One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 28 - Shinaneeyo! Gekitou Rufi vs Kurîku! - full transcript

As the NH5 cannon came striking towards the ship. Don and all of his men have their own masks. The chefs swam away from the area. While Patty and Carne grabbed Zeff into the restaurant for safety. Luffy found a gas mask and was able to avoid the smoke screen of NH5 gas. When the gas cleared he found out that the gas mask he found was meant to be Gin's. But Gin forced Sanji to wear his and has breathe gas entirely. It poisoned Gin real badly. all of Don's men couldn't believe Don would let his own battling commander suffer like that. But Don didn't give a care as he finds it sad for his own commander to betray him when he knew what the costs will be. While Patty and Carne took Gin to recover, Luffy challenges Don Krieg in a one on one fight. He knock out Don 2 times in the row. Which amazed the pirate crew, because no one's ever knock out Don before. That caused him to unleash his most powerful weapon: a giant battle spear. The entire match was explosive from Don's Giant Battle Spear which causes explosions. It appeared that Don is winning, but Luffy won't let this battle be his own grave. So who's grave will it be after it's all over?

''The Pirates' Banquet and
Operation Escape from Alabasta!''

Oh... That compounding is amazing!

Unusual, I might say... Well, it's
indeed practical. It's wonderful...


Where on earth did you
learn those medical skills?

Tony-kun is a doctor from Drum.

Why! Is that so? The Drum that used to
be the land of advanced medical care...

--I see...

Their medicine is advanced as I thought...

I've been a doctor for 40 years,

but I didn't know such
techniques existed at all.

--This is really wonderful.

Though you're so young,
I'm no match for you.

Shut up! Don't stare at me like that,
you idiot! Go away, you bastard!

''Well, have some tea and watch as much
as you like''... Can I take it that way?

I think you can.

Well... really, you're outstanding!

Shut up...

I can only say I'm impressed.
Boy oh boy, you've got splendid skills!

Go away! Shut up, you bastard!

Hey! Do you have more lumber?

I don't have enough, either!

I've got some extra. Go ahead and use it.

Oh, thanks!

This country is sturdy...

That's because the princess is cute.

--That has something to do with it?
--It does!

Dammit! House after house is penetrated!

What's this hole? It looks as if
someone kicked and broke them.


I don't have time to go around!
I'll take a shortcut!

Whoa! This is terrible.

Hey, Usopp! Look!
There's something over there...


I'll improve my concentration...

Until I can bring out that power any time...
I can't consider myself stronger.

Whoa... They're all interesting books!
Is it really okay to take them with me?

Yeah, that's fine, since I've read all of them.

Thank you! Then I'll help myself.

Did you not hear me say
I don't know?! Go back!

If you lie, it'll harm your country!
Sheltering pirates is a felony.

--Hey, what's up?

Oh, welcome back.

I think we were able to purchase enough,

--considering the state this city is in...
--Do you have any evidence
that pirates are here?!

--Do you have any evidence
that pirates are here?!

W-Well, that's...

I wonder if he woke up...

If he wakes up, things'll get noisy, though...

Boy... I slept really well!

Oh? My hat? My hat! Where's my hat?!

I'm starving! Breakfast! Hey, breakfast!
Where's my hat?! Breakfast! My hat?!

You just woke up and you're already loud!

And it won't be breakfast.
It's early evening right now.

Your hat is over there. A soldier found
it for you in front of the palace.

Oh, good!

I'm glad you got well, Luffy-san!

Got well? I've always been well.

You dummy! You were in serious
condition with a high fever and stuff.

Vivi and Chopper attended you all this time!

Really? Thanks!

Oh hey, Luffy! You woke up?

Hey, Zoro, long time no see!
''Long time no see''?

Ahh, hey! You went out
training again, didn't you?!

What? It's my business, right?

No means no! I'm the ship doctor!
And don't take off the bandages, either!

It's hard to move with them.

Don't move!

''Long time no see''...? ''Long time no see''?

Well, it's probably natural to feel
that way... since you slept for three days.

