One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 37 - Luffy Stands Up! End of a Broken Promise! - full transcript

Nami remembered 8 years ago, when Arlong noticed her being depressed. And to make it worth her while, he made a deal with her, that if she saved up 100 million. Then he'll give her back Cocoyashi's village. He doesn't care how long it takes, as long as she's still loyal to him. She then sees Gen guided by Commander Nezumi of the Marine's 16th fleet. He knows that Nami has stolen a great amount of pirate treasure. And his marine buddies are here to confiscate it for the government. Nami tries to fight them off as they search for it in the orange orchard. She couldn't believe that the Marines would be more interested in money than the lives of the island's locals. Nesumi guessed correctly that the amount was 100 million. And Nami already knew that Arlong told him about their deal. Nami was about to get shout by Nesumi as she was running. When Gen and Nojiko stopped her any further. Nojiko got shot in the shoulder, and the marines uncovered the money that Nami worked so hard on. Gen revealed to her that he and the villagers knew that She was planning to use that money to save the village. They all pretended to not be aware of it. And since then they waited till Nami has saved enough. They had to take Nojiko to the town doctor. While Nami felt bad that her foster sister had to get the shot instead of her. Luffy found her and was glad to see her, but Nami was still angry that Luffy didn't bother to leave the island when he was told to. She ran towards Arlong Park, to have a word with Arlong. She knows that he broke their promise, but Arlong acted as if he didn't know what was going on. And told her that if the Marines have her money then she'll have to save it all up again. She got even more mad and left. While she's gone, Arlong tells his crew that he tends to keep her with their crew a lot longer, and won't be off his back till she makes maps of the entire world. Gen tells all the villagers what had happened and they decide that now is the time to fight them off. Nami refused for any of them to fight when they know it's suicidal. She tries to convince them that she'll save up the money all over again. Gen hugged Nami and told her that she's suffered enough, and they must show the mermen that they all have pride and the right to be free. They set off to Arlong Park while Nami slump with the vision of Arlong's evil laugh. She gazed at her tattoo and start to stab it, as she wants it to come off. Luffy stopped her from doing any more damage to her arm. She tells him that none of this is his business and doesn't know the whole tragic story to it. Luffy knows and gave her his hat. She remembered that he never lets anyone touch his hat at all. And knows he's up to something. The villagers came to the front of Arlong Park but Johnny and Yasuko were blocking the way. They told them after learning about the truth, they tried to fight Arlong, but it was no use. So their waiting for some help to come. And that help is Luffy, Usopp, Zoro, and Sanji, all 4 of them decided to put an end to Arlong's 8 year rule.

''How's Tricks? The Designs
of Zenny the Moneylender!''

Come on, come on, can't you work harder?!

You're not out strolling around, now!

Can't you put your back into it more?!

Old-timer, you just sit there,
quietly! We'll take care of this!

Here, now, Gramps, get some rest.

Would you like your shoulders rubbed?

W-What is this?

So, why are you
intentionally building this ship

up here in the mountains, old-timer?

Aah... it's because it's not a ship.

This isn't a ship?

Now, look! If this isn't a ship,
then exactly what is it?!

It is my... coffin.


Yeah. That means, this will be my grave.

I see. So this is your grave, old goat man.

Don't pray over it! You'll doom him!

It's still too early for this!

You're over-preparing!

Could Gramps be aware
that his life is almost over?

What are you so startled at?

Living on an island like this,

it's not unusual that I would
make my own grave, is it?

I am going to die someday, after all.

Not just ''someday,''it's going to be really soon.

It's not unusual for a grave to
be up in the mountains, huh?

But why have your grave be a pirate ship?

O-Old man!

W-Wait, old man!

C-Coffin, or g-grave, or whatever you call it,

it's almost finished!
Don't go jumping the gun!

Don't die yet!

Shh... He's just sleeping.

So, you've found the
Straw Hat pirates, have you?

Yes, sir! I believe they have
landed on a deserted island,

as I reported earlier.

All right, ready to attack at once!

All right, ready to attack at once!

