One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Inbou o abake! Kaizoku shitsuji Kyaputen Kuro - full transcript

Klahadore a.k.a Captain Kuro who was suppose to be executed by the Marines 3 years ago. Is planning to use Jango to hypnotize Kaya in signing a will for all of her fortune to go straight to Kuro himself. And make her death look like an accident. As his pirate crew is plotting to destroy the entire village. Usopp heard every word that Kuro said. But Kuro knows no one will believe after all that lying he's done in the past. The scared Usopp dashed to town to warn the villagers. But as Kuro predicted, none of them believed him, because they all think it's only another lie. Usopp tries all he can to convince him that he serious this time. But that only made the locals more angry and chased him away. So Usopp went to tell Kaya the whole thing. As he thinks that she will believe him. But Kaya thinks it's just another lie that Usopp would make up. And still believes that Klahadore is a good person. He tries to take her away from her manor to protect her. But Kaya refused and smacked Usopp, as she's lost faith in him completely. Even if it was the truth. Even his kid trio pirate crew lost faith in him. He found Luffy(who he thought was dead from falling off the cliff earlier), Zoro, and Nami and told them all what he heard. They believe him and will help him fight off the pirates. But will they succeed and redeem Usopp's reputation?

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
Three years have passed
since a single drop of rain fell

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
in the kingdom of oases.

''Yuba'' ''Erumalu'' ''Nanohana'' ''Katorea''
Seeing hope beyond turmoil,
the people take up weapons.

Seeing hope beyond turmoil,
the people take up weapons.

Having escaped from the trap at
Raindinners, Luffy and the others

set out toward Alubarna to plead with
a rebel army that numbered two million,

but he was caught by a waiting
Crocodile, and they began a duel.

However, unable to do
anything in the face

of his overwhelming power,
Luffy fell before him.

Will this situation continue to
deteriorate into a worst-case scenario?

''Dash For a Miracle!
Alabasta Animal Land''

Look! T-There's so much!


The water...

The water is coming forth!

Didn't I say so, Luffy-kun?

This land is strong.

Yuba still lives.

Yuba is going to die from
that one, final sandstorm.

And then, the flame of anger in
the rebel army will burn even hotter.

This outdated consideration for others

is going to destroy this land.

And the same goes for you,
Straw Hat Luffy.

If you had abandoned
your worthless feelings,

you would have lived longer.


I doubt you still feel
indebted to this water, huh?

You mean, you're still alive?

It looks like that hurts. But you'll
be out of your misery soon enough.

Bye, now.

That was a waste of my time.

No big deal. Once we get
through this sand, it will rain.

Just like always.

Keep coming! Keep coming as
often as you want, sandstorms!

Yuba will never give in to the sand!

Then, that's when it happened!
That's when I said to him,

''You bowlegged bastard!''

That's when it started. Ever since,

the crabs of the world have been
bothered about being bowlegged.

So that's why they walk sideways, huh?

Uh-huh. Incidentally, at the time,
there was something

jumping up and down
behind him. It was a lobster.

So lobsters-- they're crabs, then?

Yeah, they're crabs.

Zoro, you're just wasting your
energy doing that, aren't you?

Shut up.

Just leave him alone, Nami-san.

If those guys aren't doing something,
they can't keep focused.

They're not that adept. Especially...

...that muscle freak, now that
he's had a taste of the level

the Seven Warlords have.

Hey, you, what are you trying to say?

Go ahead and spell it out.

Ah, you want me to say it?

You're scared. You're worried
that maybe Luffy might lose.

Who, me?! Scared, you say?! Why, you...!

--Fancy eyebrows!
--That does it! Now I'm mad!

You... moss head!


You wanna go at it?!

Cut it out! This is pointless!

She's strong!

They are who they are.
Everyone's a bit worked up.

Now's the time for me,
the vice-captain, to...

Take it easy, everyone.

Luffy-san won't lose. I mean,
we promised him, didn't we?

That we'd be waiting for him in Alubarna?

You seem more worried
than any of us, don't you?!

--You should just worry about the rebellion.

Sorry about that, Vivi-chan.

If you have to cover for us, we're done for.

All right, then, switch your
minds over to ''Alubarna''!

Let's go, Pincers!

--What's that?
--A name for the crab.

''Pincers,'' you say?

--No good?
--Nothing wrong with it.

Me, go to Alubarna?

We're chasing after the
Straw Hat pirates, right?

Or are we reinforcing the royal army?

It's up to you.

You decide what to do when you're there.

You don't mean that!
Exactly what is going on?

You just follow your sense of justice.

Whatever happens, I'll accept responsibility.

Captain Smoker, where are you going?

Something sudden came up.
I'm heading out to sea.

Be prepared to receive communication
from me at any time, Tashigi.

Yes, sir.

Keep a close watch on
where this country ends up.

Whether it falls, or whether it survives,

something is sure to happen
to mark the start of a new age.

Sergeant... Sergeant!

Your orders?


Keep a close watch on
where this country ends up.

Whether it falls, or whether it survives,

something is sure to happen
to mark the start of a new age.

We're going after the pirate
Straw Hat Luffy, and everyone under him!

All hands, reinforce your gear!
Prepare to depart for Alubarna!

