One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 43 - The End of the Merman Empire! Nami Is My Nakama! - full transcript

After saying that Nami is his Navigator. Arlong thinks he's joking, because a navigator like Nami doesn't deserve to be with a pirate like Luffy. He claims that Nami enjoys being with him and his crew. Luffy found a pen that was dropped from a desk. It had blood stains on it. He already knows that Nami was forced to draw maps. Luffy then hold on to the blade of the Saw Sword, which prevented Arlong to move it. It broke, and Luffy tells him that there was no way Nami could of been happy while working for the mermen in the first place. He starts to wreck the room, throw out the desk, and the maps. Everyone outside were clue less on what is happening up there. Nami however had flashbacks of the day Arlong gave her, her own room to draw maps for them. And the times she was beaten up for not drawing actual maps. This made her cry with tears of joy, as Luffy's doing all this for her. Arlong got a hold of Luffy, and is tick off that he destroyed 8 years worth of work. He goes on that Nami will continue to make him maps, so that way he can take over the East blue, as well as the rest of the world. To fulfill the mermen desire in being superior species. Luffy was tired of hearing how great Arlong thinks his nationality is. So he bent his nose, and gave out a stretching high kick to finish this fight. His foot came down, and the whole place started to collapse. Everyone had to evacuate, because of the building crumbling down. Sanji, Nojiko, and Gen had to dive into the water to save themselves. After the smoke cleared, Arlong Park was in ruins. No one was sure on who won the fight. Nami was worried about Luffy. Then someone came out of the wreckage, it was Luffy. And he shout out to Nami's name that she's his friend. Nami was glad to see him alive, and gave a smile for the first time in awhile. Then everyone cheered that Arlong is finally defeated. Johnny and Yasuko cried with joy, and the villagers honored Luffy as their island's hero. Nami gave him his straw hat back, and this time they're officially friends. Then Nesumi of the 16th fleet has come to tell them all that he'll take Arlong's place on the island. And all the riches go to the Marines immediately. But Zoro grabbed him, and told him not to interrupt when people are about to celebrate. He beat Nezumi up and the marines, then Nami told him to keep out of this island, leave Arlong's riches to the villagers, and she wants the money they took from her earlier. Then she hit him hard with her Bo staff, for shooting Nojiko in the shoulder. Nojiko was satisfied that the Marine Commander got what he deserved. Nezumi however didn't took any of this abuse on him likely, and will report this to HQ. All the Cocoyashi Villagers decided to inform everyone else on the island about Arlong's defeat. Luffy, Sanji, Usopp, Zoro, and Nami all laughed on what had happened recently. The Straw Hat Pirates are now made up of 5(including Nami and Sanji). Meanwhile Nezumi sends a snail radio report on Luffy and his crew. And demands there to be a bounty placed on him. This will make Luffy infamous as the pirate he is now.

''And So, the Legend Begins!
To the Other Side of the Rainbow''

Father, it's an even bigger
harvest than we anticipated.

Take it! Take every last bit of treasure in here!


--Don't do anything crazy!

This is the Pumpkin Pirates' territory!

Until Rapa Nui gets back,
it's up to us to defend it!


I'm one of the Pumpkin Pirates, too!
I'll fight alongside you!

I'll help you out, Pops!

--They got me!

How come you guys are having
trouble against those kids?!


He's still his same, young self!

No, you see, I'm Grandpa
Wetton's grandson, Lake.

--Do I really look like him?
--Yeah, a dead ringer.

I am, huh? My grandpa was
as handsome as I am, was he?

What's with him?

He's a weirdo.

You guys hand over your
treasure, nice and easy!

If you refuse, I'll burn you to a
crisp with this electroshock suit!

Watch out! He uses electricity!

Heh! Electricity, huh?

And here I was just itching
to wreak a little havoc, too!

I'll take your electricity, and cut
it clean in half with my sword!

No, electricity doesn't work that way.

This will be interesting. Just try it.

I was hoping you'd say that.

It's quiet, huh?

Yeah. Quiet.

Do you think everyone's all right?

--Who knows?
--''Who knows?'' You can't say that!

Aren't you concerned about everyone?!

They don't need our concern.

Instead, I'm concerned about that
damn mayor coming back alive.


If Luffy and the others take
care of that damn mayor,

then I won't be able to get him back.

Oh. I guess there is that.

--Yeah. Let's go.

Gum-Gum... Rocket!!

What was that?

Whoo, we stopped.


Y-You've got some nerve,

coming into the Rainbow Mist
without my permission!

You have to pay the 50 million-Berry
''entering on your own'' tax!

--No way.

Are you saying you won't
follow Wetton-sama's orders?!

Wetton? That's you?!

That's right. I am the grand, puffed-up
mayor of all of Luluka, Wetton!