Three days?! Did I sleep
for three whole days?!


I missed 15 meals...

How come you can calculate so
quickly when it comes to food?!

On top of that, in his calculations
there are five meals a day!

Did I hear right that the captain is up?!

It'll be dinner time soon,
so would you wait a little?

--Oh hey, old tube-hair guy! You're alive?!

S... So you really were
into that sort of thing...

No, everyone. She's Terracotta-san.

She's Igaram's wife and is also
the head of the palace's servers.

Thanks for helping
Vivi-sama and my husband.

No way...! A wife could resemble
her husband, but this is too much!

I heard you eat a lot.

Would you have some fruit to
hold you over until dinner time?


Are you a magician?!

Lady, I'm gonna eat
three days worth of food!

Looking forward to it! I've devoted
my past 30 years to the job of serving!

I won't lose against a youngster's stomach,
so eat to your heart's content!

They don't have a shred of dignity...

Meals at this dining hall are
supposed to be quieter than this...

So, it wasn't an empty boast.
But I won't lose!

Eat quick or it'll be gone!

Hey, Luffy! You just took the
food from my plate, didn't you?!

Don't spit the food!

Hey hey, if you eat in
a hurry like that, you'll...

We've got a lot, so...

Well then, wait and see, Luffy.
I'll put the Tabasco Star on this.

Hey! When did you...?!

What do you call that dish?

This is called konafa. You bake
noodles in the oven and...


Now, here's more!

Off man, I diffn mow mu mere meh ming!

Men mu're... muff... Mimi's mad, muh?

W-Well... we can talk after the dinner.

Meah, mu're might.

Can I have another mug full?!

Hey, we need some water here!

What a noisy dinner table...

They're too vulgar to keep watching...

How can Vivi-sama just keep laughing...?

--This is the palace's proud main bath.

We normally use this only
during the rainy season.

Amazing! This is gorgeous! Gorgeous!

--I'll be the first to go in!
--No, I'll be the first!

Are you guys enjoying that?

Well, I really enjoyed the dinner.

Because of the current situation,
I thought we'd keep it simple,

but it seems that anything you guys
get involved with would become a party.

Hey Zoro, look at this! We can train here!

--Training! Training!
--What training is that?!

So where's the women's bath?

Are you nuts?! Why would I tell you?!

Vivi-sama's there!

Don't be so stingy!

It's behind that wall!

King! You bastard!

Hey, old guy! You're not bad at all!

This feels good! I wonder if a ship
with a big bath like this exists...

I'm sure it does, since the sea is so vast.

We saw giants... We saw dinosaurs...

We also saw cherry blossoms
bloom in a winter land...

There're more and more things in the
sea that are beyond our imagination!

--It's my turn.

Thank you.


Hey, what're you all doing?!

Those idiots...

It'll be 100,000 berries per person, okay?!


Happiness Punch!



You can't make up your mind, can you...?


I'm thinking that we might
wanna leave here tonight...

What? Really?

Because we no longer have
a reason to stay here, right?

The Navy is probably at the
harbor ready to capture us.

Our ship will be in danger soon.

Thank you...

--You dirty old man...
--I'm not talking about that!

I'm talking about the country.

Hey hey, is it okay... for a
king to do such a thing...?

This is a serious incident, Cobra-sama.

A king shouldn't bow his head to anyone.

Igaram... Authority is something
you wear over your clothes.

But we're in the bath. There isn't
such a thing as a naked king.

I'd like to thank you from
the bottom of my heart

as a father and as a resident of this land.

Thank you very much.

I really appreciate it!

--That's right.

Leaving here?

Well, I think it's appropriate, too,

since we no longer have
a reason to stay here.

Yeah... I'm also worried
about the Navy's actions.

Okay, then. You decide, Luffy.

Okay! We'll leave after we have
some more Alabasta dishes again.

We're leaving right away, idiot!

--You don't all have to...

What should we do, Igaram-san?!
We have to let them know right away.

Yeah, of course. But...
this is becoming a big deal...

