One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Great Swordsman Appears! Pirate Hunter, Roronoa Zoro - full transcript

After defeating Lady Alvida, Luffy and Koby escaped on a lifeboat. As Luffy's been telling Koby that his goal is to search for the "One Piece" treasure in order to become the Pirate King. And he'll be needing a big crew if he wants his dream to become a reality. Koby also has a dream, and that's becoming a marine so he could capture ruthless pirates like Lady Alvida. Luffy understands Koby's dream pretty well, and will make sure that he'll become a marine. So they head for Naval Base Island, which is where the infamous pirate hunter: Roronoa Zoro is being held at. Luffy knows that Zoro will be perfect for his first mate of his crew. But Koby thinks that Luffy isn't thinking right, as Zoro is famous for hunting down and killing pirates with his sword abilities. They went to the Marine Base where Zoro is being held at. Luffy offers him a chance to escape, but Zoro isn't interested as he only has 10 more days till they release him from his 1 month sentence. Later Luffy and Koby found out from the marine captain's son: Helmeppo, that Zoro will be executed tomorrow. Luffy got mad that he punched Helmeppo in the face, which made him angry and is going to report this back to his father. Luffy and Koby were met by a little girl(who offered Zorro 2 rice cakes, but Helmeppo ate, spitted it out, and stomp on the other one). The only reason that Zoro was imprisoned is because he punched Helmeppo in the face and was put under dubious charges. This proves that Zoro is indeed innocent. So they head back to the Marine Base to free Zoro and deal with Helmeppo's father: Captain Morgan.

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
Three years have passed since
a single drop of rain fell

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
in the kingdom of oases.

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
The burning land is now
enveloped by a mighty swell.

The burning land is now
enveloped by a mighty swell.

After parting with Ace, Luffy
and company continue to trek

through the vast desert
as they hurry to Yuba.

As for whether they can stop
the beleaguered rebel army...

...the setting sun watches
over them silently.

''Ruins and Lost Ways!
Vivi, Her Friends, and the Country's Form''

Looks like he's back with us.


Are you finally sane again?

You're such a nuisance.

Huh? Wha? Huh?

--Where are the others?

Huh? You don't know?

--I'm not sure, to be more precise.
--Don't be funny.

--This is no time to be laughing!

So we're lost again?

Whose fault do you think that is?!

Wha? M-My fault?

--Get back here, Crocodile!

--What's he freaking out about?
--I'm gonna kick your butt!

Plus he's flying...

Did he eat another weird cactus?

Ugh! Can't he ever not cause trouble?!


I don't think he can help.

Oh, geez. Alright, Zoro. It's up to you.

--Why me?!
--Want me to talk more about your debt?

If you don't end up in hell,
I'm gonna kick you down there myself!

I look forward to it!

Okay! Let's get going!

Eh? Shouldn't we wait for them?

They can just follow our footprints.

With their strength,
they'll catch up in no time.

We can wait somewhere relaxing.


Will they really be all right?

You idiot! Wake up!


Stick him with a needle
or something, quick!


Come on, now...

Can't count on anyone!


I found you!

What're you talking about?!

I'm gonna...

--You dumbass! Don't make me...
--...kick your butt!


...wake you up!


Even though this happens
every single time...

...stopping him when
he's gone crazy is a pain!


How did I wind up
following a captain like this?

Oww! Hot!

What am I--?!

What are you doing?!

What's going on?!
What in the world happened?!

Hey! Zoro! Hey!

Get up!

A restorative!


--What were you doing?!

He's still buried.

Leave him be for now.
Where are the others?

They were gone when I came to...

Those coldhearted bastards!

But that's alright. We can
just follow their footprints.

Umm, footprints?

Say what?!

You're actually Crocodile?!

Don't be stupid!

Huh? We got separated?

You moron!

Why didn't we go after them sooner?!

That would be because of you!

Chopper! You smell things good!

I'm already trying. But
I don't smell anything at all.

Then we have no clues at all?

Which way is the wind blowing from?

I don't know the direction,
but it's coming from our left.

Left, huh? That at least
means they didn't go that way.