Yes, sir!

Straw Hat Luffy...

What?! We can't cross
the river with this crab?!

Moving Crabs are creatures of the desert,
so they don't take to water.

But it's a crab, right? A crab!
Not a lobster! Do something!

Hey, this is a problem. Not good.

Look here.

If we just blithely swim across
this river, as wide as a sea,

we're not going to
make it in time! And look!

After we cross the river, there's
still dozens of kilos worth of desert!

If this crab can't get to the other shore,

are we supposed to run from there on?!

We don't have any choice.

There's no way we'll make it in time!

It's absolutely impossible!

Uh-oh. Hey, the river!

--I can see Sandora River!

Do something, Pincers-kun!

I know! Pincers loves dancing girls!

--Will this do?

Holy crap!

Ah, he's looking this way!

We're accelerating!


You've now messed up two
animals with all this nonsense!

All right, pervy power!

So, what has this solved? Chopper!


He did it!

Hey, now, this crab is incredible!
I don't believe it!

Whoa, way to go!

It's a miracle!
Just stay on the water, and run!

Run, run, run all the way! Go!

You can make it! Keep going!
You can do it! This crab can do it!

Hey, what's this?! Am I imagining
things, or are we sinking?

We are sinking, here!

Stop sinking, you crab!

No time to whine about it.
Keep moving forward.

H-Hold on a second!

Aren't there any boats?
How many kilos to the other shore?

About 50 kilos.

Who can swim that?!

Thank you!

Thank you, Pincers!

This is no time to be
casually waving goodbye!


It's a rare Sandoran catfish!
They're only very rarely seen!

You don't have to explain that!

Also, humans are their favorite food!

You might tell us that first!

Hey, let go! I can't see anything
in front of me, you know!

Chopper, let go!

Kung Fu Dugongs?!

They say they won't
neglect their senior pupil.

Well, it's not like we're
Luffy's pupils, or anything...

Still, they saved us.

All right, just a little
farther! Hang in there!

Thank you!


Things have been going smoothly.
Can we make it?

That's a tough one.

Even riding on Lashes-kun,
I'm not sure there's enough time.

What's more, he could
only carry, uh... two of us!

And if Baroque Works is going to
attack us, it will be from here on.

Isn't there any way for
all of us to act together?

Damn, there isn't any, huh?

Look over there!

What, is it the enemy?
A-A-Are they here already?!

N-No! That's...!


And the Supersonic Duck Squadron!

You've come to get us, haven't you?!



There's a difference in the level
of pirate that you and I are.

Yuba is going to die.

And then, the flame of anger in
the rebel army will burn even hotter.

Thank... you...

Why do you fight?

You, who have the name of ''D''?


Who are you people?

Apparently, that was
a pointless question, huh?

I found you!

Where is Vivi-sama?!


Are you awake already?

Now that I've got a handle on your ability,

this won't turn out like last time!

Don't overexert yourself.
You must be seriously hurt.

This works out perfectly.
Why don't you save that boy?

He is a courageous knight

who delivered your precious
princess to this land, after all.

Besides, the princess is safe.

She's on her way to Alubarna right now.

I'm not sure about what will
happen to her later, though.

The situation is what it is, you know?

If I'm no match for her, then just
who will be able to protect Vivi-sama?


Just you wait, Cobra.
We're going to defend Alabasta.

We're not about to turn it over to you!

''The capital, Alubarna''

Hurry! Look lively!

Stack it up higher!

Ready cannons at the southern gate!
Stop dawdling around! Hurry!

Bring more cannonballs over here!


The enemy's number is said
to be well over two million!

What do you think of
His Highness's attack on Nanohana?

I have served him for
ten years, so I was quite...

Yeah. There's really no way
anyone could believe it.

I can only presume that something
must have happened to the King.

And if so, it's all the more reason
why we must not lose this fight.

Do not flinch at the enemy's number.

For the King's sake, as well as for that
of Vivi-sama, who has returned home,

we are going to defend this country!

Everyone who is not
involved in this battle,

take shelter outside the city!
We cannot warrant your lives if you stay!

Run! We're going to be
caught up in the battle!

Things are finally starting
to become hectic, huh?

Hurry up and start fighting,
already, will you?

Things are so slow, I can't stand it.

I don't care if he is the king,
or if he is the king,

I can't take guarding him for too long.

Can't take it!
Can't, can't, for crying out loud!

I mean, sure, slipping
past the palace guards

and kidnapping this guy is a mission
that only we could carry out,

but now that it's over,
nothing could be more boring than this!

Right, Mr. 4?

You heard me, right?

You are so slow when it comes
to answering me, really!

Ah, my back is sore!
My back hurts! My back!

Chaka... Koza...

You must not fight. You yourselves
are what this country is.

You must not overcome each other.

Those who lament war...

Those who go to war...

Go on, run away!

Those who incite war...

Those who know the truth,
and would prevent it...

Each of their feelings are at odds,

as they clash in the
capital city of Alubarna.

''Port town of Nanohana''

The final revolt has begun, has it?

There was a ship.
Vivi-sama and the others

appear to have arrived in this land safely.

I must hurry. I do hope I am in time.