We'll storm the island with all of our forces,

We'll storm the island with all of our forces,

and bring down the Straw Hat pirates!
Every last one of them!

Please, wait, Captain!

In addition to those guys
with Devil Fruit abilities,

we'll be facing the master
swordsman, Roronoa Zoro.

So what if we are? Are you losing
your nerve, Sergeant Minchy?

Of course not. I just want to avoid
any unnecessary casualties.

Then what would you have us do?

If you do as I say, Captain,
then you will achieve

a complete victory with only a few casualties.


So that's how it's gonna be, huh?

Yum! How did you make this cheese?

From the island goats' milk. It will
give you lots of energy, old-timer.

Though at this point, it'll be
just a drop in the bucket.

Okay, Gramps, it's your turn.

Let's see... There, checkmate. That's the game.

Wait a minute!

No waiting allowed, Nami-chan!

Y-You got me. In return, play me again?

All right. Nothing beats playing
chess against a beauty like you,

while getting my shoulders rubbed!

We took in a great catch today!

Sanji, make the old goat man
something yummy again, would you?

Yeah, I'm on it.

Old man, if there's anything else
you want to eat, or have us do,

don't be afraid to speak up, okay?
We'll do whatever we can!

Nah, I can die happy now.

I'm in paradise... paradise...

Don't say that!

Even if the way ahead is short...'ve gotta live with a positive view!

For as long as you live!

Hey, doesn't it seem strange?

--The old man's only supposed
to have three days to live, right?

That's right. Three days.

Only three days to live.

That's just the briefest moment, isn't it?

Indeed it is. In just the briefest
moment, three days have gone by.

You're right.

So then, how is it that
he's still alive and kicking?

More than that, he's healthier
than he was before, isn't he?

More cheese.

Old-timer, here's today's medicine.

Make sure you take it.

I don't need that anymore. It makes
all the food taste bad, after all.

There, checkmate!

Not again!

I thought the old guy wasn't supposed to live

for more than three more days.

From the way he looks, he seems
good for another 30 years.

You misdiagnosed him, huh?

No. That can't be right.

Still, if I did misdiagnose him,
that wouldn't be so bad, right?

That's not the issue here. If this is how it is,

then no matter what anyone else says,
I'm leaving the island.

Yeah. This is no place for me to be
forever kissing up to that old man.

I want to have some adventures at sea, too.

Then, that settles it.

Nami, we're setting sail!

C-Can you wait a little while longer?

How long are you gonna goof around?
Quit playing chess, already.

I can't quit playing! I've lost so many times,

I ended up pawning the ship to Gramps here.


What are pirates who have lost
their ship supposed to do?!

I'll get it back for sure, just wait!


Stop, already!


If you keep this up, there's no
telling what else will be signed away!

If you want your ship back,

you'll just have to work here on
the island for as much as it's worth.

By my reckoning, in total,
you'll have to work for ten years.

How's tricks with you?


I'm sorry. I thought that if I got lucky,

I could get Gramps to tell
us where his treasure is.

Are you still going on about that?

At this point, we'll have to leave
the old man, and run away.

--That's all there is to it.
--Not me.

What are you talking about, Luffy?

It's a good thing for us that
Zoro noticed it, or we might have

spent the rest of our lives on this
island working for that old man!

Would you figure it out, too?!

You can't have any adventures
around here, Luffy. Let's go.


A stake is something like a promise, right?

If so, I don't want to break any promises.

This is no time to think about appearances!

Zoro, what do you say?

The captain is the one to decide, right?


I said no, and I mean no.



Looks like we can get the ship back, huh?

How about it, Gramps?

You got me...


We can always count on you, Big Sister!

How's tricks with you?

Just fine, thanks.

I've lived for many years,
but I've never seen pirates

as interesting as you are. I really like you.

Big party tonight!

Yeah, a feast, to celebrate
us getting the ship back!

Gramps, you're just like a great pirate.

You can really put it away.

Nami-chan, are you calling me a pirate?

If you weren't, you wouldn't have
such first-rate glasses, after all.

They are indeed treasure-class, huh?

Ah! Nami, you're trying
to get the old man drunk,

to find out where he keeps his treasure, huh?

