One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 45 - Bounty! Straw-hat Luffy Becomes World Famous! - full transcript

On board the Going Merry ship, Nami paid the Newspaper Delivery Seagull. And complained how expensive reading the daily news is. A flier came falling out of the paper, which is a wanted paper with Luffy's face on it(Special thanks to Commander Nezumi for filing the report). Luffy finds it great that he's becoming more well known. Sanji was disappointed that he's not in the picture. While Usopp feels worthy because his head is in the background. Meanwhile the government has been discussing how tough Monkey D. Luffy is. After reports of him defeating Captain "Axe Hand" Morgan, Buggy the Clown, Don Krieg, and Arlong. For that they issued his bounty to be worth 30,000,000. More than any current bounty on any pirate. Marines and Bountyhunters alike are aware of Luffy's reputation as a pirate. The flier was soon posted everywhere, Meri showed Kaya the news. She noticed Usopp's head in the background, and is proud that he's fulfilling his dream. While she's continuing in becoming a doctor. The Kuroneko Pirates heard the news and Captain Kuro still hasn't forgotten his last encounter with Luffy. At the Naval Base Island, we find Coby and Helmeppo sweeping the floor. Coby was excited to find out that his friend is already pursuing his dream in becoming a pirate. A marine official shows the imprisoned Morgan the wanted sign, which made him twitch with anger. At the Baratie, the wanted sign is posted in the restaurant. Zeff and the chef crew cooked and prepared the meals. Zeff remembered Sanji's dream in finding the All Blue. And knows he'll succeed as a cook. On a shaggy boat IronFist Fullbody(same marine captain from the Baratie restaurant) has been demoted to a lower rank. He's drunk and lost his reputation with the women all thanks to Sanji. A marine official came to show him the wanted flier of Luffy. And he remembered the last time seeing him on the way to Baratie. He never suspected that he'd become a big bounty head. With 30,000,000 Belli for the reward money. Ironfist plans to take him down to gain his rank back. He orders his crew to search for Luffy, only they don't know where to head off to. And speak of the devil they past by the Going Merry. He order his crew to turn around and attack their ship. Zoro however sliced their cannon ball in half. So instead of using cannons, they attack. Ironfist thinks Luffy will be an easy target, but Luffy uses his Gomu Gomu Bell attack after he punched him in the face. Then Sanji appears, and Ironfist is afraid to see Sanji again. So he and his Marines retreated. Making it a short and worthless battle. On a deserted island, MiHawk landed there and came face to face with a pirate crew, that's settling there. He tells the captain that it's someone he knew long ago. The captain was Shanks, and he feels proud that his friend Luffy is successfully becoming a pirate. And it reveals that Shanks and MiHawk are friends as they enjoy a round of drinks. At Luffy's hometown, all the locals are bragging how great it is for someone from their town to be famous. The elder however didn't find it good news for their town to be known as a birthplace of a pirate. At Makino's Bar, the Elder sat, and Makino thinks it's good that Luffy is becoming a pirate like Shanks is. Back on the Going Merry, Nami discusses on how they should enter the Grandline. They must do it by the mountain range and not by sea. Before doing that, they'll stop off at an island with a town called: LougeTown. Which is the place where Pirate King Gold Roger was born in, and executed. Which is a place Luffy would love to check out. To see where the original holder of the One Piece once lived. But little do they know is that danger is awaiting for them there.

Cradle setup confirmed!

Barco-hunter joint... completed!

Who the hell is invading my turf?!

Hm? Oh, it's a monkey.

What's this?! What is this thing?!

''Monsters Appear! Don't Mess
with the Whitebeard Pirates!''

Boss!! Boss!!

What is this?!

What is it?! What?! A continent?!

I don't know! I don't know!
I can't see anything!

I can't see anything! This is a dream!

A dream?! Really?!

Phew, it's just a dream...


Were they all...

...eaten along with the ship?

Ahh! You don't have to spell it out!

--There's no doubt about it; the air
supply hoses are going into its mouth.
--Stop... saying... that...

Luffy and the others were really eaten!!

It was you who made them go
to the Grand Line's seabed!

You said it'd be okay even though you really
didn't have any idea, that's why they...!

You're right.

I'm sorry!

You've got the right idea, but...

Unless we cut the hoses,

we'll be dragged into the depths
of the ocean with the ship.


Robin! You're strong,
aren't you?! Do something!

I can't. That thing is too big.

Okay, you guys, pull those
ropes and save our boss!

Show your pride and honor as Masira Pirates!!

