One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 36 - Survive! Bellemere, the Mother and Nami's Family! - full transcript

Bellemere was cooking a meal for her foster daughters. But when Arlong enters the home it appeared to be empty. Then Bellemere surprises him with a marine rifle directly into his mouth. Nami and Nojiko ran towards their home, only to be stop by the town doctor who tells them that they need to escape while they can, before Arlong discovers them to be the foster daughters of Bellemere. Bellemere thinks she has the whole thing taken care of only when Arlong bite and damaged the barrel of the gun. Then he continuously stomp on Bellemere's arm demanding her to pay for her soul. Arlong presumed that a family lived in this home. But one of his mermen looked at the stolen town records that Bellemere was never married or had any children. Gen came to tell them that she lives by herself and will pay the fine. Arlong leaved only when Bellemere announced that she has 2 foster children. And will use her money for their lives instead of hers. Nami and Nojiko came running towards her and begged her not to do it. But she's made up her mind and she doesn't want her only family to be killed at all. She told them to live on and stay strong. Nami didn't want her to die, not when she's yet to make her map of the world. Bellemere told her that that's her goal to fulfill. Arlong now knows the whole truth and will gladly kill Bellemere instead. Gen tries to stop him, but got injured by one of the mermen. Then all of Cocoyashi's locals came in a rampage to stop them from harming Bellemere. Arlong told his crew to fight them off but not to kill. He'll kill Bellemere as an example to those who don't have money. Her last words to Nojiko and Nami were "I love you". And she was shot by Arlong in front of their eyes. All the villagers were feeling guilty for not saving a friend of theirs. Arlong felt great after killing Bellemere told them all that, that's a prime example to those who refuse to pay their monthly fees. The crew found Nami's drawn map in Bellemere's back pocket. Nami told her to give it back. Which made Arlong amazed that a girl like Nami can draw up a map that good. So he takes Nami with them by force as she'll be useful to them. Gen tried to stop them but he was in no condition to fight at all. The once peaceful town was trashed and all the boats were destroyed by the mermen. Escaping is futile and not even the marines or government can help them now. Gen, Nojiko, and the villagers were worried about what will become of Nami. Then Nami came to the village with some money in her hands. They were all glad that she was safe. But they noticed that she has some bruises and she announced that she joined them as their navigator to draw maps. They all couldn't believe it, not even Nojiko who tried to tell her that she's with the one who killed their mother. But Nami said that they'll let her live, because she's being paid for making maps. When she turned around they noticed Arlong's symbol was on her left arm. Which means she's part of their crew now. Gen couldn't bare to look at her. And told her to leave the village, and she did. Later that night Nojiko finds Nami visiting Bellemere's newly buried grave. She told Nojiko that she'll save up 100 million to buy the village back from Arlong. That way everyone of the village will be free again. She must do it on her own, and advice both Nojiko and the villagers to not help, because Arlong will know. And over the years she became a pirate thief so she can steal even more money. Nami placed all that stolen treasure in a secret spot near Bellemere's home. And will use it until she has enough. After hearing the story both Usopp and Sanji are stun by the tale. Nojiko said that she's worked so hard to receive that must money. And if the Straw Hat Pirates keep claiming to be her friend, then she'll lose loyalty to Arlong and her plan will be ruined. Which is why they shouldn't interfere at all. It's too much for a girl to be working for the one who killed her own foster mother. In the bushes Johnny and Yosaku, who didn't left the island heard the whole thing and felt terrible for what they've said about Nami. Nami got up from her seat at Bellemere's house and mentions that she only need 7 million to buy back the village. But will her 8 year plan succeed?

''Zenny of the Island of Goats and
the Pirate Ship In the Mountains!''

After them! Don't let them escape!

Here I thought they were these great pirates,

but these fainthearted guys are
just running away, aren't they?

Sergeant, let's be the ones who
bring in the Straw Hat pirates!

We'll bring them in, for sure!

Come on! If we don't do something,
they really will hit us!

I'm too hungry...

Me, too...

Man, these navy guys are pesky.

Haven't you caught anything yet?

It's not a matter of catching something!

There isn't a single drop of water left!

At this rate, we're either going
to shrivel up, or die of starvation.

Robin-chan, it's time for afternoon tea.

Would you care for some
mille-feuille, as well?

Thank you, mister cook.

I want a snack, too!

Sanji, where the hell did
you have that hidden?!

Hey! You guys keep your mitts off of this!

What's with the lack of a sense of urgency?!

Is this any time to be laughing?!

Nami, this sea looks even
more alarming than the navy.

Use your navigating skills and do something!

I know!

More fog?

We might be able to use this
fog to give the navy the slip.

But this water is moving fast.
What's more, there are reefs everywhere.

This region of the ocean is designated
as a class-one danger zone!

Pursuing them any farther is impossible!

If this keeps up, we'll be wiped out!

Silence! We've chased them this far!

We've almost got them, you know!

Sergeant, let's finish this now!

Withdraw. Come about at once.

We've got orders from Captain Moore

that once we spot the Straw Hat pirates,
we are to eliminate them!