I hope they can leave this island safely...

How quickly they prepared...!

Roronoa Zoro. His bounty
is 60 million berries!

Monkey D. Luffy. His bounty
is 100 million berries!

--With bounties of this level,

flag officers at Navy Headquarters
will surely start taking actions.

You can no longer go back, Luffy-kun.

You and your crew took down one pillar
of the Seven Warlords of the Sea!

There's trouble!

Vivi-sama, where are they?!

What is it, Igaram? What's the big hurry?

Where did Luffy-kun and the others go?

To the sea... They're pirates, you know...

Oh, no...

Listen, you guys. Pirates are scum.

''Navy Headquarters Sergeant,
Jango the Traitor''
Listen, you guys. Pirates are scum.

Listen, you guys. Pirates are scum.

Hey, what're you saying?
Don't you remember?

''Navy Headquarters Sergeant,
Iron Fists Fullbody''
Hey, what're you saying?
Don't you remember?

''Navy Headquarters Sergeant,
Iron Fists Fullbody''
You used to be a pirate, right?

You used to be a pirate, right?

Urk! That's right! You're exactly right, baby!

Wanna dance?!

Ahh! Yeah! Dance! Dance!

Dance! Dance!

Looks like those two took down
the enemy ship and returned.

It took them forever.
I wonder what they were doing.

I put trust in their ability and left the
ship we were attacking in their hands...

Disappointed. I'm disappointed.

Have you finished deploying the ships?

Yes, ma'am! It's perfect!

We've completely blocked
every harbor in the country!


There's just one thing
I'm concerned about...

What is it?

About the Straw Hats' ship that I
thought we confirmed in Erumalu...

It's gone...

Don't tell me they've
already left this country...

No... I don't think that's the case...

Then search for it... every corner of the coast!

Yes, ma'am! Will do!

--Miss Hina! Sorry it took so long!

Please ask us why it took so long.

Why did it take so long?

--We were picking flowers... for you...!
--Don't need them.

Man your positions right away!
We'll take down the Straw Hat gang!

S-Straw Hats?!

Hmmm... This is nice.

So this is finally farewell
to the sand kingdom...

Hey, Luffy, when are you gonna stop eating?

The Alabasta dishes are great!
Sanji, make them sometime...

Yeah. I was interested, too, so I got
some recipes from Terracotta-san.

Some spices, too.

Nami, are you feeling sick?

Nami, do you want one piece
of meat? Just one piece, though.

Nami-san, you're thinking
about Vivi-chan, right?

I understand how you're feeling...
but thinking doesn't get you anywhere.

Yeah, I know... you two were really close...

But hey... chin up.


For Vivi's sake... I'm willing to give up...

...on the 1 billion berries...

--Of course you should!
--So it was about money?!

Ah! Usopp fell!

Nami! Don't act misleading!

What?! What're you guys worked up about?

If it's about Vivi, it's no use
worrying about it, right?

Hey! Usopp fell!

Leave him be.

It was your fault!

Karoo! Where are you, Karoo?!

It's no use, Igaram.

Why? We should at least let them
know their current situation.

Since I had the Duck Squadron
take them, even Karoo can't catch up.

And it won't change anything...

What won't change?

They'll be happy when they know it.
That's all. Nothing will change.

--They'll be fine!

Now, leave! I'm going to bed!
You have to get up early, right?

Ah... yes. That's right. We have to let
the entire country hear your voice.

I know. Come here, Karoo.
Let's sleep together.


Something's bothering me...

What is it?

She's too calm... Hmm...

Strange... There's something strange...

It's quiet, isn't it, Karoo?

We haven't had a quiet night
like this for a long time...

The cook who fights with
the fridge robber is gone...

The swordsman who trains
every night is also gone...

The navigator who throws her
pillow half asleep is gone, too...

They're all gone...

Transponder snail
communication? From who?

From someone named Bon-chan.

Bon-chan? Who's that?

No one knows him.

But he insists he's your friend, so...

Our friend?

Hello? Hi there!

It's me! Me! Uhm...

