One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 31 - The Most Wicked Man of East Blue, Arlong of the Mermen Crew - full transcript

On their voyage to finding Nami. Sanji and Luffy learn from Yosaku that she's heading towards Arlong Park. Sanji couldn't wait to see Nami again, as he had a crush on her when he first saw her at the restaurant. Johnny and him presume she's planning to go after Arlong because he has a bounty on his head. But taking down Arlong is not a one man job. Arlong is a merman who leads his merman only pirate crew. Mermen are 10 times stronger than average human beings. His crew has turn 12 villages upside down. Plus Arlong is one of the 7 most deadly pirates of the 3 forces from the Grand Line. Hihawk is one of those 7. And their protected by the government and the Marines. This won't be an easy task to attempt. Luffy wasn't taking any of this serious and kept thinking that mermen are fish with human limbs. Sanji prepares them some lunch while they travel to their destination. Meanwhile Johnny, Zoro, and Usopp are outside of the Arlong Park territory. They both believe she's somewhere inside there. Zoro(who's covered with bandages because of the fight he had with Mihawk) suggests they go in and do the job fast. As he wants to be the one to fulfill Luffy's request in saving Nami. But Johnny and Usopp find that idea to be suicidal. So they tied him up and decided to land at the town next to the park. Usopp then brags that he'll be the hero in saving Nami. As they drift to the left of the shore line, Usopp spotted the Going Merry. But there are 3 mermen at the docks, which made Usopp & Johnny panic. They went by quietly went pass them, but the merman trio noticed the boat and 2 of them dive and swam to see who's running it. Usopp and Johnny swam to shore and left Zoro to the 2 mermen, who are going to take him to be questioned by Arlong. Usopp and Johnny find the nearby town to be destroyed and deserted. The other merman finds Usopp and chases after him. While Johnny hides behind one the buildings. Usopp runs into a kid who mistaken him for a Merman because of his long nose. A woman who's accompanied by the boy tells Usopp not to mess with a merman. The merman comes charging at them, so Usopp uses his slingshot to fight back. But the woman knocked him out, hid him, and lied to the merman that he went the other direction. Who is the mysterious boy and woman who hate the Mermen? What will become of Zoro? Will Luffy, Sanji, and Yosuka make it in time? And what is Nami's connection with Arlong?

''The First Patient! The Untold
Story Of The Rumble Ball''

I... I can't breathe...

Stop it... Lashes...!

Everyone! Wake up! Wake up!

Good morning, Nami-san...

Give me your passionate morning kiss...

You bastard! Don't give me
that disgusting face!

That's what I wanna say!

--You bastard!
--It's an island! We can see an island!

Huh? An island?

An island!

Where's the island?

Look over there!

Whoa... Whoa!

Doesn't this island have monsters?
I prefer big and strong ones.

Don't step on it. Don't step on it.
Don't step on my life...

There doesn't seem to
be anything suspicious,

and it looks like this is a small island, too...

Look, Nami-san!

This is perfect for making
nonperishable food!

It looks like this island has tons of these!

I see... Seems like it'd be a good idea to
collect them and load them on the ship.

Looks like there're other plants
that can be used for food.

This island seems quite
enjoyable for a cook.

Okay. Then please go look for things
that can be used for food, Sanji-kun.

The remaining four of you will do this.

--What is it?
--Drawing lots?

The three who draw the shortest lots
will spend all day collecting these.

The one who draws the longest one
will stay here and watch the ship.

Why are you the one giving us orders?

Right. Normally the captain
would give orders, but...

Oh, hey... they're all short.

Hey, why'd you draw three of them?

Isn't the one who grabs
the most the winner?

Do you think this ship has a
captain who can give orders?

No, it doesn't.

Am I that great?

Obviously you aren't!

I drew the longest one.
So I'll be watching the ship?

Yes. Please look after the ship, Chopper.

Hurry up! Hurry up! Let's go already!
Let's go get fruits already!

You're coming too, right, Nami?

No, I'll spend all day today
measuring this island.

I'd like to put it on the sea chart.
I can't wait to put my skills in practice!

See you later! Be careful! Have fun!

Look after the ship, okay?!

The one who collects the most will win!

Hmm... what a pain...

Why do we have to take
orders from that woman?

Now, here I go! Measuring! Measuring!

Oh... How lively Nami-san is when she's
carrying measuring tools on her back!

Nami-san! You're lovely!

--Mellorine! Mellorine!
--Stop talking stupid and come already!

I'll be all by myself today.

When no one's around, the ship
looks really big somehow.

Listen, guys! I'll be the great
Captain Chopper from today!

Hey, everyone! Look this way!

Luffy! Don't eat others' food!

Usopp! Work harder!

Sanji! Prepare special dishes for me!

Hurray, Captain Chopper! Hurray!

How long have you been there?!
Being so quiet... How sneaky...!

L-Look! I still don't trust you!

You were a Baroque Works Officer Agent.

You were a rogue, and mean, and stupid!

I won't accept you! Even if
Luffy accepts you as a friend,

there's no way... I'd talk to you!

Her special skill is assassination,
right? I hear she's very smart, too.

I have to be careful.


That's right, I went to bed after I
made ten Rumble Balls last night...

I'll spend all day making another ten!

Rumble Balls... I have to
make them when I can,

since you never know when
you'll run into enemies...


...this brings back memories of the
time the Rumble Ball was created...

Doctorine won't notice if these get
reduced little by little, will she?

