One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 19 - Santouryuu no kako! Zoro to Kuina no chikai! - full transcript

While Luffy and Usopp are testing out the Going Merry's cannon balls. Zoro takes his usual map. And starts to remember a promise he made when he was still learning to become a swordsman. He was so desperate in becoming the best, but he couldn't defeat the strongest student of the fencing team, Kuina. She's the only girl of the fencing team and the Sensai's daughter. She's so good, no one else could over come her ability of the sword. Zoro spent his time in training and improving his stamina so he can beat Kuina fare and square. But after 2001 losses, he finds it impossible to defeat someone like Kuina. So to make it up for him, Kuina told him that the next time they meet she'll become the greatest swords-person in the world. Zoro also notes that he'll become the greatest too. And because of that they made a promise in following their own paths to mastering the ways of the sword. And since then Zoro has never forgotten about how he became who he is today.

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
The feelings of those who are in anguish

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
are crushed by a dry cloud of sand.

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
There are those who seek hope,
and those who cling to hope.

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
Their feelings cross each other,
uncertain what to do,

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
marking an era of history ending in sadness.

marking an era of history ending in sadness.

Vivi and her friends continue to fight in
order to save Alabasta from its crisis...

In addition to Usopp and Chopper's victory...

...Sanji crushed Mr. 2 Bon Clay.

Meanwhile, Nami was engaged in
mortal combat with Miss Doublefinger,

who has Spike Spike Fruit powers.

Take this!

Tornado Tempo!

--The doves tangled up on me...!

As a result, Usopp's invention,
the Clima Takt, led Nami to win the battle.

The only battle left was the one
between Mr. 1 and Zoro.

So basically, your body is hard as steel.

Unless I'm capable of cutting
even steel, I can't cut you down, huh?

That would be correct.

Smashing and cutting
attacks don't work on me.

I see. This bites.

Since I'm not yet capable of
cutting steel, I can't defeat you now.

Humph... Then what're you going to do?

Well, I'll sympathize with you.


I've been waiting for a
difficult situation like this.

I've been thinking that it's about
time for me to go to the next level.

When I defeat you,

I'll be a man who can even cut steel.

''Secret of Powerful Swordplay! Ability to
Cut Steel and the Rhythm Things Have''

Humph... When you defeat me... huh?

This might throw cold water
on that enthusiasm of yours,

but ever since I gained Dice Dice powers,

I've never been given even a scratch by
those who call themselves swordsmen.

No swordsman can defeat me.

Ahh... I get the picture...

...but you can store all those
old tales away in an album.

I don't know how many swordsmen
you've fought in the past,

but we've never met before, so...

It seems that at least your tongue is sharp.

Thanks, baldy.

We'll see how long you'll last.

No, how long you'll last.



Tiger... Trap!

I told you, didn't I...?

It's a little shocking that you
didn't even get a single bruise...

This is also the first time
my opponent is still standing

when I thought my attacks were solid.

Of course...

...since we've never met before...

That's right!

This guy's entire body is a blade.

So his blades don't have a front or back!

Sparkling Daisy!

Th-This is...

I'll blow you away.

When it comes to training,
I've done it more than anyone else.

I've also been in many difficult
situations that had me on the brink.

When I defeat you, I'll be a
man who can even cut steel.

I've never been given
even a scratch by anyone.

What is it that I lack...?!

Teacher...! Teacher!


Is it true that there're men in this world
who can cut anything, even steel?

Yes, it's true.

Now, watch this paper carefully, Zoro.

Teacher, you didn't cut it.

Listen, Zoro.

There're swordsmen out there
who are capable of cutting nothing.

But they can also cut anything,
even steel... using the same sword...

The strongest swordsmen are able to
protect that which they want to protect

and cut that which they want to cut.

Swordplay that harms whatever it touches...

I don't consider it real swordsmanship.

Do you understand?

Teacher, I'll be a swordsman
who can cut anything!

Zoro, were you listening
to what I was saying?

Humph... Hurry up and try cutting me.

You can't cut my body down
if you just defend.

Unfortunately, I don't think I can show
you my valiant figure cutting steel...

...because when I cut steel,
that's when you die.

Makes sense...

I'll cut... everything up into pieces!

''Swordplay that cuts nothing''... huh?

How pointless...

I'll cut everything up into pieces!

Swordplay that cuts nothing...

Cut nothing... but cut steel... I don't
understand what it means at all!

Thrust and Thrust... This is the
secret of powerful swordplay!

Atomic Spar!

I'll just cut you up!

Crab... Grab!

What an odious bastard...

The feeling is mutual.

Let me tell you one thing.
Don't consider me a swordsman.

I have many weapons
that can tear your body up.

Spiral Hollow!

If you're not a swordsman...
then an excavator?!

I'm an assassin!

Sparks?! Just how fast is it spinning?!

They'll be repelled!

I can't do excavation... because
I'll drill and cut everything up.


What a momentary misjudgment invites is...


You're still breathing...

I won't show my back to him...

How're you gonna struggle
with your bare hands?

You're not even a swordsman.
You won't understand even if I explain.

Humph... I'm not even interested.

Spar... Break!

Die in peace...

I have... bad luck with stones today...

You guys! Make sure you
deliver Vivi back to her home!

See you at the Alubarna Palace!

Are they... all okay...?

Why is he standing...?
After being cut so many times...

Did he dodge all those falling stones?

I dodged... these stones?


I could tell... the place where
no stones would be falling...


There's one underneath
that stone... I can tell...

What's he doing...?

I've experienced this feeling before...

It's awfully quiet around me...

I can hear my heartbeat very clearly...

Is this... precisely what it feels
like when close to death...?

I sensed a hint from the falling
stones as if they're living things...

No, it wasn't a hint...
It was clearer than that...


Stones'... rhythm...

Trees have their own rhythm...

Soil has its own... Is that what it is...?

Listen. There're swordsmen out there
who are capable of cutting nothing.

Does ''cutting nothing''mean...
know the rhythm...?

That's... the ability to cut even steel...

You... what the hell did you do?

After receiving such an enormous attack...

When you're bleeding that much...

There's no way you can be still alive...!

I can hear... the rhythm of his steel...

My will is flowing into the sword...

Fine... I'll completely finish
him off with the next attack.

The only question left is...

...whether or not I really
have the ability to cut steel...

It's hard to think that you can defend
my attack using only one sword...

That's all right. I won't defend any more.

So you're now prepared. Fine by me!

One-Sword Style... Lion Strike!

Atomic Spurt!

I give you my thanks...

I can become stronger still!

He's indeed... become stronger...
during this fight...

Are you... going to cut
diamond or something next...?

That would be a waste...

You win...

''Alubarna - North Block''

''Alubarna - North Block''
''Battle in front of the Mehdi Assembly Hall''

''Alubarna - North Block''
''Battle in front of the Mehdi Assembly Hall''
''Winner: Zoro''