What? You, who were once
a pirate, are now the mayor?!

What, is that so wrong?

C-Captain! That's him!
He's the one who stole our ship!


Y-You're that kid from back then?

You, the one who burned down
the town, are now the mayor?!

I don't accept it! No way do I accept this!

You shut your mouth!

Rapa Nui!

Kid, being the mayor is nice.
I'm able to stay at my desk,

and rake in the money I swindle
from all the foolish citizens.

I don't have to wander the
seas in search of my prey,

or get hunted down by the navy!
Every day is a carefree paradise.

There's no other trade as easy as this!

Once you are reborn, you too
will obtain power, as I did.

There's no use going on being a petty pirate!

Shut up!


Why, you...! What are you doing?!

You don't know what a real pirate is.



We don't need power.
We pirates have a dream, after all.

A-A dream, you say?

My electroshock suit is invincible!
You cannot escape from it!

Escape? Who, me?

I told you, I'm gonna cut that
electricity of yours in half!

Like I said, where's the sense
in trying to cut electricity?!

Shall I cut it?

Take this! Rolling Thunder!!

Huh? What's going on here?!

That suit he's so proud of
doesn't seem to be of much use

once the plug is pulled.

Damn it! How can this happen?!
Put it back! Put it back, you bastard!

You jackass! That's no fair!

Help me! I'm sinking! I'm sinking!
Ah, I can't open the top!

Let me cut something...!

A dream, you say? What is it? Tell me!

Everyone knows what your dream is.

You just want to obtain
riches of gold and silver.

That will come falling into your lap
on its own, if you have power.

A pirate's dream is to be
the greatest man on the seas.

I'm the man who will be king of the pirates!



No one has ever defied me and lived!

I'll blow you away, right down to your bones!

--Wait, Captain!
--Father, what about me?!

What do I care?!


What is that? What's going on?

Rainbow Tower...!

It's collapsing...

Damn it, what's going on?

He's abandoned us!

Wetton, you bastard! You're not
the captain anymore, dammit!


--Rapa Nui!
--It's Rapa Nui!

He came back!

Thank goodness! Rapa Nui!

He had me so worried!

Man, how big a pain can one guy be?

W-What's that?

--It can't be...!

Ape's Concert was maintained in
a delicate balance to begin with.

If you set off a large
explosion in a place like this,

there's no telling what might happen!

What is that?!

The warping of space is expanding quickly!

At this rate, we'll be caught in it,
and all of us will croak!


How could this happen? Rainbow Tower...

...has completely sunk.

Damn, as unfinished as it was,
it wasn't reinforced enough.

But no matter.

Now, my men won't be coming
after me. The treasure is all mine!

The sky is falling in!

There's not much time. An hour, maybe.

This is bad! We have to get out of here!

But how?

The author of this book
once visited Ape's Concert.

The way out must be written
in here somewhere, too.

What's wrong?

''Continued in the last volume.''

And where is that?

You don't have it?!

What's that?

Huh? What's the matter?

Luffy, that light!

That's the light of the sun...
the light of the setting sun!

Setting sun?

Yeah. The light of the sun is
shining in through a crack in space!

We followed that light, and got outside.


Hurry! That light could disappear at any time!

Unfurl the sails! Everyone,
man the oars as hard as you can!

Hey, you guys come on, too! Give us a hand!

We're getting out of here!


Hey, what are you doing?! Row right!

We are, you know!

--Ah, they broke!
--What are you doing?!

Damn, not good!

Hey, this is bad! The light
is starting to disappear!

So, this is the end...

You guys get off and push us from behind!

Don't be crazy!

No, if we all flutter kick, then maybe we...

We will not!

If only we could get a tailwind to blow us...

You just need the wind to blow, right?

Hold on! What are you gonna do?!

Blow up our ship!

It was originally a navy ship, after all.

It's fully loaded with
cannonballs. If we light those,

it should give you a fairly powerful tailwind.

You can't!

Wait, Rapa Nui! If you do that, what...

...what will happen to you?!

This is my treasure! Mine! This is
why I can't give up being mayor!

Hey, our friends were
supposedly inside that mist.

What happened? Don't tell me
you're the only one who came back.

How about it?!

Hey, hold it!

Rapa Nui!

Hey, guys! Where are you going?! Come back!

We are the Pumpkin Pirates!

We're friends, who swore we'd
stay together until we died!


Rapa Nui dove in to save you guys!

Don't let what he's done be for nothing!

Are you all trying to get killed together?!

We're not going to die!

Henzo, I promise, we're coming back!

No matter how many years it takes,
we're coming back to Luluka!


D-Don't you go thinking that you
won't answer for striking the mayor!

You'll have to pay the ''hitting the
mayor'' tax of 90 million Berries!

