One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 27 - Reitetsu hijou no kijin Kaizoku kantai soutaichou Gin - full transcript

Luffy used his Gomu Gomu Axe attack to destroy the battle platform of the Baratie. Everyone including Sanji think he's lost it. But Luffy states that if they were to destroy the ship, then Don Krieg's crew won't have a ship to go after. Sanji finds the idea to be stupid. While Luffy finds dying to be stupid too. Pearl was about to take both of them out, until Gin let go of Zeff and destroyed Pearl's iron wall body armor with his swirling maces. Pearl was no longer able to fight. Gin then said he'll fight Sanji instead. It's revealed that Gin is Don's Battling Commander who obtain the nickname Devil man for showing no mercy to the enemy. Sanji and Gin went through a violent fight. But when Gin had the opportunity to finish Sanji, he had the change of thought and didn't. Don Krieg yells at Gin for betraying him and for showing mercy. Gin tells Don that Sanji helped him from starving to death. And doesn't care if he betrays his own captain just for being sympathetic. And for that, Don brings out his Poison Gas MH5 Cannon. Those who breathe it will parish. Will our friends be able to avoid being killed by gas?

I am... I am... the man
who'll be King of the Pirates!

Please... stop fighting!

The battle will end...

The rain falling right now...

...will fall again as it used to...

...since our nightmares are... all over...

''A Farewell to Arms!
Pirates and Different Ideas of Justice''

The nightmares are over...?

You can't be serious!

There's no way what happened
was just ''nightmares''!

That's right! We saw the king
attack Nanohana with our own eyes!

That's right! Koza-san was
also shot by the Royal Army!

How do you explain the Royal
Army's misconduct up until now?!

That's not good enough for
those who fell in this rebellion!

That's right! That's right!

Drop your weapons! Royal Army!



Hey, what's going on?



You too, Rebel Army!

I... Igaram-san!

Squad Captain!



Let us meet safely at our motherland.

That's the old pervert from Whisky Peak!

--So he was alive!
--Uhm, who's that?

Hey, can you talk?


That's the boy from Nanohana...

That's right... He's the kid who
was harmed by the Royal Army.

It's not true... They weren't
the ones who hurt me...

Everyone, listen! I saw it!

I just can't feel relaxed without this on!

It's vague!

That's right... This battle was
a plot from the beginning...


I will explain everything...
that happened to this country.

Everyone, drop your weapons!


Where's... everyone?

Hey, walk steady.

Ahh... Well, listen... I'm coming down
with ''if I walk more, I'll die'' disease...

Then stay there.

What?! Well, w-wait! Whoa! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Why're you pulling me by my foot?

--Found him?

Who are you?

Ahh... Thanks for carrying
that guy on your back.

He's one of ours. I'll take him now.

Then you're the pirates who
brought Vivi back to this country?

Who are you, old guy?



Ah, it's Vivi!


Vivi-chan's father?!

Are you the King?

I prepared myself to die at
one point, but he saved me...

When his body was exhausted
after the fight with Crocodile,

he carried two people
and rushed above ground.

What unbelievable strength...

Then there's no more need
to worry about the poison?

Right. It should be neutralized by now.

But his injuries need to
be treated... Yours, too...

More importantly, Vivi, go already.

--Go back to the Square.

Of course! The rebellion has finally stopped.

It wouldn't be proper if the king
or princess didn't say a few words.

Yes... then I'll tell them about you, too.

Vivi-chan. You know how it is...

We're notorious.

We have no intention of
getting involved with a country.

I'm hungry.

We're going on ahead to
the palace. I'm exhausted.

Okay, understood, Captain Smoker.

Then Crocodile-san was...?

This guy was the ringleader for everything...?

Good heavens... I can't believe it...

Hey, look at that! It's the Navy!

We were told that a Baroque Works-owned
artificial rain-making ship

was discovered with dance powder on it.

Sir Crocodile, president of the
secret crime syndicate Baroque Works

and one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea...

Where did the gator go?!

In the name of Navy Headquarters, an agency
directly under the World Government,

I hereby strip you of your
authorization to capture enemy ships,

as well as all the titles and rights
bestowed upon you by the Government.

Just wait and see...

We've done an irreparable thing...


I don't know what to say to them...

It's just natural to regret.

That unbearable feeling is also natural...


Your Majesty...

We lost so much and gained nothing...

However, this is a step forward!

No matter who you fought against,
the battle did occur and has now ended...


No one can make the past go away.

Overcome this war and survive...!

He truly is without equal...

Alabasta Kingdom!

The battle that will be
engraved in history and...

...the battle that will never be told...