She always mixes this and this, right?

Hm? Was it this one?

She didn't put this one, did she?

Chopper! Do you know where
my medicine bottles are?

They have important medicine in them.
They're all rare and valuable medicines.

You wouldn't be playing
with them, would you?


I got a good scolding
from Doctorine then...

I wonder how Doctorine is doing now...

Maybe I'll write her a letter.

--They're called... Rumble Balls?

Are you trying to uncover
the secret of the Rumble Ball

and then assassinate me?!

Not a chance. I won't be taken
down by someone like you!


Guard Point!

--Heavy Point!

Jumping Point!

Horn Point!

You see the power of the Rumble Ball?!
There's more where that came from!

I can see through your weak point!

Brain Point...! Scope!

Weak point...! Weak point...!
Where's her weak point?!

What's funny?

You don't have to look so fierce, right?

S... Stop it! Stop it! Stop tickling me!

--Stop it!
--How cute you are!

I like you.

C... Cute...?

Give me a break! Even if you like me,

that doesn't make me happy or anything!
There's no way I'm happy!

You jerk! You jerk! You jerk...!

--Well, then... shall we go?

--The water's gone, right?

I'd like to drink coffee... before I read.

What's the matter? You go draw
the water... since you spilt it.

Ah, yes.

Geez... How could I feel like
working on such a fine day?

Whoa! There sure are a lot of them!


He got me!

That time, I thought... ''This is it...
This is the end of Captain Usopp...!''

I was attacked by a huge condor...
and I couldn't breathe...

Sorry... Because of that, I couldn't
get even a single fruit. I'm sorry.

That's okay. Don't worry about me...

Ugh...! I'm dead.

Why do I have to take orders from
that woman?! Seriously, how irritating!

Three-Sword Style...

...Dragon... Twister!

Ow! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow...

The contour line should be like this...

The right ridgeline is 42 degrees, maybe?

The love fever is also 42 degrees.

Please measure the height of
my feeling towards you, too!

--You're in my way! Move!

I'm the one who's going to draw
the water... Why is she coming, too?

What a fine day!


S-So what?!

Nothing, really. It's a fine day. That's all.

I just... wanted to take a walk somehow.

I haven't felt this way for quite a long time.

I was constrained every day for a
long time, so... I never smiled, either...




If I remember correctly, you said you've
always been alone since you were eight.

Yes... By following pirates,
I barely survived...

Tell me... about this Doctorine person...


You were talking about that person earlier.

She's a doctor, right? Is she your teacher?

Y-Yeah, but Doctorine is someone
whom I'm deeply indebted to.

People call her Dr. Kureha.

Dr. Kureha... What kind of person is she?

She really loves alcohol. Although
she's a woman, she's like a pirate...

And she's like a pirate, but she is a doctor.

I studied to be a doctor
under Doctorine for six years.

''After mixing these three kinds
of herbs, grind them well''...

Chopper! Chopper!


Did you read the medical book?
The 500 pages that I told you to read?

Humph! You were playing
with the medicine again?

I wasn't playing!

That's the same as playing.


But what?

I... I've been studying for three years now.

I've also read 200 medical books.
Let me compound the medicine...

It's still 100 years too early!

I-I've memorized all 200
books that I read! It's true!

I even memorized ''The Seventh
Principle'' by Dr. Alexandra,

which you said was the most difficult!

The TaboTabo bacteria start
dividing on the 7th day of culturing.

After showing the sign of overreaction

mentioned on page 1,254,
chapter 7, section 2...

Humph... So... wha...


Are you okay?

Looks like I got a febrile disease
from the patient I saw the other day...

This is a terrible fever!

Chopper, if you talk big like that,
try putting your medical skill to the test.


I'll be your first patient.

I won't give you any advice.

If you fail, I'll die...

Learn by experience that
medicine is a serious challenge

where patients' lives are at stake.

Will the blue-nose reindeer be
able to win in a serious challenge?

There's no mistake! This is
the pathogen of the Mondolin.

What works for this
pathogen is... let's see...

This is it!


Don't die... Please...

Let's see...

You're not gonna ask what
medicine I compounded?

You think there're patients out there
who'd have enough composure

to ask doctors questions about everything?

If patients don't trust their doctors,
they won't recover from the sickness.

How is it? Do you feel a little better?

You dummy. No medicine
would work that quick.

Let me sleep a little.


Not too bad, considering
your lack of experience...

It was the first time that
Doctorine praised me.

It was the only time during those six years.

Instead of acknowledging me,
she left her life in my hands.

That's Doctorine.
That's the kind of person she is.

I won't forget... Some day, I'll become
a doctor that'll surprise even her.

Oh, no... I said too much...


We'd better get going or the sun will set...

I wish I had someone that I could
write a letter to... like you do...

What...? Ah!

This is heavy...


So... why weren't you able
to get even a single fruit?!

That's a good question...

That time, I thought...

A huge king condor attacked me...!

Sorry, everyone... I tried
risking my life to get fruits,

but I couldn't... I'm dead.

On the contrary, Zoro did a great job!

Keep up that momentum and stay
up all night tonight to get more!

Oh... How lovely Nami-san is, even
when she efficiently gives orders...!

Shut up! You lecher cook!

Wanna fight?! Moss Head!

I was just kidding.

But hey, today was the first
peaceful day in a while!

What about you? What did you
do all day today on the ship?

Me? Nothing special...

But it was a pretty good day.