One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 33 - Usopp's Death?! Luffy - Yet to Land? - full transcript

Nami has worked for Arlong for 8 years. She's betrayed her home and her diciest foster mother. But during all those years she has a good reason why she did so. Usopp was chased after 3 of Arlong's henchmen, he managed to get rid of them by using his running and camouflage skills. But he got caught by Chu, another merman henchman. Zoro killed and knocked out several guards. He was waiting patiently to confront with Arlong, but he's not back yet. Zoro decides to find him and exits out of the park. He meets Hatchi(an octopus merman) who he presumes Zoro to be a guest of Arlong and guided him to the Cocoyashi village to find Arlong. Only to discover that Arlong has already headed back to his park and Usopp has been capture. So Zoro made a dash for it, hoping he's not too late. Arlong finds all his mermen killed and wounded and found out that Zoro has escape. But becomes questionable in who helped him escaped. Chu brings in Usopp and Arlong knows that he's a friend of Zoro. One of the merman had a suspicion that Nami did it. But when she came back, she tells them to not doubt her, specially when she's been trusted by Arlong for 8 years. To prevent her scheme to be toiled with, Nami will have to "kill" Usopp in order to remain her post as Merman officer. But Usopp doesn't believe that Nami would do such a thing to him. Luffy, Sanji, and Yosaku made it to land, where their sea cow monster made a crash landing. And cause their ship to fly across the island's plains. Their looking foreword to save Nami, but how will Luffy react when he finds out that his navigator friend has been playing a crooked game with him?

Simmer three nights and two days,
to take off the bitter edge...

Nami-san and Robin-chan, just you wait!

This is a special breakfast!

''A Recipe Handed Down!
Sanji, the Iron Man of Curry''

Damn, it's like milk got spilled into
this fog. I can't see ahead of us.

Luffy, do you see anything?

Hey, I see something!

Oh, no! There's a giant ship in front of us!

Sanji-kun! The helm! Hard to starboard!

Here, Nami-san! It's Sanji's
specially made love--

T-This is bad! We're surrounded
by the navy, aren't we?!


Not even the navy can move
around in this kind of fog, huh?

It might be best for us to escape
under cover of this thick fog.

You're right. Keep heading forward.
Everyone, keep quiet.

--Especially you, Luffy.


Please, wait a minute.

A child? I wonder what he's doing.

--Look out!
--Allow me.

He's okay now. The smelling
salts appear to be working.

W-Where am I?

You're on the ship of the Luffy Pirates.


Do you remember? You fell
overboard from a navy ship.

S-Stay back! You're planning
to attack the navy, aren't you?!

What's with him? And after
we rescued him, too.

You can't blame him. He's a marine.

First, eat something.

I don't want it! I don't need any pirate help!

Ha, you won't have any soup made
by the cook on a pirate ship, huh?

It's not poisoned, or anything.

You'll settle down, once you've got
a little something in your stomach.

This soup is amazing! Imagine,
consommé, as clear as this!

Thanks, that was good.

Sure, you're welcome.

I'm Tajio. I'm a probationary
cook for the navy.

I'm Sanji.

Yeah, you're a cook, are you?

Sanji-san, you're so good!

Too good to be a pirate cook
on a run-down ship like this!

What did you say?!
This ship is not run-down!

Yeah! This ship is from Syrup Village,
where I used to live--

--Is it sweet?
--No, not like that. And there
was this girl, named Kaya,

--Now, now, now, take it easy...
--who gave us this ship,
so it's very dear to us!

As it happens, I...

I spilled the curry that
they were having for lunch.

I'm sorry!

You make it.

You spilled it, right? So if
you're really sorry about it,

then you make the curry again,
in time for lunch.

The chef was right. No question.


So then, I've tried
making it again and again,

but it doesn't turn out right.

Tajio-kun, do you have
any experience cooking?

I only started being a
probationary cook six months ago.

Six months should be plenty.

No, I can't! All I do every day
is wash dishes and peel things!

I still haven't actually made any food!

What's worse...

All of the ships' captains have a custom

of getting together once a week,
and having curry for lunch.

This week, it's my ship's turn to host it.

How is my curry supposed to meet
the tastes of the navy's big shots?

The navy's curry is famous.

I hear the chef on each ship
competes with all the others,

and each one has their
own flavor for their ship.

Oh, yeah? That sounds yummy, huh?

With six months' time in the galley,

if you don't have any
confidence in yourself,

then go back and apologize
to your chef again.

No way.

If I tell him that, he'll put me off the ship!

Does it have to be that ship?

Is there any reason for that, or anything?


The All...

Do you know about the All Blue?!

The East Blue, the West Blue,

the South Blue, the North Blue...

It's where all the delicacies from
the four seas are gathered together.

As a cook, it's a sea of treasures
that I'd like to go to sometime.

The senior cooks laugh it off as a dream,

but I believe in it! I'm sure
the All Blue is out there!

If I'm aboard a naval warship, there's
a good chance I'll go there, right?

So I... So I can't afford
to be put off the ship!

The All Blue? Isn't that...?

I would like to get away from
here as soon as we can...

Yeah, if we're spotted, and
they launch a salvo at us...

Then again, given the circumstances,

we have to send this boy back,
don't we, Sanji-kun?

I'm just taking him back
to his ship, that's all.

Luffy, give us a hand.

Gum-Gum Mooring Line!!

Hey, Sanji, I've got hold.

