One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Morgan vs. Luffy! Who's This Beautiful Young Girl? - full transcript

Luffy destroyed Captain Morgan's statue and unlike the selfish sorry-for-an-excuse son: Helmeppo. Morgan is a giant paranoid, ruthless tyrant with an ax for a right arm. You mess with him, and he messes with you. The captain is ferocious that his own statue is damaged. And without hesitation he ordered his marines to execute Luffy, Coby, and Zoro. Luffy uses Helmeppo to guide him to where Zoro's swords are. He found them only when Coby was caught untying Zoro's post. Luffy got there in time thanks to his "Gum-Gum" abilities. And the bullets deployed from Luffy's rubber body. Zoro was free at last and cut his way through the army of marines without breaking a sweat. Zoro has accepted Luffy's offer in being part of his crew, as his new desire is to become the Greatest Swordsman of them all. Now they must get out of this mess alive, as Captain "Axe Hand" Morgan is going to show them that no one messes with a powerful marine captain.

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
Three years have passed
since a single drop of rain fell

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
in the kingdom of oases.

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
Seeing hope beyond turmoil,
the people took up weapons.

Seeing hope beyond turmoil,
the people took up weapons.

The burning land is now
enveloped by a sad bellowing

and a mighty swell.

Princess Vivi, in an attempt to
stop an orchestrated rebellion,

decides to talk with the
leader of the rebel army.

The ruined Erumalu behind her,
she now heads straight for Yuba.

''Spiders Café at 8 O'Clock--
The Enemy Leaders Gather''

Hey, Luffy...

What did your brother give you?

I dunno.

--It's just a scrap of paper.
--Just a scrap of paper?

Lemme see that.

It really is just a scrap of paper.
It's not even a note or anything.

A-Are you serious?

I'm not really sure either, but...

Hey! Don't eat that!


--Give me your hat, Luffy!
--Huh? This?

If it's that important, I'll sew it to
the underside of your hat ribbon.

Oh! Great! Sew it good!

Yes, yes!

Okay! All done!

--Here you go!
--Thanks! Now I don't have to worry!

There's nothing written on it.
What point is there to keeping it?

Ace told me to keep it, so I'm keeping it!

Your confidence isn't based on anything.

So what? It's right a lot!

--I don't know about that...
--Someone carry me...

Everyone! Yuba is just over those big rocks!

Let's make one more push to get there!


--Yuba, huh?!
--Yep! Yuba!


--Carry me, Zoro...
--Don't be a wimp!

--Ooh! Carry me too, Zoro!
--Rock-paper-scissors, then!

The operation will commence
at high noon two days from now.

Have you finished the arrangements?

Yes. Everything has gone smoothly.

150 Billions are on standby in Nanohana.

I've also called Mr. 2 back.
It appears he failed to capture Mr. 3.

The officer agents' gathering is at
8:00 tonight, at the Spiders Café...

Yes. Very good.

It is past 5:00 already.

I assume they'll start
gathering around now...

Yes! Yes! Yes!
Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

What a long, exhausting trip!
My back's killing me!

''Miss Merry Christmas''
What a long, exhausting trip!
My back's killing me!

''Miss Merry Christmas''
Honestly! It's all your fault, Mr. 4!

''Miss Merry Christmas''
Your slowness is backache-inducing!

Your slowness is backache-inducing!

I'm... sorry...

Yes! Yes! Yes! How's business, Paula?
The place is empty today!

Place empty! Plempty! Ple! It's ple!

It's good to see you again.
Welcome, Miss Merry Christmas, Mr. 4.

It's good to see you again.
Welcome, Miss Merry Christmas, Mr. 4.

You have the shop all to yourselves today.

I can make you some orange pekoe
and... apple tea, was it, Mr. 4?

I can make you some orange pekoe
and... apple tea, was it, Mr. 4?

Never mind the hot drinks! I want
something I can drink right away!

Make some right away! Right away!
Right now! Right away!

You seem lively. How is work going?

In my trade, screw up and you die!
Things are going great, obviously!

You imbecile! Imbecile! Imbe! Imb! Im!

You're right. I'm sorry.

--Un, deux!

--Un, deux!

What the--? What kind of crazy
songs does this place play now?

Song? No, I have a sonata playing right now.

There's no singing...

--Un, deux!


--Un, deux!

Look at your fingertip with your nose...

--Un, deux!

Keep with your fingernails!

--Un, deux!

Before... being born...

Lesson! Lesson!

Love... and mascara!

Mascara with a nosebleed!

I'm self-made!

--So... Lesson!


Oh, come my way!

And... smile!

--Oh, the greatest!
--The greatest!

Oh, come my way!


How are deux lately?

You must be stupid.

I am not stupid, Paula!

After all, I'm a dancer!

--One Octopar, please!

Gimme a break! An Octopus
Parfait! Everyone knows that!

--Oh, you guys can leave now!

Don't get lazy with your dance practice now!

Right! Un, deux! Un, deux...

Huh? Fatty! Old hag! You're here?

Shut your trap, you! Pipe down,
you're hurting my back!

Oh, right, right, right!

