One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Kyoufu no futarigumi! Nyâban kyoudai vs Zoro - full transcript

After Luffy and Zoro prevented the Black Cat Pirates in proceeding towards the village. The furious pirates are too worn out in doing their plan. Jango hypnotize his crew to make them ...

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
The feelings of those who are in anguish

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
are crushed by a dry cloud of sand.

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
There are those who seek hope,
and those who cling to hope.

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
Their feelings cross each other,
uncertain what to do,

Their feelings cross each other,
uncertain what to do,

marking an era of history ending in sadness.

Zoro and the others take to
the Supersonic Duck Squadron,

acting as decoys, to draw away the
Number Agents of Baroque Works.

Vivi sets out alone to try
to persuade Koza and company,

but her voice is drowned out by
the cloud of sand surrounding her.

The battle between the rebel army,
which was attacking Alubarna,

and the royal army, which was
defending Alubarna, had finally begun.

''Alubarna Grieves!
The Fierce Captain Karoo!''

Vivi-chan is in danger!

Usopp, you go help Chopper.

--Get to the southeast gate!

Vivi-chan, hang in there a
little longer, until I get there!

--It's a rebel soldier!
--They're here!

Rebel soldier? Me?

Ah, it's a royal soldier!

Shoot him!

Hey, now, I'm neither
rebel army nor royal army!

I'm on the side of the ladies!

''Alubarna - Southeast Gate''

They've disappeared...

...all too quickly.

Where are Mr. 4 and
Miss Merry Christmas?

W-What is this?
Just who are these guys?

Who are you? You talk as
though you know everything.

Let me introduce you
to our number-four batter.



Whatever I can do... Right now,
I should just do whatever I can do.

I am... I am a pirate!


Princess Vivi!

This desert will be...

...your grave!





Hm, hm... Still, you're not getting away!

Swan Dash!!

I told you, you won't get away!
Come on, wait up, I say!

I'm going to gobble you up!


You shielded me...

You're in no shape to be running anymore...

No! If you go straight,
we'll be cornered on the stairway!

Hold it, I'm telling you!

Let me off, Karoo! I'm going to fight him!

Hold on, that way is the cliff!

Hunh? That's ridiculous!

What is this?! That duck is scaling
the sheer cliffs of Alubarna!

You dummy! Now, fall back down here,

and fall prey to my Ballet Kenpo!

It's a sign of our friendship!

Oh, what are you crying about, Karoo?

Leave it to us! Vivi is our friend.

What's going on?!

K-Karoo! That was amazing! You just flew!

Mr. 2 can't follow us
after we've come this far.

That was sassy of you, duck!

Nothing is impossible for me!

Not with the relevé of my
kenpo's blood, sweat and tears!

Karoo, can you get
through this battlefield?

We can't find Koza
in all of this confusion,

so we'll go to the palace, to find Chaka.

Before the rebel army
reaches the center of the city.

I caught up to you!

A stray bullet...!


Vivi is our friend.

It's no use!



I told you, it's no use!

All right...

You stay out of my way,
or I'll deal with you, too!


Y-You guys...

Nice work, Captain Karoo. You're the man.


You guys can stand down, too.

You have a rebellion to stop,
right, Vivi-chan?

I'll take care of him.

Are you the ridiculous transforming man?

You stay out of my way. Who are you?!

Go on.

Look after Karoo.

She's getting away!

You've gotta be kidding me!

You get to die!

Why don't I start by having you
return our sharpshooter's...

...prized goggles to me?


I won't be done in like he was.

You're in league with Straw Hat?

Well, then, are you the fabled Mr. Prince?


My name is Sanji. I'm a
first-class cook of the sea.

A cook? I happen to be a
super-first-class one myself.

Cooks shouldn't defy
underworld organizations!

That underworld organization
bit goes for both of us.

I'm a cook, and a pirate.

An eye for an eye, is that it?

That's what it is. You keep
your hands off of this country.

''West Block''

Go! Go! Zoro! What are you waiting for?!
Hurry up and pound them!

You guys shut up and go hide somewhere!

Would you guys make this fun for me?

Go, Zoro! This is the only
virtue you've got, right?!

Hurry up and finish off...
those... ugly-looking...

What do you think you're doing? Huh?!

First rule of the guide to killing:
Eliminate the weaker targets first.

Let us show you how a pro works.


J-Just a minute! There's no
meaning in getting rid of me.