Stop pestering me!

The captain is not in command
right now. I am. Understood?

Yes, sir.

Hard aport! Pull the sail 45° to the left!

We're out of the fog.

Hey, an island! I see an island!

I wonder if it has something to eat!

Six people and one animal...

Doesn't matter how many
of you damn pirates there are.

Just you watch this...

Maybe it's uninhabited.

--A goat?

Meat! Meat! Meat! Meat!

Hold on! I don't care how hungry you are,

you can't just go after that cute little goat!

Apparently, the cute little goats
have taken a liking to us.

It's a trap! We've fallen into their trap!

We have no choice!

Don't cut them, Zoro!

These guys aren't bad! I can tell that much!

Tabasco Star!!

The goat kicked it back.


Wait! We're not going to eat
you or anything! I promise!

But why did you all set a trap for us?!

Huh? They were ordered by somebody to do it!

Somebody who?


You idiot! Keep out of the way!

Watch out!

Stop it!

I-It's a monster!

A weird old man fell out of there.

Chopper, is this the man who
gave the goats their orders?

How about it?

They say yes.

He must have thought we
were here to attack him.

Don't worry. We just want
some water and provisions.

How can I trust anything a pirate says?!

I'm telling you right now, there's no
treasure on this island, got it?!

I am penniless!

You don't look very rich, in any case.

Damn pirates! If that's how you
want it, I'll be a man about it!

Simmer me, bake me, do whatever you will!

Oh, really? I'm a cook.
Simmering and baking are my specialty.

Wait! Wait! I was just joking!
You fiend! You scoundrel! You killer!

He's gone limp.

The old man's grit is amazing,
but he's pretty fainthearted.

Oh, no! His heart has stopped!

--You ogre!

--How cruel!

Now, hold on, it's not like that!

I'm a doctor! Let's hurry and
take the old man to his house!

I was very nearly killed out there.

You really can't drop your
guard around a pirate.

Listen to you! You fainted all on your own.

Old goat man, did your
heart stop out of shock?

Here in the Grand Line,
there must be surprises every day.

I'm surprised you've lasted this long,
with that faint heart of yours.

That's the truth!

Still, we're glad that you're life isn't in danger.

What's there to be glad about?!

You've already scared the hell
out of me, and nearly got me killed.

What's more, now I can't chop
firewood, or draw any water.

I'm out a whole bunch, here!

Altogether, I've lost 50,000,000 Berries!

You're overcharging, aren't you?
At the most, it should be this much.

Now you're being stingy!
Even with a huge discount, it's this.

If you subtract Chopper's
consultation fee, it's this.

All you young folks ganging up
to pick on an old man like me...!

You're heartless!

We're not picking on you!

Ah, I can't go on anymore!

Don't cry.

All right, old goat man.

We'll chop your wood
and draw your water for you.

You're the reasonable sort,
aren't you, my straw-hatted lad?

We have a deal.

That old guy sure did seem
to dislike pirates, huh?

Do you think he has
some grudge against them?

They say the old man is
the only person on the island,

and that it's been 20 years since
he washed up here from somewhere.

20 years?!

We've met someone like that before, huh?

Oh, where are you going, Zoro?

Huh? I'm going to go look
for something to eat.

I doubt the old man is going
to share anything with us.

Oh, right! In that case, get some meat!

Don't ask for too much!

Put your back into it more!

Can't you youngsters even
chop wood right these days?

I thought so. This cleaning is no good.

Do this over, here!

After that, get some grass to
the island goats, and fix the hut!

Ah, I'm so tired... Don't just
stand there, rub my shoulders!

You might pay me a little mind,
without me having to tell you everything.

You people really are so
much trouble. After that...

There's more?

Damn it, which way is north,
and which way is south?

What's that?


I finally made it back.

Are you guys still at it?

That old-timer has been pushing
work on us, one job after another.

We're all worn out.

I'm so hungry...

A pirate ship?

The ship was run down, but it
was definitely a pirate ship.

Who made it?

The old guy is the only one here.

Why would the old-timer build a pirate ship?

How should I know?

We just might be in luck here.

In any event, let's go have a look.

You say it's at the top of the mountain?

Let's go see!

Whoa, there's no need to run, right?

Hey, wait! It'll take too long
to get there starting now!

You're right.

Damn, it was this close, in a straight line?

It seems creepy somehow, doesn't it?

Like a ghost ship in the mountains, huh?

Robin, don't say anything like that.

What are those?

Spirits of the dead! Didn't I tell you so?!

They're fireflies!

He used lumber from the local trees.

But it looks like he stopped midway through.

The old guy really did this?

It doesn't look like it's here.

What's not here, Nami?



If my guess is correct, that old man is,
in actual fact, a former pirate!

A pirate?

He probably got shipwrecked,

and I'll bet he's the only one
who made it to this island.

And so, he was building this
pirate ship to get off the island.

Yeah, but a former pirate disliking pirates

doesn't make any sense, does it?

That's just simple camouflage,

to keep us from finding
the treasure he's hidden.