That reminds me, I hear even
Mr. 1's team is being mobilized!

I've never met 'em for whatever
reason, so I just can't wait!

Oh! The night grows ever later!

It's almost the appointed time of 8:00!

Oh, I'm bored!

I'm so bored I spin around!

I think I'll take a spin!

Quit it! You're an eyesore!

What's your problem, hag?!
You wanna fight or something?!

If that's what you want!

Come, now! Stop it, you two!

H-Hey, now! What happened to you guys?!

Why'd you come bursting back in here?!

N-No... It was him...

Oh. They're acquaintances of yours?

They were acting suspiciously
in the desert, you see.

Don't worry. I doubt they're dead.

You seem to be on rather close terms,

but worthless, cozy relationships
will only result in your downfall.

These men are my subordinates!

Stop, Mr. 2!

Un, Deux, Krah!

Un, Deux, Ora!

Bold Change!

Un! Deux!

What the--?! He slipped through the wall?!

No! He shattered the wall?!

It seems you want to die.

Hold it! That's enough, Mr. 1 !

Don't stop me, Miss Doublefinger.
I'm going to kill him.

Stop! Let go of me, Fatty!

Mr. 2! Cool your anger as well!

It's now 8:00. All the agents
that should be here are here.

And a letter with orders has
arrived at the Spiders Café.

We're to head to Rainbase,
the city of dreams.

The man we call boss, the man
whose face we've never seen... waiting for us there.

They should be on their
way here to Rainbase now.

I sent Bunchi to get them. I expect
them to arrive sometime tonight.

To think that you were
actually Miss Doublefinger...

''Miss Doublefinger''
To think that you were
actually Miss Doublefinger...

''Miss Doublefinger''
I don't remember ever saying that I wasn't...

I don't remember ever saying that I wasn't...

Have you found replacements for
the Billions wiped out in Nanohana?

I've finished assigning the replacements.

I've dispatched the Lizard Runners
to contact the new Billions.

I see. Everything is progressing smoothly.

Up ahead! I see a light!

Did we make it to Yuba?!
I can't really see with all this sand!

What could that sound be?

The city doesn't look right!

A sandstorm!

The city of Yuba is being
struck by a sandstorm!

This can't be...

This is bad. It's almost no
different from that Erumalu city!

Where's the water?!

Wasn't this supposed to be
an oasis city, Vivi-chan?

The sand has raised the ground!
The oasis has been swallowed up!

Are you travelers?

You must be exhausted from
your trek through the desert...

Sorry. This town is a bit dried up.

But you're free to rest here if you want.

There are plenty of inns here.
They are this town's pride, after all.

Umm, we came because we heard
the rebel army was in this city...

What business do you
have with the rebel army?!

Curse you! Don't tell me you're
hoping to join the rebellion?!

If you're looking for those fools,
they left town long ago.

They what?!


A sandstorm hit the town just now,
but it certainly wasn't the first.

The sand has dried up
after three years of drought,

and sandstorms began to
frequent this town ever since.

Little by little, the oasis of
the past was swallowed up,

leaving what you see now.

With the town's flow of supplies gone,

not even the rebel army's protracted
struggle would have worked out.

So the rebel army moved its base to Katorea.


Where's that, Vivi?! Is Katorea close by?!

It's an oasis next to Nanohana.

Katorea is the town where
I got lost and met Lashes!

''When you saved me...''

Lashes says he was carrying
rebel army goods to Katorea!

--Why didn't you say so sooner!
--Why, you...!


Why did we come all this way, then?!


Did you just say ''Vivi''?

Wait, old guy! Vivi isn't the princess!

Don't tell him that, moron!

Vivi-chan? Is it you?

You're alive! Thank goodness!

It's me! Don't you recognize me?

I suppose I can't blame you.
I did lose some weight...


That's right!

It can't be...

Well, Vivi-chan. This is goodbye for a while.

Come visit sometime,
once the city's taken shape!

Okay, Toto-ojisan!

Yuba will surely make this kingdom lusher...

I'm sure of it...


Vivi-chan. I have faith in His Majesty!

He's not someone who would
ever betray the kingdom.

Don't you agree?!

This rebellion is ridiculous!

Those fools...

So what if it hasn't rained
for a mere three years?

I have faith in His Majesty.
Most of the country still does, in fact.

So many times...

So many times I tried to stop them.

But they won't listen to anything I say.

The rebellion won't stop.

Their strength is at its limit, too.

They intend to settle things
once and for all in the next attack.

Their backs are to the wall...

They're prepared to die!

Please, Vivi-chan! Stop those fools!


--Where's our leader?

Don't worry, Toto-ojisan.


We will stop the rebellion.

Thank you!

Well, Vivi-chan. This is goodbye for a while.

Come visit sometime,
once the city's taken shape!

Okay, Toto-ojisan!

We're gonna make an awesome city

and make this kingdom even lusher!

Bye, Vivi! Grow up to be a great princess!



I've contacted everyone in the other towns.

This is it. The time to strike has come.

Yes. We don't have nearly
enough weapons, however.

But there's no other choice now.

The only ones who can
protect this country...

...are us!