One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Gekitotsu! Kuroneko kaizokudan sakamichi no daikoubou! - full transcript

The Black Cat Pirates lead by Jango will do their move at dawn. In order to protect the village from mayhem, the south coast slope will need to be blocked off. So according to Usopp, the south slope is the only way to the village. His plan is to cover it with oil and attack the pirate with surprise. But by the time it was morning, Nami heard voices coming from the other side of the island. She was curious if this was the only entrance to the village. Then Usopp realized that there's another slope like this one at the north coast. Usopp dashed to the north coast while Luffy is completely lost, as he doesn't know which way is north. While Nami remembered that their boats were also at the north coastline, and has to get there before Buggy's Treasure is stolen again. When Usopp finally made it to the north slope, he's prepared to defend the village with all his might. But will Luffy(who's lost) and Zoro(who got stuck in the oil slick thanks to Nami pushing him by accident) get there in time to help Usopp?

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
Three years have passed
since a single drop of rain fell

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
in the kingdom of oases.

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
Seeing hope beyond turmoil,
the people take up weapons.

Seeing hope beyond turmoil,
the people take up weapons.

The scorching land was now
engulfed in wails of grief,

along with tremendous upheaval.

Luffy, having separated
from Vivi and the others

to face Crocodile alone, fell
before his overwhelming strength,

and sank beneath the sands of Alabasta.

Although narrowly escaping,
thanks to Miss All-Sunday,

Luffy's life-threatening injuries
made his recovery hopeless.

Meanwhile, as Vivi and the others
made for the capital city of Alubarna,

though hindered by the
vastness of the great land,

they were assisted by the
unique animals of Alabasta,

favorably speeding their journey along.

Vivi and the others are
trying to prevent a conflict.

However, a rebel army,
two million strong,

was about to close in on Alubarna.

Moment by moment, the hourglass
of fate marks the final hour.


''Rebel Army vs. Royal Army!
Showdown at Alubarna!''

H-Hey, are you all right?



Meat? In your shape? What are
you talking about? Hang on.

I'll go get a doctor.

I'm going to make sure
Crocodile pays for this...

He made fun of Vivi...
and that dried-up old man...

...and he's definitely gonna pay...

Who are you?


I see it! It's still far away,
but it's Alubarna!

Koza, we're less than 30 minutes away!


Alubarna is near!

Raise your spirits!

Chaka-sama! We've sighted the
rebel army, about 15 kilos to the south!

Their army, two million strong,
is bearing down on the southern gate!

East, west, south,
southeast, southwest...

Defend each gate with your lives!

Do not let them set foot in the city!

Yes, sir!

''Alubarna - West Gate''

''Alubarna - West Gate''
Hey, look over there!
The rebel army is coming into view!

Hey, look over there!
The rebel army is coming into view!

There's so fabulously many of them!

The princess is quite a
nincompoop to try to stop them.

But then, is the nincompoop really coming?

Or isn't she coming? Is she coming?
Or isn't she coming?

It's so vague!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Are we sure about this?!
Are we sure about this?!

The princess and the pirates
are really coming, right?!

The rebel army is going to
get here first, at this rate!

Don't they want to stop them,
for crying out loud?!

There is a likely chance that
they don't make it in time.

--Here... they... come...
--After all, they did lose a
good deal of time at Rainbase.

What?! They did?!

Well, supposing that
the rebellion starts first,

what are we supposed to deux?

We don't have to deux anything,
do we? Once the war starts,

not even the princess will be
able to do anything about it.

We just need to get rid of
whoever we're told to get rid of.

Can't you even determine
that much for yourself?

It sounds like you're just
dying for a taste of my kenpo!

Knock it off, you two.

Ah, my back! My back is aching!
Mr. 4, massage it for me!

They... 're... com... ing...


Why didn't you tell us sooner,
you dim-witted daruma doll?!


Ducks? What do you mean,
Miss Merry Christmas?

Their number has increased,
hasn't it? There are six of them.

There were four of them from the list,
not including Straw Hat, right?

You're wrong, Miss Merry Christmas.

Did you listen to what the boss said?
There's that Mr. Prince guy.

He said there were more than one of him,

so if you add two, the number matches.

No matter how many more there are,
our only target is Vivi.

What are you so anxious about?

Mr. 1...

You say that Vivi is the only
one we have to get rid of?

Well then... can guess which one is Vivi!

They're all wearing the same cloaks!

What's more, those birds are
the fastest in all of Alabasta,

supersonic ducks!

Why, those rotten...!

How do we tell which one is Vivi like this?!

It's too vague, you know!

Let them have it, Mr. 4!

