One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 35 - The Hidden Past! Female Fighter Bellemere! - full transcript

3 of Arlong's strongest mermen investigated the damaged boat that crashed in the plains. They have a hunch that the one who sailed the boat is somewhere on the island. They spot Luffy, and already know that he's not from around here. The mermen stand in the middle of the road, but Luffy passed them without saying anything. Hatchi asked him who he is and what his business is here on the island. Luffy says his name and just says he's going on a walk. And nothing more after that. While Zoro is snoozing Sanji and Usopp listen to Nojiko's story on Nami's past. It began 8 years ago, before Arlong took over the island. Nami and Nojiko were both foster sisters who lived with Bellemere, a tough female orange farmer. Nami had the interest and skills of a navigator at an early age. She would draw maps, including one of the island they live on. All 3 of them are have no relationship, but they lived happily together. Despite Bellemere only making small fortunes with every orange harvest. All 3 of them couldn't afford much. Nami was upset that she couldn't get what she wants. And wished that she lived in a rich family, having the idea that her and Nojiko are in the way for Bellemere. Bellemere however didn't like the way Nami talked to her, and Nami ran away feeling depressed(while it was raining). Bellemere told Nojiko to find Nami, as their still family no matter what. Nami was found by Gen and taken to the police outlet to keep her dry from the rain. Gen finds out why Nami is so depressed, and told her that Bellemere really cared for her. And revealed to her that her foster mother was part of the Marines a few years back. After a brutal battle between the marines and the pirates. She found 2 orphans who lost their parents during the battle. Those two were Nami and Nojiko, and they gave Bellemere a new leap in her life. And decided to take care of them like a mother would. after learning about that Nami felt bad for yelling at her foster mother for not having the same blood line. Nojiko found Nami and told her that Bellemere is worried about her. So the 2 of them head home. Only until the Arlong Pirates invaded the island and gathered up the villagers of Cocoyashi Village. Arlong himself has announced that from today every person on the island must pay him money for their souls, one month from now. Those who are unable to pay, will die. When they were finished collecting the fees, one of the mermen noticed smoke coming from outside the village. That smoke is coming from Bellemere's home who's unaware of what is happening. Arlong and his crew head that way to collect more money. Nojiko and Nami watched the whole thing and headed back home to warn Bellemre. How will this sad tale end?

''The Fabled Pirate Hunter!
Zoro, the Wandering Swordsman''

We're going to drink up
every bit of liquor in this joint!

Hey, now, Billy,

how many places are you going
to ruin before you're satisfied?

How should I know?

''Yosaku (several years ago)''
How should I know?

''Yosaku (several years ago)''
That man over there... has a
bounty of 5,000,000 Berries.

That man over there... has a
bounty of 5,000,000 Berries.

5,000,000? What do you say we
back off on this one, Yosaku?

''Johnny (several years ago)''
5,000,000? What do you say we
back off on this one, Yosaku?

5,000,000? What do you say we
back off on this one, Yosaku?

Hey, Johnny, if all we do is go after
small-timers, we won't get anywhere.

This is the time when a bounty hunter
has to go after the higher ranks.

I know what you're saying,
but when it comes to 5,000,000,

even we would lose by a hair.

Give me something to eat.

Got any money?

Not right now. However,

I'll be making some soon enough,
once I cut me up a bounty.

I can't let that go unanswered!

I'll cut you down before you can get me!

Don't go making me exert
myself so much. I'm hungry.

Answer me one thing:
Is there a bounty on your head?

Won't you be surprised to hear?
I've got a bounty of 5,000,000 Berries!

You don't say. That's plenty.


I've earned some money.
Now give me something to eat.

Yes, coming right up!

He's got amazing skill.

He's not on the wanted list.

If he's a bounty hunter,
someone should know who he is.

Could he be the pirate hunter
we've heard about lately?

I've heard he's one incredibly brutal guy.

No, word is that the pirate
hunter uses three swords.

They say that one of them is a
famous sword, with a white sheath.

What's more, they say
he's like a demon beast,

who's taken the form of a man.