What?! Shut up!

Hey, it's you, huh?
What do you want from us?

Oh? That voice must be Straw Hat, right?

You're strong! I was so surprised!

Oh, yeah... Don't call me Mr. 2.

If this signal is caught by
the Navy, I'll be in trouble.

You just said it yourself!

Just tell us what you want!

Oh, yeah... I took your ship.

That's not funny!

You son of a bitch! This isn't a
joking matter! Where're you now?!

On your ship.

Of all others, he...

No, no...! Gee...

We're friends, right?

He's at the upper reaches
of the Sandora River...

Can we trust him?

We became friends one time, but...

In your case, you may be able to make
friends with him again, which is scary...

But we have no choice but to go...

He's right. He has our ship.

If he tries to trick us,
then we'll just beat him up.

Now that it's decided, let's get ready quickly.

Okay! Let's hurry. If we don't
get there quickly, our ship will...

Say, everyone...

Say... everyone...

What... should I do...?

Listen well, Vivi. We'll give you 12 hours.

''Current Location: Alubarna''
''Nanohana'' ''Sandora River''
Listen well, Vivi. We'll give you 12 hours.

''Current Location: Alubarna''
''Nanohana'' ''Sandora River''
Once we take our ship
back on the Sandora River,

''Current Location: Alubarna''
''Nanohana'' ''Sandora River''
we'll draw the ship near the eastern harbor
just once at exactly noon tomorrow.

''Eastern Harbor''
we'll draw the ship near the eastern harbor
just once at exactly noon tomorrow.

''Eastern Harbor''
We probably won't be able to anchor.

We probably won't be able to anchor.

If you want to continue traveling with us,

that moment is the only
chance to come aboard.

If that happens, we'll welcome you...
though you'll become a pirate.

Since you're a princess of a country,
this is the best we can do to invite you.

Come, Vivi! Definitely come! Come now!

--Stop it, Luffy.
--Let's go.

Why?! Don't you want her to come?

That's not the point!
It's something Vivi has to decide!

Noon tomorrow...

If it's the eastern harbor, it'll take
four hours to get there on Karoo...

If I leave here at 8, I'll make it on time...

I've never thought of becoming a pirate.

If I miss this chance, I'll never have
such a choice for the rest of my life...

I've never thought that being
a princess was uninteresting,

and the country is still at a critical point,
though the rebellion is over...

If I go, you'll go too, right?

Say... Karoo...

What... would you like to do?

I've been waiting, you guys!

Long time no see!

We're here!

Okay, unload! Thanks, you guys!

We have to say goodbye to you here.

Have a safe trip back!

Say hello to the King, the old
tube-hair guy and the others!

Take care!

I'll see you... definitely
see you again someday!

Hm? Wait a sec!

--Don't ''what'' me!

That's not how you should
treat your friend, is it?!

What do you mean ''friend''?
We were enemies. You lied to us!

I didn't lie! I didn't know it, either!

But you see... who cares about it anymore?

Baroque Works fell. We're no longer enemi...

--Hey, move over...
--Oh, sorry.

Even if we're not enemies,
why are you on our ship?!

--You stupid head!
--What'd you say?!

Listen! If I wasn't on this ship now,

what do you think would've happened to it?!

It might've been taken by the Navy.

--It's not ''might've''!
It definitely would've happened!

Do you know what's going on
around this island right now?!

It's completely blocked by
the Navy ships! It's blocked!

What?! Then you protected
the Going Merry from the Navy?!

--How come?!

Because we're friends!

Do we still have stuff to load?

Nope. This is the last one.

In other words, Mr. 2...

You guys couldn't get off of the
island due to the Navy's coast siege,

so you wanted to find allies...
Isn't that right?


That's right... In a time like this...
Because it's a time like this...

Gather! In the name of friendship!

Let's unite our strength and fight together!




So, thanks in advance!

You were there?!

Miss Hina! Miss Hina!

We found it! We found the Straw Hats' ship!

Near the upper reaches of the Sandora River!

Prepare to fight.