One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 18 - Anta ga chunjuu! Gaimon to kimyou na nakama - full transcript

After Usopp joined our heroes journey, they set sail on "Going Merry" across the ocean. Luffy designs the crew's own pirate flag, since they now own a pirate ship. His design was rather sloppy, so Usopp(who happens to be good at painting) re-did it into a more professional look. They now have their own pirate flag logo: A Skull with a straw hat. Since they're the "Straw Hat Pirates". Nami sees an island up ahead, which is called "Legendary Treasure Island". Many pirates visited the island, but never found the treasure. They say that a Guardian God protects the island from those who try to steal it. When they went ashore on the island, it all seemed quiet right until they're surrounded by mixed up animals. More weirded out than before, the voice of the so called Guardian God was heard. Only when Luffy discovered that it's actually a bush-haired boxed man who's been marooned on the island for 20 years. His name is Gaiman, and he was once a regular crew member of a pirate crew who came to this island, 20 years ago. Only to find a empty box. Gaiman noticed a mountain that wasn't checked by the crew, so he climbed up to the top to find a stash of treasure chests. But then he slipped and got stuck in the box he's in today. His crew left without him leaving Gaiman miserable. To this day he's been protecting the treasure from other pirates with the help of his animal friends. After hearing this sad story, Luffy and the others decided to help Gaiman out.

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
The feelings of those who are in anguish

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
are crushed by a dry cloud of sand.

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
There are those who seek hope,
and those who cling to hope.

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
Their feelings cross each other,
uncertain what to do,

Their feelings cross each other,
uncertain what to do,

marking an era of history ending in sadness.

Nami engaged in mortal combat

with Miss Doublefinger,
who has Spike Spike Fruit powers,

and was overwhelmingly dominated by her.

However, Usopp's invention, the Clima Takt,
gradually began to show it's true power.

Meanwhile, Crocodile appeared at the palace

and finally began to reveal the
ultimate goal behind his ambitions

in front of Vivi and Cobra.

''Secret Passed Down in the Royal Family!
The Ancient Weapon Pluton''

What's he talking about?
What's Pluton? What on earth is he...

I hear that one shot from Pluton
will completely destroy an island.

The world's most disastrous weapon
from ancient times, also called a god.

It should be sleeping
somewhere in this country.

An ancient weapon? Such a
thing exists in this country...?

And Father knew about it...?

A secret passed down with the throne...

That's been my goal from the start.

With it, I'll be able to build
the best military state right here.

In order to achieve that,
all this time you've been...!

Once I become the king of this country,

it's easy to bring pirates in
this area under my umbrella.

My influence will increase,

and I will eventually gain more power
than even the World Government.

It'll be a dreamlike country.

There's no way that the World
Government would allow that!

They probably wouldn't. That's why
I need it... the powerful Pluton...

I don't know where on earth
you heard that name,

but I don't know where it is

and I'm not even certain such a thing
really exists somewhere in this country.

I see. What you say
probably isn't a complete lie...

I did think that that was also possible...

I do know, too, that its
very existence is in doubt.

What noisy flies...

I heard that Cobra-sama has
been crucified by Crocodile.

Save Cobra-sama!

We have to do our utmost
to get inside somehow!

But we can't do anything because of
those hands coming out from the door!

It's impossible unless we do
something about those hands!

According to my plan,

the rebel army will reach that Square
within 20 minutes or so and start fighting.

After that... in other words,
at 4:30 pm, 30 minutes from now...

...I've ordered that a powerful
cannonball be shot into the Square.

Are you insane?!

It's a special shell that can destroy
anything within a 5 km diameter.

The view from here will
completely change, too.

If you do that...

No one from either the royal army
or the rebel army will survive.

Hence, the battle will be ceased forever.

Aren't you happy? After all,
you wanted to stop them so badly...

Instead of doing things in a roundabout
way, like blowing up the palace,

it'll be quicker if we just
completely blow up both the armies.

How can you do such a thing?!

What on earth did they
do to you to deserve it?!

--You are... You are...

Who cares...?

Stop it! What good will it do?!


Now, Mr. Cobra. Let me
ask you another question.

Where can I find the Poneglyph?

Poneglyph... Why are you...

If I tell you where it is...

No... I'll show you...


Just what I'd expect from a wise king,
Cobra. You're a clever man.


I can't... take this any more!


Listen, Nami. How you use the Clima Takt
comes down to your head after all.

Think frantically to survive the battle!

That's our real weapon, right?

Heat Balls and Cool Balls...

All I have to do is take full advantage of
their characteristics and combine them!

That's the power of the Clima Takt!

And one last thing... Tornado Tempo...!
This is the centerpiece of this weapon.

Tornado Tempo...

As long as your enemy is human, they
won't be able to stand after being hit.

However, this is the very last resort
and you only get one shot.

If you miss, consider it over.

If I miss, it's over...

Pay attention.

It seems that you have
an interesting weapon.

But if it doesn't have practical
attacks, isn't it just a toy?

Whatever its purpose is,
you can call it... a weapon...

...when it can harm people...

If I don't hurry up, I'll be killed...
The last powerful technique...