He sure doesn't look like that.
If that's the case...

...we can't just stand by
as our prey is taken from us!

Hey, Johnny...

Hey, mister, if you're a bounty hunter, too,

then you have to abide by our rules.


We didn't want to make
any trouble for the pub,

so we were waiting for him to leave.

We had first dibs on this guy.
He was our prey.

H-Hey, you!

Didn't you hear me?! There are
rules among fellow bounty hunters!


Do you know Hawk-Eye Mihawk?

Mihawk? One of the Seven Warlords?

I'm on a journey,
with the aim of defeating him,

and becoming the world's
greatest swordsmaster.

I do collect bounties, in order to eat,

but it's not as though I'm a bounty hunter.

The world's greatest swordsmaster?

Hey, did you hear that, partner?

No way! There's no way!
You must be dreaming!

When I was a kid, that's what
I made up my mind to do.

It doesn't matter what anyone else says.

Even if it was your childhood
dream, there's no way you'll...

I didn't know you had claim on him. Sorry.

You can deliver him to the navy.
The bounty is yours.

--Y-You mean it?!
--However... lunch here is on you.

We did it, Johnny! 5,000,000 Berries!
We'll be able to eat for a while,

without having to go after any bounties.

Hey, what's the matter?

Aren't you happy?


...did you become a bounty hunter?

Huh? Why did I?

Isn't it obvious? So I could eat.

The village where I
was born was really poor.

Even so, the bandits still
hit villages like mine a lot.

When they did, the bounty
hunters who were after

the bandits' heads came, too.

Deep down in my heart, I wanted
to be just like those dashing men,

who challenged the bandits to fight.

I thought to myself, someday,

I sure do hope that I can take
down those bad men like that, too.

It wasn't until much later that I learned

that they collected bounties
as their profession.

Now that you mention it,
I wanted to be like them, too.

When I heard what that ''world's
greatest'' dude in there said,

it reminded me of myself back then.

Hey, what are you getting all
sentimental on me for? It's not like you.

Shut up.

What is it?!

What's wrong? Has something happened?

Bandits! The Dick Gang is attacking
a ranch just outside of town!

Dick the Bandit?

Here he is! Wow!

He's a big-leaguer-- 10,000,000 Berries!

Snap it up, men!

They were hiding quite a bit, huh?
We got a big haul today!

Is that them?

Hey, what do we do?
They're taking it all away, fast!

We're talking about the bandit Dick.
We're no match for him.

It's not worth it if he takes
our lives from us, too.

Damn it!

All right, next one!
Take everything they've got!

What's with the people in this town?
They're such cowards.

Don't they even have
the guts to put up a fight?

Well, maybe that's smart, in a certain sense.

There are those who take,
and those who get taken from,

and you're either one or
the other in this day and age.

Being weak is a crime all by itself.

Defiance is something only a fool would do!

So there is a fool here...

G-Give back our food!

That's something we all
worked very hard to store up!


You've got grown-up guts, at least.

Darn you...!

Harry! Stop! You're no match for him! Harry!

Let's go!

Hey, take it easy, partner.
Even we would lose to him by a hair.

That's not why. He's...

...who I was that day...

He doesn't know how to compromise
or look out for himself yet.

He's me, back when I was still innocent.

Hey! Johnny!

What do you think you're doing?!

Who are you?!

Just a nameless bounty hunter.

What did you say?

You guys are bounty hunters, huh?
Are you after my head?

What a pain. You're just a couple of hyenas.

What did you call us?!

If you want money, then I
can give you some charity,

if you don't mind small change.

--We don't want it!

We just feel a little bit like
being champions of justice today.

Eh? Hey, Johnny...

Champions of justice?


Would you let me be a man?


Johnny, you mean...?

All right.

There's no such thing as
justice or evil in this day and age!

The mighty prevail!
That's all there is to it, am I right?

We're serious!

Yeah! Just this morning,

we turned in a bounty worth
5,000,000 Berries to the navy!

The navy, this morning?

You're the ones who did in Billy--
my sworn brother?!


Have you finished the
sword I asked you to do?