You're just makin' that up.

Shut up! Stay here if that's
what you want! Let's go, Chopper!


C'mon, wait for me!
Don't leave me behind!

So hot...

Will be he all right?

He's not the kind to
kick the bucket so easily.


Is pirate life always like this?

Like what?

Always climbing snowy
mountains, crossing deserts...

Ain't that the truth?

But we're just a little out of the
ordinary. Plus there's our captain.

I think I might've gotten on
board a not-so-good ship...

What a coincidence. I was just
thinking the same thing myself.


You're the most veteran
crew member here, right?

I guess, but there's not that
much of a difference between us.

Why did you join?

Why do you ask?

To me, since I just joined,
it seems like everyone's a maverick.

Especially you.

That's true. In my case, things
pretty much just turned out this way.

The others are the same.
Our real goals are different from his.

We're trying to do what we want to do.

It's crazy. It's just like
someone said before.

On the outside,
we have no teamwork at all.

Especially given our captain.
He's a real handful.

I think so, too.

But, really, what is teamwork?

Is helping each other and
protecting each other enough?

Some people say so,

but, sorry, that only sounds
like they're fooling themselves.

I think teamwork only begins

when everyone risks their lives
to do what they can and then says,

''I did it! You're up next!
If you can't do it, I'll kill you!''

When you think about it that way,

what's wrong with having
mavericks as companions?

That's my opinion, anyway.

So that's what Usopp meant by,
''Just do what you can!''

It sounds like BS
when he says it, though.

As for why I still stay with him...

...being by his side all this time's
given me another goal to strive for.

Another goal?

Sorry. I dunno how to answer about it.

I found shade!




It's nice and cool!

I oughta chop you apart!

Oh! My bad! My bad!

Huh? Where's Chopper?

Oh! There he is!

What's he doing out there?
Is he trying to act funny?

Yes. It was my fault. I'm sorry.

Geez! What was the point
of that conversation--

Hey. I didn't know
you were a comedian.

I'm not!

Oh! You're okay?

Dammit! That hurts!

What is this place?

What's this?

What is this?

What's something like this...

...doing underground?

Why are you down here?!

--I used my arms.
--I'm asking why!

--Just 'cause.
--You idiot!

With you down here too, we might
get separated from Chopper!

Without him, we'll never meet
up with Vivi and the others!

--Oh! That's okay!
--Why is that?!

Because Chopper was
falling down here too!



What is this place?

Heya. You seem to be alright.

Zoro! Luffy! Where is this place?

No idea. But whatever it is,
it's definitely underground.


I'm exhausted!
Let's take a short break!

Yes, Nami-san!

C'mon! You're pathetic!

Easy for you to say! You rode Lashes!
We gotta walk the whole way!

Thanks, Lashes!


Will Luffy-san and the
others know where to find us?

I think they'll be fine.

We're on top of a hill. It stood
out clearly, even from far away.

I hope so...

Say. How much further to Yuba?

Seeing as we made it to these ruins,

we should be there by night
if we continue walking.

Close, at last...

Oh? So these are ruins?

Yes. I believe they're
from quite an old era.

Civilizations first began
here thousands of years ago.

Many kingdoms have risen and fallen.

Resettlement in search of water,
the occasional war...

Ruins of such things remain
all throughout this land.

Many are full of mystery.

And time flowed on, leading to
the Alabasta dynasty of today?

That's an epic story. A prosperous
kingdom, destined to disappear...

It's almost romantic.


Sorry, Vivi-chan!
I didn't mean it like that!

It was just, you know, a figure of speech...

It's all right.

I've often felt the same way as of late.

Just what is a country?

Even if the ruler of a land changes,
its people will keep on living.

Culture, lifestyle...

If those stay the same even
when a country changes,

I wonder if it's really necessary
to struggle to protect the country.

Certainly, there are other
things that need protecting.

Ever since the sand pirates and the
town with the fake rebel soldiers,

I've been thinking that way a lot.

I'm sorry! That's just me being strange!

I haven't found the answers either!

But I do know what we must do now!