Once noontime comes,
this fog will clear up.

Later than that, and it will be too
dangerous for us to wait around.

That's long enough.

How much are you planning to help him?

I'm just going to have
a little look for myself

at what the galley of a navy ship looks like.


All right, hold on tight!

By the way, why did you come along, too?

How were you going to get back?

Well, just wait here, and behave yourself.


''18th Fleet Galley''

''18th Fleet Galley''
This is the galley.

This is the galley.

Yeah. Might as well have a look,
as long as I'm here.

That's the navy for you.
This is expensive stuff.

What's more, it's all in good repair.

--What's that?
--It's coming from the ship's pantry.

That startled me...

Luffy! What are you doing in here?!

Sanji! Recon! I'm on recon!

A chance like this doesn't
come along every day, after all.

So, I'm just going to go do some more recon.

Do as you like, but if the marines
find you, they won't go easy on you.

And another thing...

Leave what you've stuffed
down your pants here.

Apples, right?

This here is navy curry.

Back when I was at a maritime restaurant...

...the owner, Zeff,
never taught me anything.

Day in and day out, all he ever
let me do was wash dishes.

Hey, little brat!

You have to do more than just your hardest.

Use your head, and think about
why I let you into my kitchen,

then had you do chores for the
last six months, or the last year!

That's what Zeff told me, as I was
dripping with dissatisfaction.

I get it. Chef has me in here to
let me steal his cooking skills.

Cooking isn't something that can be taught.

Sanji-san, I'm going to try!

Let's see... What was it Chef said...?

The basic recipe for curry is
powder, soup, and ingredients.

His curry powder is delicately blended!

That aroma...

They take ready-made curry powder,

and add in some freshly made garam masala.

Don't be so lazy that you use
the powder that's already there!

The flavor of a spice diminishes by the day!

It's the garam masala!

His sense of smell is true, huh?

This is huge!

In this fog...

...we won't be moving for a little while.

It'll probably clear up around midday.

By the way, did you hear
about the customary luncheon?

Yeah, about how that
probationary cook Tajio is making it?

I wonder just what exactly
he's going to feed us.

No doubt!

For the bullion, I can use
the ready-made stuff

that's thoroughly boiled.

Now, it's time to prepare the ingredients.

First, I need to cut up and brown the beef.

There's a type of beef curry
where the beef's juices

are sealed within the beef itself...

But from the mellow flavor of this curry,

this isn't the type that keeps
the essence of the meat inside,

it allows it to dissolve out into the soup.

In which case, this kid is
messing it up right from the start.

Is something wrong?

Kid, cooking is not something
you should rush through.

Remember, everything in cooking
depends on preparation.

It's vital to take your time. That is everything.

Include garlic...



and add some yogurt.

That takes care of the preparations.

Next, I have to sauté the onions.

Smoking, where I'm preparing food?!

As a cook, do you think that's okay?!

Earlier, I said you were too good
to be a cook on a pirate ship,

but I take it back!

My, my, I singed my hair.

Remember, you first sauté
onions over a strong flame.

Keep them moving,
so they don't get scorched.

Once the onions are soft, lower the flame.

Go slowly and gently,
simmering over a low flame,

until they're golden-brown. Got that, men?

Sanji-san was warning me
about the heat level...

Wow, this is high. The view is
completely different, all right.

W-Who are you?!

I've been spotted!

--Hold it!
--I'm not holding anything!

Melt some pork lard...

...add the flour...

Gently, so as not to scorch it...

Put the curry powder in...

...and add garam masala,
to enhance the flavor.

Now, to bring all the ingredients together...

Add in the bullion...

The tomatoes...

Add the onions...

Then put the marinated meat in.

It's not right...

It has no body.

Sure enough, I can't do it.

Subtle flavoring...!


This apple...

...sure is sweet.


Thank you very much.

What are you talking about?

I haven't done anything
you need to thank me for.

Sanji-san, you just pretended to stop by,

but really, you were trying to teach me.

Don't get the wrong impression.

Over there! He ran over there!

Sanji! Let's go!

That idiot...

Hold it!


...Mooring Line!!

All right! I've grabbed on!


I think it's out there, too.

The All Blue.

Sanji! Grab on!


Hey, Tajio, there was a
suspicious-looking man just here, right?

Where did he go?

Huh? I don't know. Are you sure
you weren't seeing things?

Keep looking! They must be
hiding on the ship somewhere!

Find him!

Why, you...! You have some
sort of grudge against me?


No, that face doesn't say ''sorry''!

That's why I'm sorry.

I'm gonna fillet you...!

What's the matter, Luffy?

You've damaged the
Going Merry again, huh?!

Oh, Usopp, Nami, sorry!

The navy saw me, so we had
to come back in a hurry.

Huh?! H-Hang on, what
do you mean by that?!

This is a precious ship,
that we got from Kaya!

How many times do I have to tell you that?!

We can't stand around like this! Usopp,
Sanji-kun, we're leaving immediately!

Yes, Nami-san!

Urgh, I can't move...

Serve it.

Yes, sir!

Please, enjoy your meal.

Oh, this is good.

It's just thick enough, and the spicy flavor

is spreading throughout my mouth.

The meat is so tender...

Another bowl, right away!

--Yes, Chef?

Make sure you clean up in there.

Y-Yes, sir!


I think it's out there, too-- the All Blue.

I'm going to work hard,

and someday, I'll be as good
a cook as you are, Sanji-san.