You have exceptional skill.

I put in a lot of work. You're too
reckless with such a precious sword.

If that were an ordinary sword,
it would have met the same fate

as those two other broken swords of yours.

All right. I'll be careful.

I'm going to get stronger for her, too!

I'm going to get strong enough
that my name reaches to heaven!

I'm going to be the world's
strongest swordsman!

Thanks for your help. I'd like
to pay you something extra,

but unfortunately, right now, I'm broke.

Don't worry about it. It's not often
I get to see such an item as that.

It was a feast for the eyes.

Not at all like this
good-for-nothing long sword.

Hey, didn't I tell you so?! Give me a break!

No matter how many swords you carry,
it'll never be enough like this!

Damn, I've done it again. Sorry,
I'll be sure to make it up to you.

That's that punk Dick, the mountain whale.

He's a 10,000,000-Berry bandit,
who uses a cannon.

A bandit with a price on his head, huh?

Damn it!

It's no use. He's too much
for those guys, after all.

What is this?

Are you two really the ones
who took out my sworn brother?

Hmph! We were the ones who turned in Billy,

but someone else beat him, you bastard!

Then what are you bragging for?
I thought you were pretty weak.

Shut up!

Man, you are relentless.



Why, you...! You want to
die that badly, do you?!

Boss! We're done loading
all the loot into the cart.

You're done? Then let's pull out of here.

There's no sense in messing
around with these weaklings.

Hold on!

I said hold it right there, wanted man!

We've turned in dozens--
no, hundreds of bounties by a hair!

If we let you get away, it will
shame us for generations to come!

What a waste. It's not worth it, is it?

Maybe we won't earn anything... but still...

...there are times when a man
has to stick to his beliefs, and fight!

You guys aren't long for this life.

We knew that when we started!

I see.

Hey, men! Take care of
these guys, right away!

--Let 'em have it!
--Out of the way!

What do you want?! Let me go!
They're in there fighting for me!

If you feel like fighting...

...think. What can you do
with the power you've got?

My, my, you poor guys.

You don't have a spot on your
faces that hasn't been messed up.

I think it's about time to put an end to this.

It won't gain me a single
red cent to kill the two of you,

but consider this your own twist of fate.

The hard luck that comes from
having come after my head.

But relax, I'll send you into
the next world together, as pals.

Take this!

Here goes!

That's enough, don't you think?
This fight was over a long time ago.


That guy from earlier...

Forgive me, but I'm going
to swipe your prey from you.

I've come into an urgent
need of money, you see.



Who is that?

A-A white-sheathed sword...?

I need to borrow your swords for a minute.

No problem, but what exactly are you--

Three swords?! You don't mean...!

The pirate hunter, Roronoa Zoro?!

Ho, so this is the fabled pirate hunter, huh?

So then, what's going on here?

Sure, I've gotten noticeably stronger lately,

but as soon as I use too
much of it, my swords break.

I can't go overusing my strength so recklessly.

No matter the sword,
I have to get to the point

where I'm able to get
100% of its force out of it.

Roronoa Zoro-san, even using three swords,

I don't think you'll be able to
defeat that many men at once.

Using three swords is not the same thing

as using the Three-Sword Style.

Three-Sword Style, you say?
Let's see it, why don't we?

Get him, men!

He did it! Incredible!


Watch out!


I told you, don't stand beside me.

You're going to catch
a cold dressed like that.

People who catch colds are people
who let their mind's guard down.

Well, I wonder if someone
somewhere is spreading stories

about Zoro, the pirate hunter.

I've never once called myself a pirate hunter.

Then, who did give you
a name as cool as that?

Who knows? It doesn't matter to me.

O-Oh, crap! My flame!

Oni Giri!!

So that... is the Three-Sword Style...

All right, they aren't broken.

Thanks for the help.

Roronoa Zoro!

I'm deeply impressed by your skill.
Would you let us join you?

We are a bounty hunting unit,

fearsome enough by a hair
to silence a crying child,

Yosaku and Johnny.

Suit yourselves.

Big Bro!