Ooh, ooh, aah!

Our boss is still alive!

That's right! Our unity is
tested at a time like this!


Cut the hoses to ensure our safety!

--Are you a devil?
--She's a devil!

What?! What's going on?!

It became night?!

Can't be! It's not that late yet!

Then, what's going on?! Luffy!! Zoro!! Sanji!!

How ominous...! This sudden night
is a sign that monsters will appear!

They'll sink our ship!
Hurry up and save our boss!


Luffy! What happened?! Are you dead?!

Zoro! Sanji!

Set sail! Hurry up and get out of here!

He's crazy...

I'm glad you were safe! Yeah, let's
get away from that turtle anyway!

Turtle? No, there was a monkey in the sea!

He must be one of the sea animals.

He was getting along with Luffy for a while.

Since they're both monkeys.

But when he saw this stuff
that we got from the ship,

he suddenly started going on a rampage.

He went on a rampage like a gorilla!

His name's Masira, he's a salvager.

But it's amazing that you guys could
escape from that turtle's mouth!

Turtle? What turtle?

Hm? Something's wrong with the turtle.

His mouth's staying open...
Oh, that's why you could escape!

Whoa!! What the hell is that?!

Hey! Get a clue!!
That thing ate you and the ship!

Hm? Why's it nighttime?

Luffy! Give me a hand! We're gonna set sail!

Hold it!

You punks!

Don't think you can get away after
stealing treasure from my turf!

Treasure?! There was treasure?!

Yeah, there was a lot.

Crap! If that guy goes on
a rampage on the ship...!

B-Boss...! Behind you!

Hm? What is it?!


No way...

No way can someone be that big...

Man, the Grand Line is just
one mystery after another!

Today, too.

We saw a huge galleon fall from the sky.

The needle of the Log Pose
is now pointing to the sky.

A weird monkey appeared
and salvaged the ship.

Then, we saw a huge turtle
that ate the whole ship.

Then night came.

And, at the end, we saw huge monsters who
were dozens of times larger than the Giants!

Yeah, those guys scared even me.


Beat it!

In any case, those monsters were huge.

Yeah... I don't ever wanna see them again.

You know, Chopper...


If I went all out, I would've
been able to beat them.


I've beaten ten of them before.

Ten of them?!

What on earth did you guys
go into the water for?

This stuff is all junk, and I don't see
any clues on how to get to the sky!

Like I said, there was nothing!

Well... that's the truth, Nami-san.

It was clear that the ship
had already been plundered.

Or perhaps that there was some sort of mutiny,

and they killed each other.

Then, all the more reason
that we need information!

You see, if we are to go to the sky,

that means what happened to
that ship could happen to us!

We need information to stay alive,
and what'd you get?!

Rusty swords, dishes, and a live octopus?!

We need stuff like a ''journal'' or a ''sea chart''!

What's that, Luffy?


Whoa! She crushed the armor!

I got pretty seashells for you, Nami-san!

I don't need them, you big dummy!

Nami-san's cute when she's mad, too!

You'd better keep your
distance from her right now.

Having a tough time?

It's only gonna get worse!
Really, they're all a bunch of idiots!

Now we can't get to our destination!

--What?! An Eternal Pose... This...

I took it from those monkey
people's ship earlier... just in case.

You're the only one on my side!

Hey, we've got an octopus!
Let's make some takoyaki!

It must be quite tough for you.


It must be their headquarters.

Jaya? Are we going there?

That's your decision, you idiot!

Alright! Jaya rudder full!

Jaya rudder full!

--Nami, which direction would that be?

Chopper, give me a hand!


Jaya speed ahead!

Hey, hold on a second...

If we go to that Jaya place,

won't the log be updated there again?

In other words...

...we won't be able to go to the sky island.


Stop Jaya rudder!

Hey, Nami! What's the deal?!

What?! You're the one
who decided to go to Jaya.

Oh, yeah...

But I didn't think this'd happen!

It's your fault that you didn't think of it!

The Log Pose has always
worked like this, right?!

Oh, yeah... Hey, listen up!

Since I'm the captain,
I'll decide where we're going!

I wanna go to the sky island!

Okay, but how?

We're best off asking someone.

--Yeah, let's ask in Jaya.
--Then, we should go to Jaya.

Alright, then! Jaya rudder full!

Wait! You're going in circles!

It's not as if a log can be
stored as soon as we get there.

So why don't we go to Jaya and leave
before the next log gets stored?

I guess we need some luck.

Okay, then, we'll do what you just said...