My face and style might be
outstanding, but I've got no skills.

I'm a non-combatant.

Didn't we just say so?

Starting by getting rid of such
is the fastest way to work.

Well, sure! Of course, you're right.
I'd do the same, myself.

I told you to shut up
and hide somewhere.

This is the southeast gate
that Sanji meant, right?

It looks like the fight is over.

Where is Chopper?


Hey, Chopper! Wake up! Hey! Come on!

Usopp... Thank goodness
you're all right...

Don't be silly! Are you all right?

It's nothing serious.


...this is what remains,
after the Mr. 4 pair left, is it?

And here, I came to help you out!

That's too bad. I, the champion of
the seas, the world's greatest hero,

Captain Usopp-sama, wanted to
show off my fighting prowess!

They're still around here,
somewhere. Be careful.

What?! Tell me that part first!

What on earth is that?!
Nobody's even there!

They're under the ground.
Miss Merry Christmas

is a mole-woman,
thanks to the Mole-Mole Fruit.

A mole-woman?

The other one, Mr. 4, is a fourth-batter,
together with his dog.

Huh? That doesn't make any
sense at all. What do you mean?

Here it comes! Look out!

Are you okay, Usopp?

That was close! You saved me! Thanks.

What exactly was that just now?

Like I said, Mr. 4 is a fourth-batter,

together with his dog.

And I said, that doesn't
make any sense at all.

Ah, it's him!

A dog?

What is that?!

''Mr. 4's pet gun Lassoo, the dog-gun''

''Mr. 4's pet gun Lassoo, the dog-gun''
''(has a slight cold)''

O-Oh, no!



--Here it comes!

You have to run far away, Usopp!


Are you all right, Usopp?!

Like I said, what exactly was that?

It's a time bomb. It explodes
even if it doesn't hit anything.

They can calculate the time
it will take, and then hit them.

Or to put it the other way, they
don't explode until their time is up,

so I thought I could catch the
bomb up and throw it back at them,

but that ball is as heavy as a wrecking ball,

and isn't the sort of thing you can catch.

To be able to hit it with a bat,
especially at the speed that he does,

Mr. 4's strength is extraordinary.



Just how many tons is that
bat that he swings around?

--Hey, Mr. 4! Mr. 4!

You bastard, you! You 'tard, you!

What are you just standing around for?!
Let them have it, already!

Come on, and let them have it!
Get on with it, and let them have it!

Go on, and let them have it!
Let them have it!

Come on, get on, go on!
Have at it, you... you...

''Ba''! You ''ba''!

There she is! The mole-woman!

She's a mole!

I haven't even transformed
yet, ''ba''! You ''ba''!

Chopper, you'll have to take it from here.

Bury my body at sea
when I'm gone, would you?

You just got done saying you
came to help me, you dumb jerk!

Now, look...

What is that dog-looking thing
over there?! You expect me to fight

against a mysterious life form
as inexplicable as that thing?!

I'm a human! Get it?!

I'm a human, too!

Fool! You're a monster!

What about you, with that long nose?!

You shut up, bluenose!

Now you've said it, longnose!

Is this any situation for you
to be arguing like that? Eh?

Sorry about that.

His name is Lassoo.

He's a gun that ate a dachshund
model of the mutt-mutt fruit.

A gun?!

Are you saying that
a gun ate a Devil Fruit?

It's a new technique in the Grand Line.

Even things are able to eat Devil Fruit.

Ha! Don't be ridiculous! If he was
originally a gun, how could he move?

Devil Fruit doesn't have a will of its own!

And how does a gun eat
something in the first place?!

Shut up! What good will it
do for you to learn that

if you're going to die here anyway?!

Something can't help it if it moves,
you know, you ''ba''! ''Ba''! ''Ba''!

Isn't that right, Mr. 4?

Listen up. You guys can't
escape this place anymore.

Not now that you've entered our territory.

You'll enjoy this. The territory's
name is ''Molehill, Block 4.''

S-She's turning into a mole-woman!

--A penguin?
--I'm a mole, I tell you! You ''ba''!

She went underground!

--All right, now's my chance!

You can take it from here!

Watch out!

--It missed!
--A curveball?!


It's above you, Usopp!

Fly ball!

Ha, no big deal!

I guess their cleanup batter
can't even hit .100, huh?

I can avoid this one
with my eyes closed!


Look out behind you!

If he was just fourth up,
he wouldn't be called Mr. 4!