Don't spell it out for him!

Old goat man, do you really have a treasure?

I just said, don't go talking so openly!

Some things do have their proper order!

My treasure... what I have shared
my joys and sorrows with

ever since washing up on
this island-- the island goats.

What a great story!


Don't just say ''gotcha,'' tell us what you mean!

Okay, here's what it means.

For all the great pirates,
who traveled the Grand Line, I am...

I knew it!

...the moneylender who dealt with them.


Yeah. I'm Zenny the Moneylender,
not the Pirate!

You're not?

That's too bad, huh, Nami?

Still, you must have some nerve,
lending money to pirates,

don't you, old man?

Why's that?

Well, doesn't he? Do you think
pirates usually borrow money,

then pay it back? Not to mention the interest.

That's right. You can bet everyone
bilked me out of their debts.

Every damn one of those
pirates broke their word,

and betrayal was second nature to them.

So Gramps, it's true that you hate pirates, huh?

If I would've just sat back
and taken it from them,

my business would have been wiped out.

Every time I went out to collect on a debt,

I had to fight against pirates,

at the risk of my own life.

That's a business where you have to be

stronger than the pirates, isn't it?

Old goat man, were you that strong?

I don't mean to brag, but I was weak.
But then, I had a dream.

A dream?

You did, Gramps?


Pay back the money?

I'm the man they call Zenny the Moneylender!

I'd rather see you in hell than
have you run out on your debt.

Shall we head to the underworld together?

W-Wait, Zenny! Here!

How's tricks? Well, goodbye.

Oh, no you don't! You give us pirates our due!

Oh, but I am.

Zenny! How dare you?!

Much obliged!

I may have been weak, but I had a dream,

so I fought desperately for it.
No, I managed to fight for it.

Old man, what was your dream?

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a pirate.

A real pirate. The king of the pirates.

That's why I first started
in the moneylending trade.

But instead, I got hit with a sneak
attack by some damn pirates,

taking their anger out on me,

and I ended up being washed
ashore for dear life on this island.

That was 20 years ago now, was it?

Have you been making that grave for 20 years?

At first, I planned to build
the ship near the sea,

but bringing the lumber down from
the mountain was too much for me.

So, I didn't give up, no matter what,
but built it up in the mountains.

I had a hell of a dream I couldn't
calculate with my abacus.

A hell of an adventure!

But somewhere along the way,
my eyes were opened.

Before I knew it, I was too old
to set sail for the Grand Line.

So much for my dream of being a pirate.

Dreams are just dreams, after all.

Why did you give up, old goat man?

Age doesn't have anything to do with it.

If you want to become a pirate,
then you should do it.

Hey, now, Luffy,

what are we going to do if the
old man takes you seriously?

--Pirates need a ship,
--Sanji, give me another.
--Coming up.

--and the old man's ship is
a coffin in the mountains.
--Thank you.

So we just have to bring it down, don't we?

Don't say it like it's so simple!

Yeah... there's still time...

There, you see? The old man
is taking you seriously!

No he's not. You're just drunk,
aren't you, Gramps?

Yeah, I'm drunk, I'm drunk!

Oh, he is?

This straw-hatted lad has got
me absolutely intoxicated!

All right! Here's looking forward to the day

when the Zenny Pirates set sail!

Can we really do this?

Lure the Straw Hat pirates off
the island, all by ourselves?

No matter how strong they might be,

they're still a bunch of greenhorn kids.

Depending on how this is done,
we have nothing to fear from them.

It's not as though I'm going
to fight them. Now, just watch.

Is the captain going to be able
to take the Straw Hat pirates?

That isn't any of my concern.

While the bigwigs are off fighting for justice,

we'll just be taking away the treasure.

Corporal, I'm going to put you to work, as well.

And I will reward you handsomely.

Y-Yes, sir.

Age doesn't have anything to do with it, huh?

He went and said something to
make an old man like me dream.

That straw-hatted lad is a nefarious boy.

--You're right.

Our captain also rescues people
who want to die, without asking them,

and lets them live.

