey, Chopper, you saw it
earlier, too, didn't you?

What're you guys doing?

I thought I was a goner!

Geez, you're such a pain.

But Nami was...

What?! What about me?!

You tryin' to say I'm some
simple-minded idiot?!

Big boss! Undersea preparations complete!

The mic's ready, too!

Alright! Starting the search sonar!

This is Utan Diver Number 27!
Sonar response confirmed!

School of fish detected at 9 o'clock!

From it's swimming speed,
we've determined that it's saury.

Alright! We'll have them
roasted whole for dinner!

This is Diver Number 4!
Sonar response confirmed!

Small sailing vessel
detected traveling on the sea!

What?! A vessel?
Determine the exact direction!

Let's see... I'd say it's at 12 o'clock!

It's already close enough to see!!

Stop the search and return
to the ship, Utan Divers!!

Didn't take long for us to
come across something weird...

But it doesn't look like the
same guys from before, Usopp.

Well, whether that's a good thing
or a bad thing is another story.

In any case, we did see them! Right?

Yeah. As we thought,
that salvager is from this island!

We saw his ship coming back!

I see... but I don't mind seeing him again.

Hey hey, you guys! Quit mumbling over there!

Ha! Honestly, I got all worked up
wondering who you guys were!

That's quite a reckless face
you've got! What species are you?

I'm human, you moron!

You punks! Don't you know Shojo-sama?!

He's the big boss of the Shojo Pirates
and the king of undersea search!

Don't make our big boss angry!

Now, now...

Looks like you're pirates.

Did you know that Crocodile, one of the
Seven Warlords of the Sea, was defeated?

When you consider my abilities,
that post may come to me.

So I've been getting all worked
up waiting to be contacted.

I see... Then you want to become one
of the Seven Warlords of the Sea?

Well, in any case, the great part about me

is that I haven't had my hair
cut in all my 25 years of life.

Now, aren't you surprised?

Sounds stupid.

Whoa! I'm surprised!

Hey, watch your mouth!

Now, now... What you say
really gets me all worked up.

Listen. You will come out of the tunnel
that is my anger into a sea of blood.

Okay, whatever...
but there's a place we wanna go.

So move aside.

Idiot! This area is my turf!

If you wanna pass through, pay the toll!

What's he mean by his turf?
He's talking like Masira.

Huh? Did Masira say stuff like that?

What? Masira?! What about Masira?

We kicked him off our boat, but...

K-Kicked... Kicked...?!

--Big boss!
--Kicked?! How dare you do that to my brother?!

--This is revenge for Masira!
--Hey, hold on a sec.

We kicked him, but he's still alive!

Sound wave!!

Havoc Sonar!!

The ship is...!

--So... what're they doing?
--Big boss!

--Who knows? But it's amazing.
--If you use that technique on the ship, it'll...!

--He's destroying their ship with his voice.
--Oh, no! He's blinded by anger!

Now everyone! Stop gawking and
let's get through here while we can!


Hey, Nami's not a demon any more.


Yeah, she should be calmer
after letting off that much steam.

H-Hey... hold on!

This isn't good! The waves
made it to this ship after all!

The ship's starting to fall apart,
particularly the repaired areas!

The ship's body is worn out enough as it is!!

If we stay here, the ship will be torn apart!!

Full speed ahead! To someplace
out of his voice's reach!

In any case, I was surprised.

Then this pretty woman says,

''Tell me where this Cricket lives!''

What a bold woman!

Bold? Well, she was strong!

She had these mysterious hands
popping out everywhere,

and they knocked down everyone
in the bar. It wasn't funny!

But what does she want
with old geezer Cricket?

The sea around there is the turf
of the big monkey brothers.

Also, if you have something
to do with that old geezer,

you'll catch his stupidity.

That'd be a problem.

What that woman's after is
gold bullion, no doubt about it.

--Gold bullion?!
--Yeah. I heard some gold
bullion was found recently.

Really? Where?

Hey, guys...


What did you just say about gold bullion?

That Cricket guy...
I'd definitely like to meet him, too.

Tell me all about him!