One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 34 - Reunited! Usopp Tells Nami's True Story - full transcript

Luffy, Sanji, and Yosaku made a crash landing in the plains of the island. Zoro(who got ran over by their boat) tells them that he needs to go rescue Usopp from the mermen. Only when Johnny came by all depressed and told them that Usopp has been killed by Nami. Either one of them, including Luffy couldn't believe it. Luffy declined that it's a lie, but Johnny wished that was true. Then Nami comes by and just told them all solemnly that the only reason she was with Luffy was for the money and nothing more. Sanji admired the way Nami acted serious, but Zoro corrects him that he has no idea what is going on. Nami told them to leave the island and don't get involved with the mermen in anyway. Because they'll get killed by the mermen if they were to go up against them. Luffy, however laid on the road and said he's not going anywhere. Nami got mad and told them all that she won't care what the mermen will do to them. And ran off without any other word. Johnny & Yosaku took her advice wisely and told Zoro that they've done their job in bring the "Starw Hat Pirates" to this island. And won't get killed by a crew of mermen. In the distance, the 77th Marine fleet lead by General Purin Purin are planning to rescue the Cocoyashi villagers from Arlong's rule. But Arlong didn't allow that to happen and sent out 3 of his strongest mermen to destroy the marine ship. After it was destroyed Nojiko, Gen, and the other locals find it impossible to escape the wrath of Arlong. Arlong plans to use the map he got from Nami to locate a possible treasure on the island. As Nami and his deal was back 8 years ago, that she'd be their navigator on maps and locations. Meanwhile Nojiko finds Nami breaking things in their childhood home. Nojiko told her that she met her friends. And found out that she enjoyed being with them. Becuase Nojiko knows the her foster sister hasn't been happy in all these years. Nami expresses that when she was with Luffy, she completely forgot about what her promise was. And after the adventures she had with him, she now doesn't know what to do. Sanji and Zoro argue about whether it's real necessary to stay on the island for nothing. Then out in the distance a Usopp was running. And he's more alive then they imagined. He told them that Nami saved his life from being killed by Arlong. And she had to pierce her hand to make it look like she stabbed him. And believes that there's a reason why she joined the mermen crew if she's not really that cruel. Nojiko found them and is about to tell them the story on why Nami did it in the first place. Luffy however won't bother to learn about Nami's past and Zoro went for a nap, as he doesn't think it'll change their minds in leaving the island. But Sanji and Usopp remained interested in the story on why Nami betrayed her family and home for Mermen.

I'm sick of this.

When is this rain going to stop?!

Hey, Usopp, have you got anything fun?

Huh? I've got a firework we
could launch, but just one.

--Wanna do that?

Don't do it. What if there's a
hostile ship nearby, or something?

I guess you're right.

What's that book you've been
reading this whole time?

Luffy is showing interest in a book?!

Huh? Something the matter?

N-No, it's nothing.

The book is called ''Rainbow Mist,''
or ''Niji no Kiri.''

It's a novel, based on some
adventures this person had

in an unusual region of the sea.

Adventures, huh? That sounds interesting!


Regardless of how bored he might be...

The sea sure is a strange place, huh?

Hey, I saw an island.

Really?! Yahoo!

What's with you guys?

It's nothing.

''I Will Make it Bloom!
Usopp the Man and the Eight-Foot Shell''

It stopped...

Then it's okay, right, Mommy and Daddy?

Okay, keep close watch on the ship!

Yeah, you got it!

Hey! There's a town!

Hey, wait up, Luffy!

A town!

It may be a small town, but it sure is lively.

We should be able to procure
a few things here, huh?

Usopp, are you going to do some shopping?

Good question.

Hey, guys, get a load of this!

What is it?

Don't tell me there are wanted
posters! No, that's not it, huh?

Oh, a firework festival!
And what's more, it's today!


I haven't seen fireworks in a long time!

Well then, Nami-san, I shall be your escort.

Uh-uh, no thanks. Mind your own self.

Fireworks, huh? I can't wait!

I haven't seen you folks around before.

Have you come to watch the fireworks?

No, that isn't why--

Why, are these fireworks that well-known?

Yeah. It's a famous festival on this island.

They've been holding it
for 400 years, after all.

400 years? That long?

Look. You see that tower up
on the mountain behind you?

The people who live in that house
have been making fireworks

for generations, since 400 years ago.

It's just an old man and a little girl
that live there right now, though.