Baroque Works' scheming is about
to cause a meaningless war!

We must stop it, at all costs!

What they're trying to do
is throw this land into ruin!

I don't care if it leaves a
dark splotch in our history!

I absolutely refuse to let
Crocodile have his way!

Well, we should get going!

Usopp-san! Are you all right?!

Are you kidding? I can't control
the strength welling up in me!

--Oh, shut up!

They'll stop in a second!

I'll show you how gutsy Manly Usopp is!

I'll never fall to my knees easily!

--What's the big idea?!
--You fell easily.
--Well, we should get going, Vivi.

Eh? But what about Luffy-san?

You're such a worrywart.

He says he's going
to kick Crocodile's butt.

Once he has a clear goal,
you can let him do his own thing.

--You know that!

My eyes've adjusted.

On closer look,
we're inside a giant dome.

--Built by people, no less.

These are probably
ancient ruins or something.

How can you tell?

Look at this. See all the
picture-like writing on this wall?

I saw it in a book or something before.
These are ancient letters.

Who cares about that stuff?

It's so nice and cool in here!

If you're right, then what is
this place doing underground?

I don't really know...

Was it built underground, or did
it get buried after it was built?

Either way, I get the feeling they
were trying to hide this building...

Dunno who did it,
but they sure worked hard.

In any case, it's none of my business,
and it doesn't interest me.

What we gotta do now is get the
hell outta here. Right, Captain?

Really? But it's cool in here.

Just get up!

No! No! Let's stay here a
little longer! It's hot outside!

Okay! Time to get outta here!
We gotta meet up with the others!

So that's Zoro's comedy hole?

Shut up!

Alright! Gum-Gum...


What are you doing?

Darn it! I missed 'cause
the target's so small!

Alright! Got it!

Again, what are you trying to do?!

Just grab onto the boulder above the hole!

This is getting annoying!



--Alright! All better!
--Are you crazy?!

What are you gonna grab on to
now that you broke that boulder?!

It's okay! I got an idea!

--Chopper. You should probably turn little.


Oh, now I see...

Grab on!

Just give it up. This is the only way!


Here goes!



How are we going to land?!

Heck if I know!

You don't mean--?!

I told you to just give it up!

Nobody mentioned this!

Successful escape!

Where'd they go?

Oh, there they are!

I think I did choose
the wrong ship to ride on...

We're on the same wavelength today...

I was just thinking the same thing...

Usopp. You're falling behind.

What happened to
showing how gutsy you are?

I-I only said that out of spirit...

Hang in there! Just a little further!

Still worried?

Oh, no...

It's written all over your face.

I'm sorry. I do have faith in them, but...

I'm guessing you'll never
get over being a worrier.

But that has its good points, too.

--You people are amazing.

I've felt that way ever since Little Garden.

How can you have so much
faith in your friends?


It's not something I'm conscious of.
I've never even thought about it.

That's what's amazing.
Having unconditional faith in someone.

That's not very easy to have.

Hmm. I'm not really sure,
but maybe it's because

we all do what we can
as best as we can?

A while back, he said
something on the island I lived on.

I don't know how to
use swords, you bastard!

I don't know how to sail the oceans!

I can't cook!

--I can't lie, either!
--Hey, now!

I'm confident that
I can't live without help!

I remember those words very well...

I thought,
''Oh, this is how these pirates are...''

Alone, there's a limit to your strength.

Sometimes, things you really want
to do are too much for one person.

You need friends.

But it amounts to nothing if those
friends don't do what they can.

Whoops! Sorry that wasn't an answer!

--Thank you!
--I can't keep my thoughts
straight in this heat!

That answered plenty.


That may be one of this country's forms.

Hey! Hurry up!

Of course he gets energetic
when it starts to cool off...

What is it?

The wind has changed direction.
I smell something!

--No doubt about it! It's Nami's perfume!

--It's this way!
--Way to go! Luffy!

We found Nami and the others!
In the sunset direction!

For reals?!

Hey! Guys!

Don't rush off on your own!
We'll get separated again, you moron!

When I'm with them,
I start to see many things...

These people may have the answer!