One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 44 - Setting Off with a Smile! Farewell My Hometown, Cocoyashi Village! - full transcript

Arlong is gone for good, the whole merman crew has been eliminated. After 8 years of being slaves for the mermen. Cocoyashi Village, and the whole island is free. And for that they're going to celebrate like never before. Nami visited her Bellemere's grave, feeling happier than before. Nojiko and Gen found her and told her that her friends are all waiting for her. Nami wondered if Bellemere would of let her become a pirate. Gen highly doubt that she would let her daughter become one. But Nojiko thinks she wouldn't mind. Gen laughed and remembered how reckless Bellemere was. And accepted the thought that Nami does take a resemblance to her foster mother's aggressiveness. Drinks, Food, Dancing, and Music was performed. Nojiko found Chabo, who heard what happened, and wanted to know who defeated Arlong. Nojiko pointed out Luffy, who is scarfing down food. Chabo, didn't believe that Arlong was defeated by someone like Luffy. Neither did Nojiko, at first, but the whole town owes him for what he's done. Chabo has drop the whole avenging his father's death, and finally admits that his life is more valuable than risking it. Nojiko was glad that Chabo finally accepted that. Meanwhile Johnny & Yosuka recover at the village hospital. While the doctor takes care of Zoro's wounds. And tells him not to be so harsh with injuries like these. Luufy came to check on how Zoro is doing. The doctor asked if Luffy's crew has a doctor. They don't, but Luffy will keep that in mind, as well as finding a musician for his crew. The party lasted for 3 days straight, Usopp makes up songs about himself, Sanji finds some girls, and Luffy eats like never before. Nami got the doctor to remove her Arlong tattoo at the hospital. He told her that it'll leave a scar, but she doesn't mind that at all. She remembered the day she got it, and hate having it. Which is why her foster sister got some tattoos as well, to make her feel better. Nami then asks the doctor for a request in having a different tattoo to replace the one she had for 8 years. Gen, the town sheriff paid his respects to Bellemere's grave. Luffy found him, and learn that it's Nami's foster mother's grave. Gen told Luffy that he knows that Nami will be joining his crew. But Luffy must swore to him, that he'll never hurt Nami at all. Luffy promised and continued to eat the meat he was carrying around. While everyone was worn out and fast to sleep. Nami visits her home for one last time. She leaves a big bag of fortune for the villagers to use to rebuild the island. Then she thinks back to the good times she had with Bellemere. It felt as if she was in the same room with her foster mother. Nami told Bellemere that she'll be going with some great friends of hers. And from now on you'll be able to make maps for herself instead of by force. The next day, the Straw Hat Pirates gathered up supplies on their Going Merry Ship. Johnny and Yosaku told Zoro that they'll continue their jobs as Pirate hunters. They hope to meet him again someday. Sanji wondered where Nami is, Zoro told him that she never wanted to become a pirate in the first place. For that Sanji blamed Zoro for doubting her, and won't be part of this crew if she's not coming. After all the villagers wondered where she could be. Nami appears with a serious look on her face. She tells them to depart. Luffy did as she told them to. And she starts to run. Sanji wasn't sure what Nami is thinking, but Luffy says it's her choice. Everyone including Nojiko, Gen, and the Doctor think she's gone insane for trying to get on the ship while it departs from the dock. Nami however continued to run, made a leap from the dock, and made it on the ship. Then she loosen her shirt and wallets started to fall to the floor. Then they all realized she pick pocketed everyone she past by. They called her a thief, and said farewell to her. She waved to them goodbye as well. Usopp and Zoro were shocked that she accomplished something like that. While Sanji and Luffy were impressed by her thievery skills. Gen said his farewell too, and knows that Nami will be happy with the crew she's join. Nojiko noticed that Gen doesn't have his pinwheel on his hat anymore. He told her that he doesn't need it any more. Since it was used to make Nami happy when she was young. The doctor revealed to Gen that the tattoo Nami requested is a pin wheel shape design. That made Gen feel proud of himself for making Nami feel good about herself. Now that the whole crew is united once more, they continue their journey to the Grand Line. And find the One Piece treasure!

Anyway, that sure was an interesting place.

Really? I've had enough of that ship graveyard!

Well, it's not like I wanna live there,
but I wanna visit from time to time.

--Was it really that nice?
--Hm? Rain?

--It's... not rain...

No... something's fall--


''Caught Log! The King of Salvagers, Masira!''

Hang on!! Hold on to the ship!!

What?! What is it?! What is it?!

Dream! Yeah, this must be a dream!

Dream?! Goo--

Hey! More stuff's falling! Be careful!

Turn the rudder! The rudder!