Oh? Then, does the old man
make the fireworks by himself?

Oh, no! He makes them
together with the girl.

They bang them out all
year long, just for this day.

It's really something.

Why does it take a whole
year to make fireworks?

You're so dense! You see...

There's all sorts of reasons. If I
told you, you wouldn't understand.

--Oh, okay.
--That's it!

It looked like we were
almost out of gunpowder.

I wonder if they'd share a little with us.

--Who knows?
--I'll be back in a bit!

Then again, I hope that nothing like
what went on last year happens.

Yeah, really.

Like what went on last year?

Yeah. Last year, at the fireworks festival--

Kadoyan! They came here
to have a good time.

No need to go out of your
way to tell them about that.

I suppose not.

Sorry, it's nothing. Forget about it.

Oh, yeah! We should tell
Zoro and Robin about this!

Yeah! Let's go tell Robin-chan!

Nah, maybe we should eat first.

How come?!

This is how a firework
of my making turns out.

I'll show this to them,
and they'll be so impressed,

and say, ''if you're skilled enough
to make something this wonderful,

then please, take as much
gunpowder as you like, for free!''

I wonder if that will happen.


Whoa, what a face you've got.

Are you really the head firework maker?

You betcha! I'm Boss Odama,
the pyrotechnist.

In any case, I'm begging you.
You can spare a little, can't you?

You must have lots of gunpowder, right?

I don't have any gunpowder
to give to a greenhorn like you.

Now, be on your way, please. Goodbye.

J-Just a minute! Please, decide if I'm
a novice or not after looking at this!

This is a fairly decent--

''14th generation Odama''

''14th generation Odama''
So round! So huge! So white!

So round! So huge! So white!

Who gave you permission to
come across my threshold?!

Hey, old-timer, is that real?!
That's papier-mâché, right?!

What would papier-mâché be doing

lying around a fireworks master's home?

It's for real. So, ''this is a
fairly decent'' what, now?

Oh, nothing, really.

A three-gauge shell, huh?
It's pasted together a little loose,

but it's still pretty well put together, huh?

Why were you hiding it?
It would be a waste not to finish it.

Huh? Who are you?

I'm Kodama, the granddaughter
of Grandpa Odama over there.

Huh? You mean,

you're the girl that makes fireworks
together with the old man?

Yep, that's me.

I won't have you looking down
on me, just because I'm little.

I'm still pretty skillful, maybe even
as much as Grandpa here.


Don't go getting carried away!

You were supposed to
contact the launch team!

I did! They're going to be here
shortly to carry the shells away,

so I thought I would
get them out, you know?

Before that, you've got
to prepare the mortars,

and get the wagon ready!

Yeah, yeah, you're right.

Okay, fine!

What's with you?

Don't just stand there, go give her a hand!

--Just get going!

What was that all about? He tells me
to go away, then tells me to help!

I give up. I'm leaving.


Fixing to slack off? Help me out, here!


You're not here to become an apprentice?

Of course not. I just came to
get some gunpowder from you.

You had your own firework,

so I thought for sure you
wanted to be an apprentice.

I just made that one for fun.

I hate to admit it, but I'm
not up to working pro.

Yeah... but it's true,
that is well put-together.

You should hurry up and finish it.

Come to mention it, you said
the same thing before, too, huh?

What do you mean? I thought
it was already finished.

Fireworks only become finished
when they blossom beautifully

in the night sky.

Which is why all of the fireworks in
the storehouse are unfinished goods.

These launching mortars, too.

They're not finished until
they're used as equipment.

There's something amazing about you.

It's like I told you. I won't have
you looking down on me.

So then, that ridiculously huge
firework earlier is the same way?

It's still unfinished, right? I sure
would like to see that one go off.

Last year, we tried to
launch one just like that.

Oh? There was another one like that?


But it didn't work.
Our equipment was flawed.

You don't mean...?

My mommy and my daddy...

They died, a year ago today...

...when the launch of the
200-gauge shell went wrong.

This weather seems kind of weird.

Do you still hold the firework
festival if it's raining?


I guess it's no use, Mommy, Daddy...

At least get things ready.

What's no use?

If it clears up tonight, I'm planning
on launching the 200-gauge shell.

N-No! Fireworks aren't food!

Don't raise your voice, you dummy.


But you can't launch something
as huge as that on your own, right?

That's all right. I asked the launch
team to help me out in secret.

Even so, it already failed to launch
once, right? It's too dangerous.