Stay away from it!

They dodged it!
Those birds are fast, huh?

Two of them broke off south!
They're splitting up!

They're planning to go to the south gate!

That's directly toward the rebel army.

Which means that one of them is Vivi?

Let us handle those two!

Let's go, Mr. 4!

Special attack: Fire Star!!

Mr. 1, those two are breaking
off that way! That could be Vivi!

They're planning to go
in through the west gate.

Why, those...!

After them!

Un... deux!

Okay, we're going to the southwest gate!

They can try for three of
Alubarna's five gates from the west.

They're going to split up
and come in that way, huh?

Then we'll do the same!
We'll wipe them out inside!

You're not getting away!

Hey, someone's coming up! Is it the enemy?!

No, wait!

They're the Supersonic
Duck Squadron! Let them in!

There's no way you're getting away!

Thanks for following us all the way here.


Stop! Stop!

You guys have good instincts!
That's right, I'm Princess Vivi!

What are you talking--
er, talking about? I'm the real Vivi.

I wonder if this is far enough?

It's amusing how well you
folks have fallen for this.


Let us show you who we really are.

Too bad, you guessed wrong!


Thank you, everyone.

I have to hurry. The rebel army
is already just right over there.

Let's go, Karoo!

Vivi and Koza must not be
allowed to meet, no matter what.

A camel?!

And I know you from earlier!


Go on, Zoro! Let them have it!

You keep quiet!

--They got us.
--How much was that debt, again?

--Quite the farce, huh?
--You've already forgiven that!

There's not going to be a rebellion now.


I'll stop them, at any cost!

If I don't stop them now,
then this will all be for naught!

Secure those cannonballs!
I don't want them rolling away!

Artillerymen, maintain your posts!

Keep your cannonballs under tight control!

The ground is really rumbling, huh?

The enemy is a force of
two million angry men.

Even the earth shakes a little
before them. Do not shrink back!

It's okay, Karoo. You don't have to be here.

You could get trampled on.

Please, Leader, listen to what I have to say.

Everyone, stay together!
Charge through at the southern gate!

We'll knock out all the
others from the inside!

Make ready your resolve!

Stop, rebel army!

This fight is a set-up!

Please! Listen to me!

Rebel army! Stop!

Hey, did you see a person there just now?

A person? This is no time for nonsense!

Never mind that,
they're already shooting at us!

What was that for?!
There's no visibility now!

What kind of dumb move
was that, royal army?

You idiot! I haven't given
the order to fire yet!

Don't go acting on your own!

T-Terribly sorry about that!
My hand slipped, and it just happened.

Don't back down! Charge through!
It's just a cloud of sand!

No, everyone! Stop!

For the sake of our country!
Make the king pay!



What's the matter, Koza?

It's nothing.

Was it my imagination?


Remember, this is our final battle!

Wait! Listen to me!


Here they come!

Prepare to fire!

Bring down Alubarna!


You... shielded me...

I'm so sorry... We've done so much...
but the rebellion has started...

I'm so sorry...

But still, I will stop it!

No matter how many times
I'm brushed aside,

I can't let something like this
make all we've done be for nothing...

That's something I learned...
aboard the ship...!

Not knowing when to quit!


So this is where you are!


We can still make it in time!
Hurry up and hop on!

Right! Hold on, Karoo...

That bird has had it!

We have to hurry! The rebellion
will only get worse! Hurry!

That... bird...?

Let's go, Karoo!

What's the matter? Hurry! This way!

Usopp-san, prove yourself.

Oh, you doubt who I am?


It's not him!

Usopp! Hey, Usopp!

Lashes, wake up!

Oh, Sanji. Good morning.

--Ah, how did our fight turn out?

The part of the mission where we
lured them away was successful.

And then...

It was over in two seconds.
One second each.

Couldn't you hold out a little longer?!

But Sanji, what are you doing here?

Your ducks came to get some
help for you! In any case...

You let Mr. 2 get away, didn't you?


Listen up. That degenerate's
transformations are perfect.

There's no telling when he
might pose as one of us,

and make an attempt on Vivi's life.

If you feel that any of us is
acting the least bit suspicious,

take off this wrapping, and
show each other your marks.

If they can't do that, they're a fake.

Whoa, having a two-stage plan is
uncharacteristically smart of you.

So does that mean you're
that degenerate already?!

I'll cut you down!

Ah, that's Zoro.

Oh, it is Zoro?

You... are not Usopp-san!

Oh, dear...

I wonder what gave me away.

I thought I was perfect.

We got a report from Zero-chan

that you all had the same
mark wrapped up on you.

This is bad.

Vivi-chan is in danger!