One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 30 - Tabidachi! Umi no kokku wa Rufi to tomoni - full transcript

Don Krieg is finally defeated after Luffy gave him a twirling kick as they were falling to the sea. Luffy fell into the ocean and couldn't move a muscle. Sanji dive in to save him, and brought him back up to safety. Don tries to get up as he won't accept to loose. But Gin came by to knock him out cold. He tells the other pirates that they'll accept this defeat and leave. Patty and Carne provided them with a small ship that barley holds all 100 men. Gin told Sanji thanks for everything. He also tells Sanji to tell Luffy(who is asleep) that they'll meet again at the Grand Line. Instead of being protected by Don, Gin will do what he wants to do. And he'll from now on follow his own instincts. So that way he won't have anything to run from. Gin carried Don to the small ship with the crowded crew and set departed. After the Krieg Pirates left Luffy awakes in Sanji's room. Sanji told everything Gin told him to. After getting rid of Don Krieg, Luffy is no longer hold responsible for the damages he made at the restaurant. Luffy asked Sanji if he still wants to be part of his crew. But Sanji still refuses as he feels he's still needed for the Baratie Restraunt. During meal time, Sanji and Luffy had to sit on the floor because no one save them their own seats. While the crew members ate the soup, they burst out insults that the soup tasted awful. Sanji noted that he worked hard on making that soup. But even Zeff says that it's taste is no where close to being good. Sanji walk outside feeling disgusted by the way they described his soup. Luffy took a taste of the soup and said it was pretty good. They all know that, it was an act to discourage his cooking. Zeff notes that Sanji has a lot to learn about preparing meals. He needs to travel outside of the restaurant to learn various ways in cooking. Zeff told Luffy that he'll let him take Sanji along on his quest to the Grand Line. But Luffy doesn't think he'll be able to convince Sanji to go. Meanwhile Sanji was eavesdropping, right till a shark came out of the water dragging a man inside it's mouth. It crash landed on top of Sanji. The crew went to see what was happening. Luffy recognize the dragged man as Yosaku. After getting rid of the shark, Luffy asked where the others are. Yosaku said that they found out where Nami is heading to. But according to the map, she's heading towards a dangerous place. And they need Luffy's help. Sanji who has the same dream as Luffy will be his crew's chef. He wants to find the All Blue he's always wanted to see. And become as experienced of a chef as Zeff. So they soon prepared a boat Sanji own. Luffy gathered up some food for their trip. Zeff was going to offer Luffy the Grand Line Logbook(that Don wanted so badly), but Luffy didn't take the offer, as he wants to go to the Grand Line his way. Sanji packed up all his things and spent a few moments glancing at the place that was like a home to him. And remembered how Zeff save his life and the day the first opened the Baratie. As he was about to go on board the boat. He suddenly feels emotional about what Zeff has done for him. He cried and told Zeff thanks for everything they've been though. He said it as if Zeff was his own father. The crew also cried and it was hard to see him go. Even if they didn't get along over the years. After some drama here and there. Luffy, Yosaku, and Sanji set sail to find the others. Meanwhile Nami is guiding the Going Merry to what Yosuka describe as a dangerous island. Why does she want to go there? And what business did she had with the place?


I will remain here...

...but if we ever meet again some day...

...will you call me your friend again?!

''Scent Of Danger!
The Seventh Member is Nico Robin!''

Yes... We sank one ship...

...just one ship belonging to some
''Bon Clay,'' a Baroque Works agent.

The other ship was...

Hey, get a move on.

So you let them get away...

To think that I fell for such a cheap trick...

They're good at running away.

Miss Hina! Watch out!

Seriously, it makes me angry. I'm going mad!

Angry at your shiftlessness?

No, that's not it.

Whoa! It gives me the tingles!
The power of Cage Cage Fruit!

''Everything that touches
my body will be locked up.''

Say it! Say the killer line! Please say it!

What the hell is this?! An iron lock?!

I'm angry at you, Smoker-kun.

That rings too many bells...

Because... you seem to be quite
happy about Straw Hat getting away.


Me? Why would I be?

Who knows...?

And she said in a formal way,

''I have something important to talk
with you about, Daddy-- no, Father...''

As the King of this country, I thought...

''It's also hard to give up
on being called Daddy.''

Hey, what're you saying?!

I cannot accept your death...

I cannot even shed tears...

I wonder why... Pell...

Fire! Fire!

What is it, Toto-san? You've been
laughing ever since the speech.

Geez... Were you hit by
a sandstorm, old man?

It's a secret. I won't tell you guys what it is.

Huh? What's that about...?

Take care, Luffy-kun! Come back
some time to drink Yuba's water.


Now, what're you guys doing?
Dig the well! Dig!