I thought he was shady, right from the start.

Remember that furniture in the old man's hut?

He had some pretty valuable
things together there.

That's my Nami-san! Very astute!

That can't be right.

There's no way that fainthearted
old man was once a pirate.

Yeah, but he might have been
a famous pirate long ago.

And above all else, there's this ship.

There's a dense forest ahead, with no paths...

...and a steep cliff to the rear.

If he's going to build a boat to escape on,

why do it up here in the mountains?

Why, Nami?


Why did you turn back?
A danger zone, you say?

Why did you turn back?
A danger zone, you say?

Why did you turn back?
A danger zone, you say?

Do you think you can fear those,
and still preserve the navy's justice?!

I'm terribly sorry. But it
won't be possible for them

to get out of that danger
zone so easily, either.

They couldn't have gotten too far away.

Even Smoker, and Hina,
leader of the Black Cage Unit,

let the Straw Hat pirates slip away from them,

but we will stop them at
my hand, no matter what!

They will be of no matter, once they
are within your grasp, Captain.

Begin a search at once! Go locate
where the Straw Hat pirates are!

Yes, sir!

--Uh, Captain...
--Let's go, Corporal.

Yes, sir.

Why didn't you report
that island to the captain?

You saw it, too?

Yes. I saw the island, not recorded
anywhere in that area of the sea.

Let's keep that from the captain
for a little while. Got it?

Why? The Straw Hat pirates
are probably on that island.

Allow me to let you in on something.

The one who put down
Crocodile in Alabasta was...

Yes, sir, Captain Smoker, hero of the navy.

You're such a dumbass.

That turns out to be the official
statement, nothing more.

Then, who exactly was it?

Those Straw Hat pirates, apparently.

If we took those guys on,

no matter how many lives
we had, it wouldn't be enough.

But, sir...

Hey, don't believe everything
you hear from the higher-ups.

If we were to fight them head-on,
they'd wipe us out like it was nothing.

Never mind them, I need you to give
me a hand with something, Corporal.

You need a hand?

Let's get off this island, right away.

If this keeps up, that funny old man

is just going to keep slave-driving us.

--I'm staying here.

I want to eat! I can't fill up on just this stuff!

Ah! It's all gone!

Why, you...!

--I had to go out looking for that food!
--For the time being, let's head back to the ship.

Ah, Chopper, we're going back to the ship.

I'm going to stay by the old man's side.

I can't just abandon one
of my patients, after all.

But he's gotten better. If you feel
sorry for him, there'll be no end to it.

There will be an end.

What do you mean?

An end?

That old man's heart didn't
stop just because he's timid.

He's sick.

So by ''there will be an end,'' you mean...?

There's no doubt about it.
That old man only has three days left.


Three days, you say?

I sure slept well.

That smells good.

--Good morning, old-timer!
--Breakfast is ready.

W-What is all this?!

Sanji is a noted cook, so this is delicious!

The island goats told me where the fruit is,

and some points where the fishing was good.

Come on, hurry, hurry.

Nami-chan, I'm warning you,
I don't have a penny to pay with.

You don't have to worry about that.

Something's fishy here. Way too fishy for me.

There's a proverb about this, you know.

''Beware of pirates that suddenly become nice.''

There isn't any poison in this, is there?

How rude.

It's only natural to be kind
to the elderly, isn't it?

If you don't want any, I'll eat it for you.

Hold on! I'm eating, I'm eating!

What's the matter with you?!

Old-timer, are you okay?!

--Hey, don't startle him!

Oh, so you've eaten a
Devil Fruit, too, have you?

Yum! It truly has been a long time
since I've had anything this good.

Old-timer, if there's anything we
can do for you, just ask us, okay?

Make sure you don't leave behind any regrets.

Nobody asked you!

If you like this kind of food,
I'll make it for you, anytime.

You will, huh? Well, thanks.
Wow, this really is good.

This is terribly yummy.
This goes beyond yummy!

What's the matter, old goat man?!

--Don't tell me...!
--It's happening already?!

--Oh, no!
--Hey, stay with us!

Whew! It was so good,
I rushed through eating it,

and got it stuck in my throat.

Oh, your food got stuck in your throat, did it?

Don't scare us like that.

I was sure it was too soon for that.

Too soon for what?

N-Nothing at all! He means
you're eating too quick, old-timer.

Never mind him, have some of mine, too.

And mine, too.

Help yourself to this, too.

Really?! Much obliged, much obliged!

This really is good!

His appetite is on the same
level as Luffy's, isn't it?

Does he really only have three days left to live?

Here it is, Sergeant!

According to the records,
there was a man who fought

against some pirates in that
area of the sea 20 years ago,

and hasn't been seen since.

I remember now. He was a guy
named Zenny, or something.


The bastard wasn't the
only thing that went missing.

A huge treasure disappeared with him.

Supposing he made it to that island,

and even if he has already kicked the bucket...

Treasure doesn't have a
life expectancy, does it?

You've already eaten too much!

I'm just getting started.

You're awesome, mister!