Are you okay with that?

It doesn't matter to me.

I'll just skip out on it, after all.

What? Paying taxes is a citizen's duty!

How is a pirate obligated to pay taxes?

Er, well...


The Rainbow Mist is disappearing!


What will happen to Luffy and everyone else?

Now, none of them can come back! Not ever!

No matter how hard you guys try,
my power is unshakable!

Hm? What's that?!

--What the...?!

The Merry!

Are those guys all right?

Aah! My mansion!

All of my possessions are being carried away!


Damn, how can this happen?!
My precious ship...!

Oh, Sanji, long time no see!


What was that for?!

Oh, man, am I annoyed!

Why, Nami-san?

All of the treasure she left
on deck got blown away.

Best not to get too close to her right now.

That's far enough, pirates!

--The navy!
--They're the same ones that were chasing us!


Help us! These guys are terrible criminals,

who have taken every last bit
of the mayor's property!

who have taken every last bit
of the mayor's property!

This is the ring of Princess Illusia,
a treasure which was stolen

by pirates a hundred years ago,
and has been missing ever since.

Why do you have this?

W-Well, you see...

You didn't steal it, did you?

No, of course not! This was a treasure
that was resting in Ape's Concert!

Yes, yes, we just pulled it out of a shipwreck!

I see. What you're saying is,
it doesn't belong to anyone.


Major, we've discovered a large pile of treasure

that we believe was carried out of there.

All right, the navy will be confiscating all of it.

Hold it! You're not laying
a finger on that treasure!

That treasure is mine!

Any treasure without an owner
belongs to the World Government.

If it has been embezzled, it will
be considered an act of piracy!

Fine with me! I'm a pirate to begin with!

Whatever I want, I take by force!

Watch out!

I will take that as your confession.

Is that okay with you, Wetton the pirate?


You couldn't be...


Rapa Nui...

You're kidding!

I promised that we'd come back, didn't I?

I promised that we'd come back, didn't I?


Take all of Wetton's gang into custody.

Yes, sir.

You guys are all alive? B-But how?

At the moment of the explosion,
we were thrown into the outside world, too.

However, it was the world 50 years ago.

Sure enough, that mist warped
the axis of time, as well.

Then why didn't you come here sooner?

In order to defeat Wetton, who
abused the mantle of his authority,

I thought we would need to use another
authority-- the power of the navy.

But in order to gain that high
a rank, it took me a little time.

So that's it.

I may be wearing the uniform
of the navy, but in my heart,

I'm still a Pumpkin Pirate,
and Henzo, I'm your friend.

For now, and forever.

Rapa Nui...

Also, I forgot to mention this, Luffy Pirates,

but you're under arrest, too.

--You're heartless!

Have you forgotten how you owe
me for feeding you, you jerk?!

As a member of the navy,
charged with upholding justice,

I can't just let a pirate who has
a bounty get away. However...

How can this be?! Right now, we have
to escort Wetton and his gang

back to Navy Headquarters! But if we do that,

the Luffy Pirates are going to
end up slipping away from us!

But they're just too much for us to handle!

Request assistance from
the naval base at once!

No, it won't be until tomorrow or
the next day that they'll arrive!

If they escape during that time,
that's the end of it!

If they escape during that time,
that's the end of it!

Aah, I give up! I can't do anything about it!

Aah, I give up! I can't do anything about it!

That sure sounded like a put-on.

We can't do any full-fledged repairs right away.

Those emergency measures should
at least keep the water out, though.

Thank you, Luffy, and all of your friends.

Now, the research that I carried
on all these years is at an end.

We can't have that.

There's no telling when the Rainbow
Mist is going to appear, right?

With that thing out there,
we can't go out to sea in peace.

We want you to make us some gear,

to help us avoid the Rainbow Mist.

That will be an easy task.

The Rainbow Mist is a land of eternity.

It has neither daytime, nor nighttime.

One never gets sick, or grows old.

The sea shines emerald, and the sky
envelops us deeply, like milk.

The countless ships that
become captives of this land

had immeasurable treasures
resting within them.

It was indeed the last
paradise remaining on earth.

We were the kings of that land of eternity.

We routed the pirates that came invading,

and kept the peace in paradise.
Our name was the Pumpkin Pirates.

I would like to write down
the many unusual adventures

we went through inside the mist...

...for the sake of the adventurers
who will visit this land hereafter.

The name of the adventurers belongs to those

whose debt we are in for
leading us back out into the world--

the Luffy Pirates.

Anyway, that sure was an interesting place.

Really? I've had enough of that ship graveyard!

Well, it's not like I wanna live there,
but I wanna visit from time to time.

Was it really that nice?

--Hm? Rain?
--It's... not rain...


No... something's fall--