...have ended...

Smoker-kun! What on earth is this rain?

Don't tell me you used the Dance Powder?!

You idiot.

I do know better than to commit a crime.

The Alabasta King kept
his hands off of this powder.

What's the point in me going
against his morals now?

Oh, excuse me. I apologize.

I can't believe the ''White Hunter''
of all men would say something sweet.

I wonder if you've mellowed out a little...

That's none of your business.

At any rate, you're really something,
using my elite unit just to look for a ship.

Very upset... I'm upset!

We joined the Navy in the
same year. Don't say that.

You always say that. I pity Tashigi
for the troubles you put her through.

More importantly, take in
this artificial rain-making ship.


And also, Tashigi will bring
Crocodile here. So take him, too.

Give me a break! What makes
you think you can be so selfish?


It's tails. You lose.

You're really selfish, you know that?!

You haven't changed a bit since we
joined the Navy. I'm disappointed.

That's fine. I'm well aware of it.

That's an order.

Sergeant Major! This is
a very rare opportunity!

Once they come to, we won't be able to...

I will not allow you to lay
a hand on them right now!

Wh-Why?! They're all sitting ducks right now!

O-On top of that...

Leader... Are your injuries okay?

You're not gonna die, are you?
Uhm, Toto-ojisan was... Yuba was...

Vivi... Looks like you're still
the worrywart as always...

I don't know about Yuba,
but my stubborn old man won't die,

no matter what happens.

--And I've got his blood in my veins.

As soon as I get treated, I'll head to Yuba.

I'll keep you updated... so don't worry.


It's raining!

Rain! It's raining for
the first time in three years!

This rain will end the rebellion!

Our foolish sons will come back!

It's raining!

Just how long are you gonna
stay so stubborn, old man?!

Yuba is already finished.
What're you gonna do here by yourself?

Are you gonna die with the city? Old man!

Look... Koza. The rain has fallen.

Just three years... That's all.

Right... rain...?

The rain is no longer forced and
falls endlessly within the kingdom.

Vivi-sama... You're still up?


Can't sleep?

It's not that.

I just don't want to.

I just wanna keep watching this rain.

About Pell...

He is the most dignified and
strongest among the warriors I know.


I wanted to say ''thank you'' to him...

He'd be... greatly honored by that...

Captain Smoker, Miss Hina!
Sergeant Major Tashigi has arrived.

Welcome back.

It's been a while, Tashigi.


Hello... I'm... a little tired,
so I'll go get some rest...

Captain Smoker, I've just returned!

Yeah, thanks for your work.

I heard about what happened
with the Straw Hats.

I'm sorry...

I helped the pirates and let our
opportunity to capture them slip away.

I know that my actions
were shameful as a marine.

Why do you apologize?
Didn't you follow your justice?

No... that's not it...

Sergeant Major...

I just... didn't have any other choice...

Losers can't speak about justice.
We're in that kind of sea.

Where did the gator go?!

Tell me!

Even when I knew where the enemy was,
all I could do was tell him where...

Even when I knew the time of the attack,
all I could do was assist them...

There was... no justice that I could follow...

Those who you thought you
were on par with up until recently

are becoming more
notorious and rising rapidly.

They know that in this sea,
they'll die if they don't rise up.

Go forward or die?

Who decided to come to this sea?

Excuse me... but I'll go rest a bit.

You idiot...

If you're frustrated enough
to cry, become stronger!

I will!

I wish you guys had guts like that, too...

Now, bring them to the ship!

Yes, sir!

Captain Smoker! You have a
communication from Headquarters!


This is Navy Headquarters.
Is this Captain Smoker?


In regards to your subduing Crocodile,

it's been decided that the top
officials of the Government

are going to give you and
Sergeant Major Tashigi a medal.

Subduing...? Hey, wait a sec!
It wasn't us who took Crocodile down.

Were they really listening to the report?

Furthermore, each of you will
be promoted by one rank, so...

Hey! Listen up!

The ones who've been fighting Crocodile
and his Baroque Works all this time

were the Straw Hat gang.

It's no use, Smoker-kun.

The Government is probably
going to cover up this incident.

Everyone at the Government was
outwitted with regard to Alabasta's crisis.

You think they can tell the world
that it was saved by pirates?

Therefore, we'd like both of you to
attend the medal award ceremony and...

You can't be serious!

Smoker-kun! Accept it!

If you disobey the top officials,
you don't know what'll happen to you!

We took Crocodile down?!

My subordinate is in tears
because we couldn't do it.

Hey, you... Could you tell the old
geezers at the top something for me...?


''Go to hell''!