Alright, guys! Let's go to Jaya, ''Land of Meat''!


Don't dream up stuff like that!

I wonder what kind of place Jaya is.

Nami-san, Robin-chan!

Your ''Unprecedented takoyaki
just for ladies'' are ready!

Dammit! Who the hell are they?!

Monkey kicking me like that!!

Captain? Captain!


Er... Is this really the right place?

The legendary cave where Captain John,

who did many cruel things
for treasure, hid his treasure...

Yeah, that's right. Be careful going forward!

Listen, guards and traps
often accompany treasure.

If you let your guard down, you could die!

We don't know what kind
of monsters will appear,

or if it'll be a bloody trap from hell!

Now let's put in another
hard day's work on the tunnel!

Okay, boss!

Okay, boss!

Oh? You guys must be new recruits.

Oh? You guys must be new recruits.


Oh yeah, nothing like
workin' up a sweat, eh, Boss?!

Umph! A pickaxe is a man's tool, right?

Oh yeah, a pickaxe! With our sweat,
this will soon become a tunnel,

and it'll change into people's smiles.

That's right. And the alcohol
after work is really...

Why are you having me do honest work?!

So, Captain Buggy,
Captain John's treasure wasn't there.

You idiot, Mohji! Show some consideration!

It's obvious that Captain got the wrong island.

Are you trying to make him
go red with embarrassment?!

Who are you saying has
a huge red nose?! Huh?!

By the way, Captain... this is
no time for fooling around.

What're we gonna do? The Straw Hat guys
are real pirates on the Grand Line now.

Ha! You flashy idiot! Don't lose your head.

We'll just let them be for now.

What?! What do you mean?

You see, they say that
when a witch eats a child,

she first makes the kid nice and chubby.

Do you get that?

In short, the more those Straw Hat
guys' bounty money becomes...

Oh, I see! When you beat them,

your bounty will become greater than theirs!


Yeah, exactly!

I see, that's amazing!
Captain, shall we have a party?

Why not?!

It's no time to horse around, you guys.

If you can't find out where Luffy is,

how exactly are you planning to beat him?

Don't be so uptight, Alvida.

Nothing's wrong with having fun for now, right?

Luffy, you say? If you wanna
see Luffy, I'll tell you where he is.

See? He'll tell us Luffy's whereabouts.

Who the hell are you?!

Oh, sorry for interrupting your party.

I was brought forth by the
quite appetizing smell of food.

My name is Ace. Nice to meet you.

Oh, no need to be so formal.
Nice to meet you, too.

I'm asking you what you're doing here!!

I don't care about your name!
What a flashy insolent attitude!

Captain! Captain, this guy is... ''Fire Fist''!

''Fire Fist Ace''!

He's the captain of Whitebeard's second unit!


Oh? You guys know my boss? That's coo--

He fell asleep!!


Why? This is a great opportunity
any way you look at it!

If we defeat Fire Fist Ace,
we'll become instantly famous!

I said no!

Listen up, guys. Remember this flashily!

No matter what happens, never mess
with the Whitebeard Pirates!

Whitebeard is a legendary monster.

He's the only one who fought neck and neck
with Roger, the King of the Pirates.

He's now, without a doubt,
the world's strongest pirate!

He's the man closest to that
secret treasure, One Piece!

And, above all, Whitebeard never
forgives the killing of one of his own.

Never! He's that kind of man.

You know an awful lot about him.

Of course...

Long ago... I met him in person,
here on the Grand Line.

Oh? You know my boss?

He's awake!!

Hey, you guys! Don't be shy!
It's a party. Let's have fun!

Uhh... He's right!
We were having a party, right?!

Hey, you drink quite a bit! Drink more!

Oh?! You guys have a lion?
Come! Jump through this fire hoop!

Okay, show him, Rich!

Where's the boss?!


--Hey, my gang! I'm right here!
--It doesn't look like he's around here.

--Let's go check over there!

Aye, aye, sir!

Hey! Wait! Don't leave!!

I wonder what kind of island Jaya is.

Like I said, it's a land of meat! A land of meat!

But you just wish it was, right?

Well, it's true that I'm tired of eating takoyaki...

Then, don't eat them. Those were
for Nami-san and Robin-chan!

They said they wouldn't eat them,
so what's the problem?!

--Give them back! Give us back the takoyaki!
--Shut up! Shut up!!

Shut up!

In any case, is there really an island in the sky?

We've experienced enough to know by now...

that no matter how illogical
things seem, it's not strange,

because it's this sea's logic.

So Jaya holds the key to go to the sky island.