That's okay. I want to do it.

It's not okay!

Are you trying to get the launch
team folks caught in it this time?

No, of course not. They'll just be
setting it up, and then take cover.

I'll take care of the launching by myself.

''By yourself,'' huh?

No, no, no! I'm telling your grandpa,
and putting a stop to this.

What do you think you're doing?!

That's what I was going to say!

Don't go ruining my
Mommy and Daddy's dream!

Your Mommy and Daddy's dream?

That's right.

Our family has been making
fireworks for generations,

for over 400 years now.

--Hey, that's okay...
--Just let me!

Apparently, we once had the technical skill

to make and launch 200-gauge shells,

but at some point,
that tradition was broken.

It was my Mommy and Daddy's
dream to bring back that skill.

That's why, tonight,
I'm going to finish their dream.

I understand how you feel, but...

Hold on a second. Why would you
just blab something like that to me?

Do you want to know?

You want me to keep
your grandpa occupied?!

Yes. The launch team folks will be
here soon to carry the shell away.

While they're doing that,
keep Grandpa occupied inside,

so he doesn't come out here. Please!

You dumb fool! How can I help you
out with something so dangerous?

''14th generation Odama''

''14th generation Odama''
Because my Mommy and Daddy's
dream is still only half-finished.

Because my Mommy and Daddy's
dream is still only half-finished.

I'm going to finish it for them.

Hold on a minute...

A prayer before launching?
A fine thing to do.

But that isn't what you'll be launching.
You'll be doing smaller ones.

The launch team... Why did you tell him?

Watch what you say. They were
thinking of you when they told me.


Why?! After all the begging I did?!

Sorry, Kodama-chan.

But it's just too reckless.
That thing is sure to misfire.

You don't know that for sure,
do you?! I'm not afraid of that!

Stop it, will you?!

It's not as though they don't know
how those of us left behind feel.

This isn't what it means
to carry on their wishes.


Ah, that's it...

Okay, well, we'll get things ready.

Yeah, if you would, please...

Say, you're getting ready,
even with the rain?

This rain will let up soon.
The wind is coming in from the east.

Kodama is the only one
who doesn't realize it.

Old-timer, has that structure
been there the whole 400 years?

Yeah. What of it?

I hit upon a good idea.

How about hearing me out?

These are graves? Wow, they're funky.


Mommy and Daddy, like I said,
if this long spell of rain ends,

it means that I have your permission,

and that I can launch the 200-gauge shell.

So then, does this mean I'm wrong, after all?

''It doesn't mean you're wrong. Kodama,

if you launch your own fireworks,
we'd be glad to stop the rain.''

But then, Mommy and Daddy, your dream...

''Do you think that's all our dream is?''

''You are our dream. Our dream
is that you will carry on for us,

and become a fine pyrotechnist.''

''Kodama, take your time, and
make your own 200-gauge shell.

You have an unlimited
amount of time, after all.

''Kodama, if you can bring
back the 200-gauge shell,

that will also make our dream come true.

''Let Grandpa take care
of our 200-gauge shell;

you keep on showing us your
beautiful fireworks up in heaven.''

All right! I will!

And then, someday, I'll make my
own 200-gauge shell, you'll see!

''Thanks for understanding.

And now, as promised...''

How? That's amazing!

Just who are you?

Who, me?

I'm a messenger, sent from heaven,

Usopp Angel.

Usopp... Angel...?

That's so lame!

Usopp Angel...

...thank you! I'll try my best, okay?

How pretty!

Ready, set...!

Oh, this is coming off nicely.

Though I have to admit...

By using the wheel on the
cart in the yard as a pulley,

he figured out the trick for dragging
that thing out of the storehouse.

Who would have thought that the
tower that's been here for 400 years

was actually the launch
platform for 200-gauge shells...

Just who is this kid, anyhow?

''14th generation Odama''

Here goes the rapid fire!

This is incredible!

Yeah, outstanding.

Is it ready?

All set!

--Last one!
--Okay, last one!


Here goes...

What was that shabby firework just now?


That's how my first firework turned out, huh?

Okay, Old Man Odama!

Mommy and Daddy's firework...

To be able to make a firework like that,

Mommy and Daddy really were amazing!

I wonder if I'll be able to make
a firework like that someday.

Mommy! Daddy! Thank you!

Old-timer, can I have some gunpowder?

You dumb jackass!

I don't know anything about you.

Take as much as you want!