No way that'll work in these waves!

Luffy, protect the ship!
It can't take this any longer!

Got it! Hm? Usopp?

Cast aside your worries.
Calmly close your eyes...

When you open your eyes,
a quiet morning lies before you...

--You idiot! Don't throw it this way!!

--More stuff's falling!!

You idiot! Don't throw it this way!!

Why the heck did a ship fall from the sky?!

How weird...

There's nothing in the sky.

Oh man, the Grand Line is a crazy place!

First, we see a ship graveyard
inside a rainbow mist,

--and then a ship falls from the sky!

What's wrong, Nami-san?

What're we gonna do?! Our Log Pose is broken!

It's stuck pointing upwards.

That's not it. It was updated by
an island with stronger magnetism.

--If the Log Pose needle is pointing upwards,

that means the log has
been caught by the sky island.

Sky island?!

What's that?

A floating island?!

D-Did that ship and those
bones fall from there?

But I can't see anything
like an island in the sky.

That's not it.

To be precise, a sea is what's floating.

A sea?!

I'm getting more and more confused.

Yaay! There's a sea with an
island floating in the sky?!

Alright! Let's head there right away!

Hey, guys! Turn the rudder upwards!

Upwards rudder full!

In any case, you can't turn upwards, Captain.

To be honest, I've never seen the
sky island, nor do I know much about it.

Yeah! It's impossible for an
island or a sea to float in the air!

So the Log Pose really must be broken.

No, Navigator.

Our concern right now should not be the
Log Pose, it should be how we get to the sky.

No matter what weird situations
this ship gets caught up in,

or how panicked we get,

we must not doubt the Log Pose.
This is an ironclad rule.

What we should doubt is rather
the common sense in our heads.

There's definitely an
island where it's pointing.

What's that woman doing,
opening the coffin?!

--Can you learn something from that?
--I don't know.

You've got strange interests!

A pretty woman and the dead,
now that's an interesting combination.

Hm? Where's Luffy?

--Jump, Luffy!

What're they doing now?

Exploration, they said.

Oh, restoration complete!

The holes here are man-made.

I see... then this guy was
pierced there and died, huh?

No, these are indications of medical treatment.

It's craterization, isn't it, Doctor?

Yeah, in the past, they made holes in the
skull in order to constrain a brain tumor.

But that's a medical
technique from very long ago.

That's right. It's been at least
200 years since he died.

He was in his early 30s.

He fell sick while traveling
on the sea and died.

The reason his teeth remained in good
condition compared to his other bones is...

...because tar was rubbed onto them.

This custom is characteristic of
some areas in the South Blue.

So considering history, that was a ship
for an exploration party from the past.

Here it is. The ''St. Briss'' of Briss,
a kingdom in the South Blue.

It set sail 208 years ago.

That's the same ship as the one that fell.

Come to think of it,
it had a symbol like that.

This ship probably wandered in
the sky for at least 200 years.

You can find out all that
just by looking at bones?

Dead people may not speak,
but they do hold information.

If the ship was for an exploration party,

it should still hold various
records and evidence.

Yeah... but the ship sank in the sea...

--What're you guys doing?!
--Luffy! Hang in there!

Help me!

Hey, everyone!

I did it!

I found something incredible! Look at this!


A map of the sky island?!

--See? See?

Does this mean that there's
really an island in the sky?!


Alright! The sky island exists!
It's a dream island!

We can go to a dream island!

A dream island!!

Don't get so carried away!
This only means it might be possible.

There're tons of fake maps out there.

Er... Sorry! It exists! I'm sure it exists, but...

--Listen, Luffy! I'm telling you,
--Uhm, Nami, please treat
the ship with care.

--we don't know how to get there!
--Uhm, Nami, please treat
the ship with care.

--You're the navigator! Figure something out!
--Uhm, Nami, please treat
the ship with care.

--There are some things you can't
just ''figure out,'' you know!
--Nami-san's cute when she's angry, too.

--I don't care! We're going to the sky!!
--Nami-san's cute when she's angry, too.

This is getting us nowhere.

In any case, we can't move
the ship forward this way!

What we need now is
information, as Robin said.

If a huge ship like that really went to the sky,

then there's definitely a way
for this ship to go there as well.

Let's somehow pull out whatever
records remain in that ship!

But the ship has completely sunk.

If it sank, then we'll salvage it!

--As if we could!!

What's salvage?

It means to pull up a sunken ship.

But it won't work, since that ship is too big.

Well, well... You really
make us do reckless things.


Nami-san! I'll be sure to find a clue to the sky!

I'm counting on you!

Worry not, there are no defects in my design.

Then, I wish you... good luck!