Okay, okay...

When I was little, I had
a vision of a treasure map

and I always searched
for that miraculous place

before someone else could beat me to it

Every day is now covered with dust

All I can do is yield
everything to the time one day

If the world is going to change

If the world is going to change
Say... At any rate, who was
the princess talking to?

If the world is going to change
Who knows and who cares?!

then take me to the time
when I knew nothing
Who knows and who cares?!

then take me to the time
when I knew nothing
What Vivi-sama said makes us happy.

then take me to the time
when I knew nothing
We have to respond to it!

then take me to the time
when I knew nothing
Yeah, that's right.

then take me to the time
when I knew nothing
Though we're nobodies.

then take me to the time
when I knew nothing
We don't wanna hear it from you!

so that my memories won't fade
We don't wanna hear it from you!

so that my memories won't fade

As expected, Alubarna
seems to be in bad shape.

Then let us go there.

But we also have to restore Yuba quickly,

as it's an important crossroad in the west.

We also have to repair all the
canals along the Sandora River.

Hm? What about the casino?

It'll be closed. Let's go, everyone!


So, why're we giving him special treatment?

I don't know... Vivi-sama
told us to. What can we do?

On top of that, I heard that he wants
to join the Supersonic Duck Squadron.

He's a camel...

Yeah, he's a camel, isn't he...?

Well then... Thank you... for everything.

Seriously, you're such a hasty one.

Normally, with those injuries, I wouldn't
even allow you to move around.

Yeah. See you, then.

You have to take a long rest
once you get home! You got that?

Yeah, I get it.

Ahh... Hey, wait.

You forgot this. Here.

Ah... Thanks.

In any case, stay put and rest. Okay?

Let the others handle your work.

Oh, and, eat nutritious meals that are
easy on the stomach. Don't skip meals...

Uhm... I'll be fine, so...

Whoa! They're fast!

Rather, our ship is slowing down!

Water's flooding in from the holes.
We can't make it all the way out like this.

Hey, Chopper! Do you still have
more panels? We'll be in trouble soon...


Three ships!

We have no choice but to fight, huh?

Alright! Let's go!

What's this?!

Oh, that?

Usopp said to keep them since we might
be able to use them for something.

--They're in our way!
--We don't need them!

Then should we ditch them?

Everyone, take your positions! Once we
pull up, we'll make an all-out attack!

Okay! Are we ready?!


Now is the chance. Let's go full
speed ahead and shake them off!

Now, Karoo!

Let's go back... to Alubarna!

Although my adventure is over,

a new challenge, restoring Alabasta,
is waiting for me this time.

Right now Alabasta is like a small,
beat-up ship wandering on the sea...

But no matter how big a wave we face,
we'll never be discouraged...

We'll push forward, without losing our path...

...facing straight ahead... vigorously...!

That's right...just like
that wondrous, small ship...

We'll definitely be able to see them
again some day, right, Karoo?!


Hey, young lady. Are your legs okay now?

P... Please stop talking like that.

Thank you...

I saw their new bounties...

For them, these numbers are no surprise.

Do you know what his
swordsman buddy did?

You mean Roronoa?

He slew 100 bounty
hunters in Whisky Peak.

In addition, he cut down
Daz Bonez in Alubarna.

Daz...?! That assassin?!

He used to be a bounty hunter and
was also called that in the West Blue,

but he went under the name
of Mr. 1 in Baroque Works.

Well, considering Crocodile had
so many famous guys under him,

we should be impressed...

...but they lost...

We'll have a rematch with
the Straw Hats some other time.


Looks like the Navy
has stopped following us.


--We did shake them off, right?!



You know... What's with
those indifferent replies...?

I miss her!

Don't be whiny!

If you wanted her to stay with us that badly,

you should've taken her by force!

Ahh! You're such a savage!

You're the worst!

Moss head.

Three-Sword Style...

Hey, wait, Luffy.
''Three-Sword Style'' isn't an insult.

Four-Sword Style.

The number isn't exactly the problem...

Listen. You know natto, right?

Even if you call natto rotten, it wouldn't...

Looks like we finally
made it off of the island!


Good job.

Here to avenge your
organization?! I'll take you on!

Why are you here?!

Enemy attack...! Enemy attack...!

Who's she?

Who cares?! She's that beautiful lady!

Didn't I tell you before not to point
such dangerous objects at me?

How long have you been on this ship?!

All this time...

These're your clothes, right?
I'm borrowing them.

What're you trying to do, Baroque Works?!

Monkey D. Luffy...

You haven't forgotten what
you did to me, have you?

Luffy! What'd you do to that
beautiful lady, you bastard?!

--Get off the ship immediately.
--I'm asking you what you did to her!