Are you glad he let you live?

Indeed... I'm not quite sure about that yet.

You're not sorry he did.

I can tell by your face. Robin-chan,
your life is just getting started.

But me... my dream will
remain at rest here, forever.

What's the matter?!

Bad news! Everyone, wake up!

I sure slept good. Time for breakfast?

The navy! The navy is here!


Just one ship?

They don't look like they're
about to attack, either.

What on earth is it doing here?

Hey, Straw Hat pirates!

I am Sergeant Minchy,
of the navy. It's a pleasure.

A pleasure?

Listen, I'm terribly sorry about the other day.

If we had known better
who we were dealing with,

we wouldn't have chased you around like that.

I hope you accept our apologies.

Strange, isn't it? It's only natural
for the navy to chase pirates.

He's being unusually hospitable.
Watch yourselves.

P-Please! Don't get upset!
I understand that you're the ones

who defeated Crocodile
back in Alabasta, aren't you?

I wouldn't think of fighting
against pirates as great as you are!

Believe me. I mean, if we meant to attack you,

would we come here with only one ship?

What do you know?
The guy is afraid of us, isn't he?

Even assuming we did risk
our lives to fight you,

it wouldn't earn us a single penny.

So, what are you doing here?

Oh, we're just here to investigate the island.

It's a newly discovered island
that doesn't appear on our maps.

Investigate? There's just an old
man and his island goats here.

Now that you mention it,
where did the old guy go?

I see. Then Zenny is being
safely cared for here, isn't he?


Once our survey is done, we're
planning to return to our base.

You'd best set sail on out
of here as soon as you can.

I wouldn't blame you.

Naval headquarters is in a frenzy
to eliminate you guys, after all.

So that's it. Sounds like
this is our chance, as well.

I'll go get the food.
Have to call Robin down, too.


...a trap! A trap by the navy!

Are we setting sail, Luffy?

There's good weather past the fog.

The waves are gentle, and we won't,
by any means, lay a hand on you.

Come on, go ahead.

I go when I want to! You don't decide when!

If I were the navy, I'd fight
desperately against us,

even with only one ship!

Besides, something else is strange!

How did you know Gramps' name was Zenny?

We didn't say a word about it.

W-Well, you see...

I'm suspicious of what kind
of survey you plan to conduct.

You're not, by any chance,
after Gramps' treasure, are you?

That's it, huh? I don't trust this guy!

They've caught on, have they?

About the mountain of treasure
that Zenny the Moneylender

had signed over to him to
cover the pirates' debts?

I knew it! Gramps does have a treasure!

I smell gunpowder.

Is it that bastard's cannons?

It's not just one ship's cannons.

It's from more cannons than I can count.

What's that there?!

If we had set sail, we would have been caught

in a sneak attack by that fleet!

Mess with us, will they?!
I don't care if they are a fleet!

--Come and get me!




Don't move! One move, and this guy is dead!

They already had a landing
party hiding here, did they?!

Well done, Corporal!

Guys, hurry and let them know!

Wait. If they leave now,
they won't make it in time.

But what else can we do?

At this rate, the straw-hatted
lad and the others will be...

This is a mess.

What do we do?

Gramps, you're a pirate, right? Do something.

That's crazy! Maybe I am a pirate,
but this ship is my coffin.

It's up in the mountains,
and no matter what I do...

So we just have to bring it down, don't we?

The wind that blows down
from the mountains...!

Prepare to set sail!

What are you standing around for?!
Men, remove the chock planks!

Let's go!

Drop your weapons, or else!

--Damn it!

Guys! Hurry and get out of here!

They're planning to finish us
all off, one way or another!

You keep your mouth shut!

Damn you, cowards!

We don't even have to wait
for the captain to land,

it's all over now. Corporal!

Sure enough...

You cowards!

I can handle bullets just fine.

But we can't handle them!

I'll take the treasure of Zenny,

along with the heads of the Straw Hat pirates!

It's time to send you to hell!

Sail on!

I-Impossible! A pirate ship,
coming out of the mountains?!

Attack of the Zenny Pirates!

Old man!

How's tricks?