Tornado Tempo... I have to do it now...!

G-Give that back to me!

You can't kill me with a toy like this.

A sweater can probably produce
better electricity than this.

We won't know until I try! Give it back to me!


All I have to do is get her to drop
her guard so that she can't dodge

this one-shot attack,
the Tornado Tempo...! Maybe...!

Something that I can do by using

the three kinds of air bubbles and the
extremely dry weather of this country...!

I wish there were at least a little
more moisture in the air...

Moisture... That's right! If I remember
correctly, there's a rain technique...

Rain Tempo!

Water tricks, huh?


You're desperate, aren't you?

No! I have a plan!

That's enough. I've had
enough of your party tricks.

The party is at its height. Let's call it quits.

A sea urchin?!

Sea Urchin Stinger!

I'll make you Swiss cheese!

That's not what I'd call
Swiss cheese! It's even burnt!

In appreciation of your show earlier,
I'll show you something interesting, too.

Now's my chance! Heat Ball!

Hot air goes upwards
while absorbing moisture.

When it collides with cold air that's
descending, it rapidly cools

and the moisture gets frozen.


Spike Spike Doping!

I said pay attention, didn't I?!

Stinger Flail!

Oh... these wounds are nothing...

Everyone's fighting with their very lives.

Even if my arms get torn off
or my nose gets broken, I will...

If you talk too much,
you'll cause internal bleeding.

I know!

So you're still alive for now.


Those wounds...

So, how'd the battle with Mr. 2 turn out?

Of course! Here...

Ahhh! My goggles!

So you took them back
from him! Thanks, Sanji!

You're such a... Ahh!
Hey, wait a sec! They're broken!

You bastard! This is the newest
model in the North Blue!

Do you know how valuable
these goggles are?

Hey, look at that.

Listen to me...


That must be the auxiliary
force for the rebel army.

So there'll be more of them?

Looks like it. I guess Vivi-chan
couldn't stop the rebel army...

Ah, dammit!

Hm? Vaaa?

Hey, where have you been hiding, Lashes?!

Let's hurry to the palace. We might
still be able to help Vivi-chan.

--Hey, Usopp! Let's go already!

Y-Yeah...! Ah, hey, Lashes! Let me get on!

Look! Can't you see these wounds?

Lashes! Stop! Let me get on!

Geez, at least you're a first-class
expert at running away...

Oh, yeah! The air bubbles!

It's formed! It's small, but it's still a cloud!

What on earth are you talking about?

Not enough...! I'll let it grow more!

Cool Ball!

Heat Ball!

That's enough!

You bitch!

Stinger... Flail!

So, are you prepared to die yet?

How about you?

Stop bluffing...

Take that!

You won't get away with this!


It'll be a fine day today
with stable humidity and wind

as well as a high-pressure system.

However, in one particular area, you
need to watch for mirages and cyclones.

Please be on the lookout for tornados.

Tornado Tempo... This is the
centerpiece of this weapon.

This is the very last resort
and you only get one shot.

If you miss, consider it over.

If I miss, it's over...

The weather forecast is tornado!

I'll make it work... the last attack...

...since I wanted to fight with
my own hands... for her...!

Nami-san... Don't die...

At least try putting all of our
lives on the line together!

Aren't we friends?!

Oh, you can cry those kinds of tears...

I know you actually hate this
and want to beat him up the most!

Sometimes, it calls forth clouds...
other times, it makes rain fall...

Yet other times, it produces winds...!

The miraculous Clima Takt! I'll make it work!

The last powerful technique! For Vivi!

Are you okay?

Your left leg has taken lots of injuries...

You can't actually keep
standing any more, can you?

Sea Urchin Stinger!

This is... nothing...!

It doesn't hurt at all!

Do you have any idea what
pain she's going through?!

Compared to her pain...

...a leg or two, or three...

I don't give a damn!

Take this... Tornado Tempo!

What? What? What? What?!

The doves tangled up on me...!


I did it... I did it! Usopp... Vivi...!

''Alubarna - North Block''

''Alubarna - North Block''
''Battle behind the Mehdi Assembly Hall''

''Alubarna - North Block''
''Battle behind the Mehdi Assembly Hall''
''Winner: Nami''

Oh, yeah...

Now I remember... your face...
It's in my fuzzy memory.

If I'm not mistaken, you were a famous
bounty hunter in the West Blue... right?

Also known as an assassin...

But look at you now...

What do you fight for?
You're Crocodile's dog!

Are you doing it in order to at least get
some nice scraps by licking his hand?

You son of a bitch.

I'll show you... the difference in pride...

...between your swords and mine...!

Three-Sword Style...

Bull... Needles!


So basically, your body is hard as steel.

Unless I'm capable of cutting
even steel, I can't cut you down, huh?

That would be correct.

Smashing and cutting
attacks don't work on me.

I see. This bites.

Since I'm not yet capable of
cutting steel, I can't defeat you now.

Humph... Then what're you going to do?

Well, I'll sympathize with you.


I've been waiting for a
difficult situation like this.

I've been thinking that it's about
time for me to go to the next level.

When I defeat you,

I'll be a man who can even cut steel.