Hey, you! Don't lie!
I didn't do anything to you!

Yes, you did. What you did
to me was unbearable.

Take responsibility.

--Who's that and what's going on?
--What's this ''unbearable''
thing you did, Luffy?!

--Leave the ship... or we'll
call the Navy. I'm serious.
--You'd better take responsibility or...!

You don't make sense!
What do you want me to do?!

Let me... join your crew.


Use that immediately. It can neutralize
the poison from Crocodile's hook.

Even if he's buried in this rubble,
he might survive since he's a rubber man.

You said that time that history
is the only thing written here...

Why did you lie?

So you knew...? How mean...

This country's history isn't written in there.

Everything about the weapon you
wanted must've been written there.

Of course, its location, too...

If you had told Crocodile about it,

the country would've become his
at that point. Isn't that right?

I'm not interested in such things.

Whether the country and people
live or die, I don't really care.

I wasn't going to give the weapon
to Crocodile from the start.

I don't get it... Then why did you come here?

What one expects and what
one hopes are different things.

What I was seeking was the Rio Poneglyph.

The only ''stone that tells the
real history'' among the Poneglyphs

that are scattered throughout the world.

That's the Rio Poneglyph...

What do you mean by the ''real history''?

I give up... I've searched for it
for 20 years and I'm out of clues...

This place was my last hope... and a failure...

Dying here like this would
be a fitting end for me...

Living like this has exhausted me...

All I want is to learn the history...

...but there're too many enemies...
to achieve my dream...

Let me ask you a question...

By any chance... can the
untold history be uncovered?

Are you saying that the
Poneglyphs hold that record?

Then why do we...

Okay, let's go up.

Wait a second! I no longer
have a reason to live!

Leave me here!

Why do I have to listen to you?


You made me live then when I
wanted to die. That's your crime.

There's no place for me to go or go back to.

So let me stay on this ship.

Oh, I see... Then I guess
we have no choice... Okay.


Don't worry. She isn't a bad person.

Mellorine! Mellor--!

Pay attention!

Answer my questions honestly!

I'll ask you one more time.
What's your name?!

Ah... I'm Usopp. Nice to meet you.
Yeah, nice to meet you.

My name is Nico Robin.

Okay, then, Nico Robin.
What's your occupation?

An archaeologist.

An archaeologist?!

I come from a long line of archaeologists.

Hmm... I see... That kind of family, huh?

What the hell...?


I became an archaeologist,
and then a wanted criminal.

That was when I was eight.

Since then, I've spent the past
20 years hiding from the world.

Since you were eight...?
By yourself all this time?

But then, there was no way for a child
to be able to survive alone on the sea.

So, in the end, in order to protect
myself and in order to achieve my goal,

I've chosen to follow various rogues...
So that's how it was.

So does that mean that Crocodile
was just another rogue to you?

Yeah, I guess... in order to get
closer to the Rio Poneglyph...


Thanks to that, I've become good
at doing things behind the scenes.

I'm sure I'll be able to help you guys, too.

Oh...? You're full of confidence.

What're you good at?


Luffy! This investigation has
concluded that she's too dangerous!

Are you guys listening?!


Being dealt with so easily... How pathetic!

She was the vice president of a
crime syndicate until just recently.

How are we gonna let such a woman join us?

Even if you could deceive idiots,
you can't deceive me!

If you pull any weird stunts, I'll kick you out!

Okay. I'll keep that in mind.

I just remembered...

I brought some of
Crocodile's jewelry with me...

Wow! I love you, sister!

Hey, hey, hey, hey...

Nami's been suckered.

That's an evil trick.

She's completely following
that woman's lead.

Oh, love... Floating love...

I'm driftwood that just lays its
burnt-to-a-crisp body in that stream...


I'm driftwood that has been struck
by the thunderbolt that is your beauty

and caught in a raging torrent...

Snack for you.

Oh, thank you.

And his reaction is no surprise.

Yeah... We just have to consider that
he was a lost cause from the start...

In any case... now that it's come to this,
the two of us are the last holdouts.

Indeed, they're so simple-minded,
or should I say lax.

Hey, Usopp!



Should I call you ''Robin-chan''?
Or should it be ''Robin-san''...?

Which should it be?

Oh? Where're you going?

Oh... she's great...

She's got an adult charm,
which is different from Nami-san's...

This ship is nice...
Is it always lively like this?

Yeah... It is.

I see...

What is that woman up to...?

By the way, Navigator...
Is it smooth sailing right now?

Wind, weather... Both no problem!
It's going very smoothly, Sis!

You definitely got jewelry
from her, didn't you?!

Sanji! Isn't our snack ready?

Just hold on a sec!

I'm hungry!

Me too! Me too! Me too!

My grave...