Oh, boy...

This is Chopper. Everyone, please respond.

This is Luffy. There're tons
of monsters down here, over.

Is this a giant sea snakes' nest?

This is Sanji. Whoa! They looked this way!


They'll survive. Don't worry!

--Chopper, hold the brake tight, okay?

Phew... I'm glad I didn't go.

--Salvage, salvage!

Salvage, salvage!

--Salvage, salvage!
--What the heck is that?

Salvage, salvage!

--Salvage, salvage!
--Company, halt!


Aye, aye, sir!

Is this the area where a ship sank?!

Aye, aye, sir! Boss!

By boss... they mean me!

Prepare to salvage the ship!

The sunken ship belongs to me,
the king of salvagers

and the boss of the Masira Pirates!

Oh, boy... weirdoes at a time like this...

Hey, you! What're you guys
doing there?! This is my turf!

Your turf?

That's right. Every ship that sinks
in this territory belongs to me.

You haven't touched anything
that's mine, have you, huh?!

Looks like... he's going to salvage the ship.

Yeah, that's what it sounds like.

Then what? Doesn't this work for us?

Quit mumbling! Answer my question!

Excuse me! Can I ask you a question?!

You're asking me a question?!
That's fine. Ask me anything!

It looks like you're going to
salvage the ship. Is that right?


Hey... Do you find me that ''monkeyful''?

--That means ''handsome.'' Do you think I am?

--Oh, come on, stop it!

But there isn't such a word, is there?

So, are you gonna salvage it?!

Of course! If there's a
sunken ship in front of me,

I'll salvage it! I'm that kind of a man!

If it's on the water, I'll sink it and
salvage it! I'm that kind of a man!

There's no ship that we can't salvage!

Then... is it okay if we watch you do it?

Hm? Oh, I see, is salvaging work new to you?

Okay, go ahead and observe it!

Alright! Let's see how things
go for now, everyone.

Be... Be careful!

--Boss! There's trouble!
--What's wrong?!

The members who went into
the sea to set the cradle are...!

Did they get hurt by Sea Kings?

Well... it looks like they
were beaten up by someone.

What?! Are you saying there's
someone down there in the sea?

--Those idiots...!
--This isn't good.

Then... Hey, you guys!

Ah... well...

There's someone in the sea! Be careful!

Er... O-Okay!

Good thing he's an idiot.

Guys! Hurry up and set the cradle!

Let's start salvaging!

Aye, aye, sir!

He's waving to us... Don't let him
notice the air supply, Usopp.

I know!

Hey, you guys, imagine that they're pumpkins!

Don't get nervous... just because
people are watching, okay?

Aye, aye, sir!

Drop the cradle!

Aye, aye, sir!

Watch out for the mysterious enemy!

Aye, aye, sir!

I wonder if they're doing this
out of pride or something.

They're trying to give us a show, I guess...

Get moving!

Aye, aye, sir!



Cradle set, confirmed!

What's going on?!


What's that monkey?! What's that monkey for?!

Oh, this one?

You have a discerning eye.

You're right. This is no ordinary prow.

Launch Barco-hunter!

Aye, aye, sir!


--Wow! Amazing!
--It's really amazing!

What is?

40 meters to the target!

30 meters!

20... 10...!

Barco-hunter joint... completed!

Alright, then! I'll start blowing air!

Aye, aye, sir!

What? No way...

Is he going to breathe into
that and lift the ship up?!

That's crazy!


The ship's body has risen!

Now! Pull it up!

Aye, aye, sir!

Send more air! On the double!

Aye, aye, sir!

Boss! The crew that's in the water...!

What's the matter?! What happened, guys?!

There's someone in the ship!

How dare they hurt my guys?!
Who the hell are they?!

Well, we're not taking
pictures or anything, so...


Oh, he posed for us to take pictures...

Boss! Help!

I'm coming! Keep on working
on the salvaging operation!

Aye, aye, sir!

Monkey punch!

It's coming up...

See? We're fine without the barrel.

It's amazing that they pumped in this much air.

But who is trying to salvage this ship?

Something might have happened
to Nami-san and Robin-chan.

I've been calling them, but no response!

Who the hell are you, invading my turf?!


Oh, it's a monkey.

What? Am I that monkeyful?

Yeah, you're an imitation monkey.

What kind of conversation is that?

What do you mean?

By the way, who are you?

I see... What can I say?

Do you really think so? You have a good eye!

So who the hell are you?!

Hey, underneath the ship...

Y-Yeah... there's something down there.

I see! You guys came from the East Blue, huh?!

Yeah. But really, you look just like a monkey!

Quit complimenting me!